Haunted House

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Coming of Age Sex Story: Two girls go to work at a haunted house not knowing the sexual nature of the job.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

Part 1

Angela came home excited. She couldn’t wait to tell her parents that she had gotten a job. It would only last through October, but at least she would be working.

Her mom got home thirty minutes later than usual. (Her name was Jan) Angel met her in the kitchen.

“Guess what?” Unable to contain herself Angela burst out

“I got a job.”

Excitedly Jan said

“good for you. Where will you be working?”

Angela told her

“the haunted house is only a few blocks away. And it will only be for a few weeks, but they have already told me that I would be guaranteed that I would make a minimum of $800, but I could actually make more than that. It will only be on Friday and Saturday nights also. I did have to sign a contract agreeing be there the whole month of course.”

“Do you have a copy of this contract? I would like to see it,” Jan said.

I was worried just what her daughter had signed up for.

“I will get a copy when I start Friday. Besides it is getting close to Christmas, and I need the money,” Angela replied.

Part 2

Excited about the job she would be starting in two days, Angela had a hard time getting to sleep that night. At school the next day she told her friend Janet about her new job. Janet had also been looking for work, however they had told Angela that all applicants had to be eighteen or ov

er. Because of how young she looked she had to show her license to prove how old she was. Janet was still seventeen while Angela had already turned eighteen. She didn’t think they would make an exception for Janet, even though she would be eighteen on Friday.

After school that day Janet went to the haunted house. She applied for a job there as well. They told her that she was under age and couldn’t work for them. Janet pointed out that she would be eighteen on Friday. The manager thought about it for a few minutes. Seeing how cute the girl was, he said

“come in on Friday before we open, if you are still interested. I will have a contract for you to sign.”

Part 3

After school on Friday, Janet went to the haunted house. Because she was eighteen as of today, the manager hired her to start working that night. Like Angela she wouldn’t get a copy of the actual contract until that night.

Part 4

At 6 o’clock that evening both she and Angela arrived to get their costumes and makeup on so that they would be ready to start work at 7 o’clock. Angela was dressed as a mid-evil prisoner. Her top resembled a burlap sack with velcro fasteners (that way it would fit multiple body types). Because of how it fit she was unable to wear a bra, which would not have been an accessory in that era anyway. This allowed her 36c cup breast to jiggle a little though her breast were firm. The bottom was a skirt that came down to just above her knees. Like the top it had velcro fasteners at the waist and along one side. To keep in the fashion of the time it also under pants that were more like loose fitting shorts. These also had velcro at the waist and on both sides.

Janet’s costume was of a mid-evil slave. The top of it was made of a heavy woolen fabric. It had two thin straps over her shoulders with a button in the middle, large arm holes, and came down to just below her butt. Because of the large arm holes she couldn’t wear her bra either. Unlike Angela, Janet’s 34b cup breast had very little jiggle to them. The bottoms were the same as Angela’s the top barely covering them.

Janet was lead to the slave room and cuffed to the chains hanging in the center of the room. Angela was lead to a dungeon where she was fastened spread eagle to a weird looking platform on her back. The platform had boards in a somewhat v shape where her ankles were tied. Her arms were tied to similar boards on ether side of her head. The rest of her body was on a wider board with her hips at the extreme edge on one end and her head on the other. The end where her head was was inclined so that it was a little below the rest of her body.

After the manager had four other girls arranged in other rooms, he went to the front to get opened for business. The first costumer arrived. He was a tall lean man in his thirties. The manager told him what was available. He also told him that all the girls were professional actors and to ignore anything they might say because they were acting in the role of the period. He then asked him which girl he wanted. He chose Angela.

“Excellent choice” the manager said.

The man walked into the room with Angela.

Part 5

It hadn’t hit her what kind of device she had been strapped to until after the manager had left. Even before the man entered the room she had begun to tremble with fear. She was a good girl and had never let anyone touch her before. Now she was afraid that more than touching was going to happen to her. She saw the man enter the room.

She immediately began

“This is a mistake untie me and let me go please.” The girl was very good the man thought, as he walked around her looking at her. When he was at her feet and out of her sight. He began to strip, when he was fully naked, he walked up between her legs. She could barely see his face from where she lay, and only by raising her head at that. She could tell he was about to do something with his hands but not what. He gently rubbed her belly back and forth. After a few seconds he brought his hands down to the waist of her skirt unfastened it leaving her in just the top and shorts type underwear.

“Oh no please don’t do that. This is all a mistake. I’m not supposed to be here. Stop please, please stop!” Still thinking that she was just a good actress, he continued. He then removed the underwear. He stroked the fine hairs there, they were a soft light brown color.

“Oh my god, Oh My God. Stop please I beg you please stop,” she exclaimed!

“You know I have always preferred clean shaven pussies myself. Let me take care of this for you,” he said. He walked over to a cabinet and got out shaving cream and a razor then went back to her. Seeing the shaving cream in his hands she cried out

“no, oh god no. Don’t do this please.” As she felt him spread the cream around her labia and the razor touch her skin, she cried out

“nooo, pleeese nooo!” Despite the fact that it was happening against her will, she couldn’t help but feel the sensations. A tingling was beginning to grow in her lower body. No one and nothing had ever touched her so intimately before, she had never even played with herself down there. Now here she was being shaved down there by a complete stranger. The tingling sensation grew with each stroke of the razor.

By the time he was finished, she was juicing despite herself. When he was done, he ran his hands over the newly bare flesh. With the tingling sensation already running through her, the sensation created by his hand rubbing over her newly bald labia multiplied many times over.

He said to her

“since you were so good letting me do that, I think I will give you a reward.” With that he bent his head down and began to lick her. She started to protest, but as the sensation of his tongue on her bare cunt hit her and all she could do was moan. His hands drifted up and he massaged her breast. The added sensation had her moaning louder. He parted the lips of her labia with his tongue, increasing the sensations in her lower body. As his tongue danced up and down her slit her breath became more and more ragged.

She felt something building within her. Having never done anything with anyone before, she didn’t know what was happening to her. It was as if someone had plugged her into an electric outlet. The way she had been tied down she couldn’t move more than a couple of inches, but move she did. She felt like she had an itch between her legs and the guy’s tongue was hitting on ether side of it but not on it. Then his tongue scraped across her clit.

A jolt shot though her. She was still moving her hips, but now instead of side to side it was up and down. She still couldn’t move more than a couple of inches but the stimulation was enough, barely. At this point her climax was extreme. She was only able to move her hips a little, but with the little she could move, she put all her weight on her heals holding her butt up in the air and screamed. Had she been able to move her hands she probably would have suffocated the man by forcing his face into her crotch.

The orgasm lasted for a minute or so. When her butt lowered back down he raised his head. She was still panting trying to catch her breath, when he said

“am I the first man to do that for you?” She could only nod her head.

“Good,” he said,

“I think I will give you a reward for such an amazing cum.” With that he slid his manhood into her virgin pussy. She winced at his invasion. He had only gone in an inch or so when he felt her maiden head. He paused without breaking her Hyman. With a grin he said

“I get to be the first I guess.” She found her voice

“no please don’t ... please not like this.” She felt him pull back and thought he was going to respect her wishes.

“Ahhhhhh” she screamed as he forced his way back in and through her barrier. The pain of his entrance kept her panting, between gasps you could hear

“oh ... oh god ... no ... no ... please, no ... stop this.”

“Aaahhhh ... you’re hurting me stop, oh god no please, please no stop please.” He pulled back and pushed forward agin this time putting his whole 7 inches into her. Fully inside of her now he paused. When her screaming had stopped, he began to piston in and out of her slowly. The pain of her deflowering faded and was replaced by a building similar to the one that had lead to

her earlier climax, only much more intense. As it hit its maximum she could feel the muscles in her sheath gripping his shaft. She exploded in another release which lasted for at least a minute. As he spurted his jizz against the walls of her cervix, she was rewarded with another orgasm even more intense than her previous two had been. She passed out from the intensity of it.

After he had unloaded in her, he was kind enough to redress her in the outfit she had been wearing when he came in. He had just finished when she woke up. She found herself still tied up. She saw him as he was turning to leave. She called out to him

“Untie me, please. I won’t tell anyone just please untie me.” He turned to her

“you have more costumers, I can’t deny them the pleasure of a fuck as good as you are.

Maybe we can meet again when you aren’t working.” This stunned her. Apparently he thought she was a prostitute which she wasn’t. In the few minutes before the next guy came in, she reflected on the intense feelings he had produced in her. She couldn’t deny that it had felt good.

Part 6

Janet was getting tired. She had been standing in the room with her hands cuffed above her head for several minutes. Two men entered the room. Playing what she thought was her part, she began rattling her chains and begging to be released. The two men looked at her for a few minutes. So that she could see what was coming, they started stripping in front of her.

“What are you guys doing?” She cried!

“Getting ready for you of course.” One of them replied. She began to tugging on the chains holding her making them rattle but was unable to get her hands out of them. When the men had finished stripping, they walked toward her, their cocks waving proudly at her. She had never seen a guy’s cock before and now she had two in front of her. Already knowing the answer but not wanting to consider it, she asked

“what are you going to do to me?”

“First, you are over dressed we will help you with that. Then, we are going to make you feel really good.” The man who had spoken before said. The two men began to remove her clothes. Once she was naked, they started fondling her breast. One of the men moved his hand down to cup her mound, rubbing it. The other man stepped behind her and started rubbing her butt. The man cupping her labia, parted the lips of her slit. He stroked his fingers up and down from her opening to her as yet still hidden clit. She cried

“No. Stop that. Please don’t do this to me. Stop it please. No.” Despite her complaints, her body was responding to their touch. Finally after a minute or so her hidden clit came out to play. At this point the men knew they could do almost anything they wanted to her. The men noticed one small problem. The men were taller than she was. Even the shortest of them would have to lift her up in order to put his cock into her. They contemplated this fact as they worked to ready her for their enjoyment. The man in front of her was about to release her cunt and lift her onto his cock, when her first orgasm hit her. Her whole body shook rattling the chains even more. When it was over she hung limply from the chains, as she caught her breath. Her senses had only just returned to her, as she felt herself being lifted up. With a little help from the other man, the shorter of the two men settled his cock at her entrance. Feeling where the man’s cock was, she looked him in the eyes and shook her head no. His only response was to allow the girls own body weight to push his cock into her. She gripped the chains above her head, trying to prevent what was about to happen. She felt the head of his cock enter her opening. She redoubled her efforts in order to keep his cock from entering any further. When her arms finally gave out, she was thrust upon his six inch penis, shattering her hymen. She let out an ear piercing scream. He felt the tight moist cavern of her sheath he raised her back up and let her fall again and again. Unseen by her was the man behind her. He was spreading copious amounts of lubricant on his cock. When the man who was already in her pussy had lifted her to the highest point he could without exiting her snatch, bending his knees a little, he positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass. She felt the cock at her back entrance but was unable to do anything about it. She screamed again as her body raced back down, and his well lubed

cock entered her hole. She was now impaled on two cocks at once.

Despite the uncomfortable fullness of having both of her holes filled, her body adjusted well to being double fucked. As she was being bounced on the two men’s cocks, the one behind her reached around her and started manipulating her breast and tweaking her nipples. The man in front reached with one hand and tweaked her clit. The sensation of her nipples and clit being tweaked combined with being fucked in both holes, caused her to climax. She had three climaxes while being fucked and manipulated, but when she felt both of them unload their spunk into each of her holes, she screamed out a full out orgasm that lasted a full ten minutes, or seemed to. Though it was against her will, she decided that she liked being fucked. The men redressed her before dressing themselves. Both of them thanked her. As the door opened she could hear the unmistakable sound of another girl in the throes of an orgasm, then the door shut and it was silent once again. She only hoped that Angela was having as much fun with whoever she was with as Janet herself had had.

Part 7

Angela was laying on the platform she was tied to. She thought about her first experience. The man had actually been fairly nice and she licked what he had done to and with her. She decided that she could learn to like sex a lot. This time two men came into the room. Seeing them she felt a nervousness upon seeing them.

They weren’t like the other man. She could tell just by looking at them. Both men stripped before walking over to her. They removed her clothes roughly unlike the first man had. They also didn’t waste any time with foreplay. One simply walked up to her and forced his cock into her pussy. The other came around to her head. She just laid there not knowing what he wanted. When she didn’t open her mouth after a minute or so, he reached over and pinched her nose shut. She opened her mouth wide to draw in a breath. She had barely gotten any air into her lungs, when he slid his cock into her mouth almost choking her. He didn’t stop at the back of her mouth ether. He put his cock down her throat. His cock wasn’t so large that she couldn’t breathe but it did make it difficult, especially since her nose was buried in his balls and they smelled like they hadn’t been washed ever. Despite the sensation in her vagina which was very good she could not reach an orgasm because of the stench of the ball sack at her nose. She did however feel it when the cock in her pussy began to swell in preparation for the man’s cum. Her hips didn’t buck as they had with the first man, but they did twitch a little as he pulled out of her. Seeing that the man in her pussy was done, he pulled out of her mouth and walked around to her pussy. Before shoving his cock into her, he said

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