Autumn in the Park

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2018 by Lady Jade

Erotica Sex Story: It was late autumn, bright and chilly - Jade my suculent niece climed into the cab and we set off for the nature park to do something altogether bizarre.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

It was late autumn and the bright chilly weather required warm sensible dress for a trip out to the Nature Park. So Jade, my young niece, climbed into the rugged 4 x 4 with me, wearing her long warm red coat; and what we planed to do was altogether bizarre.

Jade’s parents at the time, were exceptionally busy in Washington preparing for the forthcoming election; so they had welcomed the idea of her visiting her Uncle Ben. In fact it had been a God-send as my life had become stale of late.

Well I hadn’t seen my niece for some time but when I met her at the station her natural sensuality had my cock hardening. She stood around 5’4’’ with a natural brown pony-tail; her large brown eyes sparkled. Her petite curvy figure had small pointy tits and a butt that begged to be abused. I thanked my fate for not having a daughter like Jade; for having to suppress the urge to ravish her, would have been torture!

Yet on that drive from the station together, I found we were on much the same wave-length! We began exchanging personal stuff to begin with but it became more intimate. There seemed no barriers in what she was willing to share with me; including her sex life!

I began realising that Jade was unusual; a product perhaps of her dubious elite schooling away from home?

Upon reaching my place I got her settled-in; and after dinner that evening we sat by the cosy log fireside and we began sharing a bottle of fine wine. We were both happy and contented.

Then Jade had stated that she loved my place and only wished she had had spent more time with me in the past; which really pleased me.

It was then that Jade decided to share her secret with me.

She’d held a small wallet, containing a few photos; which were clearly precious to her; but she said wanted to share them with me?

Jade then came and sat beside me on my old sofa and quietly began her story; which at first stunned me; but soon had my pulse racing and my cock oozing!...

“These snaps are of me with Buzz Uncle Ben. I was around fourteen at the time and my dog Buzz was so macho and sexy with me. Well ... actually, I lost my virginity to him!”

I look at her completely startled, “You mean ... you?”

“Yes Uncle Ben, I eventually went the whole way with Buzz. You’ll see that they are a bit risqué to be honest,” Jade showed me the first of the pornographic snaps.

“This one for example is of me romping with Buzz ... on my bed.

That would be normal enough for a schoolgirl you might say; except as you can see Uncle Ben, I’m naked ... and Buzz is, well ... bitching me; no mistake about it ... Yes, I so loved that scrumptious handsome muscular mongrel.

But what began as a schoolgirl crush, soon developed into the depraved activity which I still crave for ... even now!”

Jade had then paused as if waiting for my reaction or perhaps judgement.

But I was so sexually turned on by the photo’s of her with the dog that I simply said they were beautiful and by way of encouragement, topped-up our wine glasses.

Then Jade had rested her head on my shoulder as her story unfolded much further ~ ~

“You see Uncle Ben, It had been the death of my real father, Dr Benjamin Jones which caused mother to bring me home from boarding school. Greenshire College had been my life[ uddenly though it was gone. So there I was, Jade Jones, a rather lost and lonely teenager without a Father or friends but surprisingly it was my mother who thought that a pet dog would rescue me. She searched some and found there were kennels close to the Nature Reserve and made a ‘phone-call.

We drove out to Forest Kennels and the kindly owner Mr Bertram spent time in showing us round.

Mother had been charmed when shown some cute and cuddly pedigree pooches. But I was attracted to a handsome two year old brown mongrel!

Mr Bertram laughed, “Oh, that’s Buzz! He’s one I actually rescued. He had a leg injury when I found him in the Nature Reserve a while back. He may have been abandoned by someone. It happens every once in a while; when owners die or domestic upsets.”

As soon as I stroked him he was wagging his tail and trying to lick my snatch; and Mr Bertram gave me a curious wink?

I sensed he wasn’t the kind of dog mother had in mind but I was enraptured.

“Oh mother look! Isn’t he simply gorgeous!

Mother had frowned disapprovingly.

Mr Bertram smiled at me again saying, “ Yes Miss, he’s a lovely dog; and fit as a fiddle.”

“Oh please mother, I really want Buzz!” I exclaimed.

Thoughtfully my mother had scanned the dog and noting his prominent cock and testicles, felt her face flush with embarrassment; because lurid memories had flashed in from her own doggy-sex past! However, she’d replied, “ Well Jade, you must realise, he’ll be quite a hand-full before long.”

Before we drove off with Buzz, Mr Bertram felt sure I’d be pleased with Buzz; and he gave me that odd wink again?

Buzz and I became as one; we were made for each other and the coming of summer was a perfect time for us to explore the Nature Park together.

We loved to run through the trees until exhausted. Then we’d hunker down and hug while gasping for air. Our hearts beating against each other; my hands fondling his loins. His cock snuggled in its sheath, seem to have a life of its own; sometimes peeping out provocatively; causing my snatch to squeeze and juice with desire!

I realised then that I had a crush on Buzz; but it had to be kept very secret.

That summer Gerald who was a politician in Washington had come to live with us.

What Gerald had meant to mother was a mystery to me at the time but surprisingly I’d found Gerald quite fun around the house after the gloomy time following father’s death. He was younger than father and more playful; and he made me feel like an adult.

I changed my hair to a loose brown bob which I set off with tiny studs in my earlobes. I was beginning to feel some of the confidence that comes with youth. I suppose I fancied Gerald a bit.

I’d asked Gerald about his photographic stuff he was busy with in the study. Gerald began explaining about artistic portraits and how he loved taking them.

Without knowing why I asked him to take my portrait; I continued listening as he arranged his tripod, he’d unbuttoned my blouse and fondled one if my tits; explaining that a little physical stimulation would bring an all important bloom to the skin.

“Although your breasts are petite,” he declared, “ they hang in a beautiful pointed curve, see?” He then worked on the other one. I felt myself juicing-up below and I was bewildered.

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