A New Life

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2004, Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Romantic Sex Story: Dave Greer was a successful accountant; everything in his life seemed perfect. Then, all hell broke loose. He lost his job, his wife and, with the help of her lawyer, she managed to make him a pauper. He left his former hell and started 'A New Life' hundreds of miles away. Nadia and Tasha helped him along on his road to recovery. Enjoy.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Interracial   .

Date of first publication: Saturday PM, January 17, 2004

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ for his expertise in re-editing and re-proofing.

Driving past derelict cars, old grocery carts tossed aimlessly, and a variety of useless junk on the side of the road, the realization came to me, every day, I wish the hell I could get out of here! It was a daily mental lapse as the memories flooded into my mind. Many of you had heard of the exceptional stories of rags to riches; in my case, it was in the reverse. Gone was my three story house with its large manicured lawn and kidney shaped pool, my three cars, the summer home on the lake with my favorite Jacuzzi, my bank accounts, which were now all empty; plus, all the items I had accumulated over fifteen years of hard work. How did I get here? Well, it’s a long story. It was a case of being very ignorant and in the wrong place all at the wrong time. Guilt, by association, and my wife’s high priced divorce lawyer did me in.

My prior employers’ illegal activities were the catalyst. Being gullible, and accepting things as they seemed, had me pay the ultimate price; everything I held dear in my life was lost. I thought highly of my employer; but, unknown to me, I was working for a front of a small drug cartel. When the place was eventually raided, everyone in the building was arrested, regardless of knowledge or participation. The area of the company that I had slaved in for nearly fifteen years was the only clean part of the whole operation. None of the office staff was even aware that the company was actually a front for money laundering and one of the largest distributors of crack cocaine; but, we were arrested none the less, stupidity was no defense.

My marriage was on the rocks at the time and my wife, and her shark lawyer, used my embarrassment as a starting point for the divorce. The only thing they left me was a small pension for an injury I had received while serving in the Marines. The team of my wife and her lawyer reluctantly left me with that and a tired, seven year old, beat up Chevy. She and her lawyer couldn’t do anything about the pension, but they tried. My lawyer proved powerless against the female divorce court judge, who I was sure was a dyke. After seven months in the criminal courts, I was found innocent of all charges; but, I was left a pauper with three hundred and ninety seven dollars in my wallet and a credit card my wife didn’t know about. Leaving the courthouse, I jumped into my old Chevy and started driving with all that I had left in the world: my clothes, a portable TV and my personal computer. The last thing I remember was my wife saying to use it to find a new job. With no plan in mind, I just started to drive and ended up on the West Coast. Over the last three days, I had traveled over 1200 miles; all just to make sure my past stayed far behind me.

My name is Dave Greer. At forty-nine, my life was great until the shit hit the fan. I had thought my wife was my partner, my source of light; but, when the investigation hit, she was at her lawyer’s suing me for a divorce. I realize, now, that leaving my past behind was one the best moves I had made in my life.

Abbotsville was a large town, the main industry was logging. My first priority was to find a place to live. In a conversation with a female clerk after fuelling, she suggested a family trailer park that had reasonable rentals. After giving me directions, she told me to ask for Fred, the owner. With my limited resources, I couldn’t afford to be choosy. Within an hour I had a new home; an old, but well maintained, mobile home. It didn’t take long to unload my worldly possessions. You had heard of the white trash trailer park? Well, I found it. Complete with old abandoned cars and assorted junk lying where it had last served any useful purpose. The only good thing about my situation was that the mobile home was very clean; it had been well maintained and was fully furnished. Everything worked. I looked forward to a hot shower and a good night’s sleep.

My unpacking didn’t take long; everything I own was in four cardboard boxes and a suitcase. Now, I had the time to take a better look at my new abode. It was completely equipped with all of the furniture, appliances and bedding, which was all part of the rental agreement. It seemed the prior residents had a marital split and sold it to the park owner as it stood. Fred, the owner, had actually tried to sell it to me before saying it was for rent. I worked out a deal where a portion of my rent would act as a down payment if I decided to buy. This was the only way Fred would rent it to me. My next priority was groceries. Leaving the unit, a couple of residents were walking by and waved.

“Welcome to Pinewood Acres.”

“Thank you. My name is David Greer. Could you tell me where the closest grocery store is? I need to do some shopping.”

“Well, we are the Rogers, this is Mary and I’m Bill. The only store near the park is Farmer Jack’s. Just go out the park entrance, turn left and it is about 4 miles down on your right.”

“Thank you. I will likely see you later.”

I took my time in the Chevy, driving slowly out of the park. Moving along the winding road, I noticed a number of people walking about; families, singles, and many children. There was a group of young girls off to the left. If body development meant maturity, these young ladies were very mature. Couldn’t help wondering how old they actually were? But, first things first, the priority was to get groceries.

Farmer Jack’s was a large sprawling complex, combining nearly every need you may have all at one location. Forty-five minutes later, and one hundred and fifty dollars poorer, I was on my way home. That was a nice word, ‘home,’ even if it meant it was just a trailer park. I felt good for the first time in nearly eleven months. No more lawyers, accusations, or worries; I was a free man! ‘Today is the first day of the rest of my new life.’

Not only did I not have a wife but my marriage was childless too; I had nobody to worry about but myself. I was certainly not interested in the happenings of my ex-wife. Tomorrow, I planned on looking for a new job. Tonight, I warmed up a can of chili and enjoyed a couple of Black Russians, while sitting on my deck.

I looked in the local paper and found a listing, offered by the state employment agency, for an accountant. The employment office was very helpful making an appointment for me at Green’s Logging. They were the firm looking for an accountant. Getting directions, I drove out. Twenty minutes later, I was an employee of Green’s Logging. It seemed that accountants in this logging town were a scarce commodity and, after I showed them my degree and mentioned I had fifteen years’ experience, I was hired! The interviewer did not ask why I left my prior employer. I certainly didn’t volunteer the information. My new career started tomorrow at 7:30.

I had a peaceful night and greeted the new day with the hope that good things were going to be part of my new life. In my feel good mood, I re-collected my secret little nest egg. It was something I worked to keep out of my mind as my world caved in around me. I had managed to keep it hidden from my leach of a wife. Over the past five or six years, I had been collecting fifty dollar bills and tucking them into a tin box inside my old beat up tool box I kept in the garage. The original purpose was it was going to be my rainy day money; actually, I was going to take a trip to Vegas and had planned on using it for gambling. So, when the shit hit the fan, nobody knew this little cache of bills existed and, having the foresight, I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the tin box, and dumped a set of old rusty screw drivers on top. I had no idea how much was in the tin box and I never did anything that would draw attention it. Since this mess started, I hadn’t even opened it. The ugly tool box and the tin box were part of my belongings in the trunk, kindly left to me by my wife; she didn’t think anyone would want to buy it, when she auctioned off everything else that wasn’t nailed down. It was just two old metal-boxes with a number of well used tools in them, nothing of any value, except to me. Tonight, I would find out just how big my backup fund was.

The first day at work went well; the company was larger than I had thought, with many divisions all over the timber area. All of the accounting, from every facet of the company, flowed into this office; no drugs or money laundering was visible. My new co-workers accepted me and, surprisingly, I was not questioned about my former job but, I knew the questions would come once they got comfortable with me. The drive home was pleasant and relaxing, due to the fact that there wasn’t much traffic in Abbotsville. I looked forward to a very lazy evening.

As I got out of the car I heard.

“Hello, Mister.”

Looking at me was a young lady, maybe fourteen or fifteen, quite shapely, dressed in very short white shorts and a tight red tube top. Everything about her showed confidence while her dark complexion accented the white clothing.

“Hello to you! I’m David Greer.”

“I’m Tasha. I live two trailers down that way.”

“Nice to meet you, neighbor. Can I do something for you?”

“No, I was just looking for someone to talk to. My mom won’t be home for hours and I have completed my homework and the chores Mom asked me to do.”

“Well, if you like, you can come and sit on my deck and we can talk and wait for your mom. Her car has to pass us, doesn’t it?”

“Of course, dummy. It is the only road in the park.”

Watching her move towards me, I noted that she was graceful. Her black hair shone and her appealing scent preceded her. Tasha’s long, attractive, coffee hued legs looked good in the designer shorts that hugged her well-shaped hips. The tube top hid nothing, but it certainly showed how well-endowed Tasha was in the chest department; plus, two very noticeable buttoned sized nipples.

“Can I get you a drink? I have Coke or root beer?”

“Oh, I don’t want to bother you, I have just had my dinner.”

“It’s no bother. I’m going to make myself a drink, so please join me and we can talk.”

“Ok, if it is not a bother, a Coke would be nice.”

Going into the small kitchen, I made my drink with lots of ice and get a glass and a can of Coke for Tasha.

“Thank you. That’s very nice of you.”

“You’re welcome. You say your mom is working. Where? And where does your Dad work?”’

“My mom sells real-estate, so she works late most nights. My dad doesn’t live with us.”

Now that was a paradox: her mother sold real-estate and, yet she lived here. She couldn’t be very successful. How was I going to ask that question without being nosey? Then, Tasha answered it without me asking the question.

“Mom took our mobile home as a down payment on a sale and couldn’t sell it. So, we moved in. We have been here over a year, I like it. It is quiet, and the neighbors are great. My dad lives in New York. I haven’t seen him in three years. Mom says it’s no loss.”

“This is a nice place, especially now that I have met my neighbor.”

Tasha looked at me, questionably; her large brown bedroom eyes were bright with hidden wonders. For a young girl, she was having an effect I hadn’t felt for years; interest in a female, and a young female at that.

“Do you have any family?”

“No, I just got divorced. We didn’t have any children.”

“Did you live here in Abbotsville?”

“No, I lived back on the East Coast.”

Tasha was fourteen going on fifteen, which she emphasized. She was going have her birthday next month, August fifteenth, and has just completed grade eight. She was looking forward to returning to school. I knew it must be a female thing as most males didn’t look forward to returning. She wanted to be a nurse or a model. With her attractive light chocolate complexion and developing body, she could be successful in the second course of endeavor. Tasha certainly had the looks and budding body, for a model. She told me she was an honor student with an average in the high nineties; so, smarts weren’t a problem.

Just then, a car stopped in front of my trailer.

“That’s my mom.”

“Tasha, it is time for supper.”

“Mom, I want you to meet David Greer. He has rented the Alice’s mobile home from Fred. I had my dinner.”

“Hello, Mr. Greer. I am Nadia Raven. I hope Tasha hasn’t been bothering you.”

Nadia was the true businesswoman. She was very well groomed; her suit was obviously tailored for her body and, even at the end of her busy day, she looked radiant. Her face was very attractive; I fell in love with her red coated lips. An old friend of mine stirred outwards as I compared mom and daughter. Just looking at Mrs. Raven, I could see how Tasha would be very popular with every male for miles, based on her full grown model.

“No, she is good company. She told me you would be along shortly. How is the real-estate business?”

“Actually, this month is hectic; my days and nights seem to be full. Sometimes I feel sorry for Tasha. She has to be on her own quite often. Come on Tasha, you can help me unload the groceries.”’

“Bye now.”

I watched the car turn into a driveway two trailers down. There was a rush of activity as they unloaded the car and then disappeared behind the trees. My mind turned to dinner. I bought a nice sirloin steak and some baking potatoes; I was going to treat myself. Since it would be the first real meal in my new abode, I wanted it to be memorable. When the dishes were done, I remembered my stash of fifties. Now, you might think I was a bit crazy collecting fifties. My salary had been mid six figures, and that didn’t count bonuses which I received every quarter. In my fifteen blissful years, I never missed a bonus. I was a very good accountant.

The tin box started its life as a cookie tin. I couldn’t remember its origin, but I have had it for years. At one point, it had a collection of event stubs in it. Plays I had attended with my, then loving, wife. Now it held my only tangible asset from fifteen years of my prior life: cash. I dumped the contents onto the kitchen table. It was one large pile of bills. Savoring each bill, and imagining the look on my loving wife’s face if she ever discovered the stash existed, I counted and was surprised at the total. There was an accumulation of twenty-four thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars: all in fifties. Now, I was concerned about having all that cash, and then I realized I had been dragging that tin box around with me for the last eleven months in the trunk of the Chevy. Ignorance is bliss.

Putting fifteen hundred aside for new clothes plus a few things I would need for the trailer, I bundled the rest neatly and put it back in the battered old box with the cardboard and screwdrivers on top; then, I covered it all with an oily rag. I planned to rent a safety deposit box and then, slowly, deposit the stash into a bank account, so as not to arouse any suspicion or interest. The last thing I needed was to bring attention to myself because of a large cash deposit.

The next two months went by very fast. Our department was very fast paced to match the booming lumber business. According to the job scuttlebutt, it hadn’t always been this way. Only two years ago the demand for lumber was so low there were massive layoffs. Now, however, with the good economy, the building industry was booming and the demand was at record peak.

I had actually received a surprise letter of commendation, from a vice president I had never met, for a number of suggestions to improve the profitability of the department. Most had been accepted and were now part of the way of business at the Green’s Logging accounting department. One of the senior vice-presidents had sent a notice to my manager acknowledging the changes and had instructed him to take the complete department staff for a very expensive dinner, spouses included. In his letter, he mentioned the funds to be able to do this were from part of the cost savings the company now enjoyed as a result of my suggestions. This did a lot to get me accepted by my co-workers. Apparently, the company had never done anything like this before.

At the home front, I enjoyed the greenery of the park. Tasha kept coming by and saying hello. We sat and chatted while waiting for her mom. It became a regular thing when her mom worked late. Tasha would drop over and stay till her mom stopped to pick her up. School had just started and Tasha wore her school uniform and certainly looked gorgeous in it. Her pleated skirt hugged her well-shaped bottom. The white blouse was tight against her ample breasts. She was a very striking young woman. I kept thinking about her in my erotic dreams. Tasha appeared to like me and was very open in her conversations. She didn’t have a boyfriend; but, the boys kept asking her out for dates. Her mom had told her she was still too young. She told me that the boys were only interested in one thing when they dated girls.

“And, what is that Tasha?”

“You know.”

“Oh, I think you had better tell me! I haven’t been to school in a long time. So things may have changed.”

“Well, sex. You know what I mean.”

“Sex? You just turned fifteen.”

She seemed disappointed in my response. Her eyes seemed to cloud, and she was approaching tears. What had I done? She sobbed.

“Don’t you think I am beautiful? My body has filled out as much as any woman. My breasts are nearly as big as my mom’s.”

Well, I know she was well endowed, but I didn’t know how much. Now I did.

“Tasha, to be honest, you are a very attractive young lady and if I were a young man, I would be attempting to date you.”

“You aren’t that old.”

“Oh yes I am, when I get up in the morning, I feel like I am eighty.”

Tasha was giggling.

“Well, anyway, I don’t think your mom would be too happy to see a forty nine year old man knocking on your door to pick you up for a date.”

“Oh! Would you date me?”

“Now Tasha, I didn’t say that; but, if it were possible, I would be proud to take you out on a date. But, you know that is impossible. Your mom and all the people would think I was robbing the cradle. Men my age don’t date girls your age.”

“You mean you don’t want to date me?”

“Tasha, I would love to date you, but people would talk and your mom would never agree to it. I think it would be nice to take you to a nice restaurant for dinner.”

I was digging myself into a hole and now wanted to fill it. I should have kept my mouth shut and stuck to easier topics.

“How is school?”

That was my attempt at trying to change the subject.

“What restaurant?”


“You said you would like to take me to a restaurant for dinner. What restaurant?”

Me and my big mouth ... I had really stuck my foot in it this time.

“Well, assuming it was possible, the company is planning to take the staff and spouses to the Talbot Inn. Since I don’t have a spouse, I could ask you. The meals, I hear, are claimed to be fabulous.”

“Oh, David, I would love to go! Some of the girls at school have been there with their parents. Mom said she would take me, but she never has the time. She works so hard.”

Thankfully, Nadia pulled up and Tasha ran to the car. I watched her from behind as her skirt flipped up showing her so sexy legs; her white socks set off her perfect coffee complexion. Thankfully, our conversation ended. I had no idea how deep the hole could have been. It would be nice to take her out for dinner and a movie, but who would approve of an old man taking a young teenager out for dinner? I just let it drop.

A couple of days later, Tasha came bounding up to the porch.

“Mom said I could.”

“Could what?”

“Go out to dinner with you at the Talbot Inn. She said she checked around with some of the people at Green’s Lumber and you are well liked there. So, she said it would be okay to go, if you did ask me. So, when can we go?”

Oh shit! What did my big mouth get me into now? I was on thin ice.

“Your mom said you could go out for dinner with me?”

“Yep! You can ask her when she picks me up.”

Now what was I going to do? I could imagine me going to the Talbot Inn for our company dinner with Tasha at my side. My co-workers would have a field day. How would I explain Tasha to them?

“Nadia, Tasha mentioned something about going out for dinner.”

Nadia had a mischievous smile on her face.

“You mentioned to Tasha that you would like to take her to dinner at the Talbot Inn.”

“Well, in so many words I did, we were talking about her dating and I mentioned if I was a young man, as in fifteen to seventeen, I would certainly be asking her for a date. I thought we were talking theoretically.”

For some reason, Nadia found this funny and she started to laugh. I personally didn’t see any humor in the situation.

“Tasha did not take it that way. She has been talking my arm off for the last two days trying to convince me to allow her to go on a date with you; so, I did some checking about you. You have a lot of good friends at Green’s Logging. They couldn’t say enough nice things about you, especially since you are responsible for getting the company to spring for that dinner. They are all looking forward to it. Everyone I talked to give you the thumbs up and said they wouldn’t mind if you robbed the cradle for a date, as long as the dinner goes on.”

“He isn’t robbing the cradle; Mom; you and I are nearly the same size.”

“So, if you do ask her to your special dinner, Tasha has my permission to accept.”

“See David, I told you so!”

With that comment, the two of them headed home. I was toast! I was also painted into the proverbial corner.

The next day at work I found out who Nadia’s friends were. Nearly all the office staff had used Mrs. Raven as their real-estate agent.

“So, who are you taking to dinner at the Talbot Inn, David?”

“I got to admit, Tasha Raven is a very good looking young lady. But, don’t you think she is a little young for you?”

The whole department was aware of the situation concerning Tasha. Everybody enjoyed sticking the needle in me today. Fortunately, it was all in fun. So, I certainly didn’t have to worry about how people will react if I did ask Tasha for an innocent dinner. On the other hand, was it innocent? The company sponsored dinner was this weekend. I would have to ask Tasha tonight to give her time to decide to accept and arrange with her mom what she would wear. Since I was already labeled a cradle robber, I might as well enjoy it.

During my lunch, I dropped off my suit at the local cleaners. It had been hanging in the closest since I arrived; the work atmosphere at Green’s Logging was casual. It had been a while since I had had anything resembling a date. Now, I really felt stupid just thinking about it. What if she decided to turn me down? When I arrived back at work, a number of hand drawn pictures of an older man with a baby bottle graced my desk. One of the staff, who had children, donated a child’s car seat; it was sitting on my desk. For the balance of the afternoon, I got digs from everyone. Finally, the office manager reminded the staff why the company was footing the bill for the dinner and they should show some sign of respect for the idea man. Slowly, many come forward and apologized with great grandioseness, to which I reminded each one it wouldn’t get them off the hook and payback was a bitch.

Tasha was waiting for me as usual, still dressed in her school uniform, a short pleated skirt and blouse. She was smiling. When I looked at her today, I saw a physically full grown woman and wondered what it would be like to have this beautiful young teenager in bed for the night. An urge, that had been lost for nearly a year, made its interest known. Sex was not a priority while sitting in court; especially with your future on the line. I had been out of the dating scene for years and really didn’t know how to interrupt the signs Tasha had been giving me since we met; or, even if they were signs. Did teenagers give signs? My hard-on was the only sign I had and its meaning was very clear.

“Hi David, how did your day go?”

“Well, I found out your mom has a lot of friends at Green’s Logging.”

“She has been selling real-estate for many years. She knows a lot of people.”

“Since your mom has given her blessing, I had better make this formal. Miss Raven, would you accompany me to a special dinner at the Talbot Inn this Saturday evening?”

“Of course, Mr. Greer, it will be my pleasure. What time should I expect you?”

“Dinner is at seven, would six be convenient?”

“Yes, six will be fine.”

She surprised me when she came to me. Her arms encircled my neck and she pulled my face to hers, kissing me with her full luscious lips. Her soft body, pushing against me, located my hardon and purposely rotated against it. My hands ran down her back and slipped under her skirt to her ample, panty covered bum cheeks, pulling her hard against my cock. My face was buried in her hair inhaling her shampoo and just a trace of very appealing scent. The heat of her bare skin penetrated my hands. Then, the light in my mind clicked on: I was molesting a barely teenage girl. I released her and softly pushed her away from me. Tasha looked at me in surprise.

“I am sorry Tasha, I forgot my manners. I shouldn’t have touched you like that.”

“Like what? I like the way you touched me. It feels good hugging you that close.”

Her eyes were on my obvious hard-on, which was embarrassingly tenting my slacks. Her actions, and demeanor, suggested she had some knowledge of the workings of a male penis. As I slowly backed up, trying to distance myself from temptation, Tasha seemed to move towards me, encircling my neck; she started the rotation on my shaft again. It really was a welcome feeling. Looking up and down the street, there was no one witnessing our love-in. Grabbing her bum cheeks, my finger ran in the deep crack separating them and found a smooth, panty covered, small rimmed opening; putting pressure at this point brought a moan from Tasha. Again, the light of caution came on and I pulled away.

“Tasha, we can’t do this. What would people think?”

“Can’t we go inside? Mom won’t be home for another hour.”

The intelligent thing would have been for me to say no and suggest that Tasha went home. Me? I needed a cold shower. I hadn’t been this excited for years. I couldn’t believe how much lust Tasha had generated in me. She was a very well developed teenager, desirable and somewhat willing; but, still a young teen. What I didn’t need was another brush with the law.

So much for my puritan thoughts! Tasha had my hand and pulled me towards the front door. Once inside, she was in my arms and really rubbing her body against my hard on. My hand found her ass crack again, this time moving the thin strip of cloth from her tight smooth anal pucker. With very little effort, my finger was embedded in her tight warm opening to the first knuckle. Her anal muscles tightened on the intruder. I was playing with fire and, hell, if I kept this up, I would get burnt.

“Tasha. Please. We can’t do this. You have no idea how much trouble I would be in if anyone sees this.”

Struggling to free myself of her grip, we faced each other, panting with excitement. Tasha’s eyes were full of fire as she looked at me. It was only my willpower that held me in check, and it was waning ; she had no idea how close she come to losing her panties. I could only imagine how good her chocolate pussy would taste.

“You are the first man to kiss me like that. I like it.”

“You are very nice to kiss, Tasha; but, that doesn’t make it right.”

“Did you like putting your finger in my bum?”

What I wanted to tell her was my cock should be deep in her bottom right now, my engorged member was hurting; but, I kept my cool and just nodded yes.

“I never thought about anyone playing with my bum hole; but, it did feel wonderful, especially when you moved your finger back and forth. I bet you want to put that in my bum hole as well. Some of the girls at school do it with their boyfriends.”

That was my rock solid man meat. Tasha’s eyes were focused on the substantial tent at my crotch. This was not helping me. I would love to see her undress, and then bury my cock in her tight virgin anal pucker. I couldn’t believe I was actually thinking like this. Young teenage girls had never been in my realm of sexual interests.

However, looking at the topic of my recent dreams, Tasha’s presence had changed all that. Not knowing what to say next, it was fortunate that the sound of Tasha’s mom’s car brought our foreplay to an abrupt end. Tasha rearranged her clothes, smiled at me and left me hurting. I watched her short skirt swaying as she walked. The small taste of the wonders it was concealing had me trembling.

It took a good twenty minutes of heavy breathing, then a hand job that produced the largest volume of sperm imaginable and a very cold shower, to bring my hormones under control. I was in an uproar all because of a loving, beautiful, very appealing and sexy teenage girl.

The teasing at work didn’t stop; I was the brunt of endless comments and jokes. Telling every one of them I was taking notes and sometime in the near future each would pay dearly in kind. Thankfully, the dinner was tomorrow. A call to Mrs. Raven got the color of Tasha’s dress; I planned to surprise her with a corsage. Picking up my suit, and then ordering the flowers, I headed home.

Tasha was not waiting for me as usual. This was out of character for her. Looking towards her trailer, didn’t help, shit I had to admit I missed Tasha. Concerned that something might be amiss, I telephoned her, only to get the answering machine. Hearing the door close behind me had me look up, it was Tasha, but she had changed from her school uniform and was now wearing white terry cloth hipsters and a white crop top. The vast amount of bare brown skin seemed to shimmer. Her long shapely legs were well toned. Being inside with this temptation was not an ideal situation.

“Hi, Tasha! I was concerned when you weren’t waiting for me.”

“I spilt Coke on my skirt.”

Her hipsters left nothing to the imagination. Her pubes were outlined in the soft material, a beautiful massive camel-toe. I couldn’t see any panty lines at all. Her nipples were the size of grapes, embossed in her top. My desire for this teenager was heightened; I had to do something to lessen the possibilities of problems. As I tried to maneuver myself to the door, figuring the deck would be a safer place to chat, Tasha blocked me. Her smile reminded me of a cat about to pounce on its’ prey.

“It is a nice day, Tasha; we should be outside enjoying the weather.”

“It is nicer in here.”

She moved towards me as I was backing up. Hitting the wall, Tasha was on me like a cat pouncing on its prey, her arms around my neck, her soft body squirming against me. As I attempted to protest, her mouth covered mine in a passionate kiss. My hands were on her bare back caressing downwards. The stretch material of her hipsters allowed my hands to easily slip into them. My suspicion was correct, she wasn’t wearing panties. As if by magic, my finger found her willing anal pucker again and slipped in. Tasha moaned and continued to move against me. As a result of the jostling, her hipsters slid down her hips. My finger was completely lost in her asshole, my other hand massaging her soft bum cheek. The realization that her hipsters were lowered didn’t help my willpower. The urge to look was so strong. Tasha knew she was bare and her pussy was exposed, she moved back to give me a full view, the smile was still on her face. What I didn’t realize was her crop top worked its way upwards, exposing her sumptuous breasts and luscious nipples. My eyes were glued to her massive, dark brown areolas; they had to be two inches in circumference, topped with large, suckable nipples. Down from them was a soft flat tummy, a large deep belly button and a thin matt of tight brown curly hair. I could just see the top of her love lips. Dumbfounded, I watched Tasha lowering her hipsters and, then, remove them, tossing them towards my face. Catching them against my nose, her scent nearly did me in. It was mild and intoxicating. Still spellbound at what had just happened Tasha moved to the sofa and sat down, her legs slightly spread. Now I could see more of her, her luv lips were thick and puffy in a rich chocolate color similar to her areolas. Her pinkish minor labia protruded from her love lips like a rose blossom. Finally, my motor skills kicked in. I could move and speak.

“Tasha, get dressed before something happens that we will regret.”

Tasha spread her legs even further apart exposing a tasty pussy, glistening with her moisture. Absent mindedly I was rubbing the damp crotch of her hipsters between my fingers, my brain registered it was the source of the fantastic odor I was enjoying. My eyes targeted the real source, causing me to lick my lips. Animal instincts took over and I was soon between Tasha’s legs, my face buried in her open pussy. Lick after lick gave me a taste of pure sex. My finger found her anal pucker and was buried. The concept of time disappeared as her juice flowed down my throat. Tasha was continually climaxing, the trembling of her body was registering in my semi-conscious mind. Between her taste and scent, it was pure ecstasy. Tasha pulled my hair to get my attention.

“David, I have to go, Mom just drove past.”

Totally shaken, it took my mind a few seconds to accept what had happened. As I watched Tasha, she pulled on her hipsters, and then adjusted her crop top. She came to me, kissed me on my nose and then left me with my guilty conscience. I had just molested a very delectable teenager; the fact that Tasha instigated it was no excuse for my conduct. What happens if her mom found out?

Later, I had dinner with very little gusto, as my stomach felt wheezy. How could I face Tasha tomorrow? And even worse, our dinner date was tomorrow at six! Should I fake sickness and try to call it off? After a cold shower to remove the cobwebs, I poured myself a double Black Russian and went out to the deck and sip, mulling over my terrible conduct with Tasha.

“Good evening, David, may I join you?”

It was Nadia; she looked different without her business attire. Her very brief jean shorts showed where Tasha got her legs from. The movement of her breasts under her T-shirt indicated they were unencumbered by a bra. Was she here about Tasha?

“Certainly, can I offer you a drink? I am having a Black Russian.”

“Please, with lots of ice.”

When I returned, she was sitting across from my seat. In the half light, her silhouette reminded me of a mature version of her daughter. She accepted the drink and sipped.

“Tasha is really excited about tomorrow. She came home in a sweat. Why she was out jogging in this heat is beyond me.”

“Maybe it is to keep in shape; mind you, she certainly doesn’t look out of shape.”

“She is involved in a number of after school endeavors, I am proud of her.”

“You have reason to be.”

“I was wondering about tomorrow night. I guess I really put you on the spot. Carla from Green’s Logging told me about the hazing you received from your co-workers.”

“It was nothing really, I took notes for payback.”

“You realize this will be Tasha’s first date. That is a big thing in a girl’s life.”

My mind was on my big thing, as I looked at Nadia. Would she taste as good as her daughter?

“I will try to make it very memorable.”

“We talked at dinner and she is all excited about where you two will be going after dinner.”

This was a new wrinkle; at no time did I ever mention anything but the dinner; after all, Tasha was a very young teenager.

“What would you suggest?”

“I have been thinking about that: On my first date, my boyfriend took me parking and we necked.”

I was getting awfully uncomfortable, and it wasn’t because of the warm weather. What was Nadia suggesting? She surprised me by moving beside me. The scent of her shampoo was prevalent. This close, her nipples were prominent on her T-shirt. They were twice the size of Tasha’s.

“Are you suggesting I take your daughter parking? Don’t you think I’m a little old for your daughter?”

“Yes, I do, but she doesn’t.”

“I hadn’t thought of anything like that.”

“I think you are not telling the truth. Tasha is a very beautiful girl, very mature, and has a body that doesn’t suggest her age. We share some of the same clothes.”

Not bras was my first thought. Nadia moved a bit closer to me. Her full lips coated with lip-gloss, looked so appealing. I moved over, Nadia followed me. Like her daughter, the smile on her face told me she had full confidence in herself. Did she want to be kissed? Putting my life in the hands of fate, I leaned over and kissed her. Her lip-gloss tasted like strawberries. She looked at me, then leaned over and kissed me back with a little more gusto. Her tongue entered my mouth and played wiggle-waggle with my tongue. We broke and I was breathing hard.

“Maybe we should go inside. Don’t you think, Dave?”

First, her daughter got me excited to the point I was in pain and needing relief, now Nadia was contributing. Maybe she was as excited as I was. Nadia followed me inside; I stopped and she looked at me with that smile.

“Where is your bedroom?”

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