Dinner Date

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2018 by Lady Jade

Erotica Sex Story: A Post-Grad guy returns home with seduction and possesion on his agenda.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Analingus   Cream Pie   .

Our dinner-date was to to celebrate my returning home after four years; and the evening had all begun prim and proper with the two of us dining at an elegant small restaurant.

Then finding there was some sweet music being played, I’d asked Molly to to dance, “I’d love to Jason!”

I took her hand and led her onto the small dance area and taking her into my arms, I was surprised at how nicely head rested on my shoulder. Before long we were smooching closely for the first time.

The music reached an interval and we returned hand in hand to sit at our small candle-lit dinner-table. The waiter replenished our wine glasses and our eyes held each others as we talked of fond memories. After several wines, Molly reminisced how in the past I’d deliberately entered her bedroom while she’d been virtually naked; and how she’d felt pretty flattered at the time!

Apparently Dad, in the lead-up to their divorce, had stopped touching her for some time. But she’d long since assumed I’d ‘grown out’ of the crush I’d had on her in my youth.

Then, as now, it was her pointy breast on her slender frame and the slide of her hips that ran into those long slender legs; and a face that tantalised me.

So now I corrected her, saying “I’ve never grown out of my desire for you!”.

Her eye’s had widened before she’d drained her glass of wine. Her face flushed as she stared at the candle, rather than look at me. I could see she felt nervously excited so I continued to work on her. “Look at these people around us ; they have no idea who we are. They just see a guy with a sexy female; a guy who’s hoping to get lucky tonight!”

She squealed in surprise, her eyes now catching my own. “Jason! What are you saying!”

She giggled while staring at me through her carefully painted eye lashes.

“Well, will I get lucky tonight?” I asked playfully.

She giggled again and leaned in to me; her eyes dancing, “You’re outrageous Jason!”

Yes I was, but I could see she was excited.

The jazz-quartet began playing again, so I rose and led her onto the small floor; now we danced far more intimately than we had at the start of our evening ~ ~

When we returned home, Molly went into her room; I hung back, not wanting to rush things but after a while I joined her. She looked up from where she sat at her vanity mirror.

Approaching her from behind, her Jade eyes watched me; a nervous smile on her full red lips. I stood behind her, staring back through the mirror at her questioning gaze. I brought my hands up to lay upon her slender shoulders; the straps of her brassiere contrasting with the smooth creamy skin.

Slowly my warm moist lips went to the nape of her neck, her skin feeling cool. I kissed her very lightly yet felt her quiver. Her aroma was as I remembered, that lingering perfume mixed with her expensive organic bath soap. It had excited me then; just as it did now.

I pressed my cheek gently against hers, my eyes again capturing hers in the mirror. She looked vulnerable, uncertain and a little dizzy with wine.

She watched me as my eyes moved to her full breasts and she blushed with pride. The black lace bra giving just a hint of the darker shade of her nipples. The flesh pressed together between those two points into a pale cleavage.

My hands slid smoothly down her shoulders; almost to her elbows. I felt her shiver again; goose bumps rising upon her flesh, as my hands moved in and up. A gasp escaped her as I grasped both breasts, squeezing them roughly until that delicious valley was an obscene canyon.

Again I kissed her neck, her head turning away to arch it toward me, “Oh ... Jason ... No...”

When I looked up at her face I saw that she had her eyes tightly closed, her mouth open as her chest rose and fell within my arms. In my hands I felt the nipples rise, poking me through the fabric of her undergarment.

The lips were moving but nothing came out for several seconds, and when it did, it was but a whisper, “ ... please Jason stop... !”

But there was no resistance within her as my hands spread her knees apart. My paws groped the soft nylon covered flesh of her inside thighs. I felt her spread her knees a few centimetres further.

I did not disappoint her; slipping one hand deep into the valley of her thighs; cupping the covered flesh of her sex.

Molly gasped, then clamped her thighs shut, trapping my one hand against her groin.

I spoke firmly and directly into her ear, “Uuh ... very naughty girl! Now then ... spread your knees again ... or would you prefer me to tether them apart?”

Even as she gasped in response, “No ... it would be wrong...” she closed her eyes as if to shut me out yet her knees spread further than they had been seconds before.

But she was a prime female desperate for sex; just as I had figured on my journey home from uni.

“Do you want me to stop Molly?”

She did not say a word, and just continued to stare at me with a odd wild look in her sparkling eyes until she mouthed ‘No’ to me in the mirror, her head moving slightly side to side.

I gripped her knees, which she had again pressed together. Her eyes were looking at me with something like guilt mixed with pleading.

Her eyes watched nervously as my hands reach down to my waist, my fingers expertly but slowly unbuckle, unzip and open the flap of my pants. Then I pulled it out - holding my half hard member firmly in my fist. I felt strong; powerful.

Molly starred yearningly at the circumcised head of my cock; her tongue flicking over her lips, “My God Jason! How did you get that great thing?”

Up and down my fist went, expertly stroking it to a fully erect state before her. She was fascinated. “It’s obscenely big Jason!”

It took little effort on my part to prepare my cock - and let it go seconds after stroking it. It was on the upper end of average and when hard, had a slight upturned bend in it as it stood forty-five degrees from my body.

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