At the Beach

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2018 by realoldbill

Fiction Sex Story: A young man is called on to satisfy a hot mother and her randy daughters

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

So, anyhow, what happened was that the big boss, Mr. Ramsey, invited us to use his cottage at the beach for a week if we agreed to chaperone his kids. Dad said sure and we packed, both of us excited and eager for the ocean surf.

What we didn’t know but soon found out was that Ramsey’s kids were teen-aged girls, blondes, both of them sexy as hell. He sent us pictures and some information. The older one, she was called Cicely, had just graduated from some snooty private high school and was planning to enter Vassar the fall. She was a tall, lean beauty of 17 with incredible legs, about four feet long, and jutting, immature tits. It was hard to look at her without being aroused. Her sister with a 14-year-old beauty who was equally luscious if a bit plumper and not as long-legged. She was called Jean and she was, I soon found out, in heat.

We were almost there, just north of Fenwick when Dad’s phone rang and I answered. He pulled off, listened, said, “Damn” and turned around.

“I’ve got to go back. Big emergency, total flap. Boss’s already there.” He drove to the local airport and gave me the directions to the cottage and then chartered a plane. I didn’t have a driver’s license, but I knew how to drive.

So I drove to the place, a good-sized, white, shingled, one-story house with a big screened porch. I got my bag and went in and met the girls who were eating lunch. My cock quivered. I explained and the older one made a face but Jean said, “Goodie, no grownups.” They were both as pretty and sexy as any girls I had ever seen anywhere.

I got a sandwich and followed them up to the beach, admiring Cicely’s fine ass and Jean’s cute butt, both nearly bare in very small bikinis. They had a big blue umbrella and a couple of huge beach towels and some stuff including a little radio. We all headed for the ocean and played in the surf for a while. Then the older girl said she was going to find some friends, and Jean and I retreated to the umbrella and flopped.

“She going to get laid, “ the girl said, grinning. “A bunch of college boys have the next cabin down that way. I think she does all of them, half a dozen or so.” “Really? Well, guess she knows what she’s doing.” “Doubt it. She’s just boy crazy since her big lover dumped her.” June sniffed and smiled. “And she’s a slut.” I lay back and Jean moved closer and snaked a hand down my belly and inside my swim suit and grasped my penis. I think my heart stopped.

“Hey, “ I yelled.

“Um, very nice, “ she said. “You want to do it here?” “How old are you?” I asked, shaken and aroused, hardening fast.

She laughed. “Jailbait, that’s me. I’m fourteen.’ She stroked my swelling prick, stretching it out.

“We can’t do it.” I said, enjoying her stroking and getting hard., throbbing.

“Sure we can, “ she said shifting her hand to my balls. “They told me how old are you?” “OK, I’m fifteen. I’ll be a junior in the fall.” “So, since neither of us is of age, not sixteen, we can enjoy each other.’ She shifted her grip to my swelling balls and squeezed and grinned. “Laws don’t apply.” “You sure?” “I asked our lawyer.” “OK, but not here. Too much sand.” She laughed and stood. I trotted back to the house with her, getting more and more eager and rigid, and we went into the outdoor shower stall and stripped, not really looking at each other, hurrying, eager.

She squealed, both hands to her mouth, eyes huge, then pointing at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, freeing my cock which had been trapped in the suit’s supporter and pulled on it gently. It flopped out, already swollen and about a half-foot long., excited, eager I guess. I shook it a couple of times, smiling, proud of what I had. I had a lot, no bragging, just a big rod, at least a half-foot long when its soft.

“That!” she squealed, pointing.

I laughed and waved it from side to side, feeling it swell. “Think it’s big enough?” It was filling and rising.

“No, uh uh, you’ll kill with that thing.” I pulled her close so my cock was trapped upright between us. She looked up at me, and I kissed her, grasped her butt and pulled tight to me. My hardening cock quivered, almost up between her young breasts and oozing precum.

“No, Billy, please. I can’t. I’ve only done it twice. My father’s thing is half that size and the boy’s prick was even smaller.” We showered together after i turned her around and grasped her tits with my cock lying in her ass crack. Her breasts were firm; her tits hard.

She moaned, and i bent her over under the cool water and eased my ram up between her legs while I mauled her jugs. I rubbed it gently over her slit and along her clit, causing shudders of pleasure.

She whimpered, and I turned off the shower and then dragged her into the house, ignoring her protests and begging. I tossed her on a bed and spread her long legs and then dove on her tight-lipped pussy and licked and sucked my way inside. She squealed and writhed, kicking her feet, and I found her little clit and sucked. She arched and screamed. I sucked and licked, and she yelled some more and came, climaxed and shuddered, very juicy.

My cock was fully engorged, jutting out and dripping, aching, oozing, an iron-hard rod. I eased it into her, grasped her butt and pulled her to me, impaling her.

She screamed again and fainted. I was only halfway buried so I rolled us over so she was on top and just relaxed, waiting for her to wake up, enjoying the feel of her warm, young body on mine, her tight pussy quitting on my erect cock...

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