Doglover Donna's Daughter Debbie Does Dogging

by Donna The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2018 by Donna The Dog Lover

Erotica Sex Story: It was Debbie's best friend Maggie that suggested the "Dogging" adventure. Donna was a little fearful of the danger, but she decided the chance of excitement was worth the risk and the three of them put on their best French knickers and headed for the Dogging Park the following evening.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Size   .

Debbie was a girl that didn’t try to hide the fact that she enjoyed a good hard dick up her bum more than anything else in the whole wide world unless it was a really good looking man eating her fanny like she was a delicious fruit tart just out of the oven.

Her best friend Maggie with her almost orange hair had eaten Debbie’s pretty snatch a few times as well and she knew from experience that the petite and juicy young girl had no control over her squirting urges when a nice long wet tongue was licking her from stem to stern with talented effectiveness to bring her to a nice soft landing in the middle of orgasm heaven.

Some of the young lads from the furniture factory had dipped their wick in Debbie’s happy haunches in the alley right outside Maloney’s Pub where the street girl skin trade tended to herd together to stay out of the cold night breeze coming up from the docks. The common joke in the billiard room where the dart boards were busy all night was that the first pair of bare buttocks you would see on the alley side would be either Debbie or her kinky friend Maggie with her long tongue that managed to find places inside a man’s bum that hadn’t been touched by a tongue ever before in their entire life. She was more of a nasty girl rather than a naughty girl like Debbie. The main difference was that Debbie was usually looking for something more romantic than sordid and Maggie was right down in the sty looking for the dirtiest thing possible to make her feel excited and enthusiastic.

The whole dogging thing was Maggie’s idea and she encouraged her best friend Debbie to pull down her knickers and stick her bum out the rear seat window for any comers ready to give her a go.

Donna the Dog Lover was in the driver’s seat watching over her shoulder at her daughter’s face all contorted at the insertion of the first hard dick into her bum from outside the motor car. The big lad humping her buttocks was a huge man and he had a dick to match his size. The car was rocking from the power of his humping action.

She saw her daughter start to shudder at the onslaught and she started to whimper and whine like a little bitch with too much too handle. Donna wanted to shout out to the workman outside to “take it easy for fuck’s sake”. Still, she noted that her Debbie didn’t pull away or complain to her heavyset humper.

The man was shouting like a bull in heat now and he grabbed hold of Debbie’s cheeks with his big paws and started to spank her cheeks into a nice shade of red. That was all Debbie needed to send her over the orgasm cliff’s edge. She was yelling now in a high key like some opera singer on the stage. The man outside must have been in the midst of spurting his spunk up her pretty flanks because she groaned like a woman receiving a transfusion of male juice long pent-up and deprived of female containment.

At the same time on the passenger side, Maggie had her head out the window and her mouth was stuffed with black cock so thick that it must have stretched her jawbone. Donna looked at her in amazement because she was a bit of a diminutive girl and one that picked over her food like some little sparrow looking for seeds. She was certainly not in the least fussy with the huge black cock. She took it into her mouth and there was no doubt that some of it even made it all the way down into her throat. The fact that she was not gagging was almost a modern miracle because the night time visitor between her luscious lips was truly oversized in the family jewels department.

It was when the impetuous Maggie with her total lack of anything resembling logical thought processes opened her door and jumped out onto the pavement that things started to really go downhill. The plump bottomed Maggie was soon spread over the hood of the motor car and the dark-skinned factory worker pounded her bum until he sighed in complete contentment draining all of his long pent-up pressure deep inside the silly girl’s heart-shaped backside.

He pulled out almost immediately and before Maggie could even turn around and object to his swift departure from her interior, another young lad with eight inches of hard resolve stepped up to the launching pad and addressed her still leaking private parts.

Donna made the mistake of rolling down her window with her breasts fully exposed and two hands from different chaps wandered inside to start some lively foreplay with her greedy nipples and nicely curved boobs. She was momentarily confused as to the wisdom of concentrating on her own sinking position or to make some adjustment to the treatment of poor Maggie who was already being battered by a third young man with a hardness that simply could not be denied. She decided that from all indications Maggie was quite satisfied with her distressing treatment and seemed to be all in favor of more of the same as long as the line-up of hard dicks was “knocking” on her door of opportunity.

A quick glance into the back seat showed that Debbie was already on her back and the line for her pussy pie was quite extensive as if a bargain sale was under their noses and they didn’t want to lose out on something too good to miss out on in the midnight hours.

Poor Debbie had already lost out on the count of the transfusions of male sperm she had already taken onboard and about the only thing she could do in her position of complete submission was to wrap her legs around each donor and ride him until he was fully finished with her leaving the car with a wide smile on his face. Each satisfied visitor was like a magnet to other interested dogging depraved perverts with only a focus on their target and with absolutely no interest in getting better acquainted in any way whatsoever. It was obvious that the name of the game was “locate the target, send in the friendly weapon, and score one for the home team as quickly as possible”.

The fact that Donna’s car had three attractive targets to lock onto was enough of a reason for a number of the local dogging males to form lengthy lines on the rear seat where Debbie was holding court, the front seat where Donna was suddenly serving up titty humping pleasures and offering her wide open mouth for males with a yen for oral festivities, and last, but not least, the hood where Donna could see the lust in Maggie’s eyes in the light of the overhead parking lot lamp as she serviced her own share of the evening’s needy cock brigade.

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