Dew and Girlsex

by dharmabumme

Copyright© 2018 by dharmabumme

Erotica Sex Story: Despite years as a married mom, Rosalind could never quite shake her love of pussy. When she discovers her teen-aged daughter and niece exploring lesbian sex together on a family camping trip, mom gives them both a licking they won't forget.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Cousins   Niece   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

Rosalind held the crotch of her panties lightly, stroking her swollen clitoris with her middle finger. Her cunt itched, slippery juices seeping and dampening her fiery thick cunt hair and her silky panties. She tightened her butt muscles, pushing her cunt against her hand as a shiver climbed her spine, and the tingling wave of lust stirred from her slightly chubby thighs to her ample, shapely breasts. The 38-year old redhead stared lustily through the door of the canvas tent, which fell just a few centimeters agape.

She silently watched her young daughter, Megan, and fetching year-older blonde-haired niece, Daphne. What the two cousins were doing together in the semi-privacy of the family tent was decidedly naughty. In fact it was flat-out nasty. The sight had disconcerted Rosalind for the first few, surprising moments. But surprise quickly submerged in a flood of memories of her own sexual awakening at a similarly young age. Motherly shock ebbed into a lascivious curiosity. After little more than a minute of quietly watching the girls, so young and yet so naughty, Rosalind felt herself propelled by a thickening, voyeuristic lust.

At 14 Megan was virtually a miniature copy of her mother; wavy dark chestnut hair, flickering green eyes, even the blush of budding titties and early hints of the shapely, thighs and rounded ass that gave her mother such a buxom and fertile aspect. Rosalind had attracted her share of both men and women in her day, and she had taken more than a few to bed. She was no stranger to lesbian sex. In fact in the past month she had been regularly eating cunt with the cleaning lady, a petite and hot-blooded Hispanic bitch named Rita that her husband had hired to help around the house. They met each Monday and Thursday morning in the laundry room in the basement, closed the door, pulled down each other’s panties and went for it. They had agreed on a rule: two comes each and they quit, Rita going back to work and Rosy going upstairs to check on her daughter. So as a bisexual, and a relatively promiscuous one at that, Rosy was not overly shocked to catch her daughter making out with a girl. What did give the mother a special, thrill was that it was her gorgeous, perky cousin Daphne that Megan was doing it with.

Maybe incest runs in the family, Rosalind thought to herself, her cunt moistening. She had never touched her daughter in that way, had never raised the subject of sex with her beyond the necessaries of avoiding pregnancy and coping with her periods and fending off groping men. But here was her sweet Megan, exploring sex with her pretty and obviously quite slutty young cousin.

And no surprise, Rosy thought, that Daphne was slutty; her mother Reese, Rosalind’s younger sister, was notorious among friends and family for sexual indiscretions over the years. Rosalind, as her sister’s lifelong confidant, knew most of the sordid details that others only guessed at. Rosalind was considered the “nice” sister in the family, but this pretense was little more than a social veneer. She knew was just luckier, and a bit smarter than her sister, and maybe a bit more discrete in her sexual endeavors. Now, as a middle-aged woman, just as she had ever since adolescence, Rosy struggled daily to keep the lid on her own powerful sexual desires. And, as more than one cleaning lady in this town knew, she had not always mastered those desires.

Now the scene before her, two naughty little girls exploring each others’ budding sexuality, made the lusty mother swoon, and she could feel her impulse to sexual indulgence creeping up on her. The tender age of these girls, the fresh, blushing youth of their bodies, the exciting newness of the feelings she knew were kindling in their young cunts and hearts, brought back a flood of memories of Rosalind’s first, intense sexual experiences.

So she watched, fascinated. The girls were kneeling face to face on Megan’s sleeping bag, kissing, each with a hand down the front of the other’s running shorts. They mewled as they sucked on the tips of each other’s tongues and pushed against strange, soft fingers snaking just slightly into tender cunt slits.

Rosalind knew that Megan could be just a bit nasty and manipulative sometimes, in ways that were all too like some adults she knew, but somehow she had missed sensing her daughter’s maturing interest in sex. Obviously it hadn’t taken the worldly Daphne long to figure that out though. She stared as Daphne’s slender young hands pushed Megan’s shorts low on her hips, caressed the younger girl’s erect clit, then dipped a middle finger into the little pink, wet cunt slit, burying it the second knuckle.

If Rosalind knew her slutty sister—and she did, inside and out—Daphne had probably learned about sex from her own mother. And if Daphne was anything like her mom, she could smell out a damp cunt two blocks away.

And if Megan is anything like me, Rosalind thought, there is no way she could keep her legs together and her tongue in her mouth when a hot bitch like Daphne was sniffing around.

That thought gave the peeping mother a rush and a throbbing in her clit as she remembered her own summer days of red-hot, incestuous fun with the lovely, dirty-blonde-haired Reese. For several years they had slept together nearly every night, not only sharing their bedroom but, unknown to their parents, sharing their bodies in a steady diet of hot and nasty sister-to-sister love. If their prim and proper mother had ever found out, Rosy thought, she would have just shit. That indeed was part of the thrill for the two teens. The illicit relationship continued for years, long after they each had married and given birth to daughters. For some inscrutable reason they both picked seemingly oblivious husbands, as sexually disinterested as their own father had always seemingly been.

Her sister Reese could be hard to manage, thought Rosalind, but when Reese was heated up and safely in the sack, Rosy had been with no better lover, man, woman, or dog. Yet in recent years the two siblings had drifted apart. Then just a week before today, Reese had called to ask if she and her husband would take their niece Daphne into their home for a few days. She just needed some time to herself while summer still lasted, Reese said. Rosy was more than happy to take Daphne along on the family camping trip they had long planned for the weekend in question. Daphne had always been good company. They had a large tent and an extra sleeping bag, and Daphne would keep Megan preoccupied during the long, lazy days when she and Roger went hiking or fishing, pursuits in which Megan had never showed but passing interest.

Yeah, she is keeping her little cousin occupied, all right, thought Rosalind as she thrust her cunt against her busy fingers, the wet cunt hair now plastered to her vulva, and sticking to her panty crotch. The girls must have thought Rosalind was out in the boat with her husband, unaware that she had just slipped out for a morning walk and returned quietly to camp. She decided to keep watching as the two girls made out. She was something of a voyeur, and this was a show she had only imagined in a dim corner of her mind, had never dared think she could actually be privy to. She heard Megan groan, and Daphne giggled, breaking their wet kiss and fondling Megan’s young but bursting boobs under her T-shirt.

“Daph,” she heard her daughter complain, we’d better quit it. My mom might come back, what if they found us like this, she’d kill me.”

Daphne laughed, a naughty catch in her voice.”She won’t catch us, Meggie baby, she’s out on the lake. Besides, from what my Mom says, your mommy is pretty hot herself. She’s as much of a firecracker as you are, from what I hear. Maybe she’d like to be in on the games.”

“Daphne! That’s naughty!” Megan sounded shocked, but her voice betrayed a hint of excitement.

“Yes I know, it is naughty, Megan. Just like you are. If you want to know what I think, I think Aunt Rosy and her Meggie baby are both very naughty girls. Your little cunt is warming up to my finger, it feels like wet fire, and I do like what your nasty hand is doing to me right now.”

“Oh shit, Daphne, it does feel so good. And I don’t really wanna stop, I really want to come!” The girl squirmed, rubbing her cunt to the penetrating fingers.

Daphne chuckled. “Well if that’s the way you feel about it, how would you like me to eat you out? You have had your pussy eaten before, haven’t you, baby?” She parted her sweet, pouty lips and wagged a tongue suggestively at the younger girl.

Megan looked at Daphne, her green eyes wide. “You mean having my cunt licked? Wow ... no but I heard it’s awesome! You really would do it?”

“I’ll do you, Meggie, if you do me. And I guarantee it’ll drive you insane, totally. So lean back and spread those pretty little thighs, baby cuz.” Daphne licked her now lips as she said this, her smirky pout transformed to a hungry smile, and her hands drifted to the waistband of Megan’s shorts, which she tugged farther downward.

Rosalind squirmed in silence, amazed at her niece’s slutty maturity, and almost as astonished by her own daughter’s eager response to the older cousin’s sordid overtures. Daphne, though young at 15, was obviously a very experienced girl. Rosalind pressed her slippery thighs together, trapping her fingers between her cunt lips. She was immensely turned on by the nasty scene she was witnessing, and she was having a hard time keeping her presence a secret from the girls. She struggled to master her racing heart and keep close her increasingly heavy breathing. She could smell the honey scent of her own wet pussy. Her eyes slitted and her nostrils flared—she felt as though she were slipping into some hyper-conscious state of awareness, in which without even trying she could feel and savor every detail of the rich, incestuous little coupling taking shape before her.

Daphne’s hands tugged the shorts the rest of the way down Megan’s legs. Rosalind’s breath caught and her cunt clenched when she saw, fully exposed to the morning air, a clear view of her young daughter’s fresh pussy, the pale, slightly blushing outer lips almost free of hair. It reminded Rosalind of sister Reese’s young cunt, the first time she had ever touched it. She thought she could even smell it, and it smelled the same as her sister’s familiar blonde-fringed cooze. Hand inside her jeans, the overheated mother’s fingers worked in a quiet frenzy at her clit as she stood just outside the tent and peered through a narrow gap in the door at the show unfolding within.

“Ummm, nasty! Sweet hairless pie!” exclaimed the golden-haired Daphne with a giggle.

“Wow, eat me out, Daphne, please let me feel your tongue!” pleaded Rosalind’s daughter. And Rosalind nearly keeled over when she saw Daphne, in a single, sweeping motion, push Megan back on the sleeping bag, grasp her lightly tanned legs and push them upward and back, spreading the younger girl’s crotch to her intent gaze. Daphne bent and pressed her pretty young face between Megan’s thighs, inhaled deeply, and began working the pink, open little cunt slit with her devilish tongue. Rosalind could see her niece’s pointy-tipped tits, nipples fully erect, now hanging out from under the cropped tee she wore, bobbing slightly in time with the tongue strokes she sent against Megan’s pink, wet girl flesh. Both girls struck her as so young, semi-sweet and inexperienced, and that innocent, girlish look made what they were doing seem all the hotter.

The peeping mother could no longer help herself. She was already unexpectedly near to coming, and a moan escaped her lips before she could suppress it. She froze, looked down to pull her slippery fingers from her jeans, and she heard Megan say “What was that?”

Daphne looked up, then scrambled to pull the sleeping bag up over her cousin’s legs, and tug her own tee back down over her kitties. Rosalind sensed this was her best chance. Without stopping to think about exactly where it might lead, she pushed open the tent flap door and stepped firmly inside. Both girls stared nervously up at her as she stood with hands on hips.

“Oh shit, mom you scared me!” exclaimed her daughter, tugging nervously on her auburn locks and trying to smile, but managing only a tight, shit-eating little grin. Daphne said nothing, just stared at her aunt and waited to see what would happen.

So, what are you two girls up to in here?” asked Rosalind, not successfully suppressing a rather catty tenor in her voice.

“Nothing, Mommy, just talking is all,” Megan lied.

Rosalind glanced at Daphne, then stared at her daughter’s fretting face.

“Talking, my ass, I saw you two little sluts in here, feeling up each other’s cunts and tits.”

Megan gasped, and Daphne turned a little red, but still she said nothing. She wasn’t exactly intimidated, but she had always harbored a certain special sort of awe for her sexy, mature fiery-haired aunt.

After a moment of awkward silence, Rosalind said sternly, “Let me smell your fingers, young lady,”

Megan—reluctantly, guiltily—raised her hands toward her mother. Rosalind bent at the waist and sniffed the offered fingers, nostrils flaring. She knew the girls could see her braless tits rolling under the loosely buttoned flannel shirt she wore, her hard nips trying to poke their way through the fabric. Her cleavage imposed on their view because she’d not bothered at all with the top three buttons this morning. She closed her eyes, nearly fainting at the clean scent of young cunt on her daughter’s hand.

“I smell cunt.” she said quietly but firmly. Megan looked down at the ground, her face red.

Rosalind then stood tall, boobs jutting, and turned to her pretty blonde niece. Her eyes flickered as she admired the straight, shoulder-length, golden-smooth hair, the firm tits and the determined, slighty slutty, pouting way the girl looked up at her. That pout was somehow almost a smirk.

“We were just masturbating,” Daphne suggested ingeniously. “Everyone does it you know.”

Rosalind smiled at the girl. She reached out one hand and her forefinger touched the delicate, proud chin. Then she stooped and lowered her face very close to Daphne’s, their eyes level, aunt and niece both holding a steady gaze. Rosalind sniffed.

“I smell cunt on your lips,” she said, looking the blonde girl coolly in the face. “Can you masturbate yourself with your mouth?” The girl blushed somewhat more deeply this time, her clear blue eyes flickering, but not dropping.

Rosalind, still holding Daphne’s chin, her nose near the girl’s soft cheek, inhaled again, sensually. She impulsively pushed her tongue against her niece’s soft, ivory skin. Daphne and Megan both gasped when they saw, and Daphne felt, the older woman’s pink tongue. Daphne waited pensively while her aunt tasted her cheek.

“I taste cunt,” said Rosalind, her voice low, mouth near he young blade’s ear. Then she tilted her head, opened her mouth and surprised her niece with a full, hard, open kiss. The hot mother felt her heart skip a beat as her hands went to the girl’s back and arms and she drew her Daphne’s slim upper body against her breast. To Rosalind this action felt in one sense so familiar, yet with these young girls it seemed so much more exciting, more forbidden than ever before. And there was a certain thrill in openly setting this sexy and obviously experienced young tramp niece of hers back on her heels for the moment.

Daphne closed her eyes, surprise giving way within a few moments to a warming response to her aunt’s embrace, She returned the tongue kiss. Megan, still shocked, sat there, sleeping bag still covering her naked legs and cunt, mouth open, awestruck by her mother’s bold and licentious series of moves and words, and then again by her cousin’s expert kiss return.

The kiss broke. Daphne grinned. Rosalind chuckled.

“Wow Aunt Rosy,” Daphne said coolly, “I had heard you can kiss like that. You’re totally hot!”

“Who taught you to eat pussy, sweetheart?” Rosalind asked, looking directly into Daphne’s blue eyes.

The girl laughed, her voice like a bell, and replied, completely without embarrassment, “Like you don’t know. Mother of course. Your Sis. She says she learned it from you.”

“Bullshit,” retorted Rosalind. “The bitch was a natural. We both were, nobody had to teach us.”

“Mommy!” gasped Megan, “You ate Aunt Reese’s cunt?”

Her mother nodded. She looked intently at her daughter. “And she ate mine, dear. All the time. And she was just about your age when we started, baby.” She realized she felt a slight flush of uncertainty about what she’d just admitted out loud, bit her lower lip, and felt a need to explain. “Some people say it is naughty. Baby, to do it, especially so young. But I’ll tell you what— it is naughty fucking good!”

Daphne liked that, and the sound of her giggle lifted the mood.

“Oh shit, Mommy, that’s so sexy!” said Megan excitedly, and as she moved the sleeping bag settled and uncovered the tops of her thighs, exposing the smooth cunt below the hem of her black sleep tee, the tender pink slit nestled so exquisitely between long, soft, creamy legs. The mother couldn’t tell if her daughter’s flashing was conscious or unconscious. But she wasn’t sure it mattered.

“Megan my baby, god you are beautiful.” She bit her lip again, took a breath, and willed herself to express her feelings openly. Finally she spoke again. “What is sexy to mother is that little pink pussy of yours. And if the taste on your cousin’s hot lips is any indication, I think it eats as good as it looks.” Even as she said this she reached her hand to her daughter’s soft thighs, touching the girl there tentatively, but suggestively.

Megan blushed deeply again, her hands fidgeting. Finally she looked back up into her mother’s gaze, their matching, hazel-green eyes locking.

“Mother, if you ate Aunt Reese ... well, um ... could you maybe eat me?” asked Megan, her voice small and quavering. She plainly had surprised herself with the boldness of her own question. The vulnerable look melted Rosalind’s heart.

“Oh shit, yes, do it, cunts!” interjected Daphne, her hand now settling inside her shorts and stroking her damp and now pungent crotch. Her heart might not have been melting, but her cunt was certainly on fire.

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