What Won't a Mother Give

by dharmabumme

Copyright© 2018 by dharmabumme

Erotica Sex Story: Exploring sex with her precocious daughter rekindles a mother's youthful yearning for the carnal attention of a dog.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Analingus   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

Josie swooned as her giggling young daughter reached over and lifted her mother’s blouse. Smiling, then gasping, the red-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed 38-year-old gripped the wheel and concentrated on driving as she felt the girl’s soft breath, then tender lips closing around her right nipple. Josie wanted nothing more right now than to be home, to rolling naked with the very precociously sexual daughter now teasing her breast.

“God, baby!” Josie crooned breathlessly, “such a sexy girl! You make mommy fucking hot, baby!”

Piercing green eyes looked up to her mother’s and the teen giggled again as she nibbled and sucked at the succulent tit in her mouth. Josie could see Leigh’s fingers inside her denim shorts, playing with her own sweet young cunt as she casually pleasured her mother. A shudder of lust and passion shook Josie as she forced herself to refocus her attention on the road ahead.

“Almost home, baby ... mmmm, fuck, almost home...”

“MMmmmm mother ... I can’t wait! I get to be your little bitch again, right mom? You promised,” the auburn-headed girl teasingly begged, her breath caressing the mother’s wet tit. She looked young for her age still, fresh and lightly freckled-faced. But even as a much younger girl Leigh was already well aware how deeply naughty talk affected her sensual and sexual mother. She was an attentive daughter, and an avid reader, and knew a great deal about sex even before she experienced it. As young as 8 or 9 she had keenly observed how Josie’s ex-husband, her father, had so easily stoked her mother’s sexual urges with a few well-chosen naughty words.

Josie felt lightheaded at the young girl’s very naughty request—or was it a demand? She was never quite sure with Leigh. One look and the girl could seem still a playful child, but glance back a moment later she could be a strikingly sexual, a cheeky and seductive young woman. It was dizzying sometimes. Well to be honest, life with the vibrant Leigh was seldom not dizzying.

Josie’s daughter had grown to be as sexual a creature as she herself had been at that age—sexual enough to feed a mother’s wildest imagination. It was one more reason Josie was glad her ex-husband was gone, out of the picture for good after he left them both to move away with the secretary he’d had an on-again, off-again affair with since Josie was pregnant with Leigh.

The mother could hardly believe the things she and her adventurous, teenaged daughter had been playing at since they first became sexual together five months ago, after her fifteenth birthday. Their first few kisses and feel-ups in Josie’s bed had rapidly evolved into fingering, then full-fledged oral sex, then finally ... well, Josie had resisted for months, but just this past week had introduced to Leigh to the most prurient of her own life-long sexual weakness, canine fucking. It was wild--incredibly wild--sharing the new puppy she’d brought home for the enthusiastic, grateful, and sensual youngster.

On her tight single mother’s budget, she could hardly afford the $600 the purebred puppy had cost her, but on the other hand, what was the price of bliss? A girl only had one childhood. And Josie---well she had experienced mind-blowing orgasms, cumming like she had never imagined, once together with the girl and their young male golden retriever. Leigh had named the pup Sam-I-am, or Sam for short. Seeing the girl and her puppy lick and fuck was so totally forbidden and so very, very intense for her.

“Yesssssssss, oh god yes baby ... Leigh’s gonna be mommy’s little hot bitch tonight! We’re going to have so much fun with Sam, baby, I promise you!”

“Mmmm, goodie yeahhh, mother!” Leigh replied, and she mewled and nibbled hard at Josie’s sensitive and throbbing nipple.

“Ouch, baby that’s so intense,” Josie giggled. Now she felt her daughter’s small fingers press between her thighs to the crotch of her jeans in response to the words, rubbing at her mother’s cunt through the fabric. Josie felt sometimes on the edge of losing control. Yes, she was the mother, the adult, but sometimes she felt she was falling in, becoming submerged and subservient to her own daughter’s burgeoning sexuality. The incestuous lesbian relationship was so naughty, so private, so very forbidden--and so very intensely exciting that it was absolutely the most intoxicating sex she’d ever experienced.

It seemed like the drive took forever, and Josie was on the verge of cumming in her damp panties to the nagging press of her daughter’s hand, when at last they came in sight of their suburban home and pulled into the driveway. Quickly Josie lifted her daughter’s face with a wet pop from a swollen drool-soaked nipple, and steadied the girl’s soft lips as she kissed the girl, tongues immediately dancing. The mother’s free hand now found the crotch of her daughter’s shorts, cupping, feeling the girl’s fingers under the fabric working busily at her own fiery little slit. Josie moaned and her tongue sought her daughter’s aggressively. “Ohhh gawd, baby” she whispered when she broke the kiss, “Come inside with mommy, and let’s get naked!”

Leigh nodded, eyes sparkling at her mother’s. “I want to fuck Sam! Can I please fuck him like last time?”

Josie grinned and nodded, “Oh you will baby, I promise you!” Their lips smacked in a parting kiss and they each unbuckled their seat belts and slipped from the car. A Josie fiddled with the key at the side door nervously, she felt her daughter standing close, the girl’s hand sliding up and down the curve of her shapely ass. She pressed her body back to that naughty hand as at last the key turned and door unlatched. Mom and daughter stepped into the kitchen, arm in arm, both happy and excited to be home where they could so freely express their growing sensual desires for each other.

“Sam-I-Am!” called Josie, “Leigh’s home baby! Mommy’s home! Here boy!” Immediately they heard the click-click-click of the sweet-hearted, 11-month-old golden retriever bounding across the house toward the kitchen. Josie’s hands left her daughter and her fingers worked at the button and zipper of her own jeans, then lifted her blouse over her head.

The mother smiled as she watched Leigh, now on her hands and knees, hug the excited young dog. Whimpering, Sam licked at Leigh’s cheerful, smiling face. After a moment of holding her chin high avoiding the puppy’s licks like any child might, Leigh’s face dropped and Josie saw the girl’s small pink tongue snake out to meet the dog’s much larger one.

Josie shivered and growled as she watched. “Ohhhh good girl, Leigh baby” she mewled. “Kiss him, doggie girl.” Leigh seemed completely unselfconscious about the sloppy kissing with the dog. That alone made Josie high as a kite. Her hands unsnapped an dpushed her own jeans to her ankles, her moist panties peeling off with them. She kicked them aside and was now naked from the waist down, her fingers working at the buttons of her blouse as she watched Leigh and Sam go at it on the kitchen floor. Leigh sucked the dog’s tongue deeply into her mouth, then let it go and panted as Sam lapped at her neck and chest where it was exposed above her strap tank top.

Naked at last, her breasts swollen and bobbing and her pussy slit glistening with lust, the mother dropped to her knees and leaned over the slim girl. She whispered to her daughter that she loved her, then nibbled at the Leigh’s small, tender ear as her fingers unfastened the girl’s shorts and tugged them down those slender, soft thighs. Josie’s swollen tits rested heavily at her daughter’s back. Leigh lifted her knees and Josie slid the shorts and panties all the way off the pert ass and slender hips. With a groan of lust pressed her hand snugly against her daughter’s ass cheeks. The wanton mother shivered and moaned out loud, as always when she got fresh feel of those compact, smooth teen buttocks.

Now Josie tugged Leigh’s knit top up, exposing the girls tiny, barely-budding titties. The puppy lapped at them, and the girl moaned and shook against the plush breasts and hard nipples at her back as she felt the tickle of her mother’s nibbling and whispering at her ear and cheek. Sam’s rough, warm tongue slapping against her sensitive nipples made her gasp and whimper.

“Ohhhh mommy!” she cried softly as she quivered against her mother’s fingers, which were now slipping into the warm, wet slit of her young cunt. “Mother, I am getting soooo slippery and itchy down there!” she said.

“Ohh yes, this cunny is all wet and hot for Mommy and Sam, isn’t it my sweetums?” cooed Josie to the girl. She licked at Leigh’s flushed cheek as her fingertip found and rubbed at the swollen little nubbin of her daughter’s clit. When Leigh quivered again in her hands, Josie purred.

“Ohhhh my god Leigh ... you make me so hot ... so hot for my girl and your puppy, baby! Let’s let him eat us, baby ... both of us?”

Leigh just grunted and hunched against her mom’s fingers, then she felt the older woman leaning back with her. Josie sat back and drew sweet Leigh into her lap, the puppy all the while licking his way from Leigh’s titties down her sensitive tummy. Resting her chin on her daughter’s shoulders, Josie drew the girl’s smooth, sparsely-haired cunt lips back, exposing the small pink cleft of inner cunt to Sam’s sensitive nose. She watched as the young dog snuffled at the slit, pressing his cold nose to it, and then licked into it deeply. Josie felt her daughter stiffen in her arms, arching against the lewd, intimate penetration between her young legs. Josie moaned and gently teethed her daughter’s soft earlobe as she felt the puppy’s rough, supple tongue lapping her fingertips and her baby’s cunt slit. The girl was whimpering and shuddering upward against the puppy’s tongue as she leaned back into the safety of her mother’s sweet tits.

“Ohh baby ... ohhh good girl ... yesssss, Mommy loves this.” the mother said, breathing heavily as she stared between her daughter’s legs. “Sam’s such a good boy for you, isn’t he, baby?”

Leigh just moaned back to her mother, but even the moans were stifled as the teen turned her had so their lips met, and mother and daughter kissed deeply.

Suddenly Josie pushed Leigh from her lap and stood up beside her, bracing her right hand on the edge of the kitchen table behind her. “God baby, mommy needs this, I need his tongue too, lover,” she apologized, the first finger of her left hand at her daughter’s lips. Leigh sucked the fingertip at her lips, making her mother smile. Josie popped the finger from her daughter’s mouth, and brought it and her second digit between her own thighs, pushing them deeply and without hesitation into her own hair-fringed cunt.

When she slid her fingers free a moment later they glistened with her secretions, or”mommyjuice,”as Leigh laughingly referred to it. Josie held her fingers to Sam’s sensitive nose, which was still pushed between Leigh’s legs. In a moment Sam’s lapping tongue transferred from the girl’s now-familiar cunt to the mother’s freshly-fucked fingers. Grinning with a smug smile at her daughter, Josie brought her fingers slowly between her own thighs, the puppy’s nose and tongue following predictably. Then with a grunt Josie’s eyes closed and she gripped the edge of the table behind her ass with both hands, opening her thighs wide as the puppy licked her gaping cunt.

The mother shivered and hunched her cunt at Sam’s probing snout and laving tongue. Through the slits of her eyes Josie saw her girl pushing two fingers into her tight little pussy as she sat close to Sam, watching the puppy lap at her mother’s pungent cunt. Josie shuddered and her eyes closed, lost in the sensation of deep, unabashed dog-licking. There was nothing on earth like a dog-licking, she thought.

With a start Josie felt another, gentler tongue and breath close between her thighs. She opened her eyes and moaned when she saw that Leigh had crawled close, head next to Sam’s at her cunt.

“God baby, yesss, gooood girl,” Josie cooed as she reached down to pat and then caress the soft golden hair on her daughter’s head. She felt herself almost faint and lost her balance for just a moment, and had to withdraw her hand to renew her two-fisted grip on the kitchen table. Leigh mewled between her mother’s soft thighs, kissing them, her cheek rubbing against Sam’s silky soft fur as her arm went around her dog in a half hug. The young girl’s hand pressed down on the retriever’s head and she giggled as she watched his long tongue slip between her mother’s soft ass cheeks. Leigh know full well how much her responded to an ass licking, so she looked up at Josie’s face and giggled as the her mom gasped breathlessly at the anal contact. As Leigh laughed she leaned forward and her tongue laved her mother’s swollen, hard clitoris.

Ohh fuck, Mommy’s good bitch girl!” cried Josie loudly as the girl nibbled her clit and the puppy enthusiastically licked between her asscheeks. Leigh just giggled and pushed her tongue into her mother’s hole, tasting the tang of mothercum on her tongue, her young nose pressed hard and nuzzling at the swollen clit, wet with her own and Sam’s saliva.

“Baby ... I’m gonna cum!” Josie cried out.

As Josie grunted and hunched out a sharp orgasm on her daughters face, Sam’s long tongue penetrated her now-clutching ass pucker, flicking crazily inside. Overcome with lust, the mother panted shamelessly, like an animal, as she climaxed.

After a long minute of contractions she lost her grip on the table and her ass fell to the kitchen floor, wet with doggy saliva and her own cum. Laughing, Leigh licked at her mother’s tits as they passed, then they kissed, Josie’s arms closing around her and drawing the girl close.

It took several minutes for Josie to catch her breath, a long series of kisses and hugs, the puppy standing next to them, whimpering and licking now and then at both their cheeks.

“Now you baby,” she whispered at last, “Get up like mommy was ... let Sam lick you, and watch me get him hard for you, okay?” Leigh nodded, their lips parted, and Josie helped her daughter to her feet, ass against the hard edge of the table. Josie guided Sam’s snout to her daughter’s cunt slit and the dog licked with gusto. Josie watched for a moment as the long, pink tongue slipped into the lovely little gash. Then she leaned forward and nibbled at her daughter’s puffy titties, tasting the puppy’s spit there, and making Leigh shiver with delight. She reached down and pulled open Leigh’s ass cheeks with her fingers, smiling as she watched Sam’s tongue dig deep between them, drawing a moan from the girl.

Letting go, Josie slid to the floor, on her side, next to where the busy puppy stood between her daughter’s spread legs. She scooted her head under the dog’s belly. This always made Josie feel like the ultimate bitch, sucking a dog’s cock--she loved the feeling, loved it even more knowing her young daughter was watching as she licked the puppy to erection. As Josie had expected, it was not difficult finding Sam’s cock, the red shaft was already half-hard, poking a couple of inches from its furry sheath. Her tongue found the tip and she lapped it gently, insistently. She felt the puppy buck a little, pushing the shaft slightly into her warm, welcoming mouth. Josie’s eyes closed as she sucked, trying hard to please the dog, to draw the red cock into its full, 6-inch hardness. Knowing that her sexy sweet young daughter watched her blow the young dog made the red-haired mother all that much hotter. She wanted Sam hard and ready, ready to take the girl swiftly and firmly. Josie wanted to see her daughter fucked hard by the horny puppy.

Panting with lust now, Josie’s lips slipped from the end of the dog’s swollen cock. As she slid our from under the tawny young retriever she gripped his cock with her left hand, her right clutching her daughter’s asscheek. She leaned into her daughter and slurped at the slim, smooth thigh, watching as Sam’s long tongue slapped thru Leigh’s slit and down between her asscheeks. Josie nibbled at a soft thigh and pinched her daughter’s ass, giggling and growling at the girl, urging her down to the floor.

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