Lost Time

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Mature housewife seeks the sex she missed as a young woman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Slut Wife   Group Sex   .

Marty rinsed out her cunt into the toilet. Her husband would be home soon and would want to put his dick in it. That was just fine with her; it wouldn’t be good for him to find semen in there though. She wasn’t ready to reveal her secret life just yet.

She worked part time and her husband worked more than full time. That gave her the flexibility she needed to pursue her latest volunteer activity ... providing pussy to select and deserving men.

On her 45th birthday six months ago, she got reflective about her life experience. It had been the classic American girl story. Met her husband William in college, nice wedding as virgin bride, two kids now grown, a reasonably meaningful career. No serious issues in her marriage, but not much excitement anymore either.

Marty’s older sister was a lot wilder than she had been. Dated a lot in school and now divorced, she was quite socially and sexually active. They met for coffee or wine once a week. Marty would always listen to her sister’s exploits and adventures, getting vicarious thrills.

This last birthday caused a reassessment. She didn’t like what she saw in the bathroom mirror. A fitness center membership was what she wanted and got for a birthday present. It was already showing its effects. Her husband noticed and so did the guys at work.

A regular at the fitness center began flirting with her and it gave her a schoolgirl thrill. When she bravely shared that with her sister, Sis said, “Good for you girl! Have some fun while you can.”

She responded to Todd’s overtures and they began spending some one-on-one time after workouts. Egged on by her Sis, she finally got bold enough to ask, “Todd, why do you spend so much time with an older married woman like me?”

His penetrating gaze gave her a chill as he answered, “Since you asked, it’s because I think you are hot and I’ve wanted to make it with a woman like you ever since I can remember.”

Marty averted her eyes as a hot flash ran through her. She’d been toying with reciprocal thoughts, but instead of being gutsy like her sister and seizing the opportunity, she demurred, “You couldn’t possibly find ME attractive.”

Todd reached for her hand and she felt electricity as he touched her, “Let’s get naked and you will see.”

She damn near orgasmed at the thoughts that simple action triggered. Almost stuttering, “I ... I ... I’ll think about it!” Then she departed.

Sleep that night was difficult. She wanted to uncharacteristically jump her husband’s bones. He was almost always the initiator. But he didn’t show any interest and she quietly diddled herself twice to calm her urges.

Wine with Sis before her next fitness center visit helped a little bit. Sis advised, “You’ve got to separate love and sex. Sure, love makes sex better, but not always by a huge amount. I always have more fun with a regular partner if I’ve fucked someone else since I had him last. Kind of like variety for meals. You’d get tired of your favorite food if that’s all you ate. Give him a try. Actually, though it takes a few times before you can really judge a lover. Keep me posted.”

Todd was diplomatic and didn’t mention the offer the next time they were together. If he’d been pushy, she’d have bolted. He simply asked if she would like to continue their conversation at his apartment. She gathered up her courage and said, “OK, I’ll follow you.”

He was gentle while persistent and in the dimly lit bedroom her arousal grew as she experienced the familiar repertoire with a whole new flavor. She orgasmed the first time when he ate her crotch with more vigor and skill than her husband ever had. His cock was shaped, and tasted, different too. She finally begged him to put it in and just the first few inched set her off again. Shit! She hadn’t had two climaxes ever with her spouse. Her sister was spot on; this was damn exciting.

Tod changed positions several times and she kept blasting off until she said she was getting tired so he made a production of inseminating her. The hot spurts deep inside reminded her of her husband when he was young.

They lay together quietly and wordlessly for a while. Todd said softly, “You are the best I ever had.”

“I’m glad I met your expectations. That was great for me too.” She wasn’t lying and didn’t care if he was.

Three times a week she improved her skills and her memories in the sack with the man about two-thirds her age. She gradually brought the things that this skilled lover showed her to the marital bed. Her husband was pleased and accepted her explanations about where she learned them, i.e. “My sister told me” or “On the Internet”.

Her improving looks and attitude, and possibly an “aura”, got her more male attention. An older man at church, of all places, found excuses to spend time with her and invited her to go to meetings of a volunteer civic organization. He was charming enough to get her panties off and now she had two lovers to enjoy. Fred was much less regular than Todd but equally appealing. His energy and cock at age sixty gave her reassurance for her further maturity.

When the state convention of this group happened, he nominally set her up to room with another woman member. That woman’s boyfriend was his roommate, at least on paper. The other woman was also married, but her husband wasn’t attending either. Marty and Betty drove together and became co-conspirators. They were a lot alike and bonded quickly.

The first night was a ball, or you might say, several ballings. Between meetings the two women devised a surprise for that evening. It went into action after the dinner event at the conference.

Betty said to the others, “I’ve got a bottle in my room. Let’s go there and have some fun.”

After enough rounds of drink and talk, Betty started some music on her phone and dimmed the lights. “I’ve been wanting to do this all my life.” She started an amateurish strip-tease and we were an amateur audience. When she got down to her floppy tits and furry bush, she danced over to her boyfriend and made suggestive movements in front of him, then the same for Fred.

Marty was drunk enough that the music was restarted and she was the center of attention. Both men had their hard dicks out by now and Betty sat between them, one rod in each hand.

Marty took Fred to one of the beds and as soon as he stripped, welcomed him into her soaked snatch. He didn’t last long and they watched Joe and Betty get it on.

Both women went to the bathroom together and when they returned they headed for the other bed. The hoots of surprised excitement were soon overpowered by the grunts and groans of copulation. Swapping occurred as often as the men were useful. The situation did enhance recovery time as did the medications both had taken.

Betty confessed at breakfast that she’d banged both men before, including rooming with the two of them at a previous state meeting. Marty thanked her setting up the opportunity.

Things were getting steadily better on the home front too. More interest and more often from her husband. Sis was pleased with her and wondered if Marty was ready for the next step.

“What is that?” Marty inquired.

“Getting your husband involved in your extended sex life too. No more hiding it. My best boyfriends have known about the other screwing I do and enjoy it, kind of like Fred did that weekend. It can turn him on big time and it comes right back to you.”

So Marty began planting some seeds, asking her husband about fantasies and showing him some erotic stories that happened to include hot-wives and wife-sharing. He did respond to them, she noted. With that to go on, she and her sister came up with a plan.

The next time a quarterly meeting came up, a plan was put into action. Marty was going to share a room with the two men as Betty had done previously. Sis had come up with a big sewing project that she wanted to do on Marty’s good machine during that weekend.

The sewing project was big enough it could not get done all in one day. Sis had brought dinner fixings and made it for herself and Marty’s husband. They got to visiting and enjoying wine until it got so late, and Sis appeared to be so sloshed it was decided it was safer for her to stay over. Perfect!

In the middle of the night Sis got in bed with Marty’s husband and he was a goner. She really had wanted to fuck him for a long time and he was tired but proud, but also feeling guilty by morning. The sewing project did get finished even though there were a few more pauses in its progress than you would ordinarily expect.

The night that Marty returned was interesting. Both spouses were pretty fucked out, yet both did not want the other one to suspect anything. Of course, Marty knew what had happened thanks to a phone call with Sis on her trip home. Being a female, she was quite capable of getting it on with her husband and had fun teasing and seducing him.

She offered to take a shower with him and commented that his pecker didn’t seem as interested as usual. She even knelt down and sucked him a little bit as the water ran over them. That got at least a halfway response.

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