Kellie's First

by De Von

Copyright© 2018 by De Von

Erotica Sex Story: On an out of town trip to see a friend, I encountered a cute virgin on a birthday hayride and hijinks ensued

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cream Pie   First   .

My summer had gotten off to a slow start, so when a former schoolmate reached out and invited me to come visit, I jumped at the opportunity. My dad didn’t want to let me make the 6 hour trip at first, but then another friend got an invite, and he let us go together.

When we arrived, our friend Jeff told us some friends from his new school had planned a hay ride that evening. Turns out it was a birthday party for a girl who lived down the road from him. Jeff had told her we were coming to visit, and she insisted we come to the party and the hayride. We were happy to oblige. I was impressed when we first met Michelle, Jeff’s neighbor. She was quite the looker. “Don’t bother” Jeff said as she moved away to greet other arriving guests. “I’ve been trying to get in those pants since I got here, but she’s totally locked up on some older guy at the local college.” Jeff had been a real lady killer at our school, so that was quite a statement. He was redeemed when his girlfriend, Melissa, showed up. She was pretty hot herself.

The party progressed as school parties do. Michelle’s parents largely left us alone. They were content to watch from the windows, so long as no one tried to slip away and get frisky. We had some snacks and sodas, danced and chatted. I danced a few times with girl named Kellie. She was short and slender; sort of plain, but cute. We chatted a little while we danced, but nothing serious. She never even asked my name. I noticed she sort of floated around, chatting with different folks, but never stayed in one place for long. Eventually she floated back to me, and we started dancing together again. “What’s a cute girl like you doing here alone?” I asked her. She just smiled at me, but I could tell I had hit a nerve, and tried to think of something quick to say. Just then a rap song started to play and we began gyrating to it. The theme of the song quickly shifted to sex, and the girl using it to control guys. “Maybe that’s why you’re alone,” I quipped, “You’ve mastered the art, and you’re just looking for your next boy toy. I’ll volunteer.” I finished with a grin. “Yeah, that’s for sure not it. You gotta let ‘em in before you can control them.” She replied quickly. “Oh. Does that mean...” I trailed off. “Yes” she replied, again quickly, running her words together like she was afraid of them, “I’m a virgin. The guys keep leaving me because I won’t let them in. I’ve never had a dick in me. I HAVE sucked a couple, tho.” With that she grinned and twirled away thru the crowd of dancing bodies, and I was unable to follow. Damn, I was intrigued by this girl. Just then Jeff came by and offered me a solo cup. A quick sip revealed that yes, it was beer. Life was good!

A little while later Michelle’s Dad came by and said he was going to get the tractor for the hayride. Everyone topped off their drinks and got ready for the ride. Michelle said we would be taking a slow route thru some farm trails and back roads, including some “haunted” sites. When her dad pulled up, we piled onto the trailer behind his old, loud Deere. I tried to get close to Kellie, but found myself on a bale about 6 feet or so from her. I began to chat with those around me, including a cute girl named Karen who wound up next to me. She was flirting with me pretty strongly, and was soon aggressively rubbing my thigh, getting ever closer to my cock, which was stirring and beginning to grow.

At the same time I noticed Kellie had moved from the bale and was sitting on the hay covered floor of the trailer, right on the back. One of the guys from her school was sitting next to her, obviously trying to make out with her. I kept one eye on her as I flirted and petted with Karen. I also cast a glance to the front now and then, to see how Michelle’s dad was doing. No other parents had come on the ride, and he seemed happy to drive the tractor and be oblivious to our activities. As I watched, I noticed, somewhat to my surprise, that the guy seemed to be making progress with Kellie. I knew she hadn’t had anything to drink besides soda, so this wasn’t alcohol acting on her. She was lying on her back now, and the guy was semi on top of her, kissing her and rubbing her stomach and legs with his hand. He was careful to avoid her center, and I suspected she may have scolded him. Karen had rubbed my cock thru my jeans a time or two, but moved her hand quickly away each time. I had kissed her a few times, and gotten a couple of boob feels, but she had made it clear that was as far as things were going. I still tried my luck several times, but she stopped me about the same place each time. I observed, with growing awe, that the local kid had now gotten Kellie’s pants open. He was still rubbing sort of tentatively, and I turned back to Karen for another go. If I could just get a hand into her pants, I could melt her resistance, I was sure. But again, I was denied at the button to her jeans. She would let me rub her thru them, but not too hard. Not enough to get her going, in other words. I was distracted by a quick yelp from Kellie. When I looked over, I could tell by his motion that the guy was fingering her now. I surmised the quiet yelp had came when he surprised her by pushing a finger in.

I made out with Karen a while longer, but she had noticed my interest in Kellie, and had started watching the two along with me. I was somewhat surprised, again, when Kellie raised her hips and pushed her shorts down around her knees, giving the guy open access. I was really surprised to see that she didn’t have any panties on. He shifted a bit, and began fingering her more aggressively. He made no move to go beyond that, tho, and the scene was kind of static for several minutes. I didn’t realize I had become so engrossed, and Karen startled me when she spoke quietly to me. “She’s waiting for you, and you’ll have much better luck down there.” I was shocked, and I guess it showed. “We’re pretty good friends, and she told me she was taken with you. AND, you’re not from here.” Awareness dawned on me at that point. This could turn into a pretty good evening after all. “So get down there before she changes her mind.” I looked at Karen, then glanced at Kellie and the guy. “Oh, don’t worry about Joe. I’ll take care of him. He won’t argue, trust me. I swallow.” She grinned and moved off the bale toward Joe. I realized it was now or never and followed her to the trailer floor.

Karen went around Kellie’s head and pulled Joe to her and kissed him. At the same time, I settled in on Kellie’s left side. I kissed her as I reached down and took Joe’s wrist and moved his hand away from Kellie. He broke the kiss and looked at me. “I got this, and she’s gonna suck your dick” I said as I nodded my head toward Karen. Joe looked at her, and she nodded enthusiastically. He got up and sat on a bale, unbuttoning his pants as he went, and Karen quickly knelt between his legs. I saw him draw a quick breath as Karen started to blow him, and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

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