The Bitch in the Barn

by Ridden

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True Sex Story: If you have read 'Better off Bred' you know Laura and I. If you have read 'Deacon's Tale' then you, dear reader, already know who Patricia is. If you haven't read them you might get confused soon.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   True Story   Zoophilia   Bestiality   Nudism   .

The call had been somewhat cryptic, which is unlike Patricia, that alone peeked my interest, not that Tricia isn’t welcome. She has after all visited us several times, staying a few days usually before heading back to University, until she graduated, then we didn’t see her for nearly a year.

I let Laura and the others know to expect another visit soon, then promptly forgot about it, I had a project going in the workshop and that is where my entire focus was. So when Tricia’s pickup truck pulled into the yard a few days later it caught me by surprise, the hugs were nice, the kiss on the cheek unexpected but not unusual. The eager, tense, hopeful look in her eyes grabbed my attention right away. Tricia is usually fairly laid back, not at Deke’s level, but in the neighbourhood.

It’s not the first time someone has used that begging tone when stating, “I need a favour”. But I’m not used to being hustled into my own workshop, having the door slammed and locked, then held by a shivering young woman begging for my help.

As you know, my social skills are ... Ugly. So I reacted by hugging her tight and since I’m taller by a good bit, leaning and spanking her hard on her cute little butt. That got her attention, she even calmed down a bit.

“So what exactly brings you here needing a favour so desperately?”

I thought it a fair question, Tricia however imitated an explosion in a blushing factory, screamed “Oh my God... !!” And dashed outside. For a second I thought she was going to run right through the door. I followed, but walking.

The back window of her pickup truck was open and filled with the head of the biggest dog I can ever remember seeing, cute as hell too. He was, Tricia explained, an Alaskan Malamute who’s sire had been crossed with a wolf, personally I thought the wolf only contributed to his size, he was a big dog, bigger than a ‘normal’ Alaskan Malamute. He had those ice blue eyes that see into your soul, and was absolutely and obviously devoted to Tricia.

As soon as she let him out of the truck and introduced us, I had an idea of what Tricia wanted from me, turned out I was right and very wrong. What gave me the idea? She named him Alpha.

Seconds later he became the first dog ever allowed into my workshop. By then he had already staked out a piece of my heart. That dog was/is just special. Cute isn’t right, although he is, it’s his obvious devotion to Tricia that sealed the deal. A kind of eagerness combined with watchfulness, hard to explain, easy to see with just a single look at him. He not only commands respect, he earns it.

On her first visit to see us, mostly to see Deke, Tricia had accidentally found out about my belly riding. I was enjoying a particularly intense orgasm and she investigated the screams, one look into the stable was enough. The following evening all five of us were relaxing with post dinner coffee and she told us Deacon’s Tale.

Now she had another tale, hers, and she wanted my help to make her dreams come true. Cum true would be more accurate, just cliche. Until it was ready she didn’t want anyone else to know. Understandable, but impossible, I keep nothing from Laura and little from Mirella or Deke, so she had two choices, either she told them, or explained that we were doing something and asked them to be patient until she was ready to share. Tricia went with option ‘B’.

I don’t have many friends, so when one asks me for something I feel honour bound to do what I can. Tricia is a friend, so I spent the afternoon clearing the decks in the workshop, that evening over one of Mirella’s culinary masterpieces Tricia put option ‘B’ on the table. Heads nodded, done deal. The following morning we started.

Patricia chose to run with Laura and I that morning, the girl has a body, ok so everyone has a body, that girl is built. Attractive to look at, but that’s not it, she is fit, not heavily muscled, but you can see it as she moves, that movement athletes have, sleek, toned, and naked but for well worn running shoes and a collar, it matched the one Alpha wore, just not as big.

I noticed the look in Laura’s eyes, my wife is no dummy, she guessed it. Truthfully I’d bet she guessed more than I knew, but my social skills are ... Ugly. Whilst Laura is the Whizz, able to intuit things with a single glance.

Four miles and breakfast later, we ensconced ourselves in the workshop and I reached for paper and pencil. Then Tricia began.

“You know the tale I told you, you know how the girl gave herself to the wolf, surrendered herself to him, I want that, but I want it exactly how I dream it, and for that I need a frame, you are the only one I trust enough to understand and hopefully to build it. I know you design things, invent things, I don’t care if you make it your way, just so long as it does what I need.”

A quick sketch and then we started taking measurements. Tricia first, I took my time, making sure both that I had every measurement I might need and that each was accurate. That took time and required a lot of contact, some intimate, so by the time I was done Tricia was flushed and very, very wet, not to mention the workshop stunk of aroused girl. Alpha was watching every move, relaxed, but watching, not to mention his nose was very active, seems he likes the aroma of his hot mistress. Next was measuring Alpha, he stood perfectly still, froze in every pose Tricia put him in. Perfect, much better behaved than his still dripping mistress.

After lunch I started the mould making process, that confused Tricia whilst the ‘live casting’ almost drove her insane. I love my job... !!

That evening a flushed Tricia was late down for dinner, freshly showered and glowing, Mirella got her good, innocently asked her if she needed her sheets changing now, of would Tricia prefer to cum on any areas she might have missed first ... It proved to be a twofer, as Deke nearly choked on his food.

As a side note, Tricia asked if she and Alpha could use the groom’s suite in the barn instead of staying in the house, not because of the sheets, she just didn’t want to disturb us, especially with Alpha needing out etc. Malamutes are working dogs, they need a great deal of exercise which goes a long way to explain Tricia’s level of fitness and stamina, she didn’t just do the minimum, that girl loved to be out with her dog, they ran around the entire property, explored every inch, playing, I only kept up with them if I was riding Spirit, and I run four miles a day, every day, I thought I was fit. I AM fit... !!

The following morning Tricia ran with us again, this time with Alpha, and as I’d told her to stay away from the workshop whilst I got busy, she didn’t join us for breakfast but instead continued running, heading out across the fields with Alpha bounding along at her side. That girl is not only built, she can run, lope to be accurate. They disappeared in the distance, a pure white tail and a bubble butt, side by side, both moving in unison.

It took a week to complete, admittedly part of that was curing and drying time. By the end of that week Tricia was about ready to explode, a condition aggravated by my sending her off to the city to collect an order with strict instructions not to ask, peek, or even shake the box she was collecting. That girl was the epitome of a little kid at Christmas, eyes on the tree, trying hard to behave but besides herself with excitement.

In the meantime I had an added bonus, it’s not often I can surprise Deke, even rarer make him blush, however he accepted the task and the next day disappeared in his truck on an errand.

Finally, and not soon enough according to little miss bubble butt, I was ready to let Tricia try it out, except that wasn’t what she wanted, her first time was important to her, a kind of ‘start as you mean to go on’ type of thing. That meant inviting the others to watch, if they wanted. Like any of us were going to miss this. Secondly it meant showing Tricia how it worked without her actually using it. I was only part way through explaining when Tricia started dripping on my nice clean workshop floor. Not little tiny drops either, the girl was so aroused she was practically gushing. Alpha liked it, he was up and poised, rather than in his more usual spot, curled up under my draughting table.

Explanation complete, bubble butt wanted to get to it right away. Not going to happen, I reminded her of the rules I set, she had to prepare first. My asking if she wanted to do it herself or would she like help, had her blushing, then an evil grin appeared, “Could Mirella help me?”

Payback is a bitch. (Pun intended)

Mirella was happy to help, but no fool where payback is concerned, she insisted they do so out in the stable wash room, not bathroom, horse washing area. Mirella loudly announced that was the best place to, “wash, flush and grease”.

I took Mirella aside and handed over the things she would need, explained their fitting and left them to it. Mirella had an evil grin of her own. Next up was talking to Deke, ever the gentleman, he was going to need a heads up before watching a close relative in the position Tricia was soon going to find herself.

Lastly I went in search of Laura, bubble butt had me in a state the Whizz would enjoy, hot, wet and very ready. She was doing stuff in her office, I didn’t want to wait so I just crawled under her desk and started licking, sucking and fingering until Laura grabbed my hair and wrestled me into a sixty-nine. We didn’t stop until Mirella came looking for us, she almost came looking at us too. Tricia was waiting for us, little else she could do right then.

I’d copied a few of the features I’d built into the pseudo stallion, mostly for ease, why re-invent the wheel? But also because Tricia was going to use it without anyone, other than Alpha around, and I wanted her safe, so I built in a few features to ensure that.

The ‘bed’ was double sided, one side moulded to fit Tricia exactly when she lay on it face down, it’s shape forced her body into the perfect position to be totally accessible. When flipped over the other side was similar, but moulded to fit whilst she was laying face up. The head rest part of the base was moulded so that her head lay back, giving a straight shot into her mouth and down her throat. As with the pseudo stallion, there were magnetic locks to hold her in place, but not just on the wrist and ankle cuffs, there were two more pairs, for her thighs and upper arms, these matched leather cuffs sized to fit her thighs and arms.

As an emergency release wasn’t allowed. Tricia adamantly refused it. I built in a time release and a heart rate monitor, if unattached it would not let the mag locks activate, if removed, or her heart rate was out of limits, they would release, I also designed it so she could flick the sensor off her finger with her thumb, which acted as an emergency release if needed. I’m sure she’d work that out if the need arose.

Patricia is a sweet girl, but make no mistake, under that sweet exterior there is a will of iron, has to be for her to get her body in the state it is, it takes a lot of commitment to build the kind of muscle and stamina she possessed. Her first time was going to really test her desire. She chose to be face up.

I didn’t ask Patricia exactly how far she had gone with Alpha, I knew they had not coupled, I did know how long they had been together, how he had picked her, when she was looking for a pup but found herself chosen by a four month old dog. Since then they had been inseparable, staying at her parents farm, learning and training, growing together, bonding much like I had with Spirit.

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