The Legend of Rattler Jack and Big Rick

by Writer Mick

Copyright© 2018 by Writer Mick

Horror Sex Story: It was a Halloween tradition for high school seniors to stay overnight in The Haunted Shack. This year something different was going to happen. Old curses and lifted wards combine to make this a night of horror for eight 18 yr-old high school Seniors.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Horror   Paranormal   Ghost   Halloween   .

The eight 18-year-old Seniors were going to make this a night they would all remember. The four guys had been together in sports teams since they were 10 years old. Now two were offensive linemen, one was a defensive back and the fourth was a linebacker. They were all good students and were going to good universities to play football.

The four girls were all long-time partners of the guys. The girls had dated e ach of the four guys at one time or another since junior high and had finally settled on their guy. They had decided to follow their guy to the university they were going to attend and stick to their guy.

Due to the fact that the four boy and the four girls had each dated each other, they had never made a full commitment to one boy or girl. Due to that little quirk, they were all still virgins.

But this Halloween was going to change all of that. The eight of them had committed to spend the night in the Haunted Shack and lose their virginities together at the same time. They had reserved the Shack well in advance and had their supplies ready. They had food, double sleeping bags, condoms, wine, towels and pillows all packed up in their cars and ready to go.

The eight had made extensive plans for the night and you what they say about plans.

It was a yearly tradition. On Halloween night the high school seniors tried to spend the night at Carter House, or as the locals called it The Haunted Shack. The Carter House was an almost 200-year-old shack just outside of town. The story is that the mountain men who built it had been snowed into the shack during a blizzard and they stayed alive by eating each other one little bit at a time.

The way the story goes...

Rattler Jack and Big Rick came to the Rockies after the war. Jack fought for the Confederacy and Rick for the Union. They met just after the surrender where they had both learned that no one wins in a war. Soldiers died, and Generals didn’t. Once they got past that common reality, they became close friends.

They spent the better part of a year traveling from Virginia to Missouri doing a job here and there for room and board. They were normal men of their times, except that Jack had a thing about fucking any willing woman he could find. He took bar girls. He took school girls. He took wives whose men were not back from the war or were out hunting food. They fought over a couple of women, but Rick soon figured that if Jack had his eye on a woman that Rick did as well, that Jack would try to take her sometimes before Rick could bed her.

Despite that the two men stuck together. They had a couple of occasions where they had to fight their way out of trouble with bands of Copperheads that still roamed along the Ohio Indiana border. Their journeys led them evermore westward until they came to St. Louis.

They got to St. Louis and took jobs in the local livery stable. They got paid each day and spent their nights in an area by the river where many other drifters slept. They kept to themselves except when they had saved up enough for a night out.

Rick loved poker and was pretty good at it. Many times he won enough so the two men could go to a local diner and have a steak. Jack, as was his way, spent his money on women at some of the local brothels. His favorite was upstairs from a saloon.

On one night, the men went to the Red Rose Saloon. As soon as they got in the door, Rick made his way to the poker tables and Jack grabbed the first unoccupied bar girl and took her upstairs. After an hour and a half, Jack was still upstairs from the saloon taking advantage of the services of another one of the bar girls, while Rick was downstairs playing stud. He was on a losing streak when one of the players at the table, dropped an ace out of his sleeve. One thing led to another and Rick found himself in a down and dirty bar fight.

Jack had just finished himself off when he heard the ruckus. He pulled his pants on over his long johns and took off out the door just in time to see Rick sticking his knife into the man he was fighting with. Jack ran back to his room and dressed and grabbed his sidearm before giving the naked woman in bed a quick kiss goodbye and running down the stairs to the saloon.

When Jake arrived in the saloon, several men were surrounding Rick, aiming to take him into custody or kill him. Jack drew his Colt Navy and backed everyone away. Rick retrieved his knife from the dead man’s lung and followed Jack out and unto their horses. They took off to the west, not knowing that the police had decided that the dead man was a card cheat and pursuing his killer was a waste of time.

The four guys picked up their girls at 8PM and made sure to let the parents know that they would keep their daughters safe. The parents all knew what was going to happen because the girls had talked to their parents about this being THE night. The talks included good advice from the moms and the dads. This was their first and the first time should be a positive memory, because so many times it was not.

The four cars pulled up to the parking lot in the park where the Shack was located. Each couple unpacked their own car and took things inside. No one watching the kids would have guessed the events about to unfold that night.

The two men signed onto as guards for a wagon train leaving Independence, MO on the Oregon Trail. Once they reached Fort Hill, Idaho, they stocked up on provisions having decided to partner up and trap furs in the Rockies. They bought supplies and ammunition for their pistols and rifles. Jack had a little extra and picked up a new .50 cal Springfield rifle and several boxes of .50-70 ammo.

They made their way out to a pass that had a high river and in 1868 they began their careers as mountain men and trappers. The first thing they did was contact the local Paiute and Shoshone tribes and made themselves known. They traded meat and furs for permission to remain on the land. Within the first 4 weeks they were all on friendly terms.

They worked most of the summer building a sturdy lean to that would allow them shelter from the winds and then built a small tipi under its cover. They covered it in buffalo hides and made it through the first winter with little difficulty. During the second summer, they extended the wooden lean to and built a shack of strong thick wooden logs and packed the seams with mud. They built a big box that would serve as a get out in the back of the shack in case they were attacked by Shoshone or Paiute. They kept it full of fire wood to have access to fuel without having to go outside.

They cleared the area around the shack, even though the Shoshone told them not to do that because the trees offered extra cover from the winds. Jack and Rick thought the open land would offer an open killing field in case of attack. They never considered the fact that after almost two years the natives had accepted them as a part of the land and would never attack them, unless they did something foolish.

The kids settled in and picked their own corners of the shack floor. The food was set out, cold fried chicken and potato salad don’t need a great presentation, especially on the floor. The guys packed some wood in the fireplace and started a fire. One of the girls left something in the car and went out to get it and on the trip back in she noticed something sticking out of a spot on the wall where some of the old mud packing had fallen out.

She called her boyfriend and the two of them did a little picking at it and were rewarded with a small stick figure with a few beads and what looked like a strip of animal hide attached. They brought it inside, not realizing what they had done to make the night more memorable.

That winter, it began snowing in late September and kept on snowing with only a few breaks. In November a great blizzard blew through and buried the shack with Jack and Rick inside. They thought it would blow through and they could dig out. The only problem was that the blizzard had no trees to break up the winds and the shack acted as a snow break and drifts piled up higher and higher.

When they realized what had happened they sat down to make out a plan to survive. The wood bin was full, and they would have enough to cook beans every couple of days. Water was no problem, since all they had to do was open the door or a window and bring in snow. They had thick buffalo hides for warmth. They thought it would only last for a week or two at the most.

One week stretched into two and then three and then four. They figured it was sometime in January when the beans ran out. After four days they started to get really hungry. They gnawed on bark from the firewood. Finally, Jack came up with the idea.

“Rick, we are gonna die if we don’t eat something. I think we should cut off our little fingers and eat them.”

“You are out of your damned mind Jack! I ain’t no savage.”

A few more days passed by and finally the men agreed. They each pulled out their knives and cut off their little fingers. They quickly cauterized the wounds with a hot poker from the fireplace.

“I can’t do it Jack. I can’t eat my own flesh.”

“Well then give it to me and I’ll eat it. You can eat mine.”

Rick watched Jack just begin to gnaw on the raw flesh of his finger and had to look away. He put Jacks finger in the fire and then closed his eyes and began to eat it. He fought back the urge to vomit, and in the end, he ate the whole thing, bones and all. Jack watched him and hadn’t thought about eating the bones but did so after watching Rick.

The kids all settled into their positions around the shack and started telling ghost stories and slowly getting more cuddled and affectionate. They were all comfortable around each other, since they had all dated and they had all skinny dipped together. So, it came as no surprise when they girls all pulled out blankets and began to strip down and wrap themselves with the warm blankets.

When the girls were finished the guys stripped and joined their girl inside the warmth of the blanket wrapped around them. Soon the expected touching and stroking began, and the mating ritual was begun. Kisses were exchanged and soon the four couples moved to their respective corners and were in various stage of foreplay when all hell broke loose.

What happened was sudden and shocking. In one sudden act something took the four guys and grabbed them and held them down in place on the floor. The might as well have been staked to the ground.

At the same time the four girls lifted in the air and flipped over. They were set down on their hands and knees with their legs spread. An unseen force began to play with each girl’s sex until their screams of terror were replaced with groans and moans of pleasure. The guys were all transfixed watching their girlfriends being sexually aroused by some invisible force.

Two days later the two men repeated the process with the little finger of their other hand. A few days after that another finger and a few days after that the same finger from the other hand. Then it was a couple of toes, but when it became obvious that the little parts were no longer going to do, Rick shot Jack in his sleep and butchered him like a deer and stored the rest in the snow outside the window next to the fireplace.

February came and went. Rick slowly sank into madness but being alone he didn’t know it. He would wake up and gnaw on a bone or a rib, sucking out the marrow. Rick only burned fire wood when he had to cook a piece of Jack. In early March, Rick was down to a few pieces of wood and one last piece of Jack. Rick had saved this part for last because he could not bring himself to eat this part.

The force seemed to be finished playing with the four girls and began to penetrate each of the girls in turn as the boys struggled to get free. All they could do was watch their girl’s vaginas suddenly spread wide and listen to the screams and moans as their girls had their virginity ripped from them. Each of the girl’s labia was being pushed in and then pulled out as they tried to hold onto the invisible cock raping them.

The day that Rick was finally reduced to the lowest point he could imagine, even after eating almost all of his friend, he heard noises outside the door. Suddenly the door flew open and for the first time in months Rick saw sunlight. A couple of Shoshone men came into the shack and ran out throwing up in the snow. There was shouting and arguing outside as Jack shielded his eyes from the sun and breathed clean air. Another man stepped into the shack and was immediately repulsed by the smell and the sight of the bones and flesh and carnage. He was also repulsed by the sight of Rick sitting there with the remains of Jacks genitals hanging out of his mouth.

The tribe’s shaman closed the door and ordered the tribe to seal the shack. The men piled rocks in front while others went around back and seal the wood box by piling stones on top of it. Then the shaman put signs and totems around the shack and put a curse on the habitants of the shack and to serve as a warning to others that the shack was forever cursed.

In the morning, the sun shining through the windows seemed to break the spell that held the four boys to the floor and that held the four girls in place on their hands and knees. The girls were all bleeding from their former virgin vaginas and were hysterical. One of the boys had enough awareness to find one of their cell phones and call the police.

When the cops showed they walked in and were shocked at the scene. The four girls were huddled in a corner whimpering in horror. The four boys were milling around trying to figure how they were going to help their girlfriends, when they screamed every time they were approached and trying to figure out what their parents were going to say and do.

The cops called emergency services and four ambulances came for the girls and a wagon took the four boys to jail. Their parents were called, and the fantastic story began to be told. The boys told their story and were not believed. I mean who is going to believe such a story. They were questioned separately, and their stories were so close the detective in charge of the investigation believed the boys had colluded to match their tales.

Their parents spoke to them separately and begged them to please tell the truth. The boys didn’t know what to do. The truth they told was not being accepted and they were in deep trouble. The story made the news, of course, and that was probably the best thing that could have happened.

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