Warren's Wet Ones

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: City girl adapts to a summer at her aunt and uncle's farm. She mentors her boy cousin and learns a lot in the process.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Gang Bang   First   .

I’m Melinda, would rather be called “Mel”, and this is the story of how I spent my summer.

This tale begins when my mother caught me naked with two boys in my bed. She shrieked and my father came running. He stood over the boys as they dressed and showed them to the door, leaving Mom to deal with me. I hoped he’d noticed that their peckers were soft and would think that they discovered me in time to “save” his precious daughter. I kept my thighs together so the four cum loads that were really responsible for their flaccidity wouldn’t be noticed.

“Cover up, daughter!” was the first thing my mom said to me. The next was, “How long has this been going on?”

I acted penitent as I told her that it hadn’t been very long with the older boy but it was the first time he brought along his younger brother. Actually I’d been banging both of them for several months. Mom must’ve been mortified because they were the preacher’s sons and she had insisted I only do things with church families because they would be less sinful.

What she also didn’t know was that they were far from my first vaginal visitors. I was 18 and had enjoyed sex with various partners since I could get the contraceptive implant at the school clinic. I wasn’t into romance. Hell, I hadn’t even explored enough of just plain lust yet.

The consequence of this discovery was I was sent to my aunt Addie’s farm for the summer to get me away from “evil influences”. I was pretty despondent, wondering how I would survive being around pigs and chickens and tractors and shit like that. I was a city girl!

So there I was, out in the middle of Iowa somewhere with the nearest town 20 miles away. My aunt and uncle were nice, I remembered and I had a cousin named Warren who was 16. I’d seen him a few times at family reunions but we’d hardly spoken.

My uncle found some coveralls and bought me some sturdy work boots so I could help with the critters and the garden. I also helped Addie with the housework and one of my jobs was to straighten up the bedrooms while Uncle and Warren did the stuff I was too puny for.

As I made up Warren’s bed, I noticed some stains on the sheets. That was curious because they were right at about where his waist would be. They were dried and crusty. Damn! That was cum! I’d heard about boys having wet dreams so that must be the source. I hadn’t thought about Warren having a functioning pecker but there was the evidence. I was horny and scooped up a little bit of what wasn’t yet dried and rubbed it on my pussy until I got myself off. It sure felt wicked.

I asked my aunt if I should change the sheet and she asked me why. Nodding as I explained what I found, she said to just clean it up the best I could.

My curiosity went into overdrive and I started talking to my cousin when we were alone together. I finally got around to asking him about what I found in my sheets and he was terribly embarrassed. Apparently his parents had never explained anything about sex to him and he didn’t know why that happened. He also didn’t understand about masturbation which would have relieved the pressure in a more controlled fashion.

He was fascinated when I talked to him about it and wondered how that could be done. I wasn’t sure either cuz I’d always gotten guys off with my mouth or pussy.

Then opportunity happened. Uncle and Aunt went to a town hall meeting which was going to last quite a while so I invited Warren to my bed and told him that would we would learn about masturbating together. He was already hard by the time he dropped his drawers. I had a washrag handy to catch the expected result. I hadn’t moved my hands on his shaft very long before he warned me it was about to explode. I caught most of it and then bent down to clean off the head.

He was amazed and stayed hard so I kept going and sucked another load out of him. I didn’t plan to go this far but things just seem to be following a natural progression. That wilted his willy. When he could focus again he asked me, “Since females don’t have a thing like mine, I guess they can’t masturbate.”

“Oh yes they can! We just do it differently and I’d like to show you.”

I peeled off my clothes and he got his first look at a naked woman except for the few times his mother had been careless. I showed him my parts and his fingers worked on my clit until I came. That was all we could do that time.

A few days later we had another opportunity and he’d been thinking about sex. “You made me feel real good by sucking on my parts. Would it make you feel good if I did it to you?” He quickly found out and got his first lesson in cunnilingus and proudly got an even bigger orgasm out of me than his fingers had produced.

He began sneaking into my room after his parents were asleep on days we couldn’t find another time to be privately together. He was getting pretty good at eating my pussy, among other stimulating activities, and I swear he had a constant hard on which I relieved as often as practical.

When uncle sent us on a project out in the back part of the farm, we packed a lunch and a blanket on the four wheeler along with the tools we would need. It was a warm day and when it got to lunch we broke out the blanket and, grinning at each other, got naked. I figured he was ready and after a little bit of an oral warm up, Warren got his first piece of pussy. My training paid off because he held out from blasting in me until I got mine and then he let it loose. I hugged and kissed him and told him he was just great. We got the rest of the work done quickly and got back to the blanket where I showed him another position. Once again, we both got that wonderful satisfaction that can’t be compared to anything else.

His mother never commented that his sheets were being soiled anymore so I didn’t know if she figured out why, but I guess you don’t notice things that aren’t happening, unlike the other way around.

On the Fourth of July there was a big party down at the Grange Hall. I was old enough for the adult punch and was brought many servings of it by guys that wanted to dance with me. Square dances were fun but I liked the waltzes a lot better. Now I was more in my element, being a social creature. There was one guy, Paul, who was a little older than me and kept cutting in when I was dancing. He knew how to flatter me and I loved it, especially as the punch took effect.

When the live band took a break, he walked me outside and we ended up in a pretty private place. I was pretty worked up by then so when he kissed me I gave him tongue right back. His hands were soon exploring my body. When I reached down to feel his equipment, it was big and I unzipped his pants to check it out further. True to form, I was soon on my knees giving it a complete checkout including how much sperm it could produce. Feeling wicked, I kissed him after swallowing and he kissed me right back. Wow!

We went back to the dance and when it ended he asked my uncle if he could bring me home later. Warren looked unhappy about that but couldn’t say anything. It was in the wee hours before I tiptoed through the door to my bedroom. I’d barely cleaned myself up and gotten in bed when Warren slipped into the room and got in beside me, naked and erect. He began kissing me and sucking on my tits and I can never resist that. When he moved between my legs I was concerned about what he would discover. He said nothing as he slammed into me as quietly as he could.

After he shot his considerable wad, he spoke. “Did you fuck that guy tonight? It sure feels like you did. You’re all slippery like when we do it twice in a row.”

I kissed him and said gently, “Yes I did. And I enjoyed it is much as I enjoy you. There’s no need for you to be upset. I’ve done it with lots of guys before I came here so you have to take that into account too. You and I are still going to have our fun like we have been but I expect I’ll be dating and fucking him too. I’ll tell you about it or not, depending on if you ask. Now I’m tired and I need to get some sleep so good night.”

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