Curious Cora

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young girl wonders what this sex thing is all about, and then learns lots firsthand. Her world expands to multiple partners.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Polygamy/Polyamory   Nudism   .

Cora, short for Corinne, 14 years old, was weeding the garden with her older brother Dave, 16. They were nude, enjoying the warm day. This was a common occurrence since they’d grown up in a nudist family.

Following along behind him with both on their hands and knees picking weeds, she saw his soft penis and testicles hanging down and that prompted a question. “Hey Davey, what’s the big deal about sex? There are so many references to it everywhere.”

He stopped and looked back at her, then turned around to sit in the dirt. Cora straightened up and sat back on her heels. He noticed her beginnings of breasts with already prominent nipples. Not much fur around her crotch slit though. “What prompted that question?”

She said, “We had a sex-ed class recently at church and it seemed to me that people have sex when they want a baby. Since most women aren’t pregnant all the time they must not have sex very often. But somebody is always talking about it or trying to be sexy. I don’t understand.”

She saw the smile on his face as he answered, “Sex happens a lot and most of the time people try to avoid making babies. It feels really good and is the most fun two people can have together.”

“How do you know this? Have you done it?”

Her brother paused for a moment and answered, “Yes. Twice.”

“Did you like it?”


“Who with?”

“Mary Sue from school.”

Cora got wide-eyed, “I heard the girls call her a slut. What does that mean?”

“That’s a girl who is easy to have sex with, I think.”

“If sex is so natural then why shouldn’t it be easy? That name didn’t sound like a compliment.”

Dave was getting uncomfortable now, “I think you’d better talk to Mom with these questions.”

Cora pointed to his crotch, “Hey, your penis is getting an erection like they talked about in class. That’s neat! Can I see it ejaculate? Or does it need to be in a vagina? You can use mine if you want. Just don’t make a baby in me.”

Those thoughts were more than Dave could resist so he wrapped his fist around his rod and beat off as his fascinated sister watched. He came so hard that his cum splattered her tits, belly, and thighs.

She squealed in delight, “Oh my! That was amazing. And now it’s shrinking. Can I touch it sometime?”

Totally embarrassed by now, Dave got up and headed back to the house without a word. Cora used her finger to scoop up some of the white stuff and tasted it and decided it was neither good or bad. She used the garden hose to rinse it off along with the dirt from gardening and went inside, full of questions.

“Mom,” she asked, following her brother’s advice, “Do you and Dad have sex very much?”

Mom gave her full attention, “And why do you ask?”

Cora described the incident in the garden and noticed her mother smiling. Mom then answered, “To answer your question, yes we do at least three times a week. We enjoy each other a lot and we don’t want any more children because we love the ones we have quite enough. Did they tell you about birth control in your class?”

Cora shook her head, “Just that we should never have sex until we were married and ready for children.”

“Well, young lady, you were only given part of the story. Let’s schedule some time for the rest that you need to know. Is there anything else right now?”

“Is it OK for me to watch Dave ejaculate again. That was SOOO neat!”

“At your age I was just as curious so I understand your request. I guess it’s OK for you two to fool around as long as you don’t have intercourse. It will help you understand our talks better. I guess I’d better include Dave as well. I know your Dad has given him some manly advice but he needs to understand women too.”

That night our curious girl went to Dave’s room when she heard him get in bed. She got under the covers and snuggled up beside him. She said softly, “Mom said we could fool around but not have intercourse. I want to touch your penis and maybe make it ejaculate on me again. Would you like that?”

He was hard already and replied, “Of course I would. Can I touch your parts too?”

She kissed him, but no tongue because she didn’t know about that yet, “I’d feel bad if you didn’t. My breasts aren’t as big as Mary Sue’s but maybe someday they will be. My nipples are sensitive though.”

As she fondled that hard shaft with the soft covering, he sucked and nibbled on her nipples and she felt some new feelings in her lower regions. “Wow, that’s doing something new to me. Keep on!”

When he couldn’t hold back any longer, Dave rolled her on her back and knelt between her legs as her hand made him shoot on her belly. When she scooped some up and tasted it his penis throbbed. He pushed it down and rubbed the head on her labia which made her squeal, “Oh, that makes it feel real good.” He knew about the clitoris from Mary Sue and used his finger, lubed with some of his semen, to give his little sister her first orgasm. She clenched her legs around him and shook, covering her mouth with her hand to keep quiet.

They slept together until the middle of the night when Cora went pee and wiped the dried semen off her body.

Her first session with Mom was the next afternoon and Cora was eager to tell about what she had learned on her own. Mom was shocked, not an easy thing to do to her. “Daughter mine, you are something. I didn’t do stuff like that until I was fifteen and that was younger than many of my girlfriends. When I said you could fool around I should have been more specific I guess. Oh, well, let’s get started on your lessons.”

They covered quite a bit and Mom concluded with, “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to get in bed with your brother right now. It is too easy to go too far, I know.”

Cara picked up on that, “So how do you know?”

Mom swallowed and then answered, “I had too much sex too early. It was great fun and I wasn’t careful. Dave isn’t your full brother. If you do the arithmetic I had him when I was fifteen. I didn’t marry your dad until I was eighteen and carrying you.”

“Who is Dave’s father?”

“I don’t know. I was having intercourse with several boys when I got pregnant. That was before DNA testing and I’ve never wanted to make a big deal out of it. BTW, Dave knows this.”

“Since we are doing show-and-tell, when did you become nudists?”

Now Mom smiled, “I went to a nude beach on a dare from a girlfriend and that’s where I met your father. I hadn’t been dating since I had Dave so this was a getaway. Your dad was so nice and I was so horny that when he took me and a blanket back up in the sand dunes I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t on birth control but I took a chance and you are the result of our first time. I got that issue fixed as soon as you were born.”

Dave was brought into the classes and they were given practice assignments to do on their own together after their instructor demonstrated. All of their “lab sessions” had Happy Endings too.

Dave was having more dates with Mary Sue and using condoms. He reported she was impressed with his improved skills and said he’d get priority anytime he wanted to get together with her. But Cora didn’t have any such outlet. Way too young to date she was stuck with her fingers and Dave’s tongue, not that it was so bad, but she wanted to feel real intercourse.

Mom showed her how to use her dildo and her hymen was history. When Dave moved it in her and she could move her fist on his erection it was pretty good, especially if he ejaculated on the rubber penis and slid his semen inside her. No period yet so she thought it would be safe.

When her menses began and her tits grew more it became a different ballgame. Her hornies increased as well and she got especially irritable around her fertile times. Mom could only offer cautions.

“Borrowing” some of her brother’s condoms, she took Jimmy, a fifteen-year-old neighbor boy, out in the woods and just used him like a warm-blooded dildo. He didn’t complain, of course, and was ready at a moment’s notice to stick his small cock in her. It wasn’t as big as her dildo but was at least alive and attached to an appreciative person.

It wasn’t long before Dave confronted her about his “missing” condoms. “Who are you using those with?” he demanded. When she confessed, he said she might as well give him some pussy too. When she protested he said that if he was involved no one would tell Mom.

Secretly she wanted to fuck him anyway. She used slang more and more now that she was a “big girl”. Once she felt his bigger and more experienced cock in her pussy, the neighbor boy was dropped. Dave still went out with Mary Sue as “cover”.

The emotional connections made the incestual sex even better. Now if they could only go “natural” without the condoms! With what they had learned, they tried it a few days before and after her periods and it was wonderful.

When she reached fifteen, Cora knew that legally she could screw boys her own age without getting anyone in trouble if discovered. Claiming she wanted to have intercourse with the neighbor boy, Mom agreed to get her in birth control. The neighbor boy and his cock had grown so he was now an enjoyable cover for her real love affair. He was totally under her spell.

As she settled into this polyamorous situation, her curiosity was not stilled. When Jimmy had a nice-looking boy cousin visiting, it was very easy to get both of them in her bedroom while her parents were gone for the afternoon. The cousin wasn’t circumcised like her others so that was interesting. Even more so was having a cock at each end and non-stop screwing for a long time since each boy easily recovered while the other was filling her. She was sad when he left, promising to return as soon as he could.

Jimmy’s eyes and mind had been opened as far as her thighs by that situation so he asked if she would like to do it with other guys and him some more. Remembering what her Mom had taught her about protecting her reputation she said it would have to be done very carefully, but she sure was interested. Then it dawned on her that Dave might be interested. He knew she was fucking Jimmy.

He certainly was and joined them in Cora’s bedroom a couple of days later. They were naked on the bed and Jimmy was surprised. Cora grabbed his hard dick, they hadn’t screwed yet, and said “Here’s our helper!”

Jimmy’s cock twitched, “You are going to fuck your brother?”

“Only a half-brother and he was my second after you and I fuck him more than you. Do you want to play or not?” Jimmy shut up and got with the program. It went well and all agreed to repeat it from time to time.

Dave asked the younger couple if they would like to double date with him and Mary Sue so they went to a concert together. On the way back, Mary Sue said her parents were gone for the night so they could all go to her house. Some dance music was put on and she got drinks for everyone. Dave switched some dances with Jimmy and Mary Sue plastered her big tits against him. When he got hard she just said that was nice. He thought so.

When Dave decided to go to refresh our drinks he signaled Jimmy to follow. He said, “Mary Sue said she’d like to fuck you and I told her I thought you’d be interested.” Jimmy said, “Hell yes, but isn’t she your girlfriend?”

Dave laughed and said “She is lots of guys’ girlfriend so one more cock in her won’t make a bit of difference. She’ll give you a good ride.”

When they went back to the living room Dave nodded to his date and she stood up and took Jimmy’s hand and led him to her bedroom. Cora figured out what was going on and grinned and started taking off her clothes too.

They had a nice leisurely scissor fuck while they listened to the noises from the bedroom. There was a quiet spell and then they started up again. He whispered to his sister as he slowly stroked in her pussy, “You’d better get your jollies from me because he won’t be worth anything after she’s done!”

Cora said, “Maybe I better take lessons from her because I want to be the best piece of ass around.”

Dave gave her some advice, “When you get to be sixteen you can start screwing older guys who can teach you the good stuff. I speak from experience because Jimmy’s mother was my first piece and she taught me everything you’re enjoying. Mary Sue is okay and convenient so that’s why I bang her.”

Cora was intrigued by this new revelation, “Are you still fucking Jimmy’s mother?”

Sliding his cock in and out vigorously, her brother answered, “Not as often now since she reconciled with her husband but she still gets the itch and I love to scratch it. Can you concentrate on me now?” They finished up just before the other couple emerged from the bedroom. As David predicted, Jimmy’s dick was limp so Cora just cuddled with him while Mary Sue took Dave back to the bedroom and pretty soon the bed was thumping again. Those noises did manage to get enough rigidity in Jimmy’s tool that he could put it in to enjoy her swampy snatch but he couldn’t get off again. Cora kept thinking about her brother’s cock being in the pussy that gave birth to the guy inside her. That was wild! Sex was amazing, no doubt about that.

A couple weeks later they double dated again and this time Cora wanted to watch Jimmy putting it to Mary Sue. The two of them were just as curious and wanted to watch a brother and sister fucking, seeing parts together that they were quite familiar with.

The next time that Dave and Jimmy double teamed Cora, Dave said he’d been in a gangbang with Mary Sue with five other guys. He didn’t know that a woman could fuck so much but she took on each of them at least two times and only quit when they were worn out.

Cora squealed, “I’d like to try that!”

Dave growled at her, “NO YOU WON’T! I’ll not allow my sister to be a slut like that! I love you too much. This is wild enough and way more than most girls your age ever get to do so just be satisfied.”

She shut up about it but the desire lingered deep in her mind. As she saw it, the problem wasn’t with the fucking but other people finding out about it. Hmmm.

She and Jimmy were very good friends as well as fuck-buddies so she could talk with him about anything. When she revealed her desire to do a gang-bang he said he’d help. She pointed out, “You know guys and that’s what I need, so I bet you could.”

Jimmy was thinking the problem through. He was a smart one. “They have to be guys that we know and trust but not from around here.” She nodded. “I’ve got it! I have lots of teen boy cousins and we are going to have a family reunion here in a couple of months. I’d bet we could find a bunch that would love to fuck a cutie like you!”

She blushed. Nobody had ever called her a “cutie” before, but she was quite an attractive girl now and other boys at school were noticing her. Maybe she had a sexual aura like she read about. Anyway, this was an idea to work on. Her pussy tingled with the possibilities!

After the reunion started, Jimmy told her he had five cousins interested. Was that enough? She thought so.

One afternoon while her parents were working, it got started by Jimmy giving her a quickie to get her lubed up. He brought each cousin over and with no names exchanged, they got between her legs. Jimmy watched from the doorway. After the third one finished inside her she beckoned to Jimmy, “I think that’s enough!”

“But I promised two more they’d get laid!”

“OK,” she said resignedly and kept her legs apart as two more boys used her pussy. As soon as the last one left she headed for the shower with her hand at her crotch to keep the cum off the carpet. Jimmy tried to join her but she told him to go home.

She didn’t talk to him for two days until the reunion was over and even then didn’t take her clothes off as usual.

“Jimmy,” she said, “It wasn’t your fault. I wanted to do it but it wasn’t very good at all and I’ll never try that again. There was little pleasure in just being used to get cocks to shoot their stuff and I washed and washed my pussy that night to get it out. I’m not going to have sex for a week to get my head back on straight.”

Jimmy hugged her and said he understood and wanted her to be OK. That was the best thing he could have done and she rewarded him when her crotch was open for visitors again. It was a lesson learned that her brother never found out about.

Since Jimmy was a year older, she went to the senior prom with him and they spent the night together but the next year he was off to college and she began dating classmates. Very selectively she got her pussy filled and kept her reputation intact. Dave was very involved with a woman and she only got occasional attention from him.

That next senior prom she double-dated with her best girlfriend who went with one of her select few fuck-buddies. They had a fun-filled foursome night that none of them would ever forget.

At the state college, she kept dating both of the prom guys. Being laid regularly helped her grades which got quite good. Then came spring break time. Both guys asked her to go travelling so who should she choose?

She asked Dave’s advice during one of the infrequent times they could put their bodies together. His answer, “Go with them both! They are aware of the situation so see if they are man enough?”

A three-way meeting established that it was a go and plans were made. Per Dave’s advice she put them on notice that she might get a bit wild and they’d have to accept it. They weren’t sure exactly what she meant but agreed.

On the long drive to the Gulf the guys switched off driving. The other one was in back with Cora having fun. With the tinted windows, she only put clothes on for the rest and meal stops. The guys were already pretty fucked out when they arrived at the campsite. She was still wound up so went for a walk on the beach as the guys crashed.

She encountered a guy who struck up a conversation with her. He was smart and charming as they walked quite a way from the campground. They were in front of a summer home so they sat in the beach shelter. He, Todd, asked if she was here with anyone.

“I came with two college friends,” was all she said. He must have assumed they were women because he made a move on her. It had been a few hours since the last guy had coupled with her in the SUV and she was still horny. She responded and was soon on her back on the lounger with a relative stranger pounding her pussy. She got hers before he shot his load. Then they walked back to the campground. Todd asked if he could see her the next day so she got his cellphone number. “I don’t know what we will be doing yet so I’ll let you know.” They kissed adieu.

Her guys were stirring as she entered the tent and she stripped to join them on the air mattress. Pointing to one she said, “I did you last so he gets me first.”

As the familiar cock slid in she heard the remark, “Damn, you are still juicy. Guess you got lots on the way here.” She just smiled.

She screwed both of her companions after breakfast, put on a bikini and said, “I’m going exploring. I’d suggest you do too.” They looked at each other and wondered what she was up to, then headed for the beach themselves.

When she reached the beach, she texted Todd and he soon joined her. They walked down to the beach shelter again and she simply said “I’m horny” as she dropped her bikini bottoms. He noticed her slickness as she mounted his erection. Her tits in his face and the pleasure on his cock soon pushed that thought out of his mind.

They were busy doing things together all day, including slipping away to the shelter or Todd’s tent every now and then. After supper Cora asked, “Can I spend the night with you?” When he agreed she said, “Let’s go get my stuff,” and he followed her to her campsite.

Her two companions were sitting outside the tent drinking beer as she approached. With no introductions she simply said, “I’ve come to get my things.” She handed some to Todd and they walked away.

Once out of earshot he said, “That’s who you came with?”

“They’re just friends. They will find other girls to have fun with.”

She was really enamored of this guy and finally figured out it was because he reminded her so much of Dave, her brother. Their thoughts and their genitals both got lots of exercise.

Two days later Cora went to her campsite to find out when the guys were going to head back. The tent was gone and so was their car! She rushed back to Todd and told him that she was stranded. He reassured her that he lived only an hour and a half way from campus and he would drop her off.

The trip back wasn’t a continuous fuck-fest like the one coming south but it was a two-day trip and they had plenty of time to enjoy each other in a real bed for the first time at a motel enroute. At her apartment, she invited Todd in, introduced him to her roommate and took him to her own bed, adding him to the list of men who had ravished her body in it.

He came over visit every weekend and that was enough for a while but in only a few weeks her hornies during the week got to be too much and when she saw one of the guys she had started the break with, she invited him to her bed after apologizing. She was the best piece of ass Derek ever had so he took what he could get and fucked her several times between weekends. She admitted to him she was screwing “that guy” from Friday night to Sunday evening. He wished it was him but was happy with what he got.

Being in college with an irregular class schedule meant that she could get it on with Derek at lots of different times of the day. When Todd’s big Friday meeting was canceled, he decided to head over to see her early. Wanting to surprise her, he checked and her apartment door was unlocked so he slipped in quietly. From the hallway, through her open door, he got a porn–like view of that familiar crotch with an unfamiliar cock and balls pounding in it.

He walked up to the side of the bed and she stared at him as he simply said, “Let me know when it’s my turn”. He walked out to the living room, getting himself a beer from the fridge.

A few moments later the guy, still dressing, rushed by him. He recognized one of the tent mates from spring break. Cora went nude to the bathroom and after the toilet flushed came out in a robe. “I wasn’t expecting you this early!” was all she could say.

Todd took a swig of beer and said, “Apparently. I guess you just couldn’t wait for me to get here tonight. I know what a horny one you are, so I guess I should have expected this. I recognized that guy from spring break. Are you fucking the other one too?”

Cora’s eyes were downcast as she spoke softly, “No, not now but I was doing both of them back then and I just started up with this guy again because I got so horny between your visits. I never asked if you were doing anybody else, you will notice, and I never promised anything.”

Todd and sit by her and gave a quick kiss, “You’re absolutely right. And I never put any expectations on you either, did I? As sexual as I know you are, I am neither surprised nor angry. The only thing I wish is that you told me about it. I thought you understood how open-minded I was from our conversations and that I never said anything when I found out you had come to spring break with two guys. By the way, I have enjoyed getting seconds from time to time so did he finish in you?”

Cora looked up at him and smiled, “No, you scared him off so that means that I’m still pretty horny and you better finish what he started!”

There were still lusty noises emanating from the bedroom when her female roommate returned. As the naked couple headed for bathroom together, Sally applauded and said, “I could use some of that!”

During the shower Cora said, “She doesn’t date much and if you want to fuck her it’s okay as long as there’s some left for me. Fair is fair, I guess.” Todd’s pecker twitched a bit, she noticed.

They stayed naked as they went to get a snack and Sally ogled his hanging parts as he moved around. Finally, she exclaimed, “I feel out of place here so I guess I’d better join in,” and took her clothes off too. She was rather shy but tried hard to brave it out.

Her nipples on her pointy b-cup breasts were standing way out. She had some nice curves on her short body and her light-brown pubes matched the short hair she wore on top. Her face was attractive but not what you would call pretty. A reserved and thoughtful personality did make her an easy person to be with and connect to. She’d had some nice conversations with Todd with and without Cora present.

After a while Sally was relaxed and would get up to do something or other, much less self-conscious about her naked body. Cora noticed some stirrings in Todd’s flaccid hose when he saw her ass wiggle into the kitchen and her tits moving as she returned. She decided to follow up on her comment in the shower so she said, “I’m gonna go take a nap. This guy has worn me out (that was a lie and he knew it) so you guys entertain yourself while I’m gone.” She flashed a look at Todd as she turned, went into the bedroom and closed the door.

Todd quickly said, “I’ve got some things on my phone I’d like to show you, so let’s go to the couch.” Sitting hip to hip, Todd found some things that she might be interested in. The way she rubbed the side of her leg against his and put her arm around him, ostensibly to see better, pressing a firm breast against his arm, he figured she got the idea.

The stimulation of this unfamiliar body so close made his penis respond appropriately and, being nude, there was no way to hide it in case he even wanted to. She kept glancing at it and finally just reached over and put her hand around it, saying softly, “It is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever touched one this nice. Will you share it with me?”

Todd turned and gave her a deep kiss with one of his hands completely cupping a small breast and gently pinching the nipple. She moaned without breaking the kiss and her hand got even fuller of man meat. She rubbed it slowly as he played with her breasts and then moved his mouth down to suck on them. She shuddered with a small orgasm and whispered, “Take me to bed, it’s been way, way too long!”

She wanted him missionary this first time. Since he had just fucked Cora he lasted and lasted and she came and came and finally begged him to cum in her. Cora discreetly watched from the doorway.

As they lay together, she said, “I wasn’t expecting this so I’m not on birth control but I think it’s a safe time and I’ll get the morning-after pill later. You were wonderful, the best I’ve ever had which isn’t saying too much. It was so kind of Cora and you to give me this gift but I think you better go back to her right now.” Todd kissed her and said he’d had a really good time too. They’d talk about whether there would be a next time. When he left her bed, she reached down and brought herself to two more orgasms using his cream as lube on her clit. Then she cried quietly, wanting him again.

He was only the second man to know her inside and out. The first one had happened when she was sixteen and lasted a month until he tired of her and moved on to a new conquest. This came out when Todd said they all had to talk about last night and asked about her sexual experience. She’d been afraid to hook up since. Getting to know Todd and hearing the good things Cora said plus the noises from the bedroom had awakened her need.

Todd had been up early and bought her a morning-after pill so he watched her take it at breakfast. They were all in robes this time. Cora sat on the couch next to Sally and reached out for her hand as Todd sat across. “My dear Sally, I had no idea when I offered Todd. I was being my curious self and just wanted to see live sex between my friends. I am suggesting that Todd be your love too for a while and build your confidence and abilities so you can find and keep a lover of your own.”

Sally was in awe, “You’d do that for me? Both of you?” Todd nodded and added, “I know you are a student so I will pay for some good birth control for you. I know I’ll be amply repaid!” Cora stuck out her tongue at him but then they all laughed.

Sally was in tears, “Since I took this pill I’d like to have Todd again before he leaves but right now I’d love to see you two make love. It would be part of my learning experience.”

Cora smiled, “Let’s go one better. You can be part of it. I’ll guide you.”

The robes came off and the trio moved to Cora’s bed. Todd lay on his back in the center and had a naked girl on each side. Sally copied each of the things Cora did to his body and he had a different tit in each hand for a while and then a different pussy for his fingers to feel. Sally moved her leg across his waist and Sally got to see a position she’d never done. It was fascinating to see that rigid rod disappear into her roommate and reappear slick with juices.

After a dozen cowgirl “posts”, Sally eased off, saying, “He’s got enough for both of us. Now you ride for a bit.” Awkwardly Sally mounted and began to ride like she’d just seen. Todd stimulated her tits and she came before Cora said, “Switch!”

During Sally’s second ride, Cora ordered, “Speed up and make him shoot in you. I want to see that!” When Todd groaned and thrust hard, Sally felt the hot fluid inside and shook with a strong one herself, then collapsed on his chest. Cora snuggled up next to them and put her arms around both. They snoozed that way until Todd said he had to pee.

Cora ordered Sally to go help him, making sure he hit the water in the toilet bowl properly. She would watch to make sure. Sally was giggling so hard as she held his soft hose she almost missed the target. Todd was required to wipe both pussies after they emptied their bladders.

Before Todd left in early evening, Sally had been introduced to oral sex, both receiving and administering, getting her final dose of his sperm in her mouth. She kissed him goodbye too.

Two days later, Derek was coming naked out of Cora’s bedroom as Sally returned from class. They had met before so she just said “Hi,” and got herself some wine. Feeling braver after last weekend, she offered him a beer when he emerged from the bathroom, still nude. “Did you wear Cora out?” she inquired mischievously.

Derek sat on the couch, his flaccid equipment on display, “I think she was still tired from last weekend. She must have had a busy time.”

Sally was aware that he knew about Todd and was pleased he wasn’t the jealous type. She sat down beside him, a first time. He seemed pleased. She stole glances at his parts as they talked. He seemed to be about Todd’s size but she was no judge with her limited experience. Besides, Cora had said you can’t tell the erect size when they’re soft. Her mind was racing, “If he was good enough for Cora, he’d be good enough for me. But would he want me after doing that hottie? Could I seduce him even though my roommate had just screwed him?”

Her rational mind said she’d better talk to Cora before initiating anything. This guy was mostly a plaything for Cora so she probably would share him. But was he interested in her? Nothing like asking, “Are you any good at math?” When he said that was his major she asked him to come over when Cora was in class. She would provide lunch, and thought “Hopefully dessert too!”

Cora thought it was cute what she’d done and wanted to hear all about her encounters with Derek. “I’m proud of you, Sally, but just give that new birth control time to get working. That will slow you down a bit but that will keep him interested. Besides, I have some dibs in him and Todd isn’t done with your lessons yet.”

When the math session evolved into a make-out one the second time, Sally said to Derek, “I know you are still getting with Cora but I’m interested in having a share of you too. Would you go that far?”

When he said he would she suggested a Saturday afternoon get-together at his place. It was unsaid that Cora was busy with Todd on weekends so he would like the company. She would not tell him that Todd would be intimate with her the evening and morning before. Those were lessons, after all. She now might have someone else to practice with.

With her birth control now effective, Todd thoroughly fucked her Friday evening but she asked him to not cum in her Saturday morning. When she told of her date with Derek, Cora and Todd congratulated her and looked forward to a report Saturday night.

They didn’t get it until Sunday noon when she dragged in and went to bed. She’d still be at Derek’s place but both had to study sometime that weekend.

Naked with her friends, Sally told how things had gone faster than either she or Derek had expected. Both were hungry for affection in their own relationship. Not that Cora and Todd weren’t good, but it wasn’t the same. By supper time they’d spent several hours copulating, some with sex organs but mostly with touches and talk. She knew about Cora of course and explained about Todd. They had discussed leaving that in the past as they cemented their own bonds. But then, in the heat of passion, both realized that they enjoyed their other sex too. A compromise was they would reconsider after some more of Todd’s lessons.

Todd smiled, “So I get to give you some more training? Do you want some now?”

Sally smiled sweetly, “My pussy is sore and I DO have to study. Next weekend though...”

They were hot for each other in the fire of new love. The days he screwed Cora he’d bring his books to study while he reloaded and then spend the night in Sally’s bed. Cora would sometimes steal him away in the wee hours for a re-match. Other nights Sally would spend at his place, bothering his roommate with their lusty noises. And No, she wouldn’t fuck him as a “piece offering”. Two lovers were enough.

Weekends evolved into a foursome. Why not? Everyone had fucked everyone else, after all. They all got to watch live sex and get stimulated in ways two people, or even three, can’t do.

Out of the blue, Cora got a call from Dave, her brother. He needed to see her right away so she invited him over. He arrived on a Tuesday evening and was duly introduced to Sally and Derek. After dinner Cora took him to her bedroom and closed the door so she could find out what was going on.

He’d just had a painful breakup with his long-time fiance. It was irreconcilable. He just needed to distance himself from that place to heal so he took some personal time. His sister came out and made them both some strong drinks and they caught up with each other’s lives since they saw each other rarely these days. When he asked who she was screwing, knowing her quite well, his eyebrows went up like his pants crotch as he learned the details.

Seeing that, Cora asked how long since he’d been laid. He admitted that the relationship had been in trouble for a while so he’d not been for more than a month.

“My poor brother! That’s not healthy! Let’s take care of that right away. Derek did me just a little while ago so I won’t need much foreplay.”

When Sally heard bed noises through the closed door she couldn’t contain herself and tiptoed over to it and quietly opened enough to take a peek. She hurried back to Derek, “OMG, she’s fucking her BROTHER! That’s wild and so HOT! Take me to bed and call me Sister Sally!”

They were still banging away when the siblings showered like in the old days. They were enjoying a post-coital drink when the other couple used the bathroom. Everyone preferred nudity so Dave got a nice view as Sally fixed them a libation.

After a few of those Dave got up and headed for the bathroom. Sally jumped up and commanded, “We have a policy here to ensure that our toilet stays clean. All male guests must have a trained aimer and it’s my turn.” Derek and Cora tried hard not to laugh. They could see through the opened door as Sally reached around Dave and grasped his hose firmly. When the tinkling stopped Dave returned with half a hardon and Sally washed her hands. Both were smiling. Cora “helped” Derek too.

Cora addressed the elephant in the room, “Dave is my half-brother and we’ve been intimate for a long time. As far as the incest part goes, we are at genetically very low risk even if we were dumb enough to start a baby. Now you know where he’s going to sleep while he’s here.”

The next morning Cora and Derek had early classes while Sally’s weren’t until the afternoon. Dave was sitting on the couch watching the morning news when Sally came out in her bathrobe and sat on his lap, blocking his view and getting his full attention. “I would like to find out if you can make me as noisy as you made your sister last night. Or did she wear you out already?”

Dave got a big grin on his face, “I think there’s a conspiracy here. She told me to save my energy this morning.”

Sally developed the same kind of grin, “Derek said the same thing. I told him that I was going to ask you that question although I don’t think he was surprised. Am I going to get an answer?”

Dave pulled the top of her robe open and began getting acquainted with her bosom. She felt the swelling under her butt that was the answer she wanted. Soon she knelt on the floor between his legs and her mouth covered the tool she’d heard so much about from Cora.

“Take it easy girl,” Dave said, “that hasn’t been fired since last night but you’re free to choose where you want that to blast, I guess.”

Pulling her mouth off, Sally chortled, “I want the first time to be where nature intended and maybe I’ll try it here sometime later.” She stood up and led him to her bed, unmade yet this morning. Laying on her back and putting her legs up she said, “I’m pretty fresh if you want to taste me, and I hope you do!” Dave dove in and had her squealing and wiggling in no time just like she’d heard Cora do.

Finally she gasped, “Put it in me but go slow so I can savor the experience.” He knew exactly what she wanted and used everything he knew to stimulate her sensitive places. She was gasping and moaning as one wave of pleasure after another raced through her body.

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