Trouble With the Downward Curve

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2018 by Honey Moon

Fantasy Sex Story: Lisa is a professional Spell Tester. When her twin sisters interfere while she's testing her beloved mistresses latest magic spell, things go drastically wrong! In this alternate Earth, magic is just as real as technology! Anything is possible in a spell misfire!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Teenagers   Magic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Hermaphrodite   Humor   Incest   Sister   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Spitting   Big Breasts   Size   Transformation   .

Lisa awoke slowly, stretching her back with a soft sigh. She lazily lifted a hand to rub the sleep from her eyes. The sensual delight of her morning was shattered with the gentle clink of the handcuff chain. She snapped to instant alertness.

“Girls, this isn’ funny!” she cried. “Wait, where did you even get handcuffs?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Kelly giggled. “They aren’t ours, anyway.”

“I swiped them from Auntie Carol.” Patty smirked. “I took a couple of the real ones she uses for her bounty hunting gig. Not her playtime set.”

“I liked the ones with the pink boa attached.” Kelly said.

“I like reality.” Patty countered with a grin.

Lisa tried a simple release spell Mistress Selena planted in her, but of course it didn’t work. Not with Auntie Carol’s professional gear. She tried again. The cuffs got slightly warm, but they did not click open. She turned her head and looked carefully at the shining stainless steel. Yes, they were rune inscribed, dammit!

“Girls, unlock me this instant!” She cried. “These handcuffs are sealed! Aunt Carol uses them to bind low level demons. You have to release me!”


“Not gonna happen.”

Lisa closed her eyes, trying not to notice how sexy her seventeen year old twin sisters looked in the adorable little matching lacy black teddies they were wearing, for reasons of their own. Usually they bummed around in old worn out sweats when it came to relaxing at home.

She felt the stirring and in an instant knew what it was. Not now! The spell had activated! She gritted her teeth and looked down past the rise of her full firm breasts under the blankets. There it was, right on schedule. Lisa glared at the slowly rising tent pole centered in her loins.

“Please girls, this isn’t funny!”

“I’d say it’s pretty serious!” Patty said with eyes locked on the periscope slowly distending the bedding.

“Indeed it is.” Kelly’s lovely blue eyes sparkled as she leaned in closer. “Very serious!”

“This is an untested spell!” Lisa shouted. “You can’t interfere with the testing period! Unlock me and get out of my room! I have work to do!”

“Did you say period?” Patty asked cheerfully. She playfully tossed her yellow gold hair, in a way that she was sure was sexy. She wasn’t mistaken.

“Ours won’t hit for a couple of weeks, and you know what that means for today.” Kelly added.

Lisa moaned. “Don’t say things like that! You’re adding fuel to the fire!”

Patty nodded wisely. “Speaking of fueling fires, check out that morning wood!”

“Quite a log!” Kelly agreed.

“Shut up!” Lisa begged. “You don’t understand what’s going on here!”

“What’s to understand? Our big sister suddenly decided that she wanted to grow a penis.”

“I’m a commercial spell tester! I don’t decide I wanted to grow a cock! It’s my job! It’s just a spell I’m testing!”

Patty and Kelly looked at each other, both blondes blushing prettily as they smiled. Testing a spell that caused women to grow erect cocks only had one logical way of being tested.

“Yikes!” They said in perfect unison.

“I guess we were right, after all.” Patty let out a low whistle. “Your boss is weird!”

“I knew Mage Selena was an odd one, but who knew she wanted sis to sprout a cock?” Kelly said excitedly.

“It’s a regular two for one. What a deal for a bi-girl!” Patty said with a knowing nod.

“Big sis, you’re now the best of both worlds!”

“Selena and I just have a working affair!” Lisa’s face grew warm as she realized just what she had said. “Um, I meant relationship, uh, a good working rapport!”

“I thought I smelled muffy on your breath when you came home last night!” Patty said smugly.

“But I brushed my teeth at Selena’s place before I left!” Lisa shouted. “I, uh, never mind! Let me go this instant!”

“I knew it!” Patty laughed. “You and your prissy boss muff dive each other. That’s cool!”

“Look at that boner grow. Someone wants to beat her first meat.” Kelly said matter-of-factually.

“Well, she isn’t ‘getting off’ that easily.” Patty said.

“I see what you did there, sis,” Kelly grabbed the bedding and whipped it off of Lisa’s body.

“Goddess above!” The twins gasped together.

“Don’t look at me!” Lisa cried. She tried to lift her shapely legs and use her thighs to hide her new addition. She gasped at the sudden strange yet pleasant sensation as she trapped the hard thing between her legs. The head almost reached her knees!

“Tape measure.” Patty snapped. “Stat!”

Kelly spun around, the hem of her teddy swirling high. She snatched up the tape measure they had planted on Lisa’s dresser.

“Tape measure!” she shouted, as she slapped the device into Patty’s waiting hand.

Lisa moaned at the quick glimpse of black panties so wispy and light that she was sure they could be stuffed entirely into a thimble! Her new addition seemed to enjoy the view. It grew even harder at the sight. Lisa preferred girls, but this was the first time one of her her own sisters was arousing her.

“Go put on some respectable underwear!” She begged, as her cock gave a sudden throb. She felt something warm and wet ooze out to dampen her knees.

Patty carefully measured the organ, making sure not to actually touch the almost scary thick shaft. She gasped, and gave the tape a classic doubletake.

“Sweet stars above, the thing is fifteen inches long and still growing!”

“What about the balls?” Kelly asked, oddly fascinated by the plum size orbs nestled above Lisa’s lovely labia.

“I dunno, plum sized?” Patty said, echoing her twin’s thought.

“Girls, please! It’s not too late.” Lisa begged. “I, I was supposed to start with simple hand stimulation leading towards manual release, if I woke with an erection!”

“You mean “Spank the Monkey”, right?” Patty said, her wits recovering.

“Grease the Carrot.” Kelly said, nodding towards the brand new bottle of baby oil on Lisa’s nightstand.

“Check this out!” Patty picked up the large glittering piece of quartz sitting next to the bottle. “Mage Selena is a pervert for wanting to record it. In Hi-Res, yet. It must have taken her days to enchant this thing for video!”

“It’s not perverted!” Lisa cried. “It’s research! Put that back, and make sure the largest facet is facing me so the auto tracking can lock on!”

“Uh, Patty, that thing is starting to dribble.” The nervous teen took a step back from the bed. “I don’t want to be anywhere near a dick dribbling cum today! You know it’s our “hot” time of the month!”

“Calm down. It’s just precum.” Patty said, a note of unease in her voice. “It’s safe enough. We’re obviously just turning big sis on.”

“You are not!” Lisa lied. “I, I woke up after a very intense dream!”

“It’s curved a little.” Kelly noted, moving back in for another close work. “It’s pointing down though.”

“Hey, you’re right. All the Seer iMages I’ve seen show them pointing up a little. Look at the head. I think Mage Selena screwed the proverbial lycanthrope and stuck it on upside down!”

“Mage Selena would never make such a foolish mistake!” Lisa cried loyally. Without thinking, she sort of flexed muscles deep inside. The impressive cock moved. The curve reversed for a moment. Her eyes practically went cross as she stared at her waving penis.

This time both of her scantily clad sisters jumped back. Any virgin would be nervous when confronted by a penis actually waving hello to them!

Lisa tried a few more times, completely flabbergasted at what she was seeing. As the penis moved, the swollen head pointed directly at her belly button at the end of each bend. It looked all the world like a finger beckoning “Come Hither” before returning to it’s seemingly normal slight downward curve. She stopped with a gasp when she felt a droplet of warm shimmering fluid score a direct hit in her navel!

“What the hell is that?” Kelly squeaked as she dove to cower behind her twin. “I don’t think they’re supposed to be able to do that!”

“It’s almost prehensile!” Patty cried excitedly. “Big sis, are you part dolphin now?”

“It looks human though.” Kelly said softly. “It looks exactly human.”

Patty smiled. “So just sis, how many cocks have you seen? I do mean in person, and not some iMage image upcasted onto the Seer web.”

“Oh, quite a few.” Kelly said with a smile. “Ezekiel Manchester sold tickets and raised the small fortune needed to get his hands on a Far-Vision Spell the other day. The poor dope must have terrible aim. He managed to focus the single use spell on the school showers alright, but in the boy’s locker room. The Alchemy Team was washing up after their daily workout. You know how ripped those guys get from manhandling so much lead and gold! It was quite breathtaking!”

Patty laughed. “Oh, is that why he has a black eye now?”

Kelly giggled. “You could say that. There was quite a line up of guys that paid a gold coin each to see the equestrian team shower up after they won the regional championship. After all, it’s every school-boy’s dream to be the reason a maiden suddenly becomes ineligible to ride her Unicorn!” She smiled. “There was some anger.”

“I can imagine!”

“It was a lucky thing that some of the girls and I managed to calm things down and prevent a homicide. We sort of took over the event. Hell, so many girls paid Ezekiel for a ticket, that he didn’t even mind the black eye. It was quite a show. Standing room only!”

“Get out!” Lisa cried, trying to resist the urge to make her penis wave again. “Summon Mage Selena!”

“Settle down big sis.” Patty smiled. “She’s on her way. Who do you think suggested we dress like this for you?”

“Yeah, even though the whole incest thing is kinda, well, yuck.” Kelly added.

“Hell, gold is gold.” Patty shrugged her shoulders. The teddy moved in delightful ways when her modest breasts jiggled freely beneath it. “As long as Lisa just looks, what’s the big deal?”

Motes of dust danced in the shaft of early morning sunlight piercing the gap between the bedroom curtains. The dance became a frenzy of choreographed splendor. Little sparkles of lightning flashed, shining brighter than the sun. The room filled with crackling energy, until with a final discharge, a woman appeared.

The woman was tall and graceful, with skin the color of milk. She was dressed in a gown of midnight black. The fabric lovingly cradled her slender body, revealing the pleasing swell of wide hips, and firm round breasts, while completely covering her with lenghty skirt, long sleeves, and a high ruffled neckline nearly up to her chin.

The skirt went down to her ankles, completely enveloping her shapely legs in surprising snugness. Only her face, hands, and dainty feet were bare. If the wearer weren’t an accomplished Mage, the act of walking would be a comical tediously slow mincing process as she would only be able to shuffle her feet an inch or two against the confines of the snug skirt.

Long silken hair cascaded down her back to brush the rounds of her delectable little bottom. The raven black glory flashed subtle hints of the deepest blues and purples, just as the feathers of a raven would.

Mage Selena glided slowly across the floor, her bare toes a scant inch above it. She stopped to hover near Lisa’s bed and smiled down at her busty redheaded assistant and lover. “Wonderful!” she said softly, a hint of the old world in her accent. “The spell is performing perfectly.”

Patty glanced at Kelly and the twins rolled their eyes. The old bag was such a drama queen. Everyone knew how rare it was for a mere human to master teleportation. Usually it took the power of at least a low level demon to pull it off. Once she discovered the way of it, Selena showed off her mastery of the technique at every opportunity.

“You got it wrong, oh wise and ancient Mage.” Patty said with a false air of respect. “You grew that dick upside down.”

Selena smiled sweetly. “Three hundred is the new thirty, you little strumpet.”

“You don’t look a day over thirty-two.” Patty said with a tight smile of her own.

Selena’s smile faltered. “I would have you know that I froze my chronological age at eighteen, you little tempter of unwashed illiterate sailors!”

“Goodness, do I see a hint of crows-feet around your eyes?” Patty asked mockingly.

Selena raised her arms. With a flick of her wrist, her wand appeared in her right hand. The rough stone embedded in the tip flashed spectral fire. The twins whimpered. They had experienced the wand before.

“What shall it be today?” Selena asked mockingly. “Animal, vegetable or mineral?”

“I yield!” Patty cried, dipping into a perfect curtsy in her sexy little nightie. “Mage Selena, I was just teasing. Teasing like friends tease each other!”

“Teasing, I do not like.” Selena said softly as she lowered her arm. “I will not take offense, this time!”

Patty smiled weakly. The last time she had pissed off Mage Selena, she had spent a week as a frog. She still couldn’t stop lashing her tongue out as far as she could every time she saw a fly. Thank goodness it wasn’t build for it and she never actually caught any of the tempting morsels.

Even so, it was damn humiliating to still crave the feeling of a squirming bug in her mouth every time she heard a fly’s buzz! Her first day back as a human saw her sneaking through the garden. Patty had whimpered in her fruitless attempts to find a plump grasshopper or a juicy blood filled mosquito. Lisa had even once caught her licking tasty ants off of a large stone. The cravings still hit her from time to time. Last night she had swallowed a firefly when nobody was looking!

“Mistress, please help me!” Lisa begged. “I, I think something may be amiss.”

“Lisa my pet, everything is just as I predicted.”

“Predicted?” Kelly couldn’t help herself. “Predicted is a lot like guess, isn’t it?”

“The wolves in the forest are seeking a bitch.” Selena said softly. “Child, would you like to become that bitch? How big of a litter do you think you will carry?”

“No Mage. I’m sorry Mage!” she stammered as she quickly curtsied. Kelly had once been forced to spent an hour as a cat after insulting Selena’s cooking. A cat in heat! Thank the Goddess the time ran out, and she had turned back human just as a randy tom had cornered her! “I was only asking! I meant no harm!”

“Let me put this in a way that the younger generation will be able to understand. I have run this spell virtually within the Seer web hundreds of times. This first real world run-through is performing exactly to specifications.”

“But the girls are right. I, I think the penis is growing off of me upside down.” Lisa whimpered. “Shouldn’t they bend a little upwards?”

Selena patted Lisa’s cheek. “My love, the depends solely on one’s point of view.”

Kelly spoke up. “Mage Selena, I, I like the balls, um, I mean testicles. They add just the perfect touch.”

“Kiss-up!” Patty hissed.

“Hush!” It’s dumb to make her mad!”

“Never settle for half measures, child.” Selena smiled at the twins obvious fear of her. “If I produce a penis, it will not be just for show. It will do the job the Goddess created it to do.”

“Oh shit, um, I mean oh wow.” Patty gasped, as she stepped away from the bed. “You mean she really could shoot us down?”

“Shoot you down?” Selena looked puzzled by the slang, but suddenly smiled. “It would most efficiently shoot down a nubile young woman such as yourself.” She smiled. “It more likely would shoot down a lovely older woman, would it not?”

“Mistress, I thought that was a secret!” Lisa moaned. “I thought you wanting a child to train as your successor was to be kept just between us!”

“Your dear sisters would know soon enough.” Selena said with a smile. She eyed the shaft as it quivered. “I think you may need just, how do you say? A touch more visual stimulation.”

“Mistress, chase the girls away!” Lisa begged, as she bowed to the temptation to wave her penis around again.

“We’re not going anywhere!” The twins announced in unison.

Selena smiled. “The children will serve quite nicely, I would think.”

Patty nearly jumped out of her skin when the teddy she wore suddenly evaporated in a puff of lavender scented purple smoke. With no warning, she now stood completely naked in front of her sister, and her sister’s new penis!”

“Oh hey, that’s a little too much!” She shouted as she shoved a hand between her thighs and tried her best to cover both breasts with her free arm.

“I agreed to wearing the nightie!” Kelly squealed as hers too vanished in a fragrant fog. “Nobody said anything about a nudie show!”

“Girls, you’re so beautiful!” Lisa moaned deep in her throat. “let me look at you!”

“No, don’t look at us!” Patty shouted. She spun around, but realized she was only letting Lisa stare at her bare butt. “This isn’t cool! You know we support your life choice, but stop ogling us, big sis!”

Kelly snatched the pillow from Lisa’s bed. She turned her back on Lisa, and used both hands to hold the pillow over her bottom. It was a futile effort, as she was standing in front of a mirror!

“Let’s get out of here, Patty!”

Selena watched Lisa’s shaft carefully. She nodded. “The growth continues, but we need to see more progress, and soon.” She raised her wand. “Kiss-kiss” she whispered as she waved it towards the twins.

“What was that?” Patty cried as her skin suddenly tingled. “What did you do?”

“My dearest Lisa needs to see beauty.” Selena said softly.

“What’s happening?” Kelly dropped the pillow and turned to face her twin. “No, wait!” she squealed, as she took a hesitant step toward Patty. “We, we support Lisa’s life choices, but we, we’re straight!”

“Oh Goddess, we, um, you’re beautiful, Kelly!” She shook her head and tried to turn away from the blonde vision slowly approaching. “Mage Selena, we like men, not women!” She gulped nervously. “Worse, it, it’s incest!”

“There is nothing wrong with you enjoying the ruggedness of a male.” Selena shuddered. “Yet, I much prefer the gentle curves of your sister.” She smiled. “Among any number of other lovely ladies.”

“But we like boys!” Patty couldn’t stop herself. She reached out a trembling hand and gently touched her sister’s breasts. “Sorry Kelly, I, I can’t stop myself!”

“I can’t either!” Kelly cried as she pulled Patty to her.

“Oh Goddess, they’re gorgeous!” Lisa whimpered when her beautiful naked twin sisters began to kiss with an almost urgent passion. “They look as beautiful as you do when we kiss, Mistress!”

“Yes, my darling,” Selena smiled as the gently waving penis grew even longer. “They are very nearly as beautiful as you.”

Trembling, Patty pulled back from her sister. Still close, with arms around each there, the girls stared at each other. They had kissed! Naked, they had hugged each other, and kissed! Why did it feel so right?

“You, you put your tongue in my mouth!” Patty whimpered. “I never even let any of the boys go that far!”

“It wasn’t my fault!” Kelly moaned softly. “I couldn’t help it! I, I tasted your tongue! I could even taste your toothpaste!” She shook her head. “Patty, we need to fight this!”

“We have to separate until the spell fades!” Patty put a hand out to push her sister away. She sort of accidentally caressed a breast instead.

“What are you doing?” Grabbing her sister’s arm, Kelly pulled Patty into a sensual embrace. “We have to stop!” she moaned as she pressed their breasts together.

“This is wrong!” Patty whimpered as she slipped her hand between the plump shapely thighs of her sister. She felt the a familiar moist warmth, but trembled fearfully knowing it wasn’t her own sex she touched. She was touching her own sister in the most intimate way one woman could touch another. “This is so damn wrong!” she whimpered as she gently slipped her finger between plump lips.

“Patty, get your finger out of me!” Kelly squealed as she slipped her own into her panting sister. “We’re straight, remember that! Sisters don’t diddle each other!”

“I know!” Patty cried, as she gently wiggled her finger in that wonderful snug warmth. She managed to pull her hand from between her sister’s thighs. “I don’t want this!” she cried, just before shoving her slick shiny index finger into her mouth.

“I don’t either!” Kelly moaned as she mirrored her twin. “Oh Goddess, we taste just like each other!”

“Kelly, I can’t stop!” Patty whimpered as her hand returned to the lush treasure between her sister’s legs. “Please forgive me!”

“Only if you forgive me!” Patty breathed. “I can’t stop playing with your gorgeous pussy!”

“They’re touching each other!” Lisa thrashed on the bed. “my lovely sisters are touching each other!”

“That’s right lover.” Selena whispered. “The pretty girls are touching each other just for you to see.”

“look away!” Patty squealed. “Don’t watch us!”

“We have to stop!” Kelly whimpered as a finger gently stroked her tender pouting labia.

“Patty, I can’t help it!” Kelly grabbed her sister and pulled her to the floor. With one leg wedged between the leg of her sister, the twins began to writhe on the throw rug at the foot of their big sister’s bed. They moaned in fearful wonder as their tongues began to dance together as they kissed again.

“I can’t see!” Lisa complained as her sisters dropped out of sight. Bent nearly into a complete circle, Lisa’s nearly thirty inch long cock throbbed. “I want to watch them!”

“This I can remedy.” Selena said softly.

With a pass of her wand, the rug became a rigid platform. One last wave caused the platform to lift until it was half way to the ceiling. It was then an easy matter to make the rigid rug absolutely invisible. The twins were too intent on each other to even notice.

“Oh Mistress, look at them!” Lisa said huskily. “I, I think ... Yes, Patty’s turning around! They’re going to do it!”

Patty tried with all her might to fight the compulsion. It was no use! “Kelly, I’m so sorry! I need to taste you! I can’t stop!” she gasped as she crawled over the lovely iMage of herself.

Whimpering, Kelly put her hands on Patty’s hips and urged her sister to lower her body. “Give me your pussy!” she cried. “If I don’t taste you, I, I’ll go mad!”

“They’re wonderful!” Lisa let out a guttural moan. A streamer of precum spurted from her throbbing cock. “So beautiful!” she said dreamily as her twin sisters began to lap at each others sex.

“My darling does love her sixty-nine, doesn’t she?” Selena smiled happily.

“Oh yes, oh yes Mistress! Please unlock me!” Lisa begged as she sort of hugged her cock between her thighs in an inexperienced attempt to bring it pleasure. “Oh Mistress, I want you so badly!”

“Darling, you are doing so well. I just need you to make one very important breakthrough before you can be released.” The closet door opened, and the silken sashes of Lisa’s two best robes came flying out. “Just hold still, my beautiful girl.”

Lisa squirmed, but there was no fighting the strength of Selena’s magic. Her ankles were soon comfortably, but firmly bound. The sashes spread her legs wide, and tied themselves off on the bed posts.

“Mistress, please help me!” Lisa cried as the head of her cock came down to damply smear precum on her right thigh.

“Very good!” Selena cheered. She turned to watch the twins eagerly plunging their tongues deeply into each other. “Now listen to me, Lisa. What do you want?”

“I want you, Mistress!”

“No, remember your training!” The Mage snapped. “What are you feeling? What are you experiencing?”

“I, I believe I am experiencing a male’s arousal through my erect penis.” She gasped. “When combined with my normal female arousal, the feelings are clouding my mind and making it so hard to think!”

This was it. Selena leaned close and whispered into Lisa’s ear. “What does your penis want?”

“It wants pussy!” Lisa cried. “Please Mistress, I need you! We, I, I can give you the child you crave to pass all of your secrets to!”

“Hush Lisa.” Selena whispered as she carefully stepped away from the bed. “You can give me that child, but I am too far away.” She once more pointed her wand, changing the refractive index of the very air between Lisa’s widespread thighs. “You and I both know where a pretty pussy waits to gobble up your man’s tool.”

“Don’t make me think that!” Lisa wailed, while staring at her vagina in the perfect mirror formed by Selena’s spell. Muscled flexed within her, and she accidentally made the head of her cock gently stroke the damp lips of her labia. It sprang up straight from her fear. The now thirty-five inch long, wrist thick snake quivered with each beat of her heart, as copious amounts of glistening slippery clear fluid rand down the shaft from the swollen head. “Please Mistress, cancel he spell before, before something happens!”

“Does the penis want to steal away the pretty redhead’s maidenhood?” Selena cooed. “Is your lovely flower eager to swallow up the greedy staff and give away it’s innocence?”

The penis slowly bent. It was if the meatus was weeping slippery tears of joy at it’s very first sight of a woman’s sex. It slowly approached her vulnerable female self. It had a mission. Entering her body was that mission!

“I can’t do it!” Lisa cried in panic. “Today is a fertile day for me! You said the spell would produce live seed!”

“Would it hurt just to give it a touch?” Selena tempted with a wicked smile. “See if you can use your new member to tease your pretty pearl. Perhaps if you can, I will release you, and even join you in the bed.”

“I, I’ll try.” Lisa whispered. “Just for a second though!”

Selena watched intently as Lisa timidly made her fantastically long penis slowly bend. The head came closer and closer to the lovely flower she had tasted so many times before. The head paused, just a hair’s width from touching glory!

“Just a little more.” Selena said with an encouraging nod. “Surely my brave darling can do that.”

“I, I’m so warm!” Lisa cried as the swollen head nestled against her lips. “Mistress, I can’t!” The penis straightened again. It wavered slowly around until Lisa brought the head in line with her considerable cleavage. She slid it between the quivering orbs of her chest, the rest of it’s massive length forming an arch over her trembling body.

“Mistress, the oil! Before I met you, I preserved my virginity by letting the overeager boys I used to date spend between my breasts and in my mouth. Oil my breasts so I can do that now!”

“Was I mistaken?” Selena said sadly. “Lisa, you have never before failed me when testing a spell. Is it time we dissolve our partnership and I find a new and more contagious spell tester?”

“No Mistress!” Lisa cried. The penis moved again, it’s movements becoming more sure as her nervous system mastered controlling the massive tentacle of a male member. “You know how brave I am! Remember the first spell I tested for you? Who in this world would ever risk the fires of Hell itself to test your Inferno Barrier?”

“This is true, my darling. Satan was rather put out by your rather sudden appearance in the lake of fire.”

“He still sends me a card every birthday.” She giggled. “Never a Christmas card though, for obvious reasons.”

“He does have a weakness for busty girls.” Selena smiled. “As do I.”

Selena and Lisa paused to watch the twins. Their screams were muffled between each others thighs as they climaxed together. Their bodies writhed as they worked to keep pleasuring each other with their busy mouths.

Selena smiled serenely. “Your sisters now have an idea of the beauty of our love.”

Nearly forty inches now, the penis moved with the slow almost sensual ease of an elephant’s trunk. The sounds of her sister’s joyful cries drove her nearly mad with arousal. Lisa, always quick at picking up a new skill, now had complete control of every astounding inch. She resolutely placed the head back at her folds.

“I have not lost my nerve.” she whispered as the head slowly nestled in her warmth.

“Good girl!” Selena cheered as the broad ruddy head began timidly trying to line up with the vagina’s opening.

“It wants to go in!” Lisa whispered as the penis wriggled against her. “It’s more than mere thought or feeling. I can sense the cock’s burning need to pierce my body and discover the mysteries within! This, this must be what men mean by thinking with their other head!” The penis stopped moving and her eyes opened wide. “Mistress, I found it! I feel my center. It, I, I’m so warm!”

“Put it in!” Selena ordered in her most authoritative voice. “Put it in or I will be very cross with you, Lisa! Do you want me cross with you?”

“No Mistress!” Lisa screamed, as her body writhed. Her back arched. Her firm round buttocks lifted from the mattress. With a guttural cry, she rammed her cock deep with one swift push. “Oh Mistress, I popped me!” she gasped. “I, I claimed both my male and female virginity with a single motion!”

Selena was startled with the suddenness of it. The massive length was shortened by at least ten inches as Lisa rammed it into herself. “Wonderful!” she breathed as Lisa whimpered and panted. “Now darling, have at it. Indulge in intercourse with yourself!”

“I can’t!” Lisa wailed as the penis trembled within her. “If I release, I’ll knock me up!”

“this is so.” Selena smiled. “You will look so beautiful with a swollen belly.”

“Oh Goddess!” Lisa whimpered. “You, you planned this?”

“Of course I did.” Selena said proudly.

“Of course you did!” Patty repeated mockingly. She sat up, and helped Kelly join her sitting on the edge of the invisible carpet. “Why did you have to drag us into it.” she said, face still shining from her sister’s love.

“How could you turn us into lesbians?” Kelly said softly, as she put an arm around her twin. “When will the spell end? I still want Patty! I still love her!”

“The drive was always there.” Selena laughed. “All I did was remove your darling night dress, and then make you kiss. That was the extent of my spell. The instant your lips touched, the spell ended. Everything else was provided by your own deeply suppressed desires.”

“Oh, you bitch!” Patty cried. “Dammit! Kelly, I love you so much!” She turned and kissed her smiling sister. “What do you think, sis?”

Kelly smiled. “I think we should go back to sharing a bedroom, like we did when we were kids!”

“Stop being lesbians in front of me!” Lisa wailed. Her cock slowly began to move. Slowly and steadily, it began to saw into her soaked vagina. “My cock likes it too much! I can’t stop!”

“Incestuous lesbians.” Patty added with a grin.

“I’m so tight!” She cried, as she forced her cock even deeper. Knowing she could stop at any time but not having the willpower to do so was driving Lisa out of her mind. “My insides are so hot! My cock likes me too much to stop!”

“That’s amazing!” Kelly stared with wide eyes. She hugged Patty tighter to her. “I might not be all the way lesbian.” she said with an embarrassed little smile.

“That’s okay, lover.” Patty said. She kissed her twin in a very un-sisterly way. “I think we’re bi, but no matter what happens, you are mine for the rest of time.”

“Oh yes, I feel the same way!” Kelly said as Patty nuzzled the nape of her neck. “No need to worry about a guy coming between us though, sister love. When the time is right, maybe Lisa can give us babies we can raise together.”

“You’re a genius!” Patty cooed. “When we’re ready, Lisa can give us all the babies we want!”

“Lisa can’t!” She writhed as the massive length of cock thrust harder into her. “Please Mistress, make me stop before I give me a baby!”

“Don’t be foolish, love.” Selena smiled sweetly. “When we discussed the perimeters of the spell, who was all in favor of planting a baby in a nice fertile womb?”

“I wanted it to be yours!” Lisa cried as the cock continued to invade her depths. The sounds of a thick shaft being repeatedly forced into a tight wet sheath filled the room. “I don’t wanna be pregnant! It’s supposed to be your baby!”

Selena stood tall, feet still not touching the floor. She ran her hands sensually down her body. “I will not risk this glorious figure by having a child. It would be a crime to deprive the world of a vision such as myself!”

“What an ego!” Patty giggled.

“Watch thy tongue!” Selena snapped. “It is more than this body I seek to protect. You amateurs always suspect it is the tearing of a wee bit of flesh that causes a Mage problems.”

“Well, isn’t it?” Kelly couldn’t help a vengeful little grin. “Molly McGuire never rode a unicorn again after she go drunk at a party and someone knocked the snooty bitch up!”

“Wait a minute. Mage Selena, it’s the pregnancy, not the sex. Right?”

“Yes! A pregnancy would negate my magic. The primal forces involved in creating a life, would suspend even my formidable powers. Once the child was birthed, it would then take me nearly a year of recovery before I would regain my superior mastery of magic if I was foolish enough to become with child!”

“Please Mistress, stop talking sexy!” Lisa’s cock throbbed as she rammed it into herself. “I have to stop, but I can’t while you’re driving me crazy with sexy talk!”

“Lisa thinks that stilted egotistical monologue was talking sexy?” kelly asked in a stage whisper.

“Big sis is a romantic at heart, I guess.” Patty paused. “Oh Goddess above, I just had a thought. How big will her boobies grow when they fill with milk?”

“Shut up!” Lisa panted. She longed to grab her breasts and pinch her sensitive nipples, even as she desperately tried to stop fucking herself. “Go be lesbians somewhere else if you can’t stop with the sexy talk!”

“Hey sis, can we taste your milk?” Kelly asked sweetly.

“Yeah, let us sample it right from the source.” Patty nodded. “You’ll produce more than enough with your big ol’ tits!”

“Stop it!” Lisa cried, feeling something powerful growing within her. The thought of her sisters suckling at her breasts was almost too much! “Don’t talk! Nobody say anything! I, I have to pull out of me before it’s too late!”

“Of course I will permit Lisa to share her bounty with her lovely sisters.” It wasn’t often, that they saw it, but Selena smiled at the twins. “I myself look forward to milking those beautiful teats. I wish to taste the richness of human milk once again.” She sighed. “I still remember the joy I felt when my dear mother would lift me to her and give me suck.”

“Are you kidding?” Patty was surprised. “You can remember that far back?”

“Certainly.” Selena said proudly. “My memory is perfect, as it is for any Mage of my ranking.”

“What was Ben Franklin really like?” Kelly asked suddenly.

“Mister Franklin was quite the ladies man. I lost count of just how many offspring he sired.” Selena’s smile faltered just a touch. “He once tried to seduce even me. It took all my willpower to keep from destroying him when he was experimenting with lightning!” She sighed. “He was a gentleman though, and the ladies proudly bore his offspring.”

“Don’t talk about having babies!” Lisa begged, as she felt herself growing nearer to the abyss. “Please, make me stop before it’s too late!”

“You can stop yourself any time you chose.” Selena said with a wicked grin. “I am not compelling you in any way. If you do not wish to have a belly great with child, withdraw. Withdraw, and spend in your mouth.”

“I can’t!” Lisa wailed. “Oh Goddess, I feel too good inside! Please, make me stop!”

“The balls are growing!” Patty said as she pulled Kelly towards the door. “They’re as big as grapefruits now!”

“Will she be able to hold it all in?” Kelly asked nervously. “Should we get our raincoats? I don’t want to get knocked up if she explodes and splashes man goo all over me!”

“Cease your worries.” Selena waved her wand. “You are now protected.”

“Oh gross!” Patty gasped, when she found herself suddenly wearing snug fitting rubber granny panties.

“Yellow? I hate wearing yellow!” Kelly cried as she tugged at the thick stretchy skin tight material.

“Wear them, or leave the room.” Selena smirked. “Be happy I didn’t put you children in diapers as well!”

Lisa moaned. She wanted to stop, didn’t she? Her hips were rolling, and her ass was bouncing on the bed as the invading anaconda of her own giant penis pounded into her. Oh Goddess, her sisters looked sexy in their kinky shiny yellow panties! Mistress Selena looked even more beautiful than ever in her form fitting dress.

In and out the huge tendril of cock rammed into her. It was over four feet long now, and just as thick as her wrist! She could feel the swollen head bumping at the mouth of her womb. There was no pain, just an obscenely pleasurable fullness as the apple sized glans battered her so recently virgin insides.

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