What if?

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: What if a female country singer didn't blame her ex boyfriends for everything? What if she sang about not being a victim? They say the love of a good woman is responsible for a good man becoming great. What about what the love of a good man does for a woman? This story is fictional. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   Small Breasts   .

The platinum blonde girl was impossibly pretty. Why in the world would she pay any attention to me? Of course, we were only twelve, and I had noticed that quite a few girls were ready to admit being interested in boys, while a whole lot of boys still acted like girls had cooties, so maybe I could steal her heart before any of the other guys noticed she was a knockout.

When Tanner went to sit down with her lunch tray, all the girls at the table got up and walked away, leaving the girl alone. It couldn’t feel too good to be treated like an outcast just because Tanner already knew what she wanted to do when she grew up. In fact, she was ready to start doing it right now. Tanner wanted to be a singer. The girls in our middle school mostly wanted to be barrel racers or the girl who gallops her horse around the rodeo arena carrying the big American flag.

I did about the only brave thing I ever did in my life. I went and sat down next to her. I said something terribly memorable like, “Would you like some company?”

Tanner gave me a grin and said, “I don’t talk about football or video games. Horses, dirt bikes, and music are good topics if you don’t want to watch what a lousy actress I am as I pretend not to be bored.”

I laughed and said, “I guess it is a little different for a girl to be doing more interesting stuff than just watching some boy do stuff.”

“A lot of girls are willing to trade letting a guy look at her body for getting to watch him do stuff. Some of them pretend they are important because their boyfriend wins races or stuff.

“I suppose everyone has told you I’m a bitch because I won’t do that,” Tanner said.

“Well it doesn’t make any sense for a guy who always does boring stuff to pretend he is more interesting than a girl who is doing cool stuff, just because he is a boy. That’s a pretty lame attitude,” I said.

“So, you wouldn’t have trouble hanging out with a girl who isn’t the center of attention for rodeo or beauty pageants?” Tanner asked.

“No, I just like hanging out with interesting people. I figure if I let someone know I like them for being different than all the cookie cutter kids in school, maybe they will see there is something more to me than just my size fifteen feet,” I said.

That was how we started out being friends. Pretty soon Tanner’s mom wasn’t so worried about her because even though I was just a dumb boy, after we became friends Tanner wasn’t so moody and didn’t cry at night. I got invited to go along when Tanner went to sing someplace. I carried stuff for her and her mom. I learned about setting up mics and speakers and stuff.

I got a hug from Tanner when I figured out how to set up the monitors so she could hear herself and it sounded right so she could hear if she was on pitch. That kind of lit up my eyes. Tanner looked at me and said, “I’ve noticed you like what you see Mike. Just try to remember that I want conversation and the kind of friendship you’ve been offering, not just you staring at my boobs. It kind of freaks me out that they weren’t there last week, and all of a sudden, every male around can’t seem to keep their eyes off my chest.”

I chuckled and said, “Well I don’t mean it in a creepy way, or like I think that’s the only important thing about you. I mean it in the, ‘I think you are pretty.’ way. I guess you could say that you are the most interesting person to look at as far as I’m concerned. I’ll try to keep from trippin’ on my tongue when I talk to you though.”

Tanner giggled and said, “Don’t go trippin’ on some other body part when you try to walk, Mike.”

I got bright red ears then, because I knew exactly what she meant and that she’d noticed how she affected a certain part of my body.

So, there I am talking to a girl, for god’s sake, and a damn pretty girl at that. We are only twelve, and she’s already teasing me for getting a boner from looking at her and told me she sometimes feels uncomfortable getting stared at for being pretty and startin’ to get a sexy figure.

It was tough for me to live up to Tanner’s romance novel expectations for our “relationship.” According to her, we were going from being friends to having a relationship and I was being “slow” about making that change and doing it right.

Tanner said, “Mike, am I important enough to you for you to be willing to put some work into US?”

I said, “Well if you remember, I was the one who came over and talked to you. I was the one who let you know I thought you would be interesting to talk to and fun to hang out with sometimes.”

“It’s just that I think I need something more, or at least different now. For example, you are my friend, but I need you to be public about it and take me to games or dances so girls can’t be mean and say no boy would want to go out with a freak like me. Another thing is that I’m wanting more attention from you than just you holding my hand when you think nobody is watching,” Tanner said.

I smiled and pulled Tanner close. I kissed her on the lips and when we broke apart I said, “I want to do that too. I just didn’t want you to feel like I was being pushy.”

“You aren’t being pushy when you let a girl know you like kissing her. For goodness sake Mike, I know you get boners. I’m almost thirteen now, and I like kissing you enough to ignore any possible embarrassment you being a male mammal might cause me. After all, you don’t want me to get confused and think you don’t like me or maybe you don’t like girls at all any more, do you Mike?” Tanner said.

“You don’t need to say homophobic stuff like that to get me to kiss you. We agreed from the first that I’m not going to die of wounded male pride if you just come out and tell me what you need from me,” I said.

Tanner looked embarrassed and whispered, “I’ve recently discovered I’m a messed-up girl in some ways Mike. I want you to know what I want by reading my mind, just like all the other messed up females out there. I don’t want you to rape me, but I do want to know you want me a lot and get stirred up over me when we kiss. I don’t want you begging me, but I do want you showing me you need me to give you some help with your hard problems. I know it’s irrational and totally unfair, but I’ve been getting emotional lately and almost picked a fight with you on purpose to see how you’d react. I want us to go on to being boyfriend and girlfriend, so I hope you can stick with me through this. I’d like to think I could do this or that to make it worth your while.”

I stood there looking like a deer in the headlights, then I took a deep breath and said, “I’d be really proud for everyone to know I’m your boyfriend. You know I always want to be a gentleman with you, and I am afraid if I don’t keep a tight rein on myself, I might get too carried away and do something stupid.”

“Mike, don’t explain. Try to understand what I need, and see if you can fit it in with your gentleman’s code of honor,” Tanner said.

She sounded someplace between irritated and mad, so I grabbed her and kissed her hard. I let her see how worked up she got me and how much I wanted her by pressing my boner tight against her pussy lips.

After I realized she wasn’t going to slap me, I cupped her nice, firm little bottom and pulled her even tighter against me. She grinned at me and whispered, “That’s what a girl likes to be shown from time to time!”

Tanner did something that really surprised me. She took both my hands and pressed them against her breasts. I felt her nipples poking through her bra, and she whispered, “See, you make me get hard and stick out too.”

I caressed her nipples gently and kept kissing Tanner, hoping I wasn’t going to have to read a bunch of romance novels to find out how she wanted to be kissed.

Tanner whispered, “I need you to stop now Mike. If you don’t, I won’t be able to stop myself from going a whole bunch further than thirteen-year-olds ought to.”

I kissed Tanner and whispered, “Does it make your toes curl when we kiss?”

Tanner giggled and whispered, “You make my nipples hard, you make my toes curl, and you make my pussy get wet.”

Tanner needed me to push the limits to feel appreciated and desired. I understood that she wasn’t ready for more than kissing, so I did things that helped her feel how much I wanted her, but it didn’t really put us in danger of going all the way and getting her pregnant. I got through being thirteen somehow. Tanner kept hinting she wanted to touch me under my clothes or have me touch her under her clothes, but I always held back because while Tanner had this more mature than her age appearance, I knew she wasn’t as grown up as she thought she was. I kept her from making girlfriend gestures she wasn’t ready for yet. I knew Tanner wanted to move on to us helping each other masturbate, but I figured she couldn’t really deal with that yet, so I just imagined a lot and masturbated at night, dreaming about what it was going to be like when Tanner was ready to physically show her love for me.

I think we were thirteen and one-half when it was home coming weekend. I took Tanner to all the school activities. I made sure to bring a blanket to the hayride. It was big and covered us up really well. It was cold out, and we needed the warmth. Tanner figured it was time for her to show me she wasn’t messing with me, and she guided my hand up under her sweater. She didn’t have a bra on, and she pressed my hands tight against the silky skin of her breasts. Her nipples got hard and felt like they might poke holes in my palms. I caressed her breasts gently the whole hayride. Tanner got one of my legs between her thighs and rubbed herself against me. I kinda thought her jeans felt a little damp between her legs, where she was rubbin’ against me. On the darkest part of the ride, Tanner pressed her lips tight against my neck and stifled a moaning sound I’d never heard her make before.

Tanner whispered, “Baby, you just made me cum.”

I felt about ten feet tall. It was great knowing I knew I could help my girlfriend get off.

Before we got back to the lighted area around the barn, I got my hands out from under Tanner’s sweater. I knew I was going to have a lot of imagining to do tonight while I was thinking about what it would be like to finally rub each other.

When we turned fourteen, both of us knew we were going to be having sex before long, we just needed a place. One of the nice things about living on a farm was that I could get a driver’s license easier and younger than a city kid. Ranching states also had laws that let kids drive younger because their population density was a lot less, and it wasn’t likely a fourteen-year-old driver was going to cause an accident, while ranch parents needed their young teen kids to be able to help out by driving to pick up things from town on their way home from high school.

I got my uncle to help me rebuild an old Jeep pickup, and I was able to start driving to school. I started picking up Tanner and giving her a ride to school. I don’t think it was the first time I took her home, but maybe the second, we parked at a camp ground in a National Forest. We got each other naked and we started kissing on each other. I loved sucking on Tanner’s nipples, and she liked me doing it. Under the blanket I went down on her and made her cum really hard for the first time. Tanner returned the favor and sucked me off.

We were both feeling pretty satisfied, but Tanner always thinks too much, and she said, “It’s time for us to make love Mike.”

I pointed out that she wasn’t on birth control yet, and she told me I wasn’t supposed to worry about that. I pretended I was taking dirty to her and found out it would probably be safe today, but I better get her to the doctor tomorrow, because she seemed to like any kind of sexy stuff we did together a whole lot. I knew once we started, we were only going to do more and more.

The wool army surplus blanket was scratchy, but it was nice and warm. I slipped my hard cock into her slit and I was surprised by how wet Tanner was.

“Do you mind your girlfriend being kinda slutty?” Tanner asked me.

“Not a bit honey. I think we are kind of the same about liking making out and making love, so it’s good we both like it quite a bit.

The head of my cock spread her pussy lips and I slowly pushed the mushroom shaped head into her. I’d read about girls being shy and scared, but Tanner grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me into her. I don’t think she had a hymen, but it didn’t matter to me. Being all the way inside the prettiest girl I ever saw felt so good I could hardly keep myself from shooting off again, even though it hadn’t been too long since Tanner sucked me off.

We actually made love though, energetically and like we knew what the hell we were doing. My girlfriend came three times and then I shot my cum in her pussy. We lay there under the blanket, panting, and being blown away by how good it felt to finally make love to each other. We did all the typical kissing, touching and telling each other how good it was.

After school the next day I took Tanner to the County Seat. It was a big enough town that they had a Planned Parenthood Clinic. We got Tanner an exam and a prescription.

Things changed in some other ways besides us fucking each other silly every chance we got. Tanner had been having trouble writing songs, but she didn’t like singing covers either. All of a sudden, she started writing. I was blown away because her songs were a whole bunch better now than they had been before. Another thing that happened was that Tanner suddenly got serious about playing guitar. Her folks got her a guitar a long time ago, but she was always a whiny butt about it hurting her fingers, so she never learned. Now she started working to learn to play.

Tanner wrote a song she called, “All I’ll Ever Need.” It could have been embarrassing to be the boyfriend in a chick song, but I was pretty proud because she was almost publicly saying I made love to her so good I gave her everything she’d ever need. Then she wrote, “The Man I Depend On.” Now I could have easily got a swelled head after that one. Well those two, and the title track, formed the core of her first CD, “More Than I Deserve.” I was pretty sure her parents would know she was talking about me in the songs where she confessed being selfish and insisting on her own way until she suddenly realized that she was getting more than she was giving. Pretty soon after we made love the first time Tanner started being the girlfriend every guy dreams of having.

Tanner and I were a little scared to be so public about being lovers, but people believe what they want to believe, and everyone believed her interview lie that her songs were about the guy she hoped to meet one day.

We were coming up on fifteen pretty fast when Tanner got her first record deal. She made the record, it was selling well in cowboy country, and the label wanted her to do a tour to support the CD.

Tanner brought her mom and dad over to see me and my parents one night. Mr. Quick said, “You kids could get into criminal trouble in some states. With the tour coming up, I don’t think we can just let things go on the way they are.”

My parents didn’t like the idea of me going on tour with Tanner, but her mom kind of insisted. She said, “Tanner is a lot healthier when Mike is around. I don’t want her getting depressed, and I especially don’t want her out there without a guy who actually loves her to take care of her.”

I didn’t much care for being described as a gigolo, but then it was kind of cool to have my girlfriend’s mother saying I took good care of her daughter. I told my parents, “I’ve gotten used to having a girlfriend, and if Tanner goes on tour and I stay here, who knows what bad decisions I might make or what diseases I might catch.”

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