by Darkbloom

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Erotica Sex Story: A sixteen-year-old girl can't wait to get home and let her dog fuck her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Zoophilia   Bestiality   .

Bailey would wait.

At sixteen, she certainly wasn’t the most popular girl in school. She was short, a bit chubby in that baby fat sort of way and totally lacking in self-confidence. Her hair was mousy brown, her eyes were bluish gray, though no one would ever notice. Her breasts were large for her age, but maybe that was because of the chubbiness.

Anyhow, after she got home from school, she would wait. Her father would call from work to make sure she got home from school alright, and she would tell she was fine, and then after she hung up, she would do her favorite thing in the world.

Bailey walked quickly and eagerly across the large house she shared with her father and older brother and clapped her hands together loudly. This sound awoke her dog Buster, a medium sized chocolate Labrador, who Bailey had trained for the last six months about exactly what to do when he was alone with Bailey.

“Buster, come on boy.”

Bailey waited at her door until Buster came galloping in and then she closed the door and let out a deep sigh.

“Hello, Buster.” She said sweetly as her dog walked rambunctiously around the room already smelling the sex scent on her.

“Are you going to fuck me today, boy?” Bailey said, reaching up and touching her right breast roughly.

As if he understood, Buster lunged forward and started sniffing and licking Bailey’s crotch, right through her jeans.

“Good ... good boy, but hold on, momma’s got to take her pants off.”

Bailey laughed as she tried to walk to her bed and almost tripped over Buster as he barked and tried to run between her legs.

“Ok, ok, hold on, boy.”

In one quick motion, Bailey too her purple t-shirt off and flung it into the corner of her room. The slipped off her shoes and reached back to unhook her bra and tossed it into the same corner as her shirt.

Sitting on the bed, she had to push Buster away three or four times before she unbuttoned and pulled off her jeans. Then she sat in only her pink and purple striped panties and her long white socks.

Buster starting licking her pale legs right away. Though her face had some pimples, the rest of her skin was blemish free, young and tight. She closed her eyes for a moment as Buster licked her leg, then thigh, then pushed his nose in-between her legs to try to part them. His tongue was just long enough to slip across the leg hole of her underwear once before she pushed him away again.

“You are a bad boy,” she said in a sweet but somewhat huskier voice “getting me wet way too fast.”

She stood up, pulled off her panties, pushing Buster away again and looked at the wall to her right. A full-length mirror hung there at a perfect angle so that as she stood on the side of her bed, she could see herself and Buster.

She smiled, and her naked reflection smiled back.

“You’re bad. You’re a bad sick, dirty girl. You’re going to let a dog fuck you. Dirty sluty whore. Going to get fucked by this dog right in your cunt.”

It was whispered, like a mantra.

She slipped her hand down between her legs and felt her smooth pink lips and the wetness there. She shaved it because she saw pictures of slutty girls and that is what they did. Plus, she liked the way her chubby pussy lips looked in the mirror when they were freshly shaven and wet.

Buster moved in once Bailey stopped pushing him away and started licking her fingers as she fingered herself. She soon moved her hand away and let Buster’s long wet tongue do its magic.

First, it slipped across the length of her slit, then it moved right in-between the lips which made her knees give a little. Then Buster just started licking furiously. Over and over again brushing against her clit just a bit more each time. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it, Buster stopped abruptly and jumped up on her, humping her leg. His cock was starting to slip out of its sheath.

Bailey had to shake her head to break the spell she was in and then she pushed Buster away again.

“You gonna fuck me, Buster? You want me to be your slut?”

She kneeled down on the floor and leaned her body over her bed, facing to the left so she could see herself in the mirror. Her face and chest were red, and her nipples were rock hard. She slapped herself on the ass, and she could see her handprint in the mirror. She liked having marks on her.

She grunted as Buster jumped on her, putting his front paws around her leg and humping. He always missed the first few times. He would hump her leg and her hip. Bailey reached back and pushed his body until he let go of one leg and put his paws on her back and then around her waist.

“Good boy, good boy. Come on, fuck me.”

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