Magic Maidenhood

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Fantasy Sex Story: Genie gives self-renewing hymen and other goodies to sex-questing maiden.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   First   .

Angela believed in earth spirits rather than the Judeo-Christian kind of supreme being, so that’s who she prayed to. Since she knew that love, and one of its manifestations, sex, was very important so there must be a goddess in charge of it. Thus her fervent wish to find the right life partner was specifically focused.

One night in the wee hours of the full moon, Angela was deep in thought, fingers on her female part, stimulating it. She was startled when a glow appeared in one corner of her room, starting as a pinpoint and expanding to the image of a beautiful naked woman who looked exactly like her, but sported a crown of flowers and some wings apparently growing out of her back.

“I’m a love angel sent to you from the Goddess of Love to whom you have prayed. She has chosen to bestow a special gift on you because of your strong beliefs. It will be of great assistance in your search for your life partner.

“Your condition as a virgin is admirable but will not help you in the search. Since your ultimate partner may find that important, she has designed this gift. Here is how it works: first, you will experience no discomfort when your maidenhead is breached, second, you will not conceive for the duration of this gift, third, your maidenhead will regenerate after 12 hours and be completely restored by 24. There is only one condition to this and that is that if it is ever breached by the same man twice, it will end.”

Angela was amazed but had a question, “How do I know I’m not dreaming and this is real?”

The angel smiled, “Under your pubic hair there will be a small heart-shaped tattoo. As long as that is present, your gift is active.”

As Angela thanked her, the angel disappeared and inspection revealed the promised tattoo, right underneath her neatly trimmed triangle of red curlies. She was a long-haired redhead with full and upturned tits.

Trying out her gift with a neighbor boy, the sex was delightful and everything she hoped it would be. Checking twenty-four hours later with her finger proved that indeed, her maidenhead felt exactly like it had before the boy had repeatedly copulated with her.

Over the next year she did take appropriate time checking out possible life candidates before giving them the final test. She learned a great deal from each of them, what she liked and what she didn’t, and what her sexual needs were all about. The biggest puzzlement to most of them, who had enjoyed the sharing of her body, was why she would not have sex with them again.

After about six months, she was screwing the brother of a guy that she had laid about a month earlier. He had just really fucked her and she felt him probing between her legs again. Opening her eyes, it was the first brother who was poking in her pussy. Would she lose the gift? It was too late so she went ahead and finished the fuck. This was the first time she’d ever done anybody twice. On the toilet she checked and the heart tattoo was still there. Whew! Back to bed she went and, watching the time, she took turns with the brothers until they were exhausted.

The next day her hymen was back and the tattoo was still there. Wow! Wasn’t that a neat loophole? It might not be too easy to exploit though.

Then the thought struck her. The neighbor boy who had taken her first virginity was still the nicest one she had come across. There had been no prohibition about revealing her secret to anyone and she figured there was nothing to lose by sharing it with him. If he could accept it, he could fuck her frequently.

Although he found it a bit hard to believe, Paul figured he had everything to gain by going along with Angela’s idea. He’d wondered why he never been able to follow up after their great time together. While it wouldn’t be ideal, being able to bang her, even after another guy just had, was a whole lot better than beating his meat.

Angela’s next leg spreading was timed so that she could go to his house immediately afterwards. He was waiting in a robe and took her to his bedroom. Her pussy was still pink and showing white stuff between the lips so he could slide in there like the second and third time he’d done before. She seemed to be even more eager since she’d had some pretty intense “foreplay”, as he made himself think about it.

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