A Lesson in Sex Ed for Two Girls

by Stevew

Copyright© 2019 by Stevew

Fiction Sex Story: Two girls decide to have a girls weekend to themselves while ones parents are away. A man over heard their plans and has one of his own. He invites six of his friends to join him.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Part 1:


Amy (18) and Valery (14) were sitting at a table in the cafe. They had been lovers for six months, though up till now they had only stolen moments. Tomorrow night Amy would have the house to herself as her parents were going away for the weekend. Of course she had invited Valery to spend the weekend with her. They would be able to do what they wanted as often as they wanted to. They were making plans to spend the whole weekend naked and not leave the house.

There was a man sitting at the table next to theirs listening to their conversation. He could tell by the way they talked that the two girls were lesbians. He was one of those type of men who thought same sex relationships were deplorable, wether it was girl/girl or boy/boy. He had several friends that felt the same way. When they left he followed them to find out where Amy lived.

It turned out that she lived far enough out of town that no neighbors would be able to hear anything that went on in the house. He made arrangements for six of his friends, including the one who was good at picking locks, to join him Friday night. That would give them the whole weekend to have fun with the girls.

Part 2:


On Friday night he and his friends waited out of sight, while the girls drove up to the house. Staying in the shadows, they gave the girls an hour to settle in and get comfortable.

Quietly the seven men crept up to the front door. Unbelievably they found the front door unlocked. All of the men were wearing ski masks so that they couldn’t be identified. Carefully they locked the door behind them. To be on the safe side they made sure all other doors leading out were locked as well. Silently they went up the stairs to the first bedroom where they could hear the girls. The door was open and they could see the girls in a 6/9 position on one of the two four poster beds in the room. One of the seven men had a video camera and had moved to the door to film the action. He took several minutes of video, before all of the men entered the room. At first the girls were so into what they were doing that they didn’t notice the men. It wasn’t until the shadow of one of the men crossed the girls that the girls noticed them. She screamed and tried to roll away.


Valery saw a shadow cross her face. She looked up into the masked face of a man and screamed. In an effort to get away from him she rolled off of the bed and scrambled to her feet. Suddenly remembering she was naked, she cowered in the corner trying to hide herself. Amy tried to roll off the bed as well but was caught by two of the men, for now that got better look she noticed that there were several men. The two men each grabbed one of her arms and tied it to the headboard of the bed. Two of the other men walked over to her, no doubt going to restrain her to. She lashed out at them but it was no use. They soon had her by the arms and were dragging her to the other bed. She continued to struggle and kick at them in an effort to get away however.

Soon her arms were tied to the headboard of the other bed as well. Her feet were raised up and tied to the upper part of the post, spreading her legs wide apart, giving easy access to her vagina. She noticed that Amy was tied similarly to the other bed. The position made it hard to breathe. One of the men began to speak. “We are going to teach you girls the error of your ways. By the end of this weekend, you will know what girls are for. I am sure that the two of you will enjoy it as much as we do.”

Helpless and tied as she was, she was unable to resist as one of the men put his head between her legs and began to lick her spread pussy. She felt the touch of his tongue as he readied her for his incursion. (She would never admit it to anyone but his tongue was better than Amy’s.) He felt hips undulate as if trying to buck. She was also breathing hard. Encouraged by her actions, he decided to give her a treat. He had licked her button several times already but now he sucked her little clit between his lips and nibbled at it. Against her will this sent her over the edge into an uncomfortable and very loud orgasm.

Despite herself she screamed “OH,,, MY,,, GOD,,, AHHHH oh god, oh god.” Chuckling he said “I think it’s time to introduce you to your god.” With that he rolled a condom onto his cock and proceeded to work his cock into her hole. He had only gone in just a little past the head when he realized that she was a virgin. Looking into her eyes he said “Sorry but this may hurt at first.” After saying that he pulled back until he was barely in then shoved forward, breaking her hymen.

She felt a stretching sensation as he began to insert his cock, it didn’t hurt much. She felt a fullness she had never felt before. He said something that she didn’t quite hear, then she felt him pull back. She thought he was going to pull his thing out and was partly relieved. Another part of her wanted him to stay within her. Suddenly he pushed forward again. When her hymen broke the pain made her scream. He paused with his cock in her past her now nonexistent barrier. Slowly the pain faded. He started moving back and forth going a little deeper each time until his whole cock was in her. Again he paused a few seconds, allowing her to adjust to his length and girth. When he began again all she felt was a building pleasure. She was grunting and groaning with every stroke of his cock. He took her to three orgasms before filling the condom himself. He pulled out of her and all attention went to Amy.


‘Oh god it’s going to happen again’ she thought as she heard Valery scream with the taking of her virginity. The grunting and groaning of Valery being fucked took her back to when her own virginity had been stolen from her. She had been thirteen when she was raped by one of her cousins at a family reunion. After that she never trusted boys or men again. She would fool around with other girls but not boys. She had decided that girls were safer.

When she met Valery, they hit it off at once. Valery’s mom had been raped a year or so before and she too was leery of boys. So they hung out together and fooled around. This was going to be their first girl/girl time in private, where no one could catch them. In the small town where they lived girl/girl relationships were not only frowned upon but out and out despised. This was supposed to be a “Good Christian” town after all.

She had been lost in her thoughts when she heard Valery scream out in her first of three cock induced orgasms. As her friends pleasure at being fucked became more and more evident, she began to wonder if she would feel the same. If it had been her cousins rough treatment of her that had turned her away from boys and not that she simply liked girls. Valery’s third orgasm hit and the man stood up. She was about to find out.

All attention turned to her and one of the men said “Your turn.” He bent down and began to lick her vaginal area. Like Valery her legs were tied to the post allowing easy access. Much like her friend, Amy felt an expert tongue on her sex and a irresistible pleasure building within her. She didn’t scream out when her climax hit her, because she pressed her lips together too tightly for any sound to emerge. The man could tell that she had however because of the amount of fluid flowing out of her vaginal opening. Like the one who had fucked Valery, he rolled a condom on and worked his cock into her. Because she had not had vaginal sex since her rape five years ago. Her cunt was virgin tight and it took a great deal of effort to get the man’s cock into her.

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