Closet Guys Caught Mid-bondage

by Aussie Speedo Guy

Copyright© 2018 by Aussie Speedo Guy

True Sex Story: As a naughty surprise for Alex, I tied myself up waiting for him to drop by for a quick fuck session. He stripped down and was just getting into it when there was a knock at the glass door. My neighbour Emily had caught us.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Coercion   Reluctant   Gay   BiSexual   Cuckold   Wife Watching   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Group Sex   Swinging   White Male   White Female   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

OK guys, the infamous Dave Speedo Evans has asked me to write about this experience we had last week. Dave isn’t the best person to write about it because he was tied up, gagged and blindfolded so it is better if I tell you what happened.

Dave and I had been fucking (mostly sucking) pretty regularly for six months or so. My first ever guy/guy experience was with Dave. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of three years, Dave thought it was hot that I was going home to a girlfriend after he sucked my cock but I didn’t think it was cool and I think our relationship was coming to an end anyway.

During our fuck sessions, I had told Dave about my fantasies regarding my gay side and he detailed them on his blog (with my permission of course). One of my fantasies is bondage, I haven’t had any experience with it at all. Dave and I were talking about it at the pool on Monday so it must have been current on his brain when I texted him on Tuesday saying that I got off work early and was coming over to fool around.

A little preamble here, Dave’s house is right on the beach. That sounds fancy and expensive but it is a shit hole and whoever owns the land is just waiting for the house to burn down so they can build a mansion on it. Dave keeps his house clean and tidy, and since it is right on the beach his crew keep their surfboards there, people crash there all the time and Dave never locks any of the doors so it is a weird communal place but that is who Dave is. Also, Dave has two super hot chick neighbors that I think, are both in love with him. For some weird reason nothing has happened between them.

So, I text Dave telling him that I’m horny. He says he is home and can’t wait. I tell him I’ll be there in ten minutes. He replies saying that he will be tied to a chair in his speedos so I better hurry before someone else gets there.

I laugh it off as an idle fantasy but there is some truth to it, people drop into Dave’s place all the time unannounced. But it was a Tuesday afternoon around 2pm so it should be OK.

No surprise that when I walked into Dave’s little house, he was in the living room tied to a chair. The whole thing was pretty hot. Dave is hot, he was wearing his red speedos, which are hot, he was blindfolded with a tie, his mouth was covered with a strip of duct tape, his legs were tied to the chair legs with tape and his hands were in handcuffs behind his back. I could do absolutely anything I wanted to him and the stirring in the speedos I was wearing meant that my cock knew that I could and would do anything to Dave.

I walked up to Dave and rubbed the front of his speedos, his cock was fully hard and straining against the red lycra. With my touch, a glistening droplet of precum appeared.

By now I was horny, so I stripped off my clothes down to the blue speedos that I was wearing. Like Dave, I wear speedos most of the time as underwear so this was nothing new. Dave has a big sliding glass door which looks out over the beach which is not very private but the house is set back and nobody could see in, it does feel naughty though with the whole world out there.

My cock was now fully hard as well and I had to adjust its position in my speedo, then I was standing there opposite the immobile Dave. I was like the dog the caught the car, now I didn’t know what to do, or maybe it was that I just couldn’t decide what to do first.

I straddled Dave and it just worked that my balls were rubbing against his card cock and my cock was rubbing against his stomach. Putting my arms around his neck I began whispering in his ear all the naughty things I wanted to do to him. The last thing I did whisper to him was that I wasn’t going to let him cum and that he was going to have the worst case of blue balls ever. As I finished whispering that promise, there was a knock on the glass back door. My heart stopped.

It was one of Dave’s neighbors, Emily.

My first thoughts were, at least it isn’t one of our mates. Neither Dave or I were out and while they wouldn’t care, it would make things weird. Anyone seeing me in a speedo straddling a bound and gagged Dave would be beyond weird for them.

With this and many other thoughts flying through my brain, Emily was looking at me, at us I suppose. Dave had also been shocked at the sound, he still hadn’t exhaled. I looked at Emily and saw that she was smiling and started pointing to the door handle. I think she wanted to come in. My brain was pretty much as dumb as it gets so I just nodded, mostly because I didn’t have any other response.

I unstraddled Dave as Emily slid open the glass door, she had one finger up to her lips indicating she wanted me to be quiet. I don’t think she was indicating this to Dave because because not only could he not see her hand signal, but he couldn’t be any more quiet since he had tape over his mouth.

Emily then indicated that she wanted me to follow her into Dave’s bedroom, I followed and she closed the door behind me.

Of course she spoke first, “Would you guys mind if I joined in?”

Wow things were hot before the knock on the door but now things were really, really, really, amazingly hot. I replied that Emily is welcome to join and I asked her if she wasn’t weirded out? Emily’s reply was that she thought it was hot and would love to tease Dave on the condition that I was not allowed to tell him who it was. Even if he thought it was one of the neighbours, he wouldn’t know which girl it was and Emily thought she’d have fun with this secret for a long time. Emily did ask if she thought Dave would be OK and I told her that Dave’s had a crush on her and her house mate since he moved in.

That all settled, Emily and I returned to the living room where Dave was still tied up, horny and oozing precum in to the front of his speedo.

Emily was now in charge of things and she indicated for me to keep doing what I was doing before. My cock hadn’t lost an of its firmness and I straddled him again and started grinding against him to our mutual pleasure. Emily was next to us taking her clothes off, she stripped down to a lacy white thong. She looked hot.

Had someone walked in at that moment, they would have seen Dave in a red speedo, me in a blue speedo and Emily in a white thong.

Moving over to Dave’s breakfast bar/kitchen counter, Emily picked up pen and paper and started to write something down When she showed it to me it said “Tell Dave that you have company ... female company.”

Just like I did before when I was telling Dave that I was going to leave him with blue balls, I leaned over and whispered in Dave’s ear that we have company. With a pause that seemed too long. “Female company.” Dave moaned, what I thought was a positive moan but I couldn’t be sure at that exact moment. Then I felt Emily’s hand on my arse and I looked over my shoulder, she was on her knees with one hand on my arse for balance and the other hand playing with Dave’s balls through the lycra of his speedos.

It was definitiely a positive moan and as I grinded up and down against Dave’s cock and Emily rubbed his balls Dave’s moaning, from behind the tape, became constant and his breathing through his nose became faster and faster.

My original idea was to leave Dave with blue balls and covered in my cum but I was not the one in charge now, I was just a willing participant. I’ve had Dave’s cock in my mouth enough times to know when he is close to cumming and he was getting close, closer and ... then he was cumming. He even threw his head back but I think that might have been just to get enough oxygen through his nose since his mouth was covered.

Emily put her hand on my shoulder pulling it back. I followed her into the bedroom again and she closed the door.

I’m standing in front of a really hot chick who was wearing a white thong while I was standing there in a blue speedo with my rock hard cock pointing straight at here. I can’t remember the conversation verbatum but the gist was that Emily wanted me to fuck her, was I up for it? I replied in the affirmative. Emily asked if I could be very vocal and describe everything making sure not to mention her name? I replied in the affirmative. Emily asked if Dave would be OK if I came on him? I replied in the affirmative. Then she asked, where does Dave keep his condoms?

We walked back into the living room and there was Dave, he had regained his composure in that his breathing back was down to normal but he was still tied up and the front of his speedo was a huge cum stain that was oozing down towards his balls.

I was too busy looking at Dave to notice Emily whip her thong off.

She looked at me and held a hand up like a duck, ow, she wanted me to talk. My brain was just a horny mess at this point so give me some slack. I started talking, telling Dave that we have some company and that since he tied himself up, she wants to fuck me instead. And he had already blown a load in his speedos so he’d need a break anyway.

Emily put her hands on Dave’s thighs (he has beautiful thighs, probably from all that snowboarding he does), she bent over and gave me a nod. I kept yammering (chatting) away. Dave she is bending over and I’m about to enter her, Dave he pussy is shaved and looks like a French pastry that I’m about to stuff, Dave I hope you are watching this. That last one got a laugh out of Emily. And without further adue, I slide my cock inside Emily.

She moaned as I slid my cock in to her wet pussy. Emily’s head went forward, I’m not sure if it was resting on Dave’s chest but her hair was all over his stomach and Dave was giving out a gentle moan as well.

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