The Shifter

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Fiction Story: A man who can shift into animal forms kidnaps a girl. He doesn't allow her to escape until she turns 17.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Zoophilia   Were animal   Light Bond   Transformation   .

James was born into a family of shape shifters. At twenty five, he could now take any form he wanted. He usually preferred ether human or wolf, but today he was a small pony, at a county fair. The county fair in this rural area was held at the far edge of a small town. Beyond the short fence was a ten acre field with nothing to stop a pony until it reached the other side where a dirt road ran parallel to it. A barely budding little girl on his back. The little girl was laughing and enjoying herself on his back, urging him to go faster and faster. He decided it was time to have some fun of his own.

With the girl still on his back, he took off towards the fence. Using the pony’s form he leapt over the fence and sprinted across the field. The girl held onto the saddle, both afraid to let go and relishing the speed at which she and the pony traveled across the field. As the pony, when he ran to the other side of the field and jumped that fence. They went down the road a quarter of a mile to where a pickup truck was parked. The pony stopped beside the truck and shifted. Now, instead of riding a pony, she was clutching the back of a man, a naked man at that. (One of the draw backs of being a shifter is that if you have not already stripped your clothes vanish) This truly frighten the girl, for she had not known she was actually on top of a man, shifter though he was. Get in he told her.

He quickly pulled on a shirt and pants, and climbed into the truck. He took her farther away from town, to a small house that he had bought in the middle of nowhere. With no neighbors for several miles in any direction, he could have his way with her.

The first thing he did was to tell her to strip. Too afraid to disobey hem, she began to take her clothes off. When she was down to her training-bra and panties she stopped fearing to be completely naked with him. He had also stripped and was already naked in front of her. “Take everything off,” he said. Reluctantly she did, holding one arm across her budding breast and the other over her bald pussy. “That’s better, now lay down on the bed,” he told her. “What are you going to do to me,” she said in a timid voice.

“I let you ride me, now it is my turn to ride you, what is your name by the way,” he said? “I ... I’m Jan” she said fear in her tone. “Alright Jan, I’m going to show you how much fun it can be to be ridden.” With that he crawled over her moving her arm off of her breast. He kissed her using his tongue to open her mouth and duel her hers. He pulled away from the kiss and began to suck on her budding breast. (Her breast consisted of two small cones sticking out an inch or so from her chest.) Even at her young age, she felt a tingling start to grow from her breast and her sex. The feelings increased as he continued to suck on her breast, she may have even had a mini orgasm. Then he moved down to her sex, began to lick her there. The tingling intensified even more, and she had her first real orgasm. Her body began to shake violently and she moaned loudly, unable to control herself. He raised his head up and said “you liked that, didn’t you?” Unable to speak, she nodded her head. “Just wait till we get to the next part, you’ll love it even more,” he said. With that he resumed licking her, this time not only did he lick her, but also sucked on her clit. This action drove her higher than the licking had, and forced another orgasm out of her. Just as she was coming down from the last orgasm, he began working his cock into her virgin fuck tube. She was tight, the tightest girl he had ever fucked. The head of his cock was just beginning to enter her when she felt her body start stretching to accommodate his shaft, which scared her and made her scream. He allowed her body to get used to just the head of his cock in her. Then he slipped a little more of it into her. She tensed again and he stopped to allow her to adjust again. He slipped a little more into her, this time he reached her barrier. He looked down at where they were joined. He had about an inch in her and another five inches to go. He fucked the inch he had in her for several strokes, loosening her up, before he slammed into her burying four more inches into her. She screamed! He held himself still until her screams stopped. “Oh god that hurts take it out please tit out,” she exclaimed! He pulled his cock back and she thought he was going to comply, but instead he shoved it back into her going even deeper than before. He was nearly all the way into her now, with only a half an inch left to go in. Again he let her adjust to him for a few minutes before doing it again, this time getting himself fully into her. This time he let her fully adjust to his size. When her harsh breathing slowed to almost normal, he began to fuck her slowly at first. The pain of his initial fucking started fading away and being replaced by a pressure building within her. He felt himself nearing his climax, but she wasn’t as close as he wanted her to be. He reached between them and began rubbing her clitoris. With the stimulation of her clitoris, the pressure building in her became more intense. She started to climax about two seconds before he shot his load into her, which doubled her own orgasm. She passed out at the height of her climax.

She woke up after a minute or two, to find that James was putting her into some kind of stocks. Her head and wrists bound near the floor. He was in the process of separating her knees and binding them to a board which would keep them a foot or so apart. He walked around to the front of her. As she looked into his eyes he said,” You had a very nice come there, I wonder how big your come will be this time.” With that he shifted into a wolf and moved back around behind her. With his snout he started sniffing then licking her freshly deflowered pussy. When she was to the point of coming again, he put his fore paws on her back. He inched forward until his wolf cock was at her entrance. Feeling the large animal on her back she let out a whimpering scream, but it was nothing compared to the scream that came out of her when the cock actually began to sink into her. She thought he was going to split her wide open. The wolf continued to fuck her for what seemed like hours. I was just getting used to the size of it when the cock knotted inside of her. Her screaming took on a whole new level. After five minutes her screaming faded to a whimper, though the wolf still remained knotted to her. It was another hour and a half before the knot finally left her body.

“That was good wasn’t it,” he said, when he had shifted back to his human self. She only looked at him with tears in her eyes. In a small voice she said “is it over can I go home now.” James told her,” this is your home now. I will keep you with me forever.” After all the joy she had given him he couldn’t bare to let her go.

The search for Jan was still in full swing by her parents and the rest of the community, when he knocked her out with chloroform and took her to another state where he owned a large ranch. He kept her in a cellar for several months until she agreed not to runaway. During her incarceration he had kept her naked and fucked her many times both in his human form and the wolf. True to her word she did not try to runaway. She got used to being fucked many times a day.

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