Black Mistress, White Family

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2018 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: A Young black lady moves in with a white family, or takes control of the white family.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Father   Daughter   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Black Male   Black Female   White Male   White Female   .

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Mary came home early and heard noises upstairs in the family bedroom. Her daughter Jenny was still in school, so she figured Tom her husband must be there working on something.

When she arrived at the bedroom and looked in, she saw Tom in the middle of the room with only a pair of her see-through negligee on. He was slightly bent forward, and a young black lady in leather was sitting on the bed with his belt in her hand.

She brought it down hard across his ass cheeks as he thanked her and asked for another. His ass was already red she noticed that the sight of him displayed in such a way was making her wet in her pants. She reached down and started rubbing her cunt. It had been a long time since they had sex and lately, it had been pretty poor at that.

She knew she should stop it but looking at him this way was turning her on, The girl had quit spanking his reddened ass with the belt and demanded he bends over and lifts his nightie. Mary had a marvellous view of his large ass with stripes across it, as she rubbed harder. The girl had withdrawn something from her purse, and she saw it was a black strap-on dildo almost the size of his cock. She watched her put it on and then slap his butt and told him to spread his ass. She watched her wimp husband reach back and spread his butt wishing it were she that was going to shove it in his asshole. The girl wasted no time pushing it in as Tom groaned out in pain from the ass assault.

The girl was pumping hard as Mary came in her pants and felt embarrassed at herself. She ran back downstairs to the other bathroom downstairs and took a quick shower. She hadn’t been that horny in years, Drying off she returned to the living room to find Tom watching TV fully dressed.

The girl was nowhere in sight, She knew she should call her lawyer and slap the hell out of him, but the images were still in her mind, and she couldn’t get them out. He told her he had hired a young secretary at work and she didn’t have a place to stay so he had offered her the extra room upstairs till she could find something.

Mary at first was mad as hell and started to say something when she felt that tingle in her pussy again. Damn, she thought I must be a pervert or something. She wanted to tell him what she thought when Jenny arrived from school and said she was going upstairs to study. She was in her last year of high school and presently researching colleges for next year.

Tom greeted her and told her they had a new roomie for a while in the room down the hall until she found somewhere to stay. Mary held her tongue and said to her that dinner would be ready in an hour and would she please say to the guest when she got up there.

Mary went into the kitchen and started dinner, Her thoughts were still on what she had witnessed this evening and knew she should stop it now. She couldn’t bring herself to telling Tom. She had kinky thoughts all her life but was scared to bring them up to Tom for fear of being thought a pervert or something.

She continued to prepare dinner getting wet at the thought of seeing him dressed like that again. When the meal was almost made, she heard giggling sounds behind and saw Jenny with Laura the young black lady entered and took a seat at the table. She ignored them as she prepared the plates and set them out.

Laura was talking about some boy she knew, and Jenny was smiling and giggling with her. When she told her, he had a massive dick for his age; Mary stepped in immediately and said to her that they didn’t talk about such things in this house. She noticed the cold stare the girl gave her and the embarrassment on Jenny’s face as she returned to the meal as Tom came in and sat down.

Most of the meal was uneventful, as Mary found she had lost her appetite and watched the girls talking about school. She was surprised at herself; If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she was jealous or something.

After dinner, the girls went back upstairs, and Tom told her he had to be at a customer house tomorrow and decided he would leave tonight and find a hotel room so he could get started early. He would be home late tomorrow night or the next morning. Mary ignored him as he went up to pack and finished the dishes. Hearing the door close, she went into the living room and found a good movie on the TV and settled down to watch it. She dozed off on the couch with dirty thoughts in her mind.

She woke up to noises upstairs and looked at the clock. It was 3 am, Who was up at this time of the morning? She walked up still drowsy and heard the noises coming from the new girl’s room. Seeing the door slightly a jarred she looked inside.

Laura was naked on the bed, and Jenny was bent over the end of it with her face planted in Laura pussy. She could tell by Laura moaning that Jenny was licking it. Jenny was naked with her ass exposed to the doorway. A plug was inserted in her ass, and her cheeks were slightly red. They were not stripped, as Tom’s had been but pink all over as if she had been hand spanked. Jenny ass was wiggling sideways as she licked.

Mary again felt the wetness between her legs and couldn’t move to stop it. What a pervert she was she thought as her hand slipped back down to her pussy as she watched her daughter eating another girl’s cunt. She wished it were she as she continued to rub her soaking wet pussy and admired the sight of Jenny ass, which she hadn’t seen for years.

Laura was telling her to work her clit better, or she would have to spank her ass again as Jenny ass cheeks tighten in back. She started licking harder as Mary heard Laura tell her that was better, She saw Laura shake and then push Jenny head back, and then she turned over.

“Lick my ass sugar,” she said as Jenny started licking her large ass globes and then making her way down the crack of her ass. Mary came again as she watched her start tonguing her asshole in between the globes.

She hurried back to her room and closed the door, removing her clothes quickly she jumped on the bed and started rubbing her cunt hard. She put her other hand underneath and pushed a finger in her asshole as she masturbated. Her climax was the best she had in years as she passed out on the bed.

The next morning, she woke up and put on a robe went down to prepare breakfast. She was going to stop this when Tom got back before it gets carried away. Her pussy was still wet with the images of him and Jenny, and she knew she probably couldn’t look at them the same again. Maybe she wasn’t the only perverted one in the house after all, but she at least had some moral values, and this couldn’t continue. She completed breakfast and sat down for her cup of coffee when she heard the noises of the girls coming down.

Both girls had see-through nightie on with no panties or bras underneath. Mary was shocked at the sight of her daughter coming down for breakfast dressed like this.

“Young girl,” she demanded. “Go back upstairs and change into something decent before you sit down.”

“Why mom, there is no one here but us girls. Quit being such a prune. I’m grown up now and not ashamed of the way I look.” She took a seat across the table next to Laura who was staring at Mary with the same cold glance she had earlier.

Mary started to get up and slap her across the face but decided to ignore them for the present. She watched Laura get up and walk over to the coffee pot to get a cup and admired the shape of her ass as she wiggled it. She was still staring at it when Jenny asked her if she was looking at Laura butt.

Mary turned away immediately, “I was just looking to see if there was another cup in the pot,” she said lying.

“It’s a new pot mom; I think you were looking at her ass.”

Mary wanted to slap her for the way she said that. But told her that she was mistaken at the thought and tried to hide by eating part of her meal.

“Mom, you’re all red in the face, Laura I think mom was admiring your ass, Weren’t you mom?”

Mary was trapped. Her daughter was pinning her down, and she couldn’t figure a way out fast enough.

“Fine yes she has a pretty ass, and I was just looking and admiring it, as a normal person would do with someone dressed that way.” Are you satisfied she yelled back at Jenny?

Laura came back to the table next to Mary as she tried to ignore her. She lifted her nightie over her head as Mary glanced up slightly seeing her small breasts and hairy pussy curls. She turned away immediately tried to keep from looking.

Laura turned around and bent over slightly with her ass exposed to her side. “Do you like my ass like this,” she asked?

Mary was stunned. She saw Jenny’s grin on the other side of the table and glanced to the side to see Laura ass just a foot away from her face. She could see her puckered asshole sticking out at her as she fought the urge to plough in and tongue it. Her pussy was wet with her humiliation of being turned on by her daughter and the young lady.

“Get your butt out of my face,” she demanded hoping she wouldn’t.

“I think mother wants to kiss your ass,” Jenny teased from across the table as she continued to stare at Laura ass.

“Put your nose in my ass and smell it slut,” Laura commanded.

Mary fought to get up and run but couldn’t. Slowly she pushed her face in Laura big butt and smelled the scent of her asshole. She knew her face must be red as a beet as she continued to rub her nose on her anus.

“That it slut, Now start kissing my asshole and tell me you want to lick it.”

Mary couldn’t fight any longer as she started planting kissing on Laura asshole and begging to be allowed to lick her beautiful black ass. Her own pussy was soaking wet underneath her, and a wet spot was forming on it. When Laura told her to lick it, she ploughed her tongue inside working it in the tight hole forcing itself in. She was in heaven using her tongue as a dildo. She could hear Laura moaning above and her daughter laughing at her. When Laura pulled away, she almost fell off her chair trying to keep her face planted in her butt.

Mary was ashamed of her behaviour. She felt like an animal and dared not look at her daughter. “Take off your robe and get on your knees you white slut,” Laura demanded.

Mary disrobed and fell to her knees in front of the young black lady. She was staring at the dark bush only inches from her face hoping the command to lick would come next.

“Spank her fat ass, she’s used to spank mine all the time,” Jenny yelled.

Laura walked around her and took a seat in her chair. “Over my lap, slut, time to learn who’s the boss in this house.”

Timidly, Mary turned and draped herself over Laura’s knee, “Get me a spatula,” Laura called to Jenny. “and if you don’t hurry, I’ll use it on your ass next.”

Jenny jumped up and went to the kitchen drawer returning with the largest she could find.

“I’m going to teach you whom your ass belongs to now,” Laura commented to Mary down below. “Each time I beat your big ass, you are going to thank me and ask me to spank my slut again, Is that understood?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Slap. Owwl. “Thank you, mistress. Please spank slut again.”

Slap. Ohhhh. “Thank you, mistress. Spank slut again...” Ohhh.

The slaps were stinging Mary ass as she squirmed all over Laura lap. Her ass was on fire, but her pussy was dripping all over Laura nightie. She continued asking to be punished until Laura finally stopped and rubbed her sore ass.

She pinched the cheeks with her thumb and forefinger, “Whose ass is this” she asked.

“Your mistress, My ass belongs to you.”

“Good Jenny go get me a carrot from the frig.”

Jenny returned with the largest she could find, “I’m going to poke my pig in the ass, tell me to fuck your ass slut.” Laura said to Mary

“Please mistress fuck my ass,” Mary cried out in desperation to cum. She tensed her ass cheeks as she felt the carrot at the entrance to her puckered anus and then the push inside. Ohhhh, she cried out as the carrot fully inserted itself inside.

“Now that I’m the boss in this house there’s no need to hide anything anymore. Jenny removed your nightie. From now on no one wears any clothes unless I permit them. Is that understood white sluts.

“Yes, mistress,” they both said as Jenny removed her nightie and let it fall to the floor.

“From now on all of you including Tom will be my toys to enjoy. Is that understood slut,” Laura asked slapping Mary hard on the ass cheek?

“Yes mistress I am your toy”, Mary yelled out.

“Get off my lap slut, I have invited my parents over for the weekend, and the house needs cleaning. You will clean it will the plug in your ass and report back here when it is done.” She slapped Mary ass hard as she got up. “Move it slut.”

Mary started waddling out of the kitchen, as Laura demanded Jenny to get on her knees and lick her pussy. She wished it were she as she grabbed whatever cleaning supplies she needed and started working on the living room first. The carrot made it hard to concentrate, and her only thoughts were getting back to her mistress and licking that beautiful cunt of hers. Boy will Tom be surprised when he gets home she thought running up to the bedrooms to make the bed and pick up dirty clothes. She hurried cleaning up the bathroom and returned downstairs to find Jenny standing with her nose in the corner of the room. Her ass had just received a good spanking, which Mary decided she probably needed.

She walked over and got on her knees in front of Laura sitting on the chair. Laura raised her foot up to her face and started rubbing it across it while she tried to lick at it pressing against her mouth.

“Is my slut horny,” she asked?

“Yes mistress, slut is horny,” Mary replied doing her best to lick the foot bottom pressing down on her nose and mouth.

“Good, mom and dad will be here shortly, Crawl on your knees and put your face in your daughter ass.”

Mary turned and crawled across the room to Jenny still in the corner and pressed her face in her ass. They remained there for at least twenty minutes until the doorbell rang.

“Don’t move sluts,” Laura yelled and opened the door.

Mary could hear voices nearby and laughter. They were commented on her and Jenny ass and tits as both remained fix in their positions in humiliation. Finally, Laura released them and told them to crawl to the centre of the room for inspection.

An elder black couple was standing there as they crawled forward. The gentleman had removed all his clothing, and his huge black cock was sticking out. The overweight lady had removed everything, but her panties and Laura was sitting on the couch watching.

The man told his wife he was going to inspect their mouths while she said she was going to examine their tails. Both remained with head down as the man stepped forward and raising Mary’s head proceeded to put his cock at her mouth entrance while demanded she open up. As she did, his cock ploughed inside almost halfway in forcing her to breathe heavy through her nose. At the same time, she felt the carrot being pushed deeper into her ass causing her to move forward taking the cock deeper into her throat. She kept sucking as her ass was being fucked in the back till the man finally quit.

“Good whore here,” he told his daughter. “When you get tired of her you can always sell her as a whore.”

Mary watched as he stepped over to Jenny and demanded she does the same. Mary never thought Jenny had ever sucked cock before and was surprised as she almost swallowed his cock the first time. Her lips stretched to the max. She watched her jump and knew the mother must have probed her ass with a finger or two in back as her look of lust changed to despair till with the cock deeply implanted in her mouth. She kept at it until he finally redrew.

“When will the wimp husband be home,” Laura mother asked?

Laura replied, “Later tonight, I loaned him out to a friend for the night. Hope he’s not damaged by the time he gets back.

Mary was stunned at the comment. That bastard she thought as she watched the couple take a seat beside Laura on the couch.

“Come here fuck face,” Laura mother commanded of her. Mary saw her remove her panties and spread her legs wide as she crawled forth knowing what was about to come. She didn’t have to wait long as she grabbed the back of her head by the hair and shoved her face down in her crotch. She started licking as hard as she could, as her breath was hard to get in her hairy bush. She heard Jenny been demanded to come over by the dad and knew what she was going to have to do. She felt weird but hoped it was her next after Jenny was done.

“I need an ass to fuck, this one I don’t think is ready for a man yet. the man yelled.

“Use fuck face,” she heard the woman say from above and pushed her head back. “Come here bitch and finished what your worthless mother started.”

Mary watched as Jenny crawled over and pushed her face where hers was just minutes before. She felt her hair being pulled up and then pushed down to the floor so that her face was planted on the carpet. The carrot was being removed from her butt as she cried out as it popped out.

“Please, be careful” she cried back as she felt his cock at the entrance to her ass in back and then the pain as it entered the opening of her butt. It was larger than Tom, and she had only allowed him to do it once since it hurt so bad that time. She tried to accumulate it by losing her ass muscles as much as she could as the pain was incredible as it entered deeper. Finally, it was in, and she was starting to get used to it. Her pussy had taken over again as it was dripping wet as he started working it slowly back and in again.

She would never have thought she would enjoy it, but at present, it felt so good as she pushed back to help it thrust deeper. She was a whore in heat and needed relief soon. She was rocking as fast as he was thrusting and almost came when she felt his load entered her bowels. She wanted more and tried to rock to keep it hard as she felt him withdraw it out.

“Please, Don’t stop now.” She said to the black man

Laura was laughing at her on the couch as her dad sit back down. Kicking Mary on the ass, she told her to get her lazy ass in the kitchen and bring back some drinks for everyone. She yelled at her to clean her ass while she was there.

Mary got up and walloped out the room clenching her ass cheeks together to prevent leakage in back. She felt cum on the back of her legs and reaching down rub it and then put it to her mouth and licked. She wanted to get back immediately for a piece of that cock again.

Mary arrived in the kitchen and quickly cleaned her ass at the sink basin. She was as hot as she had ever been in her life. Quickly, she prepared drinks on a platter and returned to the living room for further humiliation and abuse. She wanted to swallow that cock whole.

Jenny was busy on her knees servicing Laura pussy as she noticed her daughter cunt dripping from behind. Laura demanded that she get on her knees and offer each parent a drink, which she immediately did. Laura dad was to be called Master John and his wife, Mistress Kat. After serving the drinks, she was demanded to get on her hands and knees and act as a footstool for them to rest their feet on and enjoy the drink. It was hard to remain still with the weight on her back and her pussy clenching underneath. Jenny was told to get up and perform for the guests. She had to dance and spread her privates as they watched in amusement. Finally, they let her rest on the floor on her back and lift her legs back to her tits so they could continue to view her privates.

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