Whoring My Hos and a Bitch

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2018 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: A black teen takes over the life of a white teacher and her husband.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Black Male   .

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It was easy to notice that Mrs Graham our high school senior teacher was constantly looking at the black boy’s crotches in class. The only problem was she finally looked at the wrong one.

I stayed after the other kids left class that evening to test my theory. She didn’t notice as I watched her clean the blackboards. Her large hips swayed with each rub across the board. Her dress was low cut for a lady in her mid-40s, but her legs were nicely firm. She turned around and saw me still sitting at my desk.

“Jim It’s time to go home,” she said and then taking a seat at her desk to go over the day’s papers.

I got up and walked around the desk, turning around toward her, I unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out exposing the hard-on I had all day of dreaming of her sucking on my rod. At first, she turned around and stared at it for a moment before. Her face was flushed, and for a moment, I thought maybe I had guessed wrong.

Please put your thing back in your pants young man, she murmured. I could hear her breathing hard and knew by the look on her face; she wanted it. I move closer to her till it was within a foot.

“Listen, you shouldn’t be doing such things...”

“Shut up teach,” I commanded. “Get on your knees and suck it before I give it to one of the school’s girls and you miss your chance.” Her face was flushed, and I knew she was being torn between her husband and my cock. I pressed her harder, “Get on your knees ho and suck it unless you want me to spank your big ass down the hall.”

She slid off her chair on her knees to the floor. The flush on her face was replaced by lust as I grabbed the back of her head by her hair and shoved her face forward. Her mouth opened as my cock quickly filled inside. I knew that I didn’t need to hold her head any longer as her mouth was slurping and sucking my cock firmly embedded inside. She was bobbing up and down on it milking it for all it was worth as I notice her hand descend between her legs beneath her dress. I quickly pushed her back as she fell back on the floor in surprise.

“Put your legs up over your head and pulled your panties up to your ankles,” I demanded looking at her startled face. I expected some resistance, but instead, I watched her lift her legs up over her head and then grabbing the hem of her pink panties pulled them up her legs to her ankles. Her large white ass and pussy were exposed for whatever I desired at that moment. “You have been a naughty ho looking at all boy’s cocks in your class,” I looked down on her. “Raise those legs higher; I’m going to have to spank that white ass of yours ho.”

Surprisingly, she lifted her legs back almost to her head as I walked over to the chalkboard and picked up the pointer laying there. I enjoyed the look of fear on her face as I walked back and stood over her. Raising the pointer, I brought it down hard across both ass cheeks.

“Are you my ho?” I demanded.

“Yes master,” she replied gasping for breath.

I brought it down again, “Tell me you’re my ho and that you want your pussy fucked,” I demanded.

“Please master, fuck my pussy,” she whimpered as the next blow descended between her massive globes striking her nether hole. Her cunt was glistering from the wetness, and I knew she was craving this. I brought the pointer down again and again till I reach the final tenth stroke. Her ass was crisscross reasonably well, and she was crying but maintaining her position. I was gloating in my power over the elderly lady.

“Bet you want to lick my ass, don’t you ho?”

“Yes master,” she replied as I lowered my pants all the way to the floor and stepped out of them. I grabbed her panties around her ankles to maintain a tight grip on them and to keep her legs pinned up high. Slowly I descended my butt down onto her face till I felt her tongue on my anus.

She was working it around the bud, and up and down my crack, I reached down with my other hand and slapped her ass cheek. “Get your tongue in my ass ho,” I demanded.

I felt her tongue start working its way inside and then entering the tight hole. Once inside she started fucking my asshole with it like she had a little cock in her mouth. I was moaning in delight at her tongue work, and my cock was stroking to get into her wet cunt.

I was just about to get up and drive it up her cunt when I looked up to see Mrs Jennings, the school secretary, in the doorway. She was just standing there with her dress strung up around her waist and her panties down to her knees stroking her cunt. She must have been watching me spanking the teach.

At first, I started to panic but the look on her face proved right off the bat she was as much a slut as the teacher I was sitting on. “What’s your problem Ho?” I asked. “Get your fucking clothes off and come here now.” I was gambling that she was too horny to resist, I was right.

She quickly peeled her dress over her head and removed her bra and panties. Mrs Graham was in a panic knowing someone else was in the room but not knowing who it was. She was struggling to get free, but the weight of my ass on her face and my grip on her panties had her pinned down below.

I noticed Mrs Jennings had a younger body and more developed. When she came over, I made her get on her knees in front of me and demanded she put her head between Mrs Graham legs and sucked my cock. She readily obliged as it was leaking all over the teacher dress top. I let her suck on it for a moment and then grabbing her hair forced her head back under protest to Mrs Graham cunt.

“Lick the ho’s cunt and make it ready for my cock,” I demanded.

I had to force her head hard down as she tried to avoid the inevitable but with little success as her nose was buried inside. I could hear teacher moan and knew her tongue must have started working her clit, two hoes in one day were better than I could ever imagine.

I climbed off teacher’s face expecting to see one of them resisting and trying to get away, but they remained fixed. Mrs Jennings was going at teacher clit, and she was glowing with delight holding her legs up. I went behind the secretary and slapped her ass several times demanding she hurry up as she wiggled her butt hoping to get more.

Grabbing her ass cheek, I demanded the secretary to get up and sit on my ho face while I fuck her. She didn’t hesitate for a moment as she quickly got up and got in the position I had been in earlier.

I admired at teacher cunt being so loose for only a second before driving my cock deep inside. Revenge was mine; I thought as I started pushing it in and out her loose hole. Grabbing Mrs Jennings head, I forced it back under teacher’s panties to her clit and demanded she licks it while I fucked her.

Both women were groaning and moaning from the pleasure I was forcing on them. Using them as nothing, but common whores. Finally, I came and withdrew my cock as Mrs Jennings cleaned it and then teacher cunt.

“Strip my ho, and I expect to find both of you on the floor with your butts in the air and head on the floor,” I told them as I grabbed my pants and pulled them back up. I had plans for the teacher tonight that didn’t include Mrs Jennings, but she sure was going to be part of it in the future.

Leaving the whores, I walked down the hall to find Rob, the janitor, who I knew fairly well. At first, when I told him about my new ho, he didn’t believe me and laughed, but when I told him he could have Mrs Jennings for the night for 50 dollars, he realised I was very serious. He quickly paid me what he had in his pocket and promised the rest tomorrow.

“Be sure to spank her ass and fuck her ass,” I told him. “When I get her back, I expect her to be well trained for the discount I’m giving you.

He followed me down the hall back to the room and almost fell backwards as he walked in seeing the two huge white asses pointing towards the doorway. The Hos still hadn’t realized that I had brought a guest in as I walked over to Mrs Jennings, now Mary Ho, and demanded she put her hands behind her to which I then tied up quickly. Grabbing her hair, I forced her head up and demanded she tells me whose ho she was. When she said my ho, I turned her around to face Rob.

“Ho, you will serve Rob tonight in any way he wants, He had purchase you tonight.”

“No ... master.” Mrs Jennings was struggling to get free of the hair grip. “He’s the janitor,” She was moving up and down on her knees.

“Give me that Ho and I’ll teach her some manners,” Rob said walking over as I gave up my grip on her hair to him. He pulled her to her feet and wagged her over to the chair still yelling and begging. Putting her over his lap, he started swatting her ass a lot harder than I did earlier.

I put my foot down in front of Mrs Graham, “Do you have any objections to being whored out ho, I or do I need to teach you some manners to.”

“No master,” she whispered and started kissing my foot.

I let her worship my foot as Mrs Graham was now crying and begging Rob to suck his cock and ass. She had been easy to break in, and I had big plans later for her. Rob made her stand up as he got up and grabbing her ass cheek fully in the palm of his hand and leading her out the room in tears. Damn, I wanted a piece of that hot ass but tonight I was going to be busy, and I was fifty dollars richer at present.

Once they left, I demanded Mrs Graham get up on her haunches like a dog with her legs wide apart. I demanded to know all about her husband who I found out was a real wimp. Not surprised, I found out both had fantasies about being dominated by a master or mistress. She was spilling the beans. When pressed on her daughter, I found out she was a slut in college whom her parents knew was fucking every guy on campus. The possibilities were getting so great my pecker was swelling up thinking of it.

“Get up Ho and put your dress on and nothing else,” I demanded. “Time to take you home and make all your fantasies real, Now get your white ass moving Ho.”

I watched her run to get her dress with her ass swaying sideways as it moved. I couldn’t believe my luck and was thinking about all the money possibilities I could have in the future. When she had put the dress on, I threw the rest of her stuff in the desk drawer.

Grabbing her ass cheek as I had seen Rob do earlier, I led her down the hall and outside the building to her car. She then proceeded to drive me to her place which was less than a mile away. I followed her inside knowing her husband and daughter must be home by this time. Gathering my nerve, I knew I had to make it right from the start if I was to carry my plans out.

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