Lost in Space

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Action/Adventure Sex Story: The first intergalactic space ship is lost on its maiden voyage.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Incest   Father   Daughter   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

We launched in February of 2112 aboard the UFE ship Johnson (United Federation of Earth). The Johnson was the first inter planetary space ship. It was supposed to travel from planet to planet at near the speed of light, but although it did did travel at that speed, the navigator miss calculated the jump. Instead going of from Earth to Mars, On an exploration mission. The ship ended up in the next galaxy, without enough fuel to get back to Earth and not knowing exactly how to get back to Earth.

The captain Jason Thompson and his crew, not able to get back home, began to explore the galaxy they were in. Amy (his daughter and communications officer) was able to pick up some local communication from a nearby planet. She told the captain (her father) about it. It was decided, in the name of scientific curiosity, to go and explore the planet.

The planet had two moons, unlike Earths moon, both were able to support life. The moons looked somewhat like except that one of them had a single land mass with a large ocean and the other two land masses. The planet itself could also support life, with three large land masses. The air on all three had a slightly higher oxygen content than Earth. Landing on the largest of the three continents, the captain and his crew all 8 of them (6 male and 2 female all between the ages of fourteen and 21 and exceptional smart) exploded the area where they landed and began to set up a camping site. They had intentionally landed in an unpopulated area just to be safe. While exploring Lena the only 14 year old girl, and daughter of the mechanic, and Johny, a 17 year old boy and the navigator, saw a small town about a mile away from the camp. They did not get close enough to be seen, however and went back to the camp.

As they told the others about seeing the town, a plan was made for visiting it the next day. For this first visit he chose to take his daughter Cindy and Jack, his security officer, and Lena. The people in town were strange. Taller than most of the people from Earth but only by a few inches. Most of the men had hair so dark it looked blue, and were 7 foot tall. Their shoulders also about 2/3’s as broad as the men they had seen on earth. The women were broader than the men and averaged about 6 and a half foot tall, their hair was usually a golden blonde, the girls with us were both blonde but a darker shade of blonde so they blended well with the other women, unlike the men who had a more brownish hair. Also the men dressed similar to the men of our ship, but not the women. They had on short dresses, in fact the skirts barely covered their butts.

The two girls in our group were dressed just like the men. This made them stand out more than a little. We had only gotten a couple of blocks into town when 4 of the men stopped us. They told the girls to go with them. We asked them why? They told us that the girls were improperly dressed. We tried to explain that we were new in the area and did not know.

They took all of us to the local jail, putting the girls in one cell and us in another. We, the girls include, were watching out of the bars of our windows, as a woman walking down the street was taken aside by a man. He pushed her against a wall pulled her skirt up, apparently she didn’t have any underwear on, and fucked her right there in the open. We were shocked to say the least. Apparently any man could fuck any woman anywhere they wanted to.

When our jailers came back in, we asked them what was going on. They said very little but took us into a kind of court. The girls were placed on one side of the room, and Jack and Jason on the other. A judge, or at least they thought he was a judge, came into the room. He first looked over at the men then at the girls. He told us that we had violated the law and were to be punished.

“What law have we violated” Jason asked? “All women are to wear skirts and be accessible to men” he stated. “And what is the punishment for violating this law, since we did not know about the this law” Jason asked? If you did not know the law here, you should not have come here.

“This is my judgement. “ he said “You, for allowing the girls to wear inappropriate clothes, will be locked in the jail cell over night. The girls are to be taken to the stocks outside and stripped of all clothes and remain there for the night.” The men were taken down to different cells outside of the courtyard, in plain view of the stocks. The girls were taken to the courtyard, stripped, and placed in the stocks.

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