by Red Czar

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True Sex Story: After the big summer kickoff party, I got to feeling guilty about how things ended with Alex. I decided that I needed to show her that she meant more than just a quick bang at a pool party.

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The morning after my big summer kickoff party, I lay in bed just thinking of the day before. I’d started the day off with the most amazing sex with Morgan before anyone else even arrived. What a way to kick off my day. God, I wished she was there with me right then! Morgan was amazing, and eager, and let’s face it, horny as hell! We were a perfect match.

Later in the day, I’d also been that close to having sex with Maya. Who knew she had such an amazing body. I’d never realized her tits were so big! She’s usually strapped down in a leotard and sports bra when I see her. I never had any intention of trying to get her into bed, but we started kissing, one spot led to another, the next thing I knew I was standing over her naked asking to pull her bikini bottoms off. I shouldn’t have asked. I should have just gone for it. “Never give them time to think” my brother always told me. Still, the sight of that girl naked was burned into my mind. I definitely needed to see her again. Preferably naked.

Then there was Alex. All afternoon she kept saying she wasn’t going to sleep with me, she wasn’t going to sleep with me. By the end of the night she was begging me to fuck her. And I was more than happy to oblige! We had our clothes off. I pushed my cock into her, busting her cherry. Then just as I was ready to start pumping her brains out, my dad comes banging on the door. Talk about a mood killer. Alex panicked and had her bikini back on before I could even finish answering my dad and getting rid of him. After that there was no convincing her to get back on the bed and finish what we had started. I was so frustrated. Time for a cold shower.

Later that day, as I was hanging out by my pool, my neighbor Julie came over to join me for a while. Julie lived right next door, so often, if we weren’t hanging by her pool, we were probably hanging by mine. We compared notes about the party and all the action we had both seen over the course of the day. There were people hooking up, or at least trying to, all over the place. Julie had seen at least three couples disappear into the changing booths on the patio. We recounted who we saw hitting on who, who was successful, and who we saw getting shot down.

Of course, Julie then had to start poking at me about who I was hooking up with yesterday. I told her, nobody. Julie, of course, knew better than that. She’d seen me slip off with Maya after the bee sting and take a lot longer than necessary to return to the party.

“It doesn’t take that long to pull out a stinger and put on a band-aid” Julie said.

“No!” I declared. “We had to put some medicine on it, and get some ice to keep the swelling down...”

She interrupted “Yeah I know what was swelling, and you weren’t trying to keep it down!”

I gaped at her in mock surprise that she would even say such a thing.

“NOTHING ... HAPPENED...” I said.

She smiled and answered back “Yeah whatever you say ... What about Alex? I saw you disappear with her for a long time at the end of the night too”

I smiled back at her, and again said “nothing ... happened”

She just looked at me, shook her head, and said “You’re such a horndog, I feel sorry for those girls”

“What? Why?” I asked.

She answered “They come to a party to swim and tan and have some fun, and end up going home with everybody thinking they just hopped into bed with you. Not good for the reputation”

“NOBODY HOPPED IN BED!” I protested again.

“Yeah okay.” She replied.

Thinking about it

Over the next couple of days, I was able to get my hormones under control, and I started to think about what Julie had said. Maya and Alex were awesome girls, I didn’t want everyone thinking they just hopped in bed with me while everyone waited out on my deck, even though they kind of did. God, how embarrassing. True, I did throw that party solely in hopes of getting laid as much as I possibly could in one day, and in the moment, I was all about getting busy with both of them, but I never intended to turn them into sluts in the process.

I really started thinking about Alex. We actually did do it. Barely. And that was her first time! What a crappy way to lose your virginity. One, two, three pumps and done. So now when she told people how she lost her virginity her story would be “I was at a party, he stuck it in me twice and then his dad came banging on the door”. That sucks! She really got screwed in more ways than one.

Alex had told me to call her on the Friday, and I had every intention of doing exactly that, but she started texting me the very next day. Nothing dramatic, just simple little things. ‘The party was fun’, ‘I had a good time’, ‘We should get together’. Nothing at all about our “alone time”. With every text I was feeling guilty. I wanted to get together with her again, but it seemed like anything that I did would look like I was just trying to get in her pants again. I was, but I didn’t want her to think that.

The whole thing got me thinking about Julie. Julie and I had a very similar situation. Our first time was the first time for both of us. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. It was fast and clumsy, and not romantic in any way. We both loved it, but it wasn’t the story you want to tell as your first time. What Julie now tells people was her first time, was actually our second time, it was much more romantic and intimate. We took our time and made it last, not just a rushed hump on the side of the bed. I decided to do something I never do. I would ask Julie for advice.

I generally have a hard and fast rule that I never tell anyone what goes on between myself and any of the girls I sleep with, except Julie. Even if the girl wants to tell all, I just keep my mouth shut. I have never told even my best friends anything. They all figured out that Alyssa and I were having sex because we dated for six months. Of course, Alyssa also told some of her friends all the naughty details, and you know how gossip like that spreads through a high school. However, no one ever got a single detail from me. So, this was a rare case.

I invited Julie over and told her what had happened with me and Alex. Julie is the only person in the world who I have ever spoken with about these things. When she heard my story, she just cringed, and laughed. I mean it was funny, but only because my dad’s timing was SO bad. Julie agreed with me that I couldn’t just leave things like that. But I couldn’t just invite Alex over to finish what we started either. How much of a dick move would that be! So, I asked Julie what she thought I should do. She thought about it, and came back to me the next day with a great idea.

A day at the mall

Julie came up with the idea that I should do the same thing with Alex that I had done with her, make the second time, her first time, again. I should take the time to create a special occasion that was slow, and romantic, and all about her. Make her feel that she was super special to me, not just some little slut who got banged at a summer pool party.

Julie and I talked some more about how I could accomplish this plan, and she came up with the most amazing idea. She even agreed to help me pull it off. She would set up all the surprises, and I would take Alex out for an amazing day of fun and romance.

I texted Alex and asked her if she would spend the day with me on Friday. The whole day, just the two of us. Alex agreed, and then closed out the conversation with the same thing she loved to say to me every time. “I’m NOT going to sleep with you”

I smiled. That’s just fine.

Alex and I met at the mall just as planned. I know, how romantic can the mall be? Well, our mall is huge, it has just about everything you can imagine, and for two kids without a car it’s the perfect place to have some fun. When I saw her, I gave her a big bear hug and a kiss.

She said to me “You’re in a good mood!”

I replied “Of course I am, I’m with a beautiful girl, and I have an awesome day planned for us!

She looked at me rather skeptically, but off we went.

Our first stop was go-karts! Yes, there is a go-kart track at our mall. We took a few turns racing around, laughing, screaming, chasing each other around the track, and crashing into walls. Of course, I let her win, because you always let your date win so she can gloat over you for the rest of the day. She was so proud of what a great driver she was, even though she spent more time against the wall than on the track. It was awesome.

Next, off to the other end of the mall for Ice skating. This was especially good because, even though I am a gymnast and can do flips and twists and all sorts of fun tricks, I can’t ice skate to save my life. Alex spent the next hour holding me up, helping me up, and trying her best to teach me how to stay alive on the ice. There were a lot of times when we had to stop and just hold on to each other. When I wasn’t flat on my ass, we were holding hands, pulling each other close and stealing kisses.

We then wandered about the mall holding hands and wrapping our arms around each other. We went on the Merry-go-round. We went on the Ferris Wheel, a great place for making out by the way. We played video games. We played pool, also good for getting up nice and close and all over each other. All in all, it was an awesome time. We left smiling and holding hands.

After the mall, we stopped for lunch at her favorite place then headed to my house once again. The patio area was set up exactly as Julie and I had discussed, although it was hard to see any differences in the bright afternoon unless you were looking for them. Julie had also covered up and hidden some of the “special effects” that she had planned for us.

I needed a little bit of help to pull off our special evening and since it was all Julie’s idea, she was excited to take care of everything. Julie enlisted the help of her boyfriend, and Hannah, Alex’s best friend. While Alex and I were at the mall all day, Julie was setting up the patio area by my pool. Hannah dropped by Alex’s house and picked up some special items from there as well. Luckily, by the time Alex and I returned from the mall, everything was all set up.

I retired to my bedroom to change into swim trunks. I surprised Alex by not inviting her to come along and help, which totally surprised her.

I told her “You can change in the downstairs bathroom, I’ll be right back.” Then I gave her a smile and slipped away.

We met back on the deck for an afternoon of swimming and tanning. Alex looked incredible in the tiny bikini she had put on. A bright pink top that must have been two sizes too small for her. It certainly showed off her breasts. She had such an amazing body. The bottoms were also about as tiny as they could get, really just a little orange triangle tied on with the thinnest dental floss I have ever seen. When I saw her, I was speechless. She slowly walked up to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me long and hard. And what did she say as my hands started to slide down her back and over that incredible ass?

“I’m NOT going to sleep with you”

Afternoon by the pool

At that point, I was ready to cancel all the evening plans and whisk her up to my room so she could NOT sleep with me right then. Somehow, I managed to hold myself back. Not from her, just from throwing her down on one of the lounge chairs and banging her senseless.

In the pool, that was a whole different story. There was a lot of kissing and touching and feeling. I had my hands all over that incredible body. I felt up those tits, even pulling that tiny top aside once or twice to get my mouth on those hard nipples. Alex didn’t protest at all. She moaned, she held me tight, but she never once said to stop.

A couple of times, she got rather bold herself and plunged her hand right down inside my suit. She just reached right in and grabbed herself a handful of cock. She didn’t say anything, just leaned against me and mmmmmmmmmmmmoaned. She untied my suit, loosened the waistband and explored. She hadn’t done that at the last party.

She played and touched and started to stroke. Seriously, to hell with the bedroom, I wanted to fuck her right then and there IN the pool. When I slipped my hand down into HER suit, she whispered the same thing in my ear one more time. “I’m still NOT going to fuck you Zane”. I kissed her and slipped a finger into her. She let out a gasp. I thought to myself, are you sure about that?

We stayed like that for a long time, leaning up against the side of the pool with her hand down my pants and my fingers in her pussy. Alex moaned and whimpered as I fingered her, forgetting every once in a while, that she had my cock in her hand. She would just go limp as she let out long, soft, but intense moans while I pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. I wasn’t able to quite get her off as there were constant interruptions.

There was a delivery guy. One of our phones would ring, although we mostly ignored those. We kept thinking someone was coming in the back gate. All shades of the party, just waiting for my dad to come banging on the door. Luckily, no fear of that, he was off playing golf all day, but still not the perfect scenario.

This went on for a long time, but eventually we made our way out of the pool. We toweled off and together climbed up on one of the big comfy lounge chairs, lying in each other’s arms kissing and touching anything we could. We ate. We tanned. I rubbed lotion ALL over her. Every last inch of her. I encouraged her to tan topless, which she actually did for a while. I of course just lay there staring at her as her tits rose and fell with every breath.

Later in the afternoon, just as the sky was beginning to darken, I heard a knock and the back gate. Alex and I both got up, and in walks Julie and her boyfriend. They were all decked out like they were going to the Prom. Julie looked amazing, they both did. Not tuxes and Prom gowns, but a nice suit and a beautiful dress. Alex and I both got up and looked them over. When Alex asked what the special occasion was, Julie said they were going to a special formal party, it was a big surprise.

Then, another knock at the gate, and in comes Hannah and her boyfriend, also all dressed up for a big formal party. Now Alex was beginning to suspect something was up. I told her “Why don’t you go with Julie and Hannah, they have a surprise for you. The guys and I will wait here.

Julie and Hannah led Alex through the gate and went next door to Julie’s house. They told Alex that I had arranged for all of us to go to a special party for the night, and I wanted it to be a big surprise for her. Hannah had gone to Alex’s house earlier in the day and picked out one of her favorite, sexiest fancy dresses and had it at Julie’s house to change into. Alex was definitely surprised. The girls just screamed and giggled and talked about the whole thing while Alex got changed. At least that’s what Julie told me later. Alex didn’t know what to say the whole time.

I left the other two guys downstairs and went to my room to change into something nice before the girls came back. I got back down to the patio, uncovered all of the special arrangements and turned on the lights and music. Julie and her helpers had decked out the whole place with colored and twinkling Christmas lights, flowers, candles and all sorts of fancy decorations, the place looked like a tiny ballroom under the stars. It was incredible what they had done with my deck in just a few hours!

The girls came back through the gate and just screamed and went wild. Their mouths dropped at the sight of the place.

I went over and took Alex by the hand, then in my arms, and said “Surprise!”

She said to me “Oh my god Zane what is all of this?”

I pulled her away from the rest of the crowd and explained to her, quietly so no one else could hear.

“Look, I felt really awful about how things ended at the party last week. My dad barging in on us like that. I didn’t want you to feel like just another hookup at some summer pool party. I wanted you to know you ARE special to me and I wasn’t just using you to...”

She smiled so big, and said “Oh my god Zane that is so sweet! I never thought you were using me for anything! This is amazing I can’t believe you did all this for me!”

I whispered in her ear “Well ... I didn’t want the story of your first time to be one stroke, bang, over. It should be more special than that.”

She whispered back at me “Awwwww, you still think I’m going to sleep with you, aint that sweet”

I just smiled back at her.

She whispered in my ear again “Not gonna happen cutie. Remember? I’m NOT going to sleep with you”

This time I whispered back “That’s okay, I wasn’t expecting you to”

From there the night continued on. The six of us danced and sang to the music. We took pictures just like prom, it was hilarious. We ordered pizza and wings, Julie “borrowed” a couple unfinished bottles of wine from her house so we had a little bit to drink. It was like an awesome mini prom for just the six of us. Julie had outdone herself.

We imitated all of the typical Prom clichés, Alex of course was elected Prom queen, we gave her a Burger King crown, she wore it with pride all night. Alex and I had our special dance. Then the other two couples did as well. I know the others had just as much fun, but I considered it a private party just for me and Alex the whole time. By the end of the night she had her arms around my neck and wouldn’t let go. We slow danced tight and close with her head on my shoulder. We kissed a lot, and she just kept telling me how sweet I was, and how wonderful this was, and how she couldn’t believe I did all this just for her.

By this time it was late. Hannah’s dad arrived to drive Hannah, her boyfriend and Alex home. Julie’s boyfriend was able to drive himself. Alex pulled me close, gave me a big kiss and said

“I wish I didn’t have to go”.

I said “Sorry sweetie. It’s not a real Prom. I couldn’t get us a hotel room”.

She smiled and said “damn, that’s a shame”

I said “Sorry, I’m NOT gonna sleep with you tonight” and grinned right back at her.

She smiled at that and the three of them left.

After we saw them off Julie came over and whispered to me “THAT was incredible! I wish some guy would do that for ME! ... if she doesn’t sleep with you now then she’s never going to”. Julie and her boyfriend then left. I cleaned everything up and called it a night.


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