Rich White Lady, Becomes Her Black Maid Whore

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2018 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: A Black Maid takes control of White boss

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   BDSM   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   .

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Miram was a large black single lady and maid to a rich white lady and her two daughters for almost five years now. They treated her as nothing but a domestic servant. Get this, clean this, do this. She hadn’t even had a pay raise in the whole time, and when she tried to bring it up, all Jennifer would tell her is she was lucky to have a job these days. If she weren’t alone, she would have quit earlier; however, it was hard for an older black lady, especially on the chubby side to get a job.

It was Friday evening, and the daughters had gone to stay with friends and drink, which they always did. Miram was tired from another hard day at work, and Jennifer was always trying to get her out earlier on Friday’s for some reason.

A package always arrived that day, and she wouldn’t let anybody open it; however, Miram had noticed as she departed that she quickly grabbed it as she was heading out. She got about a block from the house when she noticed that she had left her chequebook at Jennifer house and although she hated to go back, started back to get it.

The door was unlocked, so she decided to quietly let herself in, get the purse, and get out before anyone thought up something for her to do. She heard sounds in the living room on the way to the kitchen and glanced in. There was Jennifer nude on the couch with her legs over the arms and masturbating her pussy. She was watching a movie on TV.

Miram could see the movie was about a large black lady dominating several smaller white girls, paddling their asses and commanded them to do things. At first, she thought she would continue to get her chequebook and then she thought that maybe this was her chance to get back at all of them. If she enjoyed watching black ladies beating up on whites, perhaps she could dominate her ass like she was watching. Her pussy was getting excited at the thought as she noticed Jennifer was rubbing harder as she was watching and moaning at the same time.

Removing all her clothes, Miram waited until Jennifer had quit masturbating her clit and was starting to put a finger in her cunt. This was her chance while the bitch was at her peak. She walked in totally nude and stood to the side of the sofa with hands on her side and looked down at the surprise and embarrassed look on Jennifer’s face. Her hand stopped immediately in her pussy as she froze.

“What do we have here? A white girl who loves to watch black women beat their white asses. Well, what do you have to say, bitch?” Jennifer was stunned and caught. She had always worshipped the thought of being a slave to a black lady, But her maid.

The tone of Miram voice and her need to climax was too much, and she admired the beauty of Miram naked body standing over her. “Yes Ma’am, I am a worthless white trash whore,” Her finger started going in her pussy again as she was staring at Miram large and hairy pussy.

“Quit playing with your cunt,” Miram said slapping her firm white tit and get your white ass on the floor right now.

Jennifer immediately got up and fell to the floor on her knees, face in the carpet with her ass high up as she had seen in movies. Miram sat on the sofa and looked down admiring the body of her ex-boss.

Jennifer and was getting excited at her easy control of her. If she played her cards right, she could be fit for life and own this bitch. She had sex with women before when she was younger but never a white lady, and especially one she could abuse. She leaned down and slapped her ass several times.

“Tell me what you need you white piece of trash.

“I need my ass spanked, Ma’am,” said Jennifer. “I needed to be treated like a whore like the ladies in the movies and served a black mistress. I want to be her slave and toy. Please abuse me as a white whore for your use. I want to lick your pussy and ass.”

Miram grinned and knew she had won. She slapped her ass a couple more times. “If you are my whore, everything you own will be mind, and you will serve me full time as a maid slave. Do you understand whore?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Jennifer needed this bad. She had dreamed and watched movies for years on it. Her daughters were old enough to get their jobs and leave home. She was bored with her life and did nothing except work and come home to sleep. She had few friends because she had boss them around. She wiggled her ass. “Yes Ma’am, you can have anything you want. Treat me as your whore and slave.”

Miram smiled and started to slap her white ass in earnest while Jennifer was squirming underneath. Her ass was turning red quickly, and Miram was teasing her telling her she was worthless white trash which the only purpose in life was serving black women.

Jennifer had tears in her eyes from the pain and humiliation, but gosh it felt so good she could not stop. Her ass was wiggling with each slap, and she started begging, Miram to please stop and she would do anything she wanted. Miram finally ceased and put her foot in front of Jennifer’s face. “Lick it good slut while I toy with you.

Jennifer started lapping at the foot like a dog while her ass was moving in response to Miram rubs. Miram reached down to her cunt lips and grabbed her pussy hairs and started to tug on them listening to Jennifer groans underneath.

As she worked her way up to her round white ass, she gripped the fine hairs of her ass and started tugging on that also. The groans were louder down below, but she could feel the tongue working her foot over more in earnest now.

Her brownie hole between the cheeks was too much for Miram to resist and she stuck her finger deep inside the already moist opening with little resistance. The ass was wiggling more trying to get the finger in deeper, so she inserted another one to slow it down some.

“Whose ass is this now slave?”

“Your mistress,” Jennifer whispered in-between laps of her foot.”

Miram withdrew both fingers and told Jennifer to get on her knees in front of her. She grabbed her hair pulling her head back and told her to open her mouth as shoved both fingers that had been in her ass in it. She was commanded to clean them as if they were a big black cock. When she had done so, she gripped her head and pushed it into her hairy crotch and told her to lick her till she said to stop.

At first, the smell of the wet and soaking cunt was strong, but Jennifer was obsessed and started lapping and twisting her tongue all along the clit. Her hand was starting to roam down to her pussy which needed relief soon as her head was suddenly lifted and slapped by her mistress.

“No playing with your pussy without my permission,” she said and pushed her head back to her cunt. Her clit had never felt so good in years from the tonguing she was receiving at present and didn’t take her long to come. She got up and turned around presenting Jennifer a close-up view of her big hairy asshole.

Gripping her by her ears, she pulled her face deep inside the crack and told her to clean her ass and she would get much practice at it At first, Jennifer teased it rimming her tongue around the edge but soon was using it as a dildo deep inside the asshole as her mistress let go of her ears and started to rub her cunt with her fingers. Miram climax and put her fingers between her legs so Jennifer could clean all the cunt juice on them.

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