School Punishment

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Fiction Sex Story: Brother and sister start a new school with a very strict dress code.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Brother   Sister   Light Bond   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   .

James and his sister Jamie are starting a new school, their parents having moved them to a small town. Unlike their old school, all grades were in one location though they were in separate buildings. At Jackson ISD, unknown to them, all students are under strict dress codes. Girls, unless they are during their period, wear only their shoes and socks. Boys wear shorts by only or their underwear shoes and socks. Punishments, for the elementary kids, range from simple spankings, ether bare handed or with a paddle, supination. Junior high schoolers, range from fondling by admission staff for the girls, and for the boys spanking plus having to attend all remaining classes, for the day, naked or longer if demented needed. High school students, range from the punishment booth for girls, and spanking and going to classes naked for the rest of the day or being expelled.

On their first day of school James and Jamie had to be at school a half hour early, for orientation. Both of them had were their nicest clothes, wanting to make a good impression. The principal took them on a tour of the building and grounds so that they could find their way around the school. Ten minutes before school was to start, he brought them back to his office. He began to explain the school rules and dress code to them. Both their mouths dropped open and they just looked at him. I don’t think so. You can’t make us do that! It is school policy. The reason for this dress code is to have the students concentrate on their learning and not their attire. But if girls have to be naked then why do boys get to keep their underwear or shorts on. He said that’s because boys of this age can’t control their erections. It is very hard for boys to walk around naked with an erection, it can be quite painful to them.

Jamie said I refuse to go naked, it’s just too embarrassing. You’ll get used to it, by the end of the day you probably won’t even notice it he said. She said I won’t be naked ether I won’t. The principal said you will or you will be in the punishment booth. What punishment booth she asked? I will show you. He took her down the hall to the next room. This is the punishment booth. You will be striped naked and strapped into it and every one on the staff come in now and then throughout the day and fuck you. Because you are a freshman in high school they don’t have to limit themselves to your pussy ether, they can fuck you in your pussy or your mouth or even your ass. Now are you going to strip or be stripped.

With a resigned voice she said I’ll strip, she wasn’t going to let anyone do that to her. Good the principal said, you can always wear your clothes to school and change in the room by the front door, there are lockers there. For today you will come back here before you go home.

James’s first class was biology. There was two girls and six boys in the class, including himself. The teacher Mr. Jones asked him how much he knew about human anatomy. Not much since my last school hadn’t covered that yet. As the new student I want you and miss Jackson here he said, pointing to a girl in the back of the room, to come to the front of the room. When they were both at the front of the class, he told miss Jackson, Penny he later learned, alright now he said looking at James I want you to point out her breast. He did, being careful not to touch her improperly. Go ahead and touch them she is used to it. He touched her lightly, then the teacher said to point out her nipples and he touched them lightly as well. Now I want you to point out her vagina, he was even lighter when he touched her there. Yes and no, the teacher said, the vagina is actually here he said as he opened the flower of her pussy lips. The vagina is actually opening here. Okay now I want you to point out her clit. I don’t know that word James said. The teacher pointed to s little nub at the top of her sex. James said oh at my old school we called that a love button. I will accept that it is just a another word for it. He then told James to rub it. He did so until she had her climax. When her climax was over, the teacher asked her was that good for you? She said it was the best she had had since school had let out for the summer. Good he said maybe you should reward this young man for his efforts, James’s underwear was bulging from his dick being so hard, it looks like he needs it. She kneeled down in front of him lowered his underwear and began to jack him off. Just as he was about to come, she put the head of his cock just inside her mouth so that his come shot into her mouth.

After class he talked to Penny as they went to their next class. It turned out they had the same classes except for one. He did apologize to her for any embarrassment she may have gotten from their last teacher. His apology alone seemed to take her by surprise. She told him that no one had ever apologize for what a teacher had made them do to her before. He told her that he had never been put in that situation before ether. He told her he would like to do something that would make it up to her. She told him that her orgasom was payment enough for her, it was very very good, and she would like him to do it again sometime. The next class was english, the teacher had each of them stand at the front of the class and read.

The third class was history, unlike any other history class he had ever had, in this one they were supposed to act it out. A lot of the history that was taught was also, in James’s opinion, myths about the Greek gods and such. Nothing interesting happened until the end, he couldn’t remember who the two were supposed to be, they began to have sex right there in the room with everyone watching. He turned to Penny and asked if this kind of thing happened often. She said yeah most of us ignore it. Those two have been dating as long as anyone can remember. They do that a lot even on the school bus. I don’t think their parents allow them to date outside of school, so they just do it as often as they can in school. Nothing happened that until the end of school. But I will get to that later in the story.

Jamie’s first class was english, she tried to be the last one in the class, so that she could try to get a seat away from anyone else. Unfortunately for her the class was full she ended up having to sit with guys all around her. The teacher like with James class they all had to stand in front of the class and read. Embarrassed at being naked, she did her best to hide herself from everyone’s view. All it actually did was to draw attention to herself. They could see how unlike other girls she didn’t shave her the hair around her pussy. Also by her nervousness they could also tell didn’t like being naked in front of others. Some of the boys who would be in her next class with her decided they would tease her then.

Her next class was gym, while all the boys were ether playing basketball or running laps, the girls had to do jumping jacks and cartwheels and handstands. While they did their handstands the coach would walk through them, correcting this or that in their technique. Jamie was pretty sure he did this so he had an excuse to touch their privates. After class they were told to go get showered. Most of the girls had one or two guys watching or helping them clean themselves. Not Jamie, she had six and they weren’t helping her. The guys around her were just trying to feel her breast or pussy or her ass. Making her drop her soap, then pinching her butt. One guy even came up behind her, when she was bent over picking up her soap, and put his hard cock between her legs rubbing his cock over her pussy lips but not in her, for which she was thankful. The boys finally left and she was able to finish rinsing.

When she left the shower room, the coach came up to her. Without a word he took her to the punishment booth. She exclaimed what am I being punished for! Several of the boys made a claim that you were hogging the soap and not let them use it, so now you get the booth. But I didn’t do anything, they were trying to mess with me. They said you were the one acting up. There six boys who told me you were the one messing around. With six saying one thing and only one saying anything different which would you believe. In this case I am the one telling the truth. Doesn’t matter six to one, and you are the one. Besides it won’t be so bad, you get to skip the rest of your classes. But I don’t want to skip any classes this is my first day at this school. Then it will be special for you then won’t it. All she could say was please don’t do this, as she was being strapped down in the chair.

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