Dogs R Us

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2018 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: A woman and her mother become sexual playthings for her next-door neighbour and her teenage son.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   BDSM   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   .

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Both my neighbour (June) and me (Sandy) were both divorce wives living on our divorce settlements and pensions. My neighbour was in her late 30s, and I was 25. Of course, my pension was a lot more since I had been married to a well-educated man while hers was, I had to admit, a bum.

My mother, however, thought she was the greatest thing in the world and spent all her time over there visiting instead of visiting with me. That’s was okay since I didn’t want her company anyway. She was always complaining about my lifestyle.

It had all started after my dog had poo her yard. One thing led to another, and we ended in a shouting match with her demanding I clean it up or she would shove my face in it. Her 18-year-old son (Tom), was sitting on the swing laughing at me. I countered with my own; calling her a chubby bitch that needed her butt spanked and her brat kid taught a lesson.

I turned around and was about to start walking towards the house when she kicked me as hard as she could between my legs. Gripping my pussy from the pain her foot had caused, I doubled over.

Before I realised it, she put her foot in my ass and pushed my face down on the ground. My dress was up over my waist with my panty ass exposed to her son. I started to cover it when she pounced on my back with her ass weight holding me down and began to slap my big butt.

At first, I started cursing and screaming at her, but the slaps were getting harder, and I couldn’t protect my ass with my hands around her big butt. All I could do was swat at the ground in desperation. I couldn’t find something to pull or pinch. It must have been a pretty sight to her son with my panty ass bouncing all over trying to avoid the slaps. Soon the pain was unbearable, and I started to cry and beg her to stop. She stopped but not due to my misery.

She called her son to come over and pull my panties off and see what a slut ass look like after it had been spanked. Again, I couldn’t do anything except kick, which was to no avail as he was eager to please his mother. He sat on my hind legs, remove his belt and started walloping my big red ass.

It was too much as the pain started from the belt. The kid was extremely cruel hitting with full force while I begged and cried for pity. She made me beg to serve them as slut and slave, which I did immediately to avoid any more hits. Her son soon had his pants unzipped and with his mother encouragement shoved his fat prick enter my asshole. I try to protect it by clenching as hard as I could, but it made it way in with his full weight behind it.

At first, the pain was unbearable, but the kid was good at slow pumping. As much as I hated it, I found myself getting wet between the legs.

June and her son then got up before I came and told me to remove all my clothing. Hell with that I thought, “I going to call the police,” I said. I got halfway up when her son struck me across the tits with the belt causing me to scream my lungs out. His mother at the same time gripped my hair in a bundle with her hands and repeated her command.

Fearing for myself, I started unbuttoning my dress and drop it to the ground. I then removed my bra. June pushed me back to the ground and told me I better suck her son cock clean, or I’ll get the belt across my big tits again. By now, I was in heat myself and didn’t need any more slaps with the belt, so I complied and gave the little bastard my best blowjob in years. He was calling me a bitch and whore, which was also getting me, excited from the humiliation.

His mother placed a dog choker around my neck while I was servicing him and told me if her son pulled too hard it could break my skinny neck. I knew what a choker was. I had used it myself to train my dog and knew it choked them till they obeyed.

I heard a car dog slam at my house and was trying to get up when the little bastard pulled the choker and demanded I get on all fours. I had no choice but to obey while his mother said she would go and see whom it was. The brat jumped on my back and slapped my ass telling me to get crawling like a good little doggie or he’ll pull the choker harder this time. I refused to bark at first, into till the slaps got worse and I had to.

When we returned to the house still crawling, I was surprised to find June standing there holding my mother by the hand. I started to yell for help as June told pushed her head to the ground with her ass sticking high up. I could hear her slapping her large ass as arrived and knew no relief was in sight.

Mother was moaning and thanking her for slapping her ass. June got up and retrieved my choker lease from Tom and said: “Son your doggie whore is home.” Laughing Tom got up off my back; he then walked over to my mother’s and push her down so her ass was sticking up. He lifted her dress up over her shoulder and pulled her panties down to her ankles. He then shoved his dick in her ass like he did mine earlier. With each shove, she would bark and whine like a dog as I watched in the humiliation of her. June was laughing and told her to moan louder.

She turned to me, “Your mother has been our doggie slave for a year, and we have trained her good as you can tell. She is very good at lapping my pussy and ass. Tom enjoys shoving his cock into her ass whenever he wants. You two are going to make a nice pair of bitches for us. Now be a good little doggie and your ugly face in my ass and lap well before I get my belt.”

I slowly got behind her as she lifted her dress and pulled her panties down. I pushed my face in her smelly ass and started to lap it like my dog. She shouted encouragement at me telling me what a good little doggie I was. After a while, she turned around, and I shoved my face into her cunt and continued my lapping to please my new mistress.

She finally came all over my face; Mom was now naked as I was with a choker around her neck also. June and Tom led us to each other and told us it was time for the doggies to smell each other asses. We obeyed without question and shoved our noses in each other butts. Our mistress and master then led us dog slaves into the house by our choker leases with mother in front and me trailing with a full view of her ass.

Like my mother, I was in heat and needed mating. My cunt was on fire, and that brat of a kid had something I needed. When we got in June sat on the couch holding my leash while Tom decided he was going to show me tricks I’d better get used to doing.

Mother had to crawl to the centre of the room with Tom patting her head. He demonstrated several commands.

Heel - On knees, hands bend forward, mouth open for servicing his cock. He slid it in her mouth several times for the effect.

Present - Head down, ass up, He had already used that one, but I had a better view of it now.

Pet- Mother, rubbed her face in his ass or cock for his amusement.

Fetch - Mother crawled after a ball and brought it back to him.

Lap - Mother lapped his feet with her tongue in long strides.

Heat - Mother laid on her back and lifted her legs up and spread and started panting.

The last command was Tom cue to enjoy himself again as he said the rest could wait for now. He got down on the floor and plunged his cock into her pussy in one swift motion while she kept panting. Both that kid could get a hard-on. It hadn’t been but 20 minutes since last time, and he was hard again.

June had been rubbing her cunt the whole time I was watching and now decided she wanted some action too. She pulled my lease and pushed my face into her crotch. She masturbated on my nose for several minutes and then commanded me to satisfy her, which I oblige.

I was hot myself and hoping her son would come over and shove his cock in my pussy, but he was too preoccupied with mother whom I could hear panting louder. When she had come on my face, she went to the kitchen and returned with two clothesline clips and a black dildo. She then pulled my erect nipples and clamped each one.

The pain was severe, but my urge to come was more, She then had me bend down and pushed the cock hard up my ass. “Time to earn your meal,” she said and told me to crawl around the room and wiggle my an ass like a dog. She followed behind, and if I didn’t shake to her satisfaction, she slapped my ass.

Tom by now had sat on the couch and mother was lapping him all over. He was laughing at me and telling his mother that my ass was too small. They would have to fatten it for his pleasure, Once the plug slipped out, and June made me pick it up in my mouth and give it to her for reinsertion.

When it was in, I got to lap her ass back to the couch as she sat done. “Let’s have the doggies enjoy themselves,” she said and pointed to a pair of tennis shoes on the floor. “Doggies get over there and rub your pussies on the shoes; You have 5 minutes.”

Both mother and I crawled in haste to the shoes and began rubbing are pussy on them. After we had gotten off on an old pair of tennis shoes. June and Tom used us for about an hour more before sending us home.

Mother and I were to become permanent full-time dog slaves for them and would be moving in tomorrow. Mother was thrilled, while I was thinking of ways to escape without the whole world knowing about my humiliation. They had plenty of photo shoots to show.

On the way, I had to pick up the dog poo and move it to my yard. When I got home that night, I couldn’t sleep hardly at all. Everything I thought about the experience of the day, I got horny and started to masturbate.

The next morning, I got dressed and went to work probably looking like I had been in a thunderstorm. Work was no better. All day, I was looking at people asses wondering what it would be like. My panties were wet, and I was trying to avoid close contact. I knew then I was hooked and was delighted when my new mistress called at noon to see how I was doing. I whined on the phone in a doggie voice while she told me not to be late today.

When I arrived home, I went immediately to her house and knocked on the door. When she said to come in, I was surprised to find her nude with a giant strap-on dildo in front and applying k-y jelly to it.

“Present,” she said as I dropped to the floor with my head on the carpet and ass high in the air. She walked behind me and lowered my slacks to my knees and then my wet panties. She teased me on of being such a doggie in heat for her mistress and then shoved the dildo up my ass in two swift motions. I whined and barked in pleasure, knowing my ass would never be the same again. For now, it belonged to her, and I was in my proper place.

Tom and mother came in from outside about the time June had finished rimming my ass. Mother was crawling naked behind him with a bit in her mouth and collar on. Tom told his mother she had been bad and didn’t do her new tricks very good. June made me get undressed and crawl to her and lap her face like a dog while she got a belt and laid it on her ass real good.

She was then instructed to get up and prepared a meal for her while Tom taught me some new tricks. Mother got up in tears with the bit still in and waddle in the kitchen nude. Tom took the belt from June while she sat to watch. I was told to do flips over my head, and when my ass reached the highest point, he would whack it with the belt saying too slow. I also had to crawl around on my belly while he hurried me along hitting me with the belt.

My tits were red from carpet burns, and when I reach June, she said treat time and put her foot in my mouth. “ We have cages prepared for out doggies tonight,” she said as I swallowed her foot whole in my mouth.

Mother finally arrived from the kitchen to announce dinner was ready. Tom made her get on all fours and resume dog position while June told me to bring her slippers to her. I crawled around the room, picked up the slippers in my mouth and returned.

She rewarded me with several pats on the head as we headed for the kitchen area. June and Tom both sat at the table during the meal, while mother and I had to eat ours from dog bowls on the floor at their feet. My butt was probed several times by June slipper as I lapped by food up beside mother.

After the meal, we were told to clean up the dishes and crawl back into the living room for instructions. During the dishes, mother and I were pinching each other on the ass. Both of us knew we were now committed and accepted to our new lifestyle and neither one of us spoke to the other. We return to the living room as requested. I was hoping that Tom would fuck me instead of my mother but knew I was June dog for the present.

June had us both put our heads on the floor while she explained our new requirements. Bathroom privileges were for them only. We would have to crawl to the dog and whine to go out to use the grass. Mother was to live with them full time as a maid and dog. I would keep my job and return here every night to resume my dog life till she is tired of me. They had already given away my real dog and had gotten all my clothes moved into their house.

Both mother and I were told to crawl to her on our bellies and lick her slipper while telling her what poor slut dogs we were. Tom came behind us while we were licking as started probing our ass with his fingers. He started telling his mother how they had to be looser if they wanted us to use the bathroom upon command.

I was humiliated and excited at the same time as I licked June’s feet, Tom soon got leashes as they led us out the door crawling to my house. We had to crawl into my flower bed, which I was very proud of and squat. June then instructed us we had 10 minutes to use the bathroom and clean our asses in the birdbath. A brush and bar of soap were placed on the side. Both she and Tom sat down and watched as we both took a dump on the flowers while straining to get done.

Mother being looser than me got done first as I had to wait on her to clean her ass and return to her master. To ensure we both were clean; June made us lick each other assholes. June ridiculed us telling us what assholes we were and their bitches. To prove it, her and Tom got on our backs and whacked our asses as we slowly crawled back to their house.

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