The Agreement

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young man has difficulty dealing with demands of liberated young woman he wishes to marry.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Indian Erotica   .

“You must listen to me! I’ve said that I would marry you but only with one condition. I must have a statement from you that is notarized saying that you do not expect sexual fidelity for the first two years of our marriage. It is not negotiable. Do you understand that?” said Madhura to Tamil.

The young man was shaking his head, “But why do you insist on such a thing?”

Madhura explained, “I am a virgin and my parents have been very restrictive with me since my sister went to college and became what they are calling a slut. I have promised them that I will not open myself to a man until my wedding night. I know that you have loved me since we were children and you will make a good spouse but you must understand my needs too.”

Tamil was unhappy, “I still do not understand.”

“The ability for me to choose to marry you is a big breakthrough for my traditional family. They still believe in arranged marriages. You are so well known to them that they have agreed.”

The young people had practically grown up together and their families had known one another for many years.

She sought to reassure him, “I am not heartless in this request. Nothing would happen until we are settled into being husband and wife. I would also do my best to make sure you were not aware of anything less you wanted to know. I would choose carefully because I do not want to damage our marriage.”

Tamila blurted out, “And you think that having sex with other men would not damage our marriage?”

Madhura quickly replied, “I believe that it will make it better. My older sister, who you know, said that her experience has enriched what happens in the bedroom for her and she is the one that I have talked with about this. She is ready to give further advice as I need it.”

The disturbed young man said he had to think about this more and went to speak with his grandfather. That man listened and posed the question back, “How much do you want this woman? We must always pay a price for something that we obtain of value. I will tell you from my experience that meeting a woman’s needs, especially if they are deep-seated ones, will only increase their love for you. I can also tell you as one who visited prostitutes as a young man, that their parts showed no signs of wear and provided excellent pleasure. This careful request could be a great reward for you.”

While that made Tamil feel somewhat better, he was still not as happy as he expected to be approaching the wedding. The agreement was duly signed and not mentioned again. The wedding itself was quite traditional and the newlyweds took a train to a coastal city hotel where they were alone in a room with a bed for very first time.

The new bride had received guidance from her older sister and knew that she would have to take the initiative, but gently and tactfully. She showed him great affection as they looked out over the ocean from the balcony high up the hotel. She encouraged him to touch her and they kissed. Taking him back inside, she went into the bathroom and returned wearing a traditional belly dancer costume.

Starting some music on her phone she danced for him and he was enthralled. When she departed from the traditional dance by removing her garments piece by piece she could see that he was completely in her power. Part way through the dance she asked him to remove his clothing as well.

When they were both completely disrobed, she led him to the bed and began gently touching his body, the first male one she had ever had such complete access to. Likewise, she encouraged him to explore hers. She could feel the tingling and wetness between her legs and his interest was quite obvious, standing long against his belly. She didn’t know how it compared to others but she knew that it would feel quite large inside her.

Although she had used various toys and devices for her own sexual satisfaction, she’d carefully maintained her hymen so he would know that she was truly a virgin. Finally, she positioned him between her legs and guided his organ inside where it bumped against her virginal barrier. “Push hard. When it breaks it will hurt a little bit but I’m ready for that.” He did and she was and he pushed more and was fully embedded inside her.

“Oh my darling, you are now a man and I am a woman and we are a loving couple at last!” No more words were spoken as they learned how to move with each other.

When Tamil was no longer able to insert his lingam in her due to lack of rigidity, they showered and went to find dinner. Both of them realized how hungry they were but they skipped dessert in order to go back to the room.

It had gotten dark by then and Madhura led her new husband out to the balcony. “Oh my darling I have an idea. Let me lean over the railing and you can enter me from behind and we can make love while looking at all the lights of the city.” It was very pleasurable and with his well-drained condition they moved slowly together for very long time, just enjoying the gentle friction of their genitals and his hands fondling her breasts from behind.

Each of them awoke in the night and initiated more sex play. The next day they explored the city, returning to the room after lunch for an intense copulation before heading out again. Late that night they once again joined on the balcony and were able to see another couple a few rooms away doing the same thing. The women waved to each other in the dim light from the city below.

At breakfast a woman approached them, “I’m glad we are not the only ones who enjoy the view of the city.” Rohana introduced herself and asked if this stay was a special occasion. When informed that it was their honeymoon, she explained that it was their first wedding anniversary and they had also honeymooned at this hotel.

Rohana waved her husband Johar over. “May we join you for breakfast?” Introductions were made all around and the meal ordered. She said it would be their treat as a wedding gift.

The women connected during the meal and decided to check out the interesting shops in the area. The men said they would watch a big soccer match on the large screen in their room.

While the women were out they stopped for tea and biscuits. Rohana had a request that might seem strange but she sensed that Madhura was open-minded. “There is something that I have thought ever since our honeymoon but I have never found anyone who might help make it happen. It is unusual and if you don’t want to do it I will completely understand.”

Madhura was intrigued, “I try to be non-judgmental so go ahead and tell me about it.”

“I would like someone to video me and my husband making love.”

Madhura’s eyes went wide, then she burst out laughing. Rohana didn’t know how to interpret a reaction she hadn’t expected. Madura caught her breath and said, “What a GREAT idea! I will do it ONLY if you will do the same for us!”

The two women giggled as they planned this huge surprise for their husbands. They wanted to sneak up on them with this wild and crazy thing until the men could not resist even if they might want to. Madhura commented, “Tamil has eyed your bigger breasts whenever he thought I wouldn’t notice. He will love to see them uncovered.”

The women made a couple of purchases before they returned to the room. Although Hindi, they enjoyed wine and bought a big bottle for this occasion. None of them were strict practitioners so what the hell.

After dinner the men asked what the women wanted to do for entertainment. The conspirators looked at each other and replied that they wanted to go back to the room and show what they had purchased that day. Tamil made a face at the other husband and the women smirked. Boy oh boy, would they be surprised!

In the larger of the rooms, the women retired to the bathroom with their packages. Rohana told her husband to serve the wine while they prepared a “fashion show”.

When the bathroom door opened, there was belly dancing music playing from a smart phone and the two wives began the most seductive version they could manage. Their costumes were the briefest too with nearly transparent veils over their breasts. The men were in shock at first and then began hooting as the women swayed and swirled, coming teasingly close to each of the husbands but staying out of reach.

When the music finished, the husbands applauded and brought wine to the performers. They perched on their own husband’s knees and they swigged the wine as they rested, then started another song, this one even more erotically done. With the warning, “Hands off”, the women would press their breasts and buttocks against each of the husbands in various ways. The scent of their yoni’s became apparent.

When that song ended, Rohana took her husband’s hand and made him stand up. Madhura picked up the video camera and began shooting as Johar was undressed in front of them. When his erect lingam was uncovered his wife knelt down and sucked it briefly, then led him to the bed. “Uncover my treasures and share yours with me,” she ordered. He tasted her breasts and yoni and then plunged his shaft into her reddened and swollen female place.

MHadhura kept moving around and capturing the erotic scene from various vantage points and caught the finale as his lingam pulsed his seed inside her.

Tamil was enthralled at the spectacle and delighted when his wife handed the camera to Rohana and turned to him, “Now it is our turn to be movie stars.” They repeated the scenario they had just witnessed.

Resting, no one wanted to shower and wash away the tangible evidence of what had just transpired. After the wine was drunk with all still naked, and the men showed signs of recovery, Madhura spoke, “This was not in our original plan but I would propose that all of us get on the bed with the other spouse and have fun short of penetration. None of us have ever experienced another partner and I, for one, am terribly intrigued to feel the differences.” The other couple did not know of the Agreement she had.

The couples whispered to each other and all nodded. Each was so busy touching and tasting their new companion that they only stole occasional glances to see what their spouse was doing. The men put their mouths on the other wife’s yoni even though they had been inseminated not long before and later said it was an interesting taste.

When all had achieved at least one climax that way, Johan and Rohana dressed and said they would meet at breakfast.

After showering together and getting into the bed which had been the scene of such an erotic adventure, Tamil asked his new wife if she had wanted to have full intercourse with Johar. She grinned, “Probably as much as you wanted to put your lingam into Rohana.” Question answered.

The couples agreed to meet up next year for the anniversaries. Tamil thought of a vintage American movie titled “Same Time Next Year”. Not quite the same plot though.

Madhura was quite busy adjusting to life and love with her new husband for the first two months. Once things settled down and he was working so much she would put her Agreement into motion.

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