Nina's Day on the Boat

by Kevin and Nina

Copyright© 2018 by Kevin and Nina

True Sex Story: Nina's sister plots to have Nina service both her husband and his best friend.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   InLaws   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

I was looking through pictures of our cat. (he had just turned one. I was looking for some good ones that would show how big he’s gotten since we found him when he was about 4 weeks old.

We have pix of him on cameras and on our cell phones.

I asked Nina if I could look through the ones on her phone and she said ok.

I’m telling you this so you won’t think I was snooping through her phone.

Scrolling through all of the pictures, I came across one I had never seen.

It was my wife Nina, naked, bent over on a boat with one guy fucking her while she blew another.

I recognized the boat as her brother in law’s and I was pretty sure that he was the one fucking her.

I took the phone to where she was sitting on the couch and showed her the picture. I didn’t say anything,

I wanted to see her reaction.

It wasn’t that she’d done it. It was that she hadn’t told me about it.

She told me the story but I’m the one telling it here. She swears this is as close to the truth as she remembers it.

Her sister, Donna had invited us to go out on the boat for the day with them and a friend. At the last minute, something came up and I had to cancel.

I told her to go ahead. It wasn’t often that she got to go on the boat and it would be a chance for her to spend some time with her sister.

Donna and her husband Tom live about 2 hours from us in a town near the Tennessee river.

After cruising up and down the river a few times they pulled into a cove to do some swimming.

After awhile they climbed back on the boat to eat lunch and drink a few beers.

After lunch the girls went to the front of the boat to lay out and catch some rays.

They laid there for awhile and then her sister asked Nina if she’d mind if she (Donna) took off her top.

Nina reminded her that there was another man besides her husband Tom on the boat.

“Oh he’s seen me naked before. Normally when we go out on the boat we skinny dip when we go swimming.”

Her sister took off her top and laid on her back. In just a few moments she lifted her ass and pealed her bottoms off too.

Then she rolled over onto her stomach.

Nina lay there in her bikini for awhile until her brother in law came up front and asked it they wanted more drinks.

They both said yes but as he turned to go get them, her sister tossed him her suit and told him to hang it up for her so it would dry by time they got back to the dock.

She didn’t want to have to put her clothes on over a wet suit.

When Tom came back with the beers he asked Nina if she wanted him to hang up her suit too.

He said it so casually that it sounded like he was just trying to be nice by offering

She rolled over onto her stomach and reached around to untie her top.

She had to lift up a bit to side arm toss it to him.

Then she untied one side of her bikini bottom and pulled it out from underneath her. Then she tossed that to Tom too.

He went back to the back end of the boat to hang up the suits.

“Aren’t you just a little bit self conscious being naked around Tom’s friend?” Nina asked her.

“I’ve seen him naked too!” Donna said “They’re probably both bare assed naked back there too. We usually tie off here in this cove and go swimming for awhile.

Then we go naked after lunch to allow out swim suits to dry. Sometimes we go back in the water and sometimes we ... don’t”

Now Nina has had some wild adventures of her own. She’s been in gang bangs. She’s blown complete strangers just because.

She’s even been with another woman on more than one occasion, but she had no idea that her sister shared her sex drive. Maybe it’s genetic.

Nina had never told her sister about her extracurricular activities though.

Donna told Nina that she really needed to see Billy’s cock. She said it wasn’t thick but it was really long. Longer than Tom’s even.

“Well, I’ve never seen Tom’s dick so I wouldn’t know.”

“You wanna see?” Donna asked.

Before Nina could reply, Donna yelled out “Hey Guys! C’mon up here. My sister wants to compare your packages!”

Just as the guys came into view and revealed that they had indeed shed their swim trunks Nina squealed “No I don’t!” and dove back into the water.

Now, Nina has seen her fair share of hard-ons in her life and she enjoys the sight of a well built man as much as the next girl. but this was her sister’s husband. She didn’t feel like becoming another southern cliche’.

She was in the water with her back to the boat. She glanced over her shoulder and the three of them were standing on the boat laughing at her.

Donna was standing between Billy and Tom. She had her arms around both of their waists. All three of them were naked as the day they were born.

“What’re you doing?” Tom laughed “We don’t bite. C’mon back. I’m sure you’ve seen naked men before. Haven’t you?”

“Not my sister’s husband and his drinking buddy! That’s for damn sure!”

“Oh Billy and me are more than just drinkin’ buddies. We’re like brothers and we share everything. My boat, his beer, my wife, his wife. Ya know, everything.”

Nina looked over her shoulder again and saw that Billy had his arm draped over Donna’s shoulder and was fondling one of her tits. Donna had dropped her hand from his waist and Nina could tell that she was kneading his ass cheeks.

“Look” Donna said “We’re going to the back. Why don’t you climb back on board and dry off. We’re going to be heading back to the dock soon.

I’ll leave you a fresh beer.”

When it got quiet behind her, Nina turned and swam back to the boat. She used the short ladder hanging over the side and climbed up.

The first thing she saw was the beer her sister had left her. What she didn’t see was the towel she had been laying on earlier.

“Donna! What’d you do with my towel”

“It’s back here hanging up.”

“Could you bring it to me? Please.”

“Uhm, I’m kinda busy right now. Why don’t you come get it yourself?

Nina heard one of the guys laugh and then someone turned up the radio and she couldn’t hear them anymore.

She looked over the windshield of the cockpit and couldn’t believe what she saw.

Tom and Billy were sitting on the bench seat at the back of the boat and her sister was on her knees alternating between sucking on one cock while stroking the other and then switching back and forth between them. Donna was reaching back with her free hand and was working her clit.

It wasn’t the public sex that had Nina feeling uncomfortable. Hell, she’d done a lot worse than what she had just seen her sister doing. But that was her SISTER!

Her sister who, when they were younger had warned her about boys and what they wanted to do to girls or worse, what they wanted girls to do to them.

Her sister who, had once sworn that she would never let some boy put his “thing” in her mouth.

Of course, that was years ago when Donna was 13 and Nina had just turned 11.

Nina sat down with her back against the Plexiglas windshield.

The sun felt good on her skin and she noticed that the slight breeze had caused her nipples to harden.

She took a couple of sips from beer. Eventually she started to relax.

She figured that after she was finished entertaining the boys in back that Donna would realize that the joke had gone on long enough and bring her something to put on to cover herself.

She was snapped out of her mood when she heard Tom yell out “Nina, we’re fixin’ to head back. You need to get dressed”

“I’m not coming back there like this. Tell Donna to bring me my stuff.”

Suddenly, Tom’s voice was right in her ear. She looked up to see him in the cockpit leaning over and looking down at her naked body.

“Look, we’re heading back to the dock. Now, you can either come back here and get dressed or you can ride naked on the front of the boat all the way back to the marina.

It’s getting late so there will be a lot of other boats heading in at the same time. If you want to put on a show for all the other boaters that’s fine with me.

I’m starting up the engine in about five minutes. Whatever you decide to do is fine but do me a favor and pull up the ladder.”

Nina sat for a second while she finished her beer. Tom had now seen her completely naked and Billy had caught a good look at her tits and ass.

She really didn’t have much else to hide. Billy would see her shaved pussy but he wouldn’t be the first or probably the last.

She pushed herself up and went over to pull the ladder up. Then she carried her beer bottle towards the back of the boat.

Donna was sitting on the bench seat. She had her shorts on and was pulling a t-shirt over her now dry bikini top.

Both of the guys were still nude.

Billy, as advertised, had a long if not thick penis. It was about the width of a polish sausage and even in it’s semi-erect state was about 7 inches long.

Tom, although not as long as Billy was a heck of a lot thicker. About the size of one of those tubes that come inside a roll of paper towels, just not as long.

Nina’s eyes kept going back to Billy though. He had his hands on his hips and was standing there like he knew she wouldn’t be able to stop looking.

The cool breeze wasn’t the only reason that her nipples were erect.

She shook herself out of her trance-like stare and asked her sister where her clothes were.

“Oh, they’re over here.” Billy informed her. He was standing on the other side of the boat with the cover to the big inboard engine between him and Nina.

“Could you hand them to me please?”

He held up her clothes. “You mean these? Why don’t you just lean over here and I’ll hand them to you.”

Nina started to go around to get them but she realized that she’d have to brush up against Tom and his hard cock to do so.

She started to lean over the engine cover. It was over 3 feet across and she had to move her hips right up against it and bend over almost 90 degrees.

She had one hand on the cover to act as a brace for her and the other she extended out towards Billy.

Billy was staring at her tits which were hanging from her chest and almost touching the engine cover.

She was staring right into the slit in the end of his dick.

“C’mon. Stop being a jerk and give me my stuff”

Billy held her stuff up even higher. His free hand shot out and grabbed the wrist of her outstretched arm.

“A jerk? You think I’m a jerk?” He put an over exaggerated pout on his lips. “Now my feelings are hurt.”

“I think you should apologize and give him a kiss, little sister” Donna chimed in.

“Yeah. Gimme a kiss.” Billy added.

Nina turned her head to glare at her sister. She had to laugh though and she told her “You’re gonna pay for this. You know that don’t you?’

Then she looked up at Billy and said. “I’ll give you a kiss but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna apologize.”

Billy laughed and said “Fair enough. Gimme a kiss then.”

Now that she looked at him, Billy wasn’t bad to look at. Before now she had thought of him as just another “good ole boy”. On second look though, he was kind of good looking in a rugged sort of way. He had one of those country boy “aw shucks” types of smiles that probably drove the local girls crazy.

Nina started to push herself up so she could reach higher.

Her feet were on the deck of the boat on the other side of the engine housing and her torso wasn’t long enough to reach all the way across and still reach up to give Billy his kiss.

“I can’t reach” she told him. “Bend down so I can give you your kiss, then give me my clothes back.”

“I don’t want you to kiss me. I want you to kiss “little” Billy.” He wagged his now more than semi-erect penis at her face.

“Really? I mean, Really?” Nina couldn’t stop herself from looking at his dick. She had to admit that it was a magnificent example of man meat.

Long and lean. Nicely veined. A big purple head on the end. It probably curved up nicely when fully erect.

“What the Hell” She thought. “I’ve done worse.” She reached out and grabbed his cock to stop him from waving it around.

She leaned in as far as she could and planted a kiss right on the tip of the head.

“There! Now give me back my clothes!”

In the worst possible fake French accent ever, Billy said “No, no Madame-wee-zell! Give heem zee French kiss, A leetle tongue, see-vu-play!”

Nina had to laugh. Not at his phony accent but at the fact that he thought he was being charming.

She looked at her situation. There she was. Naked, leaning over the engine housing. Tits hanging down. Ass in the air. She had just let her sister and brother-in-law see her kiss the head of Billy’s dick.

She had done much more than that with a lot of men in a lot more public places than some side cove in the Tennessee river. Add to that, it really was one of the best looking cocks she had seen in a long time and she just had to say “Aw, Fuck it!”

Nina, still had his dick in her hand and she popped the head into her mouth.

Billy immediately thrust forward. His thighs were up against his side of the engine cover and that prevented him from getting more than three or four inches in her mouth.

Nina loves the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. The hard as steel core with the soft covering.

I won’t say that she can cum just from giving head but it gets her so horny that all it takes is me lightly blowing across her clit to make her blow her top.

Imagine what she’s like when she’s going down on one guy while another is drilling her from behind.

That’s why I like to see her with multiple men. It’s not about them. It’s about her and making her feel good.

She could taste the river on Billy’s cock. Add to that, the little bit of sweat that had dried on him and the slight musky smell that Billy was giving off and she was in slut Heaven.

She reached behind him and grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him towards her as far as she could. Unfortunately, the engine housing that was preventing her from moving towards him was stopping him from moving towards her.

Try as she might, she just couldn’t get her lips farther down his shaft.

It was then that she felt a pair of hands on her ass, pushing her up until her feet left the ground (well, left the deck of the boat if you want to be technical about it)

Her legs were splayed out as she tried to maintain control of her body movement. That was when Tom stepped in between them and moved his hands to her hips.

She pushed up with her arms and motioned Billy to put the towel under her. It wasn’t much but it did provide a little cushion for her against the fiberglass engine housing.

Nina now was able to swallow the entire length of Billy’s cock. She had her nose buried in his tightly trimmed pubic hair and was working her tongue furiously around his meat.

She probably should have known it was coming but it took her by surprise when Tom slid his thick cock into her dripping pussy.

(This must have been when her sister took the picture with Nina’s cell phone)

“My God!” Nina thought. “He’s gonna split me in half!”

Tom wasn’t as long as Billy but in this position he had more than enough to hit bottom. She could feel the head of his dick slamming into her cervix.

If she didn’t do something soon she was going to be in a lot of pain in a very short time.

The next time Billy pulled back on an out-stroke she popped his cock out of her mouth.

“Turn me over!” She croaked between breaths. “Turn me over!”

Tom pulled his cock out of her and grabbed her legs once again. He helped her roll over onto her back.

She spread her legs again with one on each side of Tom. “Gimme back that fucking python you got there.” she said as she put an ankle on each of his shoulders.

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