Black Rule Girl Academy

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2018 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: As black girls started entering the all-white girl academy, one black girl had grander plans and starts to enact them. Hope to continue in the future.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   ft/ft   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   .

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2006. Please don’t remove the author information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial “free” sites, or in the “free” area of commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Joyce glanced up from her new desk. She was the white principal of the all-white girl academy. They had raised the costs and everything else they could to prevent young black girls from entering to no avail.

It had been a week now since about 30 of the girls joined, and already teachers and their fellow white students were complaining as well as several things happening in the school that just didn’t seem right.

She had a meeting the earlier week with the teachers to ensure they enforce the rules and be as strict as they could with the new girls. Maybe they’ll quit, and things would go back to normal.

This day, Miss Jenkins, we’re bringing one of them to her office for punishment. The black girl was found outside kicking one of the white girls in the ass who didn’t even try to defend herself. Joyce was shocked when she heard about it not just because of what the girl did but also the fact the white girl didn’t resist. Well, that what she was for and this school did allow corporal punishment.

She heard the door opened and glanced up to see Miss Jenkins in her late 40s lead a young black girl into the room. The girl was quite beautiful for a black girl with a lean body and well built.

She studied her for a while as she entered and thought to herself she would enjoy spanking this girl butt and straighten her out to pay proper respect to her teachers and fellow students.

“Thank you, Miss Jenkins, for bringing Mandy to my office.” She told her, “I’ll take care of the matter.”

“Good riddance,” the woman said releasing the girl’s hand and walking back out of the room and shutting the door behind her.

“Young lady,” Joyce said, “you are to stand in that corner with your nose to the wall till I get through with these papers and we’ll attend to the matter properly on your behavior.”

Joyce watched the young black girl walked over to the corner and the sway in her butt as she pressed against the wall. Such a lovely butt, she thought to herself, as it moved. She usually got excited about punishing a young white girl butt; but this time, it seemed to be different. This ass was one of the best shaped she had ever seen. Her cunt was getting wet at the thought as she tried to focus back at the papers on her desk.

Several times, she glanced up to see the girl wiggling in the corner with her ass swaying impatiently awaiting her punishment. Usually, she enjoyed the sight of them squirming, but this butt was different as she found herself lusting to rub it. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter as she watched forgetting about the papers. Damn, that is such a beautiful ass.

She needed to rub her cunt but knew better. Maybe, she could close the office afterwards and enjoy herself. “Young lady,” she yelled out loud. “You are to come over here and bend over my desk now.”

Joyce got up from her chair and reached to the side of the desk to get the big black paddle she always used for such an occasion. She watched the girl walking over with her perky little tits swinging through her near see-through blouse. They look delicious, Joyce thought. She could sit and lick on those tiny tots for hours.

The girl didn’t even seem in fear as she walked over and bent over the edge of the desk. She even had a defiant look on her face like she dared her to spank her. For a moment, Joyce wished she could get on her knees and kiss and lick her beautiful butt as she watched it bend over the edge.

“Maybe you would prefer to spank me with my skirt up,” the young black girl said surprising her by reaching back and lifting her skirt up above her waist before Joyce could even say a word.

Joyce looked at the gorgeous black cheeks of her white panty covered ass, and her heart thumped. Her cunt was screaming at the sight as she found herself lusting to cover them with kisses instead of beating them with the paddle she held loosely in her hand. She hadn’t even realized that she was just standing there frozen and staring at the young girl ass, but the girl began to.

“Or maybe,” Mandy continued. “You prefer to spank young girls on their bare ass. Like this.”

Joyce’s mouth dropped as the girl suddenly lowered her panties down to her knees exposing her ass crack and the dark inner hole to Joyce staring face. She fell the paddle drooling at sight in front of her wishing she had her face buried in her crack. She couldn’t move as her cunt was dripping at sight and her moved her hand down to her skirt to try relieving some of the fiction she felt down there.

Mandy was now glancing back enjoying the sight of the older white woman standing there with her hand in her skirt crotch staring at her ass. She knew that the older woman was now hers and she planned to use her in any way she could imagine.

“Crawl over here and kiss my black ass,” Mandy yelled back at her, “Like the white whore you are. If you kiss it well enough, I might let you put your face in my ass and clean my asshole.”

Joyce tried to fight the feeling, but her cunt was betraying her as she slowly got down at her knees and hand like a dog and crawled over to the swaying black ass she longed for. As she arrived, she started kissing the cheeks all over trying to win her over so that she could lick between them.

“Oh yes, kiss them some more,” Mandy teased down at her swaying her ass back and forth on Joyce’s face. “I knew you were an old fat white whore from the moment I saw you. That’s it worship your new mistress ass.”

Joyce was kissing faster and faster as Mandy words humiliated her more and more. She just had to get her tongue between those glorious ass cheeks to the goal she desired. She no longer felt like the proud woman she always had been, but just a pet to be used and abused as she tried to get her hand up her skirt to rub her clit faster.

Mandy noticed her putting her hand up as she glanced back, “No masturbating slut.” She commanded her. “You are only allowed to play with yourself when I let you. Now put that wagging tongue of yours in my ass and start cleaning my asshole.

Joyce removed her hand from her skirt and put her face inside the cheeks and started lapping her asshole. The taste was slightly salty, but she didn’t care as her only thought at present was to please the young girl, and the rimming of her asshole was driving her crazy as her cunt was drooling down her nylons. She tongued in and out Mandy puckered asshole like a mad dog getting its first taste of a meal in weeks. She didn’t even want to stop as Mandy demanded she quit and kiss her ass while thanking it for the pleasure of licking her asshole.

When Mandy turned around, she had her first look at her glistering cunt hoping she would shove it in her face so that she could lick it also. But that was not to be. She glanced up at Mandy’s face in a pleading manner hoping the words would come out.

“I think you have been a naughty little white cunt,” Mandy smiled down at her. “And that desires a punishment. Don’t you think so, Ms White Goody Shoes?”

“Yes mistress,” Joyce replied, disappointed that she wasn’t going to get her tongue in the pussy just inches from her face.

“As a matter of fact,” Mandy continued, “I think my white whore should strip and go stand in that corner till I have a chance to ponder how to punish her. Don’t you think so, Ms Goody Shoes?”

“Yes mistress,” Joyce replied disgusted at herself for how easy she was being controlled and loving it. She slowly got up and removed all her clothing as Mandy watched gleaming in her eyes at her humiliation. Naked, she marched over to the same wall Mandy had stood in earlier and placed her nose in the corner of it. She could feel Mandy eyes in the back of her knowing that she was looking at her exposed big white ass and could hear Mandy swatting the paddle on her hand ever so often. Her cunt was dripping wildly in anticipation of that paddle coming down on her butt as she squirmed in the corner with her ass wiggling wildly in back. It felt like hours before the words she longed for finally came.

“Crawl over her my white bitch under the desk so I can beat that big white ass of yours,” Mandy yelled at her.

Joyce quickly dropped to the floor and crawled over and went under her desk. Her big ass and legs were sticking out nicely in the back for whatever abuse awaited it. “From now on, I rule this office, and your ass now belongs to me,” Mandy said from behind her as the paddle descended hard on both her ass cheeks as she yelped in pain. “Do you have any problems being my new white bitch?” Mandy yelled out.

“Noooooo mistress,” Joyce yelled out loud as the paddle landed on her right ass cheek hard.

“Wiggle your big white ass for me bitch while I paddle it for being bad,” Mandy continued.

Joyce started swaying her ass in the back as the paddle landed again and again. She felt herself getting closer and closer to climaxing despite the pain in her ass. She could hear Mandy talking behind her as her words were turning her on more and more.

“When I’m done with all ya white bitches, you all learn where ya belong. Take that bitch. Feel good to have a black girl beat your royal fat white ass. Have another.” She was yelling.

Joyce started to climax with her ass swinging wildly from side to side knowing she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. Her only thoughts at the moment were to cum as her body shook and climaxed. The paddle kept descending on her poor beaten ass. The last words she heard from Mandy as she passed out on the floor in bliss was that Ms Jenkins big ass was going to be next.

Joyce awoke with the feeling of something cold at her asshole and then the pain of its entrance.

“Ahhhhh”. She cried out as the object entered her butt hole roughly.

“Glad to see you’re awake Ms Goody Shoes,” she heard Mandy say from above. “Thought you might want something to write with later so I found your black marker. Hope you didn’t mind that I wrote Mandy white bitch on your ass. Do You?”

Joyce asshole was getting accustomed to the marker fully inserted inside. Her face was still pressed to the floor, and her ass still jugged upward in back to Mandy view. Her ass was sore from the paddling she had just received, but her cunt was still tingling in excitement. She didn’t care how the young black girl could have so easily dominated her. Her only thoughts now were to please her in any way she chose.

“Time to crawl out from the desk and get on the intercom and all Ms Jenkins inhere, Mandy told her slapping her ass with the palm of her hand,” Mandy demanded her. “You are going to tell her that she is fired from her treatment of me.”

Joyce crawled out backwards. Her knees were sore and weak. She sat up and turned around, “Mandy ohhhhhhh.”

“That’s now Ms Mandy to you,” Mandy said as Joyce rubbed her freshly slapped face.

“Ms Mandy,” Joyce murmured as her face was still stinging. “I can’t just fire...”


“Yes you can and you will unless she agrees to submit to me. You will tell her she abused me.” Mandy stared down at her.

Joyce face stung from the slaps and knew she didn’t want to displease her mistress again. She pressed the intercom button on the desk.

“Ms Jenkins will you please come to the principal office immediately.” She yelled.

“Good slut,” Mandy smiled at her. “Now you better get dressed before she arrives. Since your butt seems to be preoccupied at present, I guess you’ll have to stand while you talk.”

Joyce quickly put her blouse and skirt back on. Mandy told her to put her panties and bra in the desk drawer. She barely made it when Ms Jenkins knocked on the door, and she yelled at her to come in.

Ms Jenkins entered the room to see Mandy standing beside Joyce who was still red in the face.

“Is everything okay Joyce,” she asked looking at the smirking Mandy wishing she could slap that smile off her lips. Joyce quickly gained back her composure and turned around to face the teacher.

“Yes,” she replied. “Carol you are being fired for abusing this young girl here in front of the whole class, and we do not allow this to happen here.”

Ms Jenkins (Carol) face dropped in disbelief at her words. “But Joyce. I have been here for over 10 years and you know I have never done anything like that. She’s making it all up, I tell you. The little bitch.” She yelled back at them.

“I’m sorry Carol but rules are rules, and this girl has been abused.” Joyce lied.

“Joyce, I’m 45 years old. No one is going to hire me, and I’m deep in debt. You know that.” Carol begged.

“I’m sorry Carol,” Joyce continued, “but unless Miss Mandy here decides you should stay. You are terminated as of this moment.”

Carol stood stunned at the words while glancing back and forth at Joyce and the smiling black girl just standing there. She realized that something wasn’t right but what was she going to do. She needed the money and the job. The lump in her throat was getting larger and larger as she looked back at the smiling Mandy and said the words she thought she would never tell. “Mandy, may I stay.”

“If you beg me nicely,” Mandy replied still smiling, “I might let your big white ass hang around here for awhile.”

Carol was shocked at her words. She turned to Joyce pleadingly only to see Joyce staring back on her like she was expecting something. “Joyce, do I have to be humiliated like this?” She asked in haste.

“You humiliated her in class in front of all her friends and should have to do the same,” Joyce responded. Her cunt was starting to get wet with the thought of Mandy dominating one of her friends. “In fact, I think you should get the punishment you requested for her afterwards if she lets you stay.”

Carol’s heart dropped at the words. She knew she didn’t have much choice as she turned back to the smiling Mandy.

“Mandy, may I please stay and teach. I will be a good teacher and will not humiliate you in class again.” Carol whimpered. “That’s not good enough,” Mandy replied enjoying every minute of it. “In fact, I think you should strip naked in humiliation and begged me more nicely. And please refer to me as Ms Mandy and yourself as Carol.”

Carol’s face turned all shades of red, and a glance at Joyce told her immediately that she wasn’t going to get any help there. It was utterly humiliating but what other choice did she have. Slowly she started unbuttoning her blouse and letting it fall, removed her bra so that her large breasts popped out for display. She looked over at Mandy still smiling with pleading eyes only to be told to hurry up. As she finally removed her skirt and panties, she stood there totally naked with one hand on her tits and the other trying to cover her hairy bush down below.

“Put your hands to your side and come to stand in front of me when you beg,” Mandy remarked.

Carol was too ashamed to even look at Joyce for help as she lowered her hands and walked over to stand in front of the young black girl.

“What does fat bitch Carol want to say to Miss Mandy,” Mandy teased enjoying the humiliation of the teacher who wanted her spanked earlier? She could even see Carol getting wet in her cunt and knew the woman was starting to get excited despite herself.

“Please Miss Mandy may fat bitch Carol stay and teach in this school,” Carol replied almost choking on her words. “I will be a good teacher and promised not to humiliate Miss Mandy in class again.”

“I not sure if you are sincere,” Mandy continued enjoying the moment and knowing she had to push it farther. The woman was now defeated, but if she wanted total control, she had to take away her last pride.

“Kiss my feet bitch Carol and promise to serve me as the old fat white whore you are.” Mandy continued. She could see the fire in Carol’s eyes for a moment and then the show of defeat.

Carol dropped down to her knees and bent over with her butt high in the air and her mouth planted on Mandy shoes. She started kissing them, After kissing on her shoes all over, she spoke. “Please Miss Mandy, may this fat white whore serve you, I will be a good whore for you.”

Mandy enjoyed the words as she noticed Carol was wiggling her butt now as she continued to kiss her shoes up and down. She knew the woman was now sexually excited and aroused and needed to relieve herself at the earliest moment.

“Bitch Carol,” Mandy continued, enjoying the woman winding down below her in lust. “I think I may let you stay as long as you do everything I say from now on without question or hesitation. I am going to go over to that desk over there and bend over it so that my beautiful ass is exposed so that you may put your slutty white face in it while Joyce beats your butt 25 times for your punishment. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss Mandy,” Carol voice stained from below. “Thank you, Miss Mandy.”

Mandy walked over to the desk and lowered herself over the edge and lifted her panty less skirt up as the other white woman crawled forward implanting her nose between her cheeks on her asshole.

“Bitch Joyce,” Mandy looked up at Joyce who was still standing in awe at the display. “Get your white butt over here and spank bitch Carol big ass with that paddle. I better hear her crying, or I’ll use it on your fat ass again.”

Joyce didn’t need any help at the moment as her cunt was dripping all over the floor. She quickly got the paddle and ran over to Carol bent over ass.



Mandy enjoyed the sound of Carol scream in her ass as her nose buried itself deep in her asshole.


Ohhhhh, Please Miss...


Mandy felt a tongue enter her asshole and knew the woman was entirely hers for the keeping.

“That’s it bitch Carol. Tongue my ass while you get your big white ass paddled. Make me cum or I may let Joyce continued past 25 till I do.” Mandy told her.


Carol was now tonguing inside the girl’s puckered entrance. Her cunt was dripping as the pain in her ass from the paddle was making her more and more aroused. It went well past 25 before Mandy finally made Joyce stop beating her ass. She collapses on the floor as Mandy stepped to the side.

“Do my slut Carol know her proper place now?” Mandy asked. “You may address me as Mistress.”

“Yes mistress,” Carol half whispered. Her ass ached, and her tongue was raw.

Mandy gave her a quick kick to her left ass cheek. “Get up slut,” She demanded. Carol slowly rose up on her shaky legs. Her cunt was dripping down her thighs.

“Both of you sluts turn around and show me those big round butts,” Mandy demanded them.

When both ladies were turned around in front of her, Mandy grabbed a handful of each of their asses and held them tight.

“Now we are going to discuss activities tomorrow in school sluts,” she demanded. “There are going to be a lot of changes here.”

She started marching them around the room holding their asses in her hands and giving specific instructions. Both women were agreeing to anything she was demanding.

Classroom in Training

Miss Jenkins arrived at her classroom on time, but she was completely changed today. She wore a low cut blouse and mini-shirt which completely showed her large thighs to everyone watching as she entered. Except for Mandy, the classroom consisted of 10 other white girls who stared in disbelief as she entered. Mandy was not there yet as they had arranged the day before. Miss Jenkins immediately walked to the center of the room.

“Girls,” she said, “Today subject is going to be on our sexual stimulation. Principal Sanders has approved of everything we are going to do so you need not worry about getting in trouble. All of you, have experimented with sex at one time or another but today will be different. First of all, I want each of you to stand up by your desk and remove your clothing like I am doing.”

Miss Jenkins started removing her blouse and skirt in front of the classroom as the girls all watched wide-eyed and shocked. She had no underwear as her large breasts swayed below. “Hurry up girls,” she yelled at them. “Get those rags off now.”

Some of the girls were giggling, and others were shocked, but each girl rose from her desk and started removing their clothes laying each piece on the desk nearby. Several were covering their pussies and tits while others just stood with their hands on their hips.

“Girls, Miss Jenkins continued, “We all know how to masturbate so at this time I want you to rub your creamy little pussy like I am doing. You know you want to, and it feels so good. Go ahead rub your cunt.”

The girls were all watching Miss Jenkins rubbing her clit with her finger and the pleasure she was getting from it as each joined her. It took only several minutes before all the girls in the room was now masturbating in earnest and enjoying the pleasure they were getting when Miss Jenkins demanded they stop. All the girls were disappointed, and several started begging her to let them finish up.

“No,” Miss Jenkins told them, “this little demonstration was to prove that each of you is a slut at heart and cannot control your cunt.” She was squeezing her legs like the girls trying to get some kind of fiction in her cunt.

“It is only natural for any white woman to be dominated by their sexual urges as you have just found out.” She spoke to the class. “Today we have something special prepared for you. As you know, we have several black girls in this school now, and 11 of them have agreed to come by and show you how superior they are compared to us lower white species in this area. Black girls are naturally dominant and know how to control themselves unlike us.

They have been watching us through a video camera in the back of the room and now are at the door to continue our education. Miss Mandy will be in charge, and each of you will do as she directs or suffers any punishment she or any of her friends decide to dish out.”

She started walking to the doorway as the girls started protesting and covering their pussies and tits with their hands. There was nowhere to hide as they stood and begged Miss Jenkins not to open the door. Their cunt juices were all over their thighs.

As Miss Jenkins opened the door, Mandy walked in with 10 of her friends smiling at the stunned white girls trying their best to look away and cover anything they could. Mandy immediately walked to the teacher desk. She called back to Miss Jenkins in a commanding voice. “Slut Carol come here and show these white sluts the proper position for a white woman such as you”, she demanded in a loud voice.

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