Alyssa 3 - Mom's Trap

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2018 by Red Czar

True Sex Story: Alyssa and Zane recover after the blowup at a friends birthday party. But soon Alyssa's mom has some big news for Zane.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   .

Alyssa 3 – Mom’s trap

After Gary’s party I still saw Morgan at school every day, but now it was different. Now any time we crossed paths there was an obvious, almost irresistible draw to each other. I would always smile, or perhaps leer is a better word, and watch her pass by. I had to be very careful that Alyssa never saw, but I did watch her every time.

I did get together with Morgan once or twice on the side when Alyssa had to go out of town for lacrosse games or some other event. We never had a lot of time, but we made the best of it. I knew it was wrong, but Morgan was at least as incredible in bed as Alyssa. Once she got to my house, she would be peeling her clothes off as soon as my bedroom door closed. What guy could resist that? So yes, I fucked her again at least twice while Alyssa and I were still together.

Morgan and I reached an agreement that there would be no flirting or touching or teasing or anything else at school that would tip Alyssa off. Our little side action had to remain absolutely secret. We actually did very well at that. Morgan’s friends however, not as much. They would make stupid remarks or little kissy faces, which always set Alyssa off. Luckily, I was able to convince her that Morgan’s friends were flirting with my friends, which was in fact true. My friends were more than happy to be on the receiving end of that. They loved that Morgan had the hots for me, and lots of hot friends.

Alyssa and I, in the meantime, continued our relationship with renewed passion. Having seen the threat of another woman making her move on me, Alyssa was more possessive and attentive than ever. She would grab me in the halls and kiss me right up against the wall. Her hands were always all over my crotch. She flashed me her tits any chance she got. She would get me all worked up in the few minutes we had between class, then just giggle, push me away, and make her way off to class. She had me walking into every class with a hard on, hoping I could remain seated for the whole class.

The sex, became more amazing than ever. Suddenly Alyssa wanted it all the time. At home, at school, after school, before school, if we could find even ten minutes, she wanted me inside her. There was no way I was going to argue with that idea. She also wanted to try everything. We tried so many new positions, I didn’t know where she was coming up with these things, but I was loving them.

On at least one occasion, we managed to skip class and sneak off to a favorite spot. There was a closet behind the auditorium stage where the drama club stored all of their staging and curtains and costumes. They made for a very nice soft space to have our fun. We had discovered that it was easy enough to break into, and we could also lock the door from the inside. So as long as there was no one in the auditorium, and we were quiet, we could have some fun.

We slipped inside, and locked the door behind us. We had forty-five minutes before the next class. Alyssa wasted no time, as my hands were slipping inside her shirt, she was sliding her panties down her legs. In moments she had my pants around my ankles and was pushing me down on a pile of stage backdrops. She climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. We fucked fast and hard. She was slamming herself down onto me as if it couldn’t get deep enough. I had to put my hand over her mouth at least once to quiet her down, but damn she was on fire.

After a while, I rolled her over and pulled her legs up to her shoulders. I started to pound into her exactly the way she wanted me to. I would push deep then grind my hips around against hers, stimulating her clit as much as I could. Poor Alyssa was trying so hard not to just scream. She had both her hands over her own mouth to keep the noise down, not that she was succeeding very well. Of course, at this point I didn’t care. Scream baby, scream.

Just as I was about to cum, I told her, and started to pull out. Alyssa wrapped her legs around me and pulled me back deep inside her. My hips spasmed and I thrust into her as hard as I could. I started to fill her up with every ounce I had. I still wasn’t used to this idea of just cumming inside her every time, but I did love the feeling of it. Alyssa did as well, I could tell by the look on her face every time I filled her pussy. The feeling of our juices mingling deep inside her was always so amazing to both of us.

I told her all this unprotected sex made me nervous, but she assured me she was on the pill now and it was okay. It had only been a short time since she had gotten them, but she assured me over and over that we were safe. To my mind, that was all the reassurance I needed. We continued to fuck unprotected any chance we got.

What the hell?

One day the next week, I realized that I needed one of my books that I had left in Alyssa’s locker at the other end of the school. Between classes, I ran all the way down there to get the book. When I got to Alyssa’s locker, there she was, standing in front of the lockers, kissing one of the Lacrosse goons. I was floored. I didn’t even know what to say, or do, or think. This was not the kind of kiss that Morgan would lay on me in the halls. This was the kind of kiss I was laying on her in the backstage closet. I stopped before she could see me and waited for everyone to move on to the next class. Once they were gone, I collected my book and made my way back to class. I couldn’t even tell you what class it was.

I spent the rest of the day replaying that scene in my head. How long has this been going on? How MUCH of this is going on? Is she dating him? Is she FUCKING him? Is that why she suddenly wants to try all these new positions and places? Is he the only one? Is she just complaining about Morgan so that she has a reason to break up with me and make it MY fault? I was so angry right then. I realize I had no right to be, but I was.

At the end of the day I decided to skip gym practice and go watch the lacrosse team, to see what else I could find out. I got there in the middle of their practice and stayed back, looking around. Sure enough, there was Alyssa, and Kassidy, and a few of their friends sitting in the stands watching. Alyssa would think I was at the gym working out right now so naturally thought I would never find out.

I knew that one of her friends was dating one of the other players. Once the practice ended, I stood there watching as a couple of the guys walked over to Alyssa and her friends. Sure enough, she greets one of them with a big hug and a kiss that I knew all too well. Busted! To think she’d been giving me so much shit about Morgan. Here she was making a complete fool of me in front of the whole damned school!

I wandered toward the exit from the field, fuming mad. Just before I made my way out, I made sure to turn and make eye contact with Alyssa’s friend. I had hoped to catch Alyssa’s eye, but this was close enough. Her friend’s eyes went wide, her mouth opened, and she immediately turned to Alyssa and grabber her shoulder. She knew they were busted. Before Alyssa could turn her face to me, I turned and left the field, not offering any chance for any of them to say anything or catch up to me.

Within five minutes of leaving the practice field, my phone blew up. Alyssa was texting me every five seconds. “Where are you?” “What were you doing here?” “Why weren’t you at practice?” “It’s not what you think” “Let me explain” ... I ignored them for a while. Then I just sent back a quick message saying “at the gym, can’t talk right now” She knows we are not allowed to have our phones with us while practicing at the gym, so I’d sent her that text lots of time before. After all, it was her friend who saw me there, not her. She could have been mistaken. I decided to let her feel guilty for a while.

The next morning, we talked, or more accurately, argued. I told her I had seen her kissing the guy in front of her locker. So later, I went to the field, and guess what I saw there? She actually started yelling at me, saying it wasn’t fair for me to spy on her like that and then not say anything. I was stunned by that.

“I wasn’t spying on you. I came to your locker to pick up a book, and there you are sucking face with some lacrosse ape. You’re the one making me look like a jackass in front of the whole school!” I yelled at her.

She answered “You’re the one with Morgan and all her little slut friends throwing themselves all over you in front of everyone. You don’t think that makes ME look like a fool in front of the whole school?”

I shot back “Morgan was drunk when she did that, and that wasn’t AT SCHOOL ... and her none of her friends have come anywhere near me. AND you said you’d already forgiven me for standing there when the drunk bitch kissed me. Is this why? How long has this been going on?”

Alyssa couldn’t find a response. I just looked at her, disgusted, then turned and walked away.

This argument continued through the whole day, any time we had a chance to talk. Finally, at the end of the day I just told her I had to go. I left to go home. On the way, I stopped into the local store for something to drink and who should I run into, of course, but Morgan and one of her friends. We talked for a bit. I told her what was going on. Morgan didn’t seem too shocked. Did she already know about this? Is that why she made her play on me? She offered to come home with me and make me forget all about it, heh heh, but surprisingly, I turned her down. I needed to think right now.

I went home. I locked myself in my room, put my headphones on, and blasted my music. I still couldn’t think.

Alyssa’s mom

Finally, on the Friday, Alyssa and I had a chance to talk alone for a while. We spent a long time accusing each other of cheating, asking each other how long this has been going on, and who else it was going on with, all with no constructive answers. She kept accusing me, I kept accusing her, neither of us were happy. This wasn’t working. At some point we just stopped talking and sat there, silently.

After a long silence, I asked her, “Are you really on birth control now?”

It wasn’t a question that made sense for the situation, but it’s where my mind went. If I was thinking at all I would have realized that the last thing she’d want, if she wanted to break up with me, was to get pregnant with my baby.

She looked at me as if I was insane. “I wouldn’t let you touch me without a condom for six months, and last week I make you shoot every last drop inside me. Do you think I would do that if I thought you were gonna get me pregnant?”

We were both quiet again for a long time, but we still didn’t resolve anything.

The next day I was feeling guilty about everything. I mean, how could I be mad at her when, let’s face it, I’m the one who had been fucking around on her pretty much throughout our entire relationship. I was still fucking Julie. I was fucking Kassidy. I fucked Morgan. How could I be mad at her for a couple of kisses? Even if she was actually fucking this guy, I was still way worse. That didn’t make me feel any better, and there was no way I was going to admit any of it to her, but I had no right to be angry. I should have been thankful that she still wanted anything to do with me. I was still angry.

It was a Saturday morning, so I made my way to Alyssa’s house hoping we could talk it out some more. When I got there, Alyssa wasn’t home from her morning practice yet, but her mom said I could come in and wait. I went to the living room and had a seat, figuring that she would be home soon, when her mom popped her head in and said.

“Why don’t you come sit in the kitchen for a minute so we can talk”

Okay, this is something new. I came into the kitchen and had a seat at the table. Her mom sat down, looked at me and calmly asked.

“So, Zane, what are we going to do about this situation? Have you told your parents yet?”

Confused as to why I would tell my parents that Alyssa and I were fighting, I answered “No, I’m sure Alyssa and I will work it out. I mean at this point it looks like we might break up, but that’s why I came over to talk.”

Mom looked at me for a minute and then said “Well it’s hardly the time to break up now don’t you think? You have responsibilities in this too you know”

I was getting angry again, “She’s the one kissing and hanging all over these other guys all over the school! What am I supposed to think? That doesn’t really say to me that she wants to stay together” I said.

Mom looked at me again and said “Have the two of you sat down and really talked about what’s going on?”

I answered “Yeah, we talked yesterday for a while. That’s why I came over now, to talk more. She says it was just kissing, but still...”

Mom paused and looked at me silently for a few moments before finally, very seriously, she said.

“So, I’m guessing Alyssa didn’t tell you that she’s pregnant?”

My eyes popped out of my head. My Jaw hit the floor. I could feel the flood of adrenaline surge through my entire body. I was in total shock, being confronted with this not by my girlfriend, who I already thought was cheating on me, but by her mother.

Mom said “Clearly she didn’t tell you yet. Well now you know. So, what are we going to do about this?”

Now any male knows at this point the answer is deny, deny, deny. But I was just a stupid high school kid, so what my brain blurted out was.

“How can that be possible?”

Her mom answered “Well you have been having sex, haven’t you?”

Without thinking, I answered. “Well yeah but that was just ... how could she know that already? How could you know that so fast? She said she was on birth control now!”

I was panicking, obviously.

I was thinking this was from our little adventure in the auditorium, but that didn’t make sense at all, that was only this week. Could it be from the night of the party? I didn’t think there was any way she could know she was pregnant already.

Her mom explained that they went to get birth control because Alyssa had said “just in case” we ended up doing it one night.

“You know they have to do tests before they prescribe birth control right? Well hers came back pregnant. So, you were doing it before then weren’t you?”

Do they really do tests? Is that true? Is she really pregnant? I had no idea.

I answered her. “It was just the once, she said we were safe, and she didn’t care and we’d be okay”

Her mom just answered “Well...”

After a while mom just looked at me and said “Okay Zane, it looks like you have a lot to think about. I’d suggest you go home and tell your parents what you’ve done. Unless you’d like me to call and tell them for you?”

“NO! no, I’ll tell them myself. I can’t believe this is happening” I answered.

She said, again very seriously “You had to know there would be consequences for being careless Zane, you’re not that stupid. It’s not all just about you feeling good”

She got up, led me to the door, then told me I should go home now.


I wasn’t out the door for three seconds before I was calling Alyssa. She didn’t answer. It was now my turn to blow up HER phone. “Where are you?” “Why didn’t you tell me!?” “CALL ME!” “CALL ME NOW!!”

She didn’t.

I texted Kassidy to see if she knew where Alyssa was. Kassidy said that her dad had picked her up from practice and that’s the last she had seen of her.

My head was spinning. All of the drama of cheating, by either of us, was completely forgotten. How could she not tell me? She had been so calm at school. How could she be so calm? Had she told Kassidy? Surely Kassidy would be freaking out too, she would have called me for sure. None of this made sense.

Finally, Alyssa called me back, wondering what I was getting so crazy about. What the hell was wrong?

I said “How could you not tell me you’re PREGNANT?”

Silence on the other end of the phone. She said the same thing I said. “WHAT?”

I explained the whole situation to her, and what her mother had told me. She just groaned and said.

“Oh my God please tell me you didn’t tell her we had sex!”

“She already knew!” I said. “She told me you’re pregnant, how do you think that happens? She knows we’ve been having sex”

Alyssa sighed heavily into the phone and answered “No, she didn’t know, but she does now”

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