Teacher Gang Raped for Revenge

by Mydarkside

Copyright© 2018 by Mydarkside

Fiction Sex Story: Secondary School Teacher Is Ganged Raped as Revenge for Disciplining a Pupil.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   .

Authors notes: This is a story of rape, pure and simple, with no mitigating circumstances, if you feel you may be offended or upset by this storyline, please stop reading now, if not please read on and enjoy the narrative for what it is a work of fiction on a dark theme.

All caracheters and events are figments of the author’s imagination and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead. However the sentiments expressed by Janice can be seen as representative of an underclass of people inhabiting some of Britain’s sink estates.

I was feeling very uncomfortable; I was in a very rough part of town, but one where all my secondary school pupils live in. I was here to try and find a girl from my class who had not been in school for three weeks now, ever since I’d had to reprimand her. Truancy services had reported that she had been seen here, foolishly I had thought I could find her and talk to her.

“Hello Miss,” the “Miss,” said with contempt, “what are you doing here?”

I spun around and came face to face with Gavin a boy who was in te same year but a different class to the girl I was looking for, plus two of his friends All three of them were sixteen and do to leave school in a few weeks time.

“She looks better in those clothes than she does in school,” came from one of the others.

Feeling threatened I backed away only to find there were two more boys behind me, I was surrounded.

The next thing I know I’m being pushed from one to the other of them, passed between them, my body spun round, hands groping and grasping at it, pulling at my skirt as I tried to fight them off.

“Looks like she has nice tits.”

My mind was whirling and I was beginning to feel very, very frightened now.

“Let’s have a better look.”

A hand reached out grasped my blouse and ripped it from my body, as I opened my mouth to scream, a hot dirty hand clamped over it. At the same time an arm went around my waist pinning me, then another hand reached out and ripped my bra off, scratching me in the process and baring my breasts for the leering louts to see.

As I struggled to free myself, someone must have hit me, as the next thing I remember is I am lying on my back on a dirty mattress. My breasts are being pawed and fondled and squeezed, hard, hurting me. As I become more aware of my surroundings and what is happening, I realise, my skirt is up around my waist, my knickers have gone and strong hands are holding my legs, hard fingers digging in, bruising, forcing my thighs apart.

I’m aware of a someone kneeling between my thighs and a laugh goes out, “She’s awake,” a voice from above my head says, I glance up but all I can see is the lower half of a man, pants off, wanking on his cock.

The first inkling of what is about to happen to me floods with dread into my mind. Rape.

“Good, I’m ready for this,” came from the Gavin, my pupil. I feel a hand on my pussy, and with no warning or preliminaries, two fingers are pushed hard and deep into me.

I scream in horror. This can’t be happening, I’m about to be raped by a boy I am teaching.

“God, she’s dry and tight.”

“Get on with it you promised us all a go with this one.”

Not rape, gang rape.

“OK, OK. She’s not going anywhere soon, you’ll all get a turn as promised,” at that the fingers were pulled roughly from me and replaced at once, by a hard cock, slamming into me, forcing its way deep into my unprepared and unwilling vagina. I was dry. It hurt.

“God she really is dry.”

As the lout began to pump into my body, thrusting and pounding for all he was worth, no technique, just sheer force and lust, hands were still pawing my tits on one side, but a mouth had latched onto the other, sucking my nipple and biting, biting not nipping or nibbling in play, but biting intending to hurt.


“Scream all you want MISS, no one can hear you.”

I forced my mind to shut down, ignoring what was going on, forcing my body to relax to try and ease what was happening.

I was aware that the guy raping me was getting close and then he shot load after load of unwanted cum, into me.

“NO,” I screamed again, at the same time thinking “Oh God, he’s just cum in me, he’s just cum in my pussy. Oh no, no, no. This can’t be happening”

Horror flooding my mind at what had happened and was continuing to happen.

“She’s still tight, but who wants sloppy seconds, riding Miss.”

Gavin pulled out and was quickly replaced by a second cock, forcing its way into me and pounding hard and fast like the first.

I was going catatonic, mind switched off to ignore the ordeal when it was forced back to reality.

“You always had a lot to say for yourself in school, now you’re in my school, and you will use your mouth the way I want,” said Gavin, as he knelt next to me and pushed his cock, still dripping with cum against the closed lips of my mouth.

Refusing to open my mouth and suck him he pinched my nose, cutting off my breath, forcing me to open my mouth, and he slipped his cock, past my protesting lips and deep into my mouth.

“That’s better, not that hard was it,” he taunted me, “better make it good or we all start again right from the beginning, all five of us, but if we go a second time, I can call up some more mates so you can really work.”

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