The Brat

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2018 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: That little black kid next door was always watching her and her daughter in the yard. She sent her husband John over to tell his parents only to have him return with an invitation for dinner the next day. Little did she know she was going to be the entertainment.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   mt/mt   Teenagers   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mother   Father   Daughter   BDSM   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Male   Black Female   White Male   White Female   .

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That little black kid next door was always watching her and her daughter in the yard. She sent her husband John over to tell his parents only to have him return with an invitation for dinner the next day. Little did she know she was going to be the entertainment. (MMF, intr, reluc, dom)

That little neighbour kid was a real brat.

Julie complained to her husband about how that little kid next door was always making rude remarks about her and Jenny their daughter. The couple was black, and Julie was upset since their arrival, everything she went outside the kid would be at the fence making comments. She could feel him always looking at her ass and tits while her daughter was always sneaking over to visit them.

“I’ll go over and take care of it tonight,” said John trying to get her off his back.

He was tired and wanting to relax after another day. Finally, after the meal, he left and went to the neighbouring house but didn’t return for over 2 hours. He told Julie the couple was an exciting and charming and tomorrow night he wanted her to go above and see them with him. He didn’t say anything else but took his bath, went to bed, and left the next morning for work. Julie was furious but didn’t say anything else since she knew he was tired.

The next day when he got home, she tried to get out of going, but he insisted. They knocked on the door, and a young black couple in their late 30s answered it and invited them in. The black gentleman Carl told John to follow him so he could show him a few things which left Julie alone with Joyce his wife.

Julie sat a the table trying to make small talk and started complaining about Joyce son Sam while Joyce kept trying to talk more about sexual things which she resented. Feeling she was being ignored and failing to turn the conversation into a more business-like nature, Julie told her she should see what was taking the men so long. They had to get home. Joyce agreed and told her to follow her, and she would show her where they were. They went upstairs, and Joyce opened the door to the master bedroom.

Julie was stunned. There on the bedroom floor was her husband flat on the floor with Carl sitting on his face. He was holding his legs up high over his shoulders while he was licking his ass. That brat kid Sam was behind John and shoving his massive black cock deep in his ass.

She just stared at the sight and couldn’t believe her eyes. Her husband gay? She was about to say something when she something hit her on the head and knocking her out.

She woke to find she was naked with her hand tied to her feet.

“Bout time you woke up slut.” Joyce was sitting on the bed entirely naked rubbing her hairy pussy. “Don’t worry about your hubby and daughter; they are our full-time slaves. Your daughter has been for over a week now, and your husband tried to pick a fight with Carl when he came over the, and Carl whipped his ass royally. When we were done with him, he begged to be our slave and joined Jenny. Now it’s your turn slut. We decided we would let Sam have your ass for his slave.”

Julie was protesting and trying to get loose, and Sam Walked into the room enjoying the sight of the grown Woman naked on the floor in front of him. He had a raging hard-on, and Julie knew what he was going to do with it as she struggled to try to get on her side only to have Joyce pushed her down with her foot.

“Mom, Dad said he could use your help with that wimp and slut. She’s my slave anyway.” Sam complained.

Joyce pushed Julie back on the floor again roughly. “Go ahead son, but don’t damage her too much. I want a turn later on. That wagging tongue of hers will feel good in my ass.” She told him.

She left the room, as Julie turned on side and tried to rise. She almost made it when she felt a sharp pain hit her ass. She yelled as it fell again and again. Trying to turn, he struck her tits and thigh with the cat again till she was lying head down on the floor begging him to quit.

“When you talk to me, it master,” he said hitting her back thigh hard again. “And you are my slut. Beg slut, Tell me how you are going to be a good little white slave. I had been watching your ass for weeks and now its mine.”

“Yes master, please master, don’t hit me anymore. Please master, this slut will be a good little slut and lick your cock and balls. Please, master.” Julie begged.

The pain was more than she could bear and even his black cock couldn’t be any worse than this. In tears, she was begging a teen kid to quit hitting her and fuck her.

Sam smiled down at the once proud and rude neighbour. “Open that mouth of yours slut. Start sucking my cock. I want to see those lips of yours moving up and down my cock.” He proudly displayed his massive member.

His cock was a lot bigger than John was, and she almost choked trying to get it all in. She was determined to get the brat off so maybe he would untie her and let her go. She was getting excited as he was as his cock kept pounding down her throat. Just when he was about to come, he withdrew and turned around, so his ass was in her face.

“Get your tongue in there and clean my black ass whore.” He commanded.

Julie was horrified at the thought of licking his dirty asshole, but the cat hit on the side of her breasts brought her back to real life, and she started tonguing his cheeks. Another hit and she had her face deep in his ass licking his asshole clean. He kept pushing and grinding his ass deeper into her face as her tongue was Deeply impeded. Slowly he withdrew his ass from her face and told her to bend over and present her ass for the best fucking she ever had.

This was taboo for Julie. No man had fucked her ass less along a brad kid. She started to try to crawl away, but he kept striking her ass and back with the belt till she gave up crying on the floor with her ass up and presenting the view he wanted.

Sam squatted behind her and shoved a third of his cock up her ass in the first push as she screamed from the pain. He continued to push until his cock was deep in her ass and she thought she was going to die from the pain. Slowly he started pulling it out and reinserting it as the pain was beginning to ease and Julie was finding herself excited despite herself. She never knew her ass was such a sensitive area. Soon she was begging him to continue as he kept fucking till he came and finally withdrew leaving Julie upset wanting more.

He held his cock to her face and demanded she begs to clean it.

“Yes, master please let me clean your cock.” She begged. Julie started lapping the enormous wet monster hoping to get it hard again for her pussy. She needed to come, and his cock was her answer.

Laughing down at her, he withdrew his cock from her reach. Slowly loosed her hand ties and feet ties so they could separate about a foot apart. Get on all fours and crawl around the room slut and wiggle that fat ass of yours. As he sat on the bed, Julie started crawling and wiggling her ass trying to tease him into fucking her pussy. As she passed him, he would slap her ass and tell her to shake harder.

“I always knew you were all ass,” he said smiling.

Joyce had returned to the room and was admiring the proud white woman performance on the floor in front of her son. “Looks like this whore is going to be an easy one to train. Was she tight in the ass?” She asked.

“Just a little, but it didn’t take long before it loosened up, Mom.” He replied.

Joyce stood in front of Julie path and made her crawl between her legs. As she passed under, she slapped her ass as hard as she could put her handprint on them. “Why don’t you go down and get some food and let me have a turn before we take her down?” Joyce asked him.

“Maybe later, mom. I just started, and I’ll bring her down later.” He replied as Julie signed a breath of relief. She wanted a cock in her pussy, not having her face in a black lady’s cunt.

“Remember, she the main entertainment tonight and don’t damage her before we all have a chance at her.” Joyce laughed.

She patted Julie on the head and left the room. Julie was still on the floor with the Brat smirking down at her.

“Here’s how things are going to be,” said Sam grabbing her hair, so she looked straight up at him. “In a minute, I’m going to take you downstairs to meet your family, the Carwell family, and my grandma and grandpa. You better obey everything I tell you or I’ll shove a baseball bat up your ass and tie you to the tree outside so everyone can see. Is that understood, slut?”

Julie tried to avoid Sam’s eyes and replied, “Yes master Slut will be good. Please fuck slut pussy before we go.” She begged.

“Maybe later,” said Sam gleaming at the disappointment in her eyes.

Sam got up and made the grown woman stand up. He got some lipstick from his mother dresser and wrote Sam’s slut tits across her chest and Sam’s pussy above her crotch. Julie soaking wet was demanded to turn around as he wrote Sam’s white ass over her butt with an arrow to her asshole. He then gathered her hair in a knot and tied it into a ponytail, which he tied a rope around and swore he would pull it out by the roots if she disobeyed. He attached two clothespins to her nipples and another to her clit, which made her scream in pain.

“Time to provide the entertainment,” he said. He led her outside the room and down the stairs to the main living room. Julie was in shock at the sight.

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