Wrong Haunted House

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Fiction Sex Story: Two fourteen year old girls go to a haunted house where they take part in its activities.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Gang Bang   .

Two fourteen year old girls, Amy and Kelly, over heard some older boys talking about a haunted house they had gone to that sounded fun. Unfortunately for the girls, they were too young to get in. After talking about it at lunch, decided they would sneak in after school on Friday. They would tell their parents that they were going to each other’s house, but instead would go to the haunted house.

They knew the name of the place was Haunted Hill House or something like that. They walked around till they found Hill’s Haunted House, thinking this was it, they went to the back so they wouldn’t be seen, trying to get in.

The manager saw the girls thinking, they were the girls he was waiting for from the agency, he had called earlier, the girls who he had originally signed up were sick. He invited them in and showed them to their dressing rooms. The girls not wanting to be caught, and thinking they would be part of the haunted house instead of just going through it, began to put on the costumes. The costumes were strange. They looked like those you might see in an old dungeon from a movie, but when you went to put them on they attached like hospital gowns.

They were also so thin you could almost see through them, there was no way they could put them on without first talking off their underwear, even their panties.

After they were dressed the manager took them to different rooms. He told Amy to wait in the hall while he got Kelly set up. Kelly was set in a chair kinda thing. It looked like something you might see in a gynecologist office but with straps. Her legs were strapped into a pair of brackets and her shoulders and arms in another. Before he left the room he put a ball gag in her mouth.

In the next room he took Amy over to a set of stocks that were padded. The floor under it was also padded, he put her head and wrists into the stocks, then using some kind of stick or rod he fastened her knees about a foot apart. Before he left he put a ball gag in her mouth as well.

In Kelly’s room the first costumers came in, it was a man and what could only be his son, the man went over to her. He began to strip her then waved to his son to come over. He was explaining to the boy, you would normally begin by kissing the girl, but for tonight we will at the first step after she is naked. You begin by gently stroking her breast like this, and rubbing her nipples like this. As he said all of that he was demonstrating, she was beginning to feel a strange stirring in her body that she had never felt before. He told the boy to come over and do the same thing to her. As the boy continued to stroke her right breast, you should also do this and proceed to suckle her breast. This started a new level of sensation in her, her body wouldn’t be still. You see she’s already starting to get ready. He started kissing his way down to her privates. Once there he kissed the lips of her sex, he told the boy to come over and watch what he was doing. Pointing at her clit, he said now watch what she does now. He began to rub it with his finger, she stiffened at the touch. It was as if electricity had struck her on the inside, her body wigged and squirmed but couldn’t move anywhere. Then he removed his finger and replaced it with his tounge licking and sucking, the sensation double, tripled even, her body began to buck. She had never felt anything like that before. It was like her body was flying, it was wonderful. Then she felt a pressure at the bottom of her sex, looked down just as the man was pushing his cock into her. She panicked, tried to scream through the gag, and he was in her. Just the head of his cock but it was enough for her to feel the stretching of her mussels. She was trying to shake her head no, he pushed in hard she saw at least half of his six inch cock enter her, taking her virginity. Tears filled her eyes as a muffled scream was wrenched from her throat. It wasn’t until he had entered her that he realized she had been a virgin. Deciding to make it good for her, so as make it up to her and his son, he worked to slowly get his whole cock into her. Once he had he paused so that she could adjust to his length and girth. When her breathing had slowed and he could no longer see panic in her eyes, he began to fuck her slowly at first then faster. She began to feel a pressure building within her, as he started to come so did she. He pulled out. His son immediately put his in and started fucking her. Though only sixteen the boy, had his father ‘s girth but longer. Unlike his father the boy hadn’t started slow, he maintained a fast pace. She was still coming from his fathers fucking, and with the boys pace it turned into one long orgasom. She never stopped coming the whole time the boy was fucking her, thankfully his with inexperience he didn’t last long. The man leaned down and whispered in her ear, if I had known it was your first as well I would have let the two of you have all the pleasure. Thank you.

In Amy’s room a man entered by himself he went over to her, and started to strip her slowly, not expecting it she shook all over. She was still trembling when he began to caress her. He rubbed her breast till her nipples were hard and aching, that stimulation had also crated a tingling in her sex. She didn’t understand why rubbing her breast had cause such a stirring down there, but it had. He began rubbing her sex, and the stirring began to increase, though a little scary it also felt good real good. She felt something else rubbing her sex, he had already moved his finger, and with her head in the stocks she couldn’t see what it was but she could feel it. Suddenly her eyes bugged out and she knew. She was powerless to stop it as he began to push his cock into her. Her gag prevented her from speech, but a muffled scream came out anyway. He had burrowed his cock into her, four of his six inches was already in her but he just kept pushing and pushing. With a n inch and a half to go he pulled back then pushed hard and sank all the way in. Breathing hard and whimpering she let her tears fall. She like Kelly had been a virgin. He began to pound into to her hard and fast only slowing when he felt her muscles beginning to squeeze his shaft in an attempt to prolong his pleasure but she was loosing her control squeezing him even harder as she had her first orgasoms., Forcing his own release. He pulled out of her and noticed the blood for the first time. He turned to her. You whore your on your monthly aren’t you, bitch. He left the room.

In Kelly’s room a man came in by himself. He began to fuck her as he did he also sucked her tits. The double stimulation made the pressure in her abdomen start to build again, she could get used to this she thought. He switched back and forth between her breast, biting now and then but always soothing it with a kisses. After her third climax, he pulled out of her pussy, then pushed himself into her ass. She screemed as much as she could with the gag in her mouth, it hurt bad but he continued to suck her breast and added a new stimulation he put his finger on her clit and began to rub it. The pain in her ass faded away with this new sinsation and she could concentrate on the building pressure in her abdomen. Despite the cock in her ass she climax again at the same time as he did. He leaned over her and said I hope I didn’t hurt you to much.

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