Brother and Sister Discover Love Together

by Mydarkside

Copyright© 2018 by Mydarkside

Incest Sex Story: Barely teen sister discovers sex and lust with her slightly older brother

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

This is a story of incest between Brother and Sister, both are consensual to the acts but very young. If this is something you may find offensive it may be better if you read another story. If you think this is for you please read on and hopefully enjoy.

All characters and events are figments of the authors’ imagination.

My sister Christine was fourteen and a bit and I was nearly sixteen when things started to get very friendly and interesting between us, a thing that would last for the next few years until Chrissy went off to University, and even then we would have the occasional fun time together right up until the time she got married.

At the time Chrissy was about five foot three inches tall, chestnut coloured shoulder length hair, dark brown, almost black eyes, and a nice slender athletic body, that was just beginning to form into the stunning woman she would become. Her breasts were barely buds pushing out the front of her tops with a hint of what could be in store for some lucky man in the future, her hips had rounded nicely and her bum was nice and taut, firm like a peach. All this was in addition to a pretty heart-shaped face, with a turned up nose.

How did I know this? Well, she was my sister and I’d seen her as she grew up, in swimming suits and gym kits, things like that and for some reason I had taken notice of her development. We had always been friends, none of the fights and disputes that happen between some siblings, we shared and looked out for each other. Then things changed on eventful, late summer Wednesday evening.

I was in my room, jerking off to a porn magazine a friend had lent me when the door to my bedroom opened and Chrissy came rushing in.

“Can I borr ... oh, OH” she went.

“Chrissy get out, and shut the door,” I shouted at her as I continued to pull on my dick.

“OK,” she said, but instead of leaving she came further into my bedroom and closed the door.

“Chrissy, what are you doing, get out.”

“No, can I please watch you, I’ve never seen one in real life. Can I please watch you.” She smiled shyly as she said this, knowing I wouldn’t stop and would let her stay, her smile always had the effect of her getting her own way with any male, and sometimes even my Mum, a smile she would exploit to its full potential in the ensuing years.

I was at a point where I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop so said to her, “OK, but I want something similar later, you’ve seen mine, I want to see yours.”

Chrissy gasped at this statement and blushed, I don’t think she thought she would have to do something similar for me, she thought she was going to get a freebie. As if!!!

“Ok, if that’s what you want,” she whispered, so softly her words were barely audible. With that she came closer to my bed and sat down on the floor, watching me intently, never taking her beautiful, brown eyes off my cock and the increasingly faster and frantic stroking of my hand pulling as I quickly approached my climax.

I moaned as I came and started to shoot my cum into my cum rag, at just that moment Chrissy reached out her hand and a load of cum splashed onto it, covering it in my sticky seed. “Urrg, yuck, it’s sticky and warm,” she yelped as she quickly pulled her hand away.

“Chrissy, please get out now, you shouldn’t have seen that,” I told her.

“Why not, it looked good and you seemed to enjoy it, and I won’t tell Mum and Dad what you were doing,” she replied as she left my bedroom softly closing the door behind her.

Now I loved Chrissy madly as a brother at that time but knew that even then she could be manipulative so I was worried she might try and blackmail me, but if she tried it I would counter by saying she had watched me and let me cum on her hand.

Three days later it’s Saturday afternoon, Mum is out at a friends, Dad has gone to football as a mate of his had got tickets to the first game of the season, leaving me and Chrissy alone in the house together, alone for the first time since the other night. I was in the lounge watching sport on the TV when Chrissy came into the lounge wearing a pink micro-mini skirt so short Mum would have gone ballistic if she’d seen it. It was too short and sexy for a girl of Chrissy’s age, and a tight white T-shirt that just managed to show her nascent boobs poking out. She smiled shyly at me and asked what I was doing.

“Watching TV, what do you think, why?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about Wednesday night, what you did, and what you said, that you wanted to see mine as I’ve seen yours.”

She stopped and looked down at the floor in embarrassment, then quietly went on, “Do you want to see it ... me, now, no one’s in, were alone, no one will know.”

Did I want to see her, her lithe young body, YES, and then again NO. She’s my younger Sister, but she is an attractive, nearly beautiful girl, on the cusp of blossoming into full womanhood. I wanted to see that body more than my reservations about our relationship.

“Are you sure, I didn’t mean what I said, I just wanted to get you out of my bedroom.”

“John, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it, seeing you, that and your stuff hitting my hand.”

“It’s called cum or sperm,” I replied.

“OH, but I think it’s only fair if you see mine, my thing down there, my pussy.”

That shocked me that Chrissy used a word like pussy, sure she was fourteen going on twenty-four, but I didn’t expect her to talk like that.

“John, come on, it’s not like anything else will happen, I’m just going to show you something. Come on; let’s go to my room and I’ll show you what you want to see,” as she finished speaking she turned and walked out of the lounge and up the stairs to her bedroom.

I waited a minute, torn between wanting to go and join her and the thought that she was my little sister and I really should not be doing what I was going to do. I went up the stairs into Chrissy’s bedroom and closed the door and at that moment our fate was sealed.

Chrissy had half closed the bedroom curtains so the light was softer, more diffuse, and was lying on her bed, she smiled as I entered her room.

“What do you want me to do, do you want to see all of me?” she asked innocently.

Oh yes, I wanted to see all of her now I was committed, “Whatever you want,” I replied.

“Ok, sit down, and no touching,” she said as she sprang off the bed.

No touching! Touching, where the hell did that thought come from, not my mind.

Looking at me all the time Chrissy slowly pulled her top over her head and stood before me her baby boobs in a white bra, which she quickly undid and dropped to the floor, her breasts were small barely an “A” cup but sitting proudly on her chest, her small nipples were dark and clearly aroused as they were sticking out.

She did a small pirouette for me, hair flying out and round as she did, then slowly, as if to tease me she undid the zip on her skirt and let that drop to the floor alongside her top. Then I did a double take she had no panties on, she must have removed them when I was downstairs. There was the merest fringe of pubic hair covering her, again she did a twirl and then stood directly in front of me, her legs planted and spread, her hips pushed forwards towards me. A pose of a woman much older than she was. A sexually mature and confident woman, not a young girl.

Sexy, sensual and surprisingly mature. This would have been erotic and provocative from a girl much older than her.

“Do you like it?” she asked me.

I couldn’t reply, just kept staring at her, drinking in the sight of my maturing younger Sister, but what was she doing, this was much more than I expected, what, if anything, did she have in mind?

“Do you want to play with yourself, like the other night, but this time you can look at me, not a magazine?”


But she knew what the answer was it was sticking up in my pants. I couldn’t restrain myself anymore and got my pants off and taking hold of my throbbing knob, started to wank my dick. All the time staring at Chrissy. At first, she kept well away from me, but gradually came closer, so she was almost in touching distance, then she closed the remaining space and sat next to me on the bed.

I was watching her face as she sat down and she was rapt with fascination and wonder as she studied my dick, as it was only inches from her, then things changed and escalated to another level. Chrissy reached out and put her hand on my cock as it was being wanked. Getting her hand round it on top of mine she followed my actions. I gasped in amazement and horror at what she was doing. I stopped, she’s fourteen and my Sister.

Slowly Chrissy moved my hand from my dick and held it solely in hers, whispering, “John, don’t say or do anything, please.”

I didn’t know what to do. I tried to pull away but Chrissy pushed me down and then started to wank me off, at first her actions were all wrong, pulling too far, stretching me, I resigned myself to what was happening and directed her to get her action better.

As I relaxed and surrendered to what was happening Chrissy pushed me over on the bed and lay down next to me. That was it, I leant over and kissed her, for a millisecond there was no response then she kissed me back, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

A jolt of electricity went through my body as she kissed me back, and in that one moment our fate was finally sealed, I grabbed her body, pulling her to me crushing her, feeling her, hands everywhere, exploring her firm, young, nubile, innocent, body.

The intensity of the moment was too much for me and I came, shooting ropes of hot cum over her hand and onto her belly, up her chest, and I think some dropped just at the top of her pussy.

Chrissy had really bad timing for when I came, as this time she had stopped kissing me and dropped her head lower towards my dick just as I shot.

As well as covering her body, one long thick string of cum hit her in the face, hitting her nose and over her lips.

Her eyes shot wide with shock, then as the cum was dripping down her face, she stuck her tongue out and tentatively licked some of the cum into her mouth.

“Oh, that doesn’t taste so bad, not like Becky said it would, it’s sort of tangy and salty,” with that she wiped the remaining cum up onto her fingertips and then putting them in her mouth sucked them clean. I nearly came again at the sight.

“What do you mean, not like Becky said,” I asked her, had she and her best friend been talking about the taste of guys cum?”

“Oh come on John, I’m not totally innocent, well I am, but Becky isn’t, and she’s done lots of things and told me about them, she said Ian at school had done what you’ve done and she said it tasted slimy, not like yours is.”

“Chrissy, you can’t tell Becky what we have done, if it had been with another boy that would be ok you could have told her, but not about you and me.”

“I’m not that daft you moron,” she replied looking at me as though I was stupid.

My little sister was more grown up than I thought. Had she manipulated this whole thing? I was worried where this would end, if it would end.

Laying back on the bed my cum starting to dry and crust on her body, she pulled me to her, took hold of my hand and pushed it down, down to her pussy and made me push a finger into her, she sighed as my finger entered her lips.

At the same time her other hand had gone around my neck and pulled my face to her, kissing me, her breath was sweet and her lips soft and tender as I responded to her kiss.

My hand that was at her pussy pushed in and I felt the soft, warm, velvet feel of a pussy for the first time in my life. I pushed my finger into her, not really knowing what to do, that soon changed as Chrissy got hold of my hand and guided me, increasing the speed and depth of my fingering and touching her. This time I broke the kiss and moved my head lower to kiss her petite breasts, lick and sucking on each nipple in turn, Chrissy squealed at this and then moaned, “Oh yes, John, keep doing that, it feels so good. Just don’t stop.”

All the time she was increasing the speed of our hands in her pussy and then with a soft gentle sigh and shudder she thrust her hips high off the bed and came, a soft gentle orgasm. It seemed right that her orgasm had been soft and gentle.

“Oh that was so different to the ones I’ve had before,” she sighed.

“You’ve done that before?” I asked her.

“Don’t think your the only one that likes fun at night,” was her impish reply, “girls have needs too and know how to relieve them.”

We lay on the bed cuddling each other for a while then when I got up to leave, Chrissy got hold of my arm and said, “Where are you going, mum and dad will be out for ages, we’ve got loads of time. We can do what we want and take our time doing it.”

“What do you mean, we can do anything?” I asked her, wonder, wanting, and apprehension in my voice.

Looking deep into my eyes and at the same dropping her soft hand onto my cock said, “Anything you want, and everything you want, and that I want, John, I want to do everything with you, I want to have sex with you, this afternoon. Now. I’m a virgin at present but I don’t want to be when mum and dad come home.”

My cock sprang to attention and then deflated as conflicting thoughts rammed their way into my brain. Yes, I wanted sex. Yes I wanted sex with Chrissy, but and it was a big but, she was my younger, little sister. Isn’t it wrong, shouldn’t I protect her, shouldn’t I stop what we were doing, being older than her? Chrissy was younger but not by that much and she had been taking the lead from the start, even staying in my room last Wednesday.

“Are you sure, once we start there’s no going back, once your virginity’s gone it’s gone, never coming back.”


“I’ve got no protection, what happens if you get pregnant?” I asked trying to find a way to stop her wanting, and getting sex with me.

“I’ll take a chance this first time, anyway I’m seeing the doc with mum next week, we’ve discussed it, I’m going on the pill, for woman reasons.”

“First time, what do you mean first time, are you planning on doing this more than once?”

“I hope so, see how we like it first.”

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