Mix-up at the Gynecologist's Office

by ScarletSky

Copyright© 2018 by ScarletSky

Incest Story: Daughter unknowingly gets artificially inseminated.

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   .

“Mom, I’m not a little girl anymore, gosh!” Despite her feisty temper, the young teenager was anything but grown up. If anything, recent events had pushed her into a spiral of bad decisions. It happened barely a month ago that her father got into a car crash and passed away, an accident that many blamed on his alcoholism. However as far as his daughter was concerned, it was a well-deserved twist of fate that he had coming.

She never really liked him all that much. There wasn’t a week when Sara hadn’t felt his lustful gaze on her, ogling her budding body. It already started when she freshly entered puberty. Her baby fat began to dwindle, her curves became more pronounced, and her flat chest suddenly had tiny bumps that were bound to keep growing for years to come. She finally had real breasts. But instead of a relief, it was a burden. Her father kept finding opportunities to hug her tightly – or worse, when he just so happened to stumble into her room while she was changing into different clothes.

It kept happening all the way up until his accident. It was the perfect gift to her, like a somewhat delayed birthday present for the 14-year-old. She was blossoming into a woman and even had her first period, but that sack of shit of a father could no longer molest her.

Not even once did Sara tell her mother the truth, it would’ve hurt too much for both of them. Her mom had always been crazy and blindly in love with the guy, ignoring any signs that he may be a bad person. She was obsessed with him.

“Sara! This isn’t something to take lightly, the teachers who caught you said that you were with a boy in some abandoned area of the school. You can’t keep telling us that nothing happened, this isn’t how I raised you! Honey, just admit if he made you do anything funny. You are young, your body is changing, your hormones are going crazy ... I know how it is, so just be honest with me and we can move on, okay honey?” The mature woman crouched down and brushed a few curls of ember hair out of her daughter’s face, revealing an angry blush on those freckled cheeks.

“Gah! It’s like you aren’t even listening to me, mom! He didn’t touch me, I never even kissed a boy!” This isn’t at all how she imagined the beginning of her school holidays to be like. To be confronted with stupid questions! All she wanted to do right now was to return to her room, play a few games on the computer, and have a good time.

“Fine then, sulk all you want. Get up to your room, tomorrow we are going to see if you are telling the truth.” The displeased mother stood back up and shook her head. Ever since her husband had passed away, it was a constant fight. Defiance around every corner. It was getting difficult to imagine a future without someone by her side. She had loved her husband and missed him so incredibly much.

“Fine!” Sara hissed back at her mom and stuck out her tongue before she rushed upstairs and slammed her door shut.

The frustrated woman returned to the living room with a glass of wine to soothe her nerves. She could still remember the day when the police knocked on her door. There wasn’t any comfort in their words. They simply stared at her, confirmed that her name is Trish Taylor and that she’s married to a Carl Taylor, and gave her the news that a fatal car accident had happened.

It had taken just a minute for her entire world to break apart. She sobbed quietly while sipping her wine. Her only salvation, her only glimmer of hope, was that her husband had frozen some sperm before getting a vasectomy just a few weeks prior to the crash.

She had lost him, but she’s not going to be without a part of him for much longer. Recently she had gotten in contact with her gynecologist, and inquired about whether it would be possible to retrieve the sperm, and if perhaps there were methods to manipulate the odds of getting a certain gender for the child. While the doctor did confirm that methods exist to guarantee a child of a certain gender, it would be very costly, and in addition there was barely enough sperm to ensure a single pregnancy.

It was all she needed to know. Before the doctor even had a chance to continue speaking, she already yelled an enthralled “Yes!” into the phone. “There’s nothing I’d like more than to have a son, in my husband’s memory.” She smiled as she recalled the memory, and it wouldn’t be long now before that dream came true. One more day to her appointment and the planned artificial insemination. Her mind was at ease, and she didn’t even notice herself gradually drifting off to sleep.

Sara was the first one to wake up in the wee early morning hours, stretching and yawning as she pushed the bed covers aside. Her curly hair was a mess, and she wore little more than a nightgown and underwear as she dragged herself out of bed ... and immediately sat down by the computer again. Less than a couple minutes later, she was back to playing online games before she had even managed to fully open her eyes.

Thunderous music of epic calibers echoed through the small house, while her small hand remained on the computer mouse to guide her character. The keyboard made its mechanical noise with every key press. She relished that she no longer had to endure her father’s nightly drunken antics, which usually had kept her up well into the night. He had been a monster.

A familiar face suddenly peered into the bedroom. All that incredibly loud gaming noise had woken the still somewhat intoxicated mother. “We are late! Sara! You have to get dressed! Why didn’t you wake me up?!”

The confused girl turned her head in surprise. “Wake you up... ? What for, what’s going on?” She barely had the time to brush her teeth and put on a simple summer dress before she already sat in the car together with her mom. “You still didn’t tell me what this is about! Gee, I hate it when you’re not even taking the time to tell me stuff. Where are we going? What appointment do you have?”

“It’s ... private. We’re going to the gynecologist. But since we’re going there anyway, I figured it’s a good chance for you to get a health check-up.” She turned the wheel to take a corner, and drove as fast as she could without risking to lose control.

“To get a ... hold up, you aren’t just taking me there to check out if I’m really still a virgin, are you? What the hell? What’s wrong with you,” she pouted while crossing her arms in front of her small chest. In fact, the 14-year-old had never even masturbated. It was gross to even think about, considering that’s where she’s peeing from. She understood the basic idea, that it’s meant to feel nice and all, but she simply hadn’t felt the urge to touch herself. Perhaps her father was part of the reason why she never dared to embrace her own sexuality.

Once they arrived at the reception, Trish quickly explained the situation and apologized for being late. The staff couldn’t do much, the waiting room was full and both doctors were extremely busy. It wasn’t going to happen. She would have to make a new appointment and wait another month. The stressed mother began to cry right there at the counter, crying out in defeat.

The nurses felt uneasy at first but quickly reassured her in an attempt to calm her down – and it worked. “Please, just take a seat and we will be right with you. As for your other request,” the nurse said while gazing towards the young teenager. “A routine check doesn’t take long, we can squeeze her in as well. We can, uh ... certainly confirm if she has been active sexually.”

Sara again huffed and narrowed her eyes in anger. This was unfair and embarrassing. The thought that some guy would look at her vagina was making her stomach churn, it was a repulsive thought. Gross! Disgusting.

A few more minutes passed before one of the nurses returned. “Mrs. Taylor? Please, come with me.” Trish exhaled as if her nightmare was finally coming to an end, briefly gave her daughter a pat on the head and followed the lady into one of the rooms.

Another woman approached Sara shortly after. “You must be Mrs. Taylor! My name is Susan, I will be taking care of you today.”

“Mrs. Taylor?” Sara looked back with a furrowed brow. Were they mistaking her for her mother? Whatever. Addressing people by their last name is the polite thing anyway, it probably wasn’t a mistake. “Yeah,” she added.

“Splendid. Please, follow me.” Sara got off her seat and followed the lady into another one of the many rooms. It looked a little creepy, she had never been a fan of these white rooms. It felt like a hospital. “Please, undress and change into one of the gowns we have prepared for you,” she instructed while pointing at a little privacy curtain in a corner of the room. It felt extremely uncomfortable to remove her summer dress and small panties in an area other than her bedroom, but she pushed through and did as she was asked. At least this would shut up her mother for good, with those insulting questions and assumptions. Once and for all she would prove that she is, as a matter of fact, a virgin.

The white gown she changed into felt weird, like it was made of paper or plastic. When she returned from behind the curtain, she noticed that the doctor had already prepared a weird chair for her to sit on. A simple hand gesture instructed Sara to have a seat, and she did as she was told.

“Come, come. Don’t be shy now, you’ve already gotten this far. I promise this is going to be over before you know it. Now let’s get those feet in position,” she explained while grabbing the teenager’s left foot and placing it on one of the stir-ups, and then repeating the same with the right foot.

The young girl suddenly felt a cold breeze caressing her exposed womanhood. Her legs were sprawled apart, a position she had never been in. She hadn’t fully matured just yet, those smooth lips of her pussy had just the hint of a peach fuzz to them and her pubic mound was very pronounced.

The doctor however was very professional – even if her patient looked too young to be a freshly widowed woman, she did not dare bringing up the subject. At what age her patients marry, or what they choose to do with their husbands frozen sperm, was of course the patient’s choice. She was merely doing her job.

“Perfect! Now then, let’s get a slightly better view down here,” she continued to explain her actions as she opened a little drawer from the bottom of the chair and retrieved a shiny, silver device. It looked similar to a duck’s head. A quick glance back and forth between the speculum, and the incredibly small vaginal opening in front of her however got the doctor to hesitate.

“Oh, dear ... let’s see if I can’t find a smaller one ... yes, much better.” She discarded the first one, and retrieved a slightly smaller speculum. Just the right size to open a pubescent teenager’s vagina.

The woman proceeded to grab a small tube of lubrication and resourcefully covered the important parts of the device with the slick cream. It wasn’t just regular lube however, it was also numbing cream which would reduce any sensations to a bare minimum.

“As I said, we’re on a tight schedule today so let’s get these lips to open widely, yup?” Sara was at first confused by the statement, the gown was blocking the view at her own genitals. But then without prior warning, she could feel something smooth making contact with her labia. The doctor placed her index and middle finger on those plump, smooth folds of Sara’s pussy and gently coaxed them apart.

The soft and spongy lips opened up and revealed a cute view at the pink flesh hidden within. A tiny hole, barely big enough to be visible, highlighted the entrance into the teen’s virginal womanhood. “There we go. This is where the magic will happen,” the doctor joked lightly.

“This is ... hold on ... can’t we just do this differently? I dunno. Anything else?” Sara could feel her heart beating so fast that it was nearly jumping out of her chest. What would it take to prove that she’s a virgin anyway? Were they going to have a look, or actually dig into her?

“Relax, Miss Taylor. It’s a simple procedure, really.” She nudged the speculum between those chubby lips and began to apply more pressure. The small opening began to stretch, wider and wider, until it collapsed and embraced the first inch of the device.

Sara tensed up completely, gasping for air! Just like that, her hymen had collapsed and torn. There was a brief burning sensation, a sting, but then it faded away ... she didn’t even realize that she had just been deflowered. The thoroughly lubricated metal slid deeper inside, an inch at a time, and the poor girl could feel herself stretching in the weirdest places somewhere inside her tummy.

Her senses were rapidly sending warning signals – this wasn’t something she had expected! But she tried to calm herself down, she had never been at the gynecologist, she had no idea how any of this worked. All she knew was that she wanted this to be over as quickly as possible. Every fiber of her being was desperately trying to ignore that for the very first time in her life, something was entering her vagina. At least for the moment it was still slender and small, barely enough to stress the smooth walls of her pussy.

“Now we just twist this a little, like so.” The mouth of the speculum kept spreading further, pushing aside the fleshy walls of the unfortunate girl’s womanhood. The unpleasant sensation in her belly grew rapidly, and her insides opened right up like a pretty little flower. Her privacy had been erased completely, the mature woman suddenly had a clear view into the deepest corner of Sara’s vagina. Everything was suddenly laid bare.

The naïve teenager didn’t know that, of course. All she knew was that this test to confirm her virginity was extremely annoying, unpleasant and beyond anything she had expected. Her cheeks turned a darker shade of red. She’s so going to swear and curse at her mother when this is all over.

There was a dull pressure in her belly. If not for her gown, she would be able to see the lips of her pussy stretched taut around the device, all red and swollen, solely for the sake of keeping her open and easy to access. Sara had no idea that her precious vagina was being held open or even that her hymen had been permanently erased. It was entirely thanks to the numbing cream that she wasn’t in more discomfort. Her chance for a romantic first time was taken.

Simultaneously, the doctor had a quick look into the freshly opened area and gleefully spotted the small cervix near the end of the vaginal tunnel. Small droplets of translucent fluid coated it, confirming that the patient’s ovulation was right on schedule. Only Trish was fully aware that her daughter’s cycle had synced up with her own. Both women were at the prime time for baby-making, but only Sara was laid bare on the gynecologist’s chair.

One final time, the efficient woman opened the drawer and retrieved two more items. One was a little plastic catheter made of flexible material.

The other was a small vial. Its contents were a swirling, milky substance. There was a little tag attached to it with a few notes. “Healthy sperm sample. Nullified odds of female offspring. Donor: Carl Taylor.” The last remains of his semen, of Sara’s hated father. The man whose death had made her so quirky and cheerful once again. She had looked forward to such a bright and happy future after she had gotten rid of him and his obscene behavior.

The doctor briefly inspected the contents and then placed the vial on the edge of the seat, just between Sara’s legs. The small bottle was filled to the brim with her own father’s spunk. A cloudy, beige substance and its only purpose was to enter a fertile woman and to chase down the healthy egg inside her loins.

The sperm didn’t care if she was Carl’s daughter or that she hated him. She had a vagina, and she was old enough to carry a baby. Millions of those little tadpoles were inside the vial, and they all began moving more energetically and motivated, as if they could sense they were close to a fertile girl’s crotch.

“We are almost done here,” the doctor explained.

With her gloved hand, she picked up the catheter and guided it through the path laid bare by the speculum. She nudged the open end of the tube into the small opening of Sara’s cervix, gently pushing and prodding. Sara gasped! There were cramps inside her belly.

The doctor kept on attempting to force the tube through the opening.

“That’s a stubborn little one you got there ... but in the end, they always open up.” One more firm push, and it slipped inside. The clear plastic tube slid right in and pushed through until the tip emerged again on the other end. Within the girl’s womb.

The other end was still just outside Sara’s vagina, dangling between her legs and rubbing across the seat. It was a terrible situation for the pubescent girl – not only had she lost her virginity, but suddenly there was a direct connection between her unprotected and ovulating womb, and the much easier to access part right outside her womanhood. Anything that would enter the tube would have a straight path inside her deepest parts.

Those skilled, professional fingers reached for the vial and emptied the contents into a syringe. It was a process that took multiple seconds considering the semen sample was particularly thick and creamy.

After doing so, the doctor then connected the nose of the syringe with the catheter.

She was so focused that she didn’t even notice a third person entering the quiet room.

The door slowly opened and an out-of-breath mother stepped into the room. It had taken her a few minutes to realize, only after she finished receiving a breast examination, that there had been a mix-up because of the shared last names!

Right there on the gynecologist’s chair was her precious little daughter! With her legs widely sprawled apart and that pristine little vagina on full display. It had been years since the last time she took a bath together with her daughter, but she recognized everything nonetheless. There were no doubts. The only thing that reassured her even a little bit, was the fact that it was an entirely professional setting. There were no strangers to ogle her daughter’s private bits.

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