Diary of a Certain Sister

by Jade

Copyright© 2018 by Jade

Erotica Sex Story: Linda's daughter falls prey to a preatory lesbian with a randy canine! But can her mother save her from damnation?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

As it was their last day at the camp, Linda had called for a get-together luncheon at the poolside. She and her daughter Lucy had both made new friends during their stay and it would be a nice way of saying farewell.

She was in luck with the weather; the fine morning blossomed into a warm day even by noon and the table had been nicely laid up with wine glasses and napkins. A large colourful sun-awning shaded Linda at her table as she waited for her guests.

Then Ed and Mike arrived, both dressed in colourful shirts, swim trunks and deck shoes. They got themselves comfortable.

Lucy’s new friend, Delia also arrived. She had been such good company for Lucy by taking her on rambles with her dog whilst at the camp; it had given Linda time to relax at the bar with the men.

But Delia now looked quite different from the girl usually seen on the forest trail with her dog Daz!

Her heeled shoes were just enough to emphasise her height and the dress she wore made no bones of the figure she had. In fact, she looked more her true age of twenty-five; which she normally tried to disguised. For Delia is a predatory lesbian who preys on the same young flesh as would a male paedophile.

Ed and Mike were very pleased to see her but suddenly Linda suddenly had mixed feelings. Wasn’t she a bit old to be a friend for fourteen year old Lucy?

“Hi everyone; Lucy not hear yet then?” asked Delia as she seated herself.

“No” said Linda, “She was doubtful it was her kind of thing actually; but she said she’s meeting you at the sauna a bit later.”

“You look great in a dress Delia, smiled Ed, “ you should do it more often.”

“I’d rather you didn’t,” jested Linda, “I resent the competition!”

They all laughed.

Someone took a dive into the pool and the splash nearly reached their table. Linda let out a squeal and there was laughter again.

The waiter appeared and menu’s were passed around. Delia fished out her sunglasses and the conversation flowed.

The starters arrived and the meal begun. Ed ordered some wine.

Linda casually probed Delia about her friendship with her daughter.

Delia enthused on how Lucy enjoyed rambling with her and Daz; they got on so well together! Delia hoped for a long-term friendship with Lucy if Linda approved.

“Do you have a boyfriend back home Delia?” asked Linda.

Delia dropped her head as if embarrassed and then quietly replied,

“I wonder if I can share this with you in confidence Linda; I ... I had a bad experience ... with a man when I was younger. Actually I was raped several times; by different men. So now, I don’t actually want a boyfriend anymore. I only enjoy female company. Do you see Linda?”

Delia lifted her head and smiled weakly into Linda’s eyes and a kinship was established; because Linda was a lesbian of sorts herself; she had been fucking about with young Lucy only recently.

They had shared a shower naked together and french-kissed and other stuff. She had even used a vibrator on her daughter; but purely to show her how to use it in the privacy of her own bedroom. And if she was honest with herself, Linda would prefer her daughter to be a lesbian; because she loathed the idea of becoming a grandmother.

Linda’s hand went into Delia’s. “Of course; I understand now. Most men are utter beast; I know that! But I think you may be a good role model for my daughter. So you have my blessing Delia.”

They looked at each other knowingly and kissed each other lightly on the lips.

After the meal, Ed and Mike decided to get into the pool and with the ladies watching, they manfully dove into the deep end and began their horseplay. ~ ~

As Lucy strode to the court with her racket; her short white skirt danced about her freshly tanned thighs, her eyes sparkled and her snatch was juicy with anticipation at meeting up with her new-found friend Delia.

Although there were a few people around the tennis courts, and Linda was among them, it didn’t discourage the pair from embracing and kissing intimately upon meeting.

They took up opposing positions on the court. As they began striking the ball back and forth, they attracted a few bystanders, for the moment Lucy had first struck a ball with any power, the swing of her short skirt revealed the absence of any knickers! Lucy’s frontal view revealed her white loins, while the open-mouthed spectators at the rear were treated to a glistening snatch as she swung leaning into the ball.

After some minutes of this frolicking the girls left their small audience; entering the pavilion for the sauna that Delia had privately reserved. They shared a shower; laughing and giggling at the brazenness of their prank. Then they were exploring each others nakedness, as they kissed with a fierce hunger.

As they entered the sauna room, Daz looked up from the warm bench he was upon and Lucy let out a squeal of surprise,

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