Working My Way Through College

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: A poor Filipino girl decides to try a different way to work her way through college.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   White Male   Oriental Female   Cream Pie   First   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   Prostitution   .

An Uncle George: Adventures in the Philippines Story

It’s always been difficult for a Filipina from a poor family to go to college and it seems to me it’s getting worse. I know my mom would never have considered doing what I’m thinking of doing. If she couldn’t work as a nanny for a well-off family or something like that, she would not go out looking for work at a store or restaurant, let alone what I’m probably going to have to do.

My name is Elise and I just graduated from high school in Baguio City, a town on a mountain in the middle of Luzon Island in The Philippines. It is a tourist town and there are lots of private colleges. Dentistry is one of the most common programs. Young men from many Muslim countries come to Baguio to study fixing teeth.

I’m sixteen. I will have two years of Senior High School, then if I can get the money, I’ll start college. Because of supply, a doctor or dentist will never get rich in the Philippines, but it is a reliable way to make a living, so I’ll probably pick one of those two careers.

The Philippines is officially a Catholic country. There are shrines to the Virgin Mary, various Philippine versions of the infant Jesus, and a few of the Saints in government buildings.

A few years ago, the legislature was debating a bill to make money available for government hospitals and doctors to help poor women with family planning, getting reliable methods of long-term contraception and there was discussion about the role of abortion in family planning. You’d have thought the legislators who supported the bill were asking people to worship the devil or something. There were billboards and all kids of hate stuff on the internet in opposition. It is very sad because overpopulation is one of The Philippines’ biggest problems.

People are big hypocrites though because nobody does much to help poor people have ways to improve their condition. For ugly girls, selling something in a market stall or from a cart on the street is about all they can do. If a girl is blessed with a pretty face and a good figure, prostitution may be her best and sometimes her only option to make a good income, while she is young and beautiful.

Employers are allowed to advertise for very specific job requirements. For example, “Female, 22-27 years old, single, no children, Bachelor’s degree.” It is well known that one major department store gives preference to members of one religion because their services don’t get in the way of a weekend work schedule. Graduates of a very few prestige colleges that only rich kids can afford to attend get hiring preference in some companies. Even with a degree, getting hired is difficult. It is pretty obvious the deck is stacked in favor of the kids with rich parents.

In Baguio, full time prostitutes don’t seem to exist. I’ve never seen one on the street. The rumor is that college girls go on something called GFE dates and sleep with the man if he offers enough and if she thinks he is clean enough. If a girl isn’t too broke, the rumor says she might turn down an ugly guy.

I’ve never had sex. I’m curious, but scared. Definitely ambivalent. I definitely want to like sex, but I want to be a girl who keeps her behavior quiet and doesn’t have a reputation. I don’t want to deal with old ladies shaking a finger in my face for corrupting her grandson or something.

The way I want things to work is that I meet a dreamy boy, we date and when we have both said, “I love you” to each other, and I am sure he isn’t lying, we have sex very privately. Then we only have sex with each other. We are carful and I don’t get pregnant the first time we do it. When we can afford it, we get married, I get pregnant and we have two kids. We like sex the same amount, which is pretty often, so we never fight, and he isn’t selfish, so I get to enjoy making love too. That’s the dream anyway.

Growing rice is hard work and it destroys a person’s body. My dad isn’t that old, but he is all broken down, looks ancient, and my mom isn’t much better off from cooking over charcoal her whole life and carrying heavy water containers for cooking and washing. No place in the Philippines has safe drinking water that comes from a faucet. Even in the cities, you have to buy drinking water and carry it home.

Of course, if you are poor, if you didn’t have bad luck, you’d have no luck at all; and so right on schedule dad got sick. I had two choices; one, use my body as bait to get a young husband to work dad’s farm; or two, figure out a way to support myself and work my way through Senior High School and College.

My friend Mary had an older sister who had a bad reputation, so we went to see her. I asked Jane what GFE dates were all about. Jane laughed her head off.

“You are not up to GFE dates,” Jane said.

“Why not,” I asked, pugnaciously.

“Because, little girl, the whole purpose of a GFE date is to be a whore, but hopefully not get caught. GFE stands for “Girl Friend Experience.” That means you pretend you are the guy’s girlfriend. He pays to fuck you, but what you tell him is that he is paying for your time so you can put down your studies and take the time to go out with him. When you were out with him on the date, you really liked him, and decided you wanted him to fuck you, for free, of course. So you pretend to be his girlfriend and give him a girlfriend fuck, not a whore fuck.

“If you can afford to turn down a customer, you can make sure the guys you do fuck are clean and treat you nice. You’ll never make enough money if you only fuck cute guys, by the way. Retired guys who speak English are usually the safest and pay the best. You have to try harder to act like their real girlfriend though so they are happy with your service.

“Before you are ready to be a GFE date though, you have to have sexy clothes like a girlfriend would wear to let her boyfriend know she wants to fuck. Then you have to know how to find customers without the police figuring out you are a prostitute. It probably would be good to know how to have sex and make a guy happy too.

“Then you need a place to live, decide if you want to use your apartment as your place to fuck, or make the man take you to a hotel. You have to be careful not to wear whore clothes where the desk clerk can see you if you use hotels. If the desk clerks see you too often then you have to make up a story about being a slut and that means you’ll have to fuck some desk clerks to keep them quiet.

“Think skinny, flat as a board, sixteen-year-old you can handle all that?” Jane said.

“The alternative is be a whore for one guy so he farms dad’s land for free, or the price of my pussy, actually. I don’t know any guy in the provinces I want to fuck every night. I may be delusional, but I think if I let foreign tourists screw me, I might run into one who did it really good, and I think I’ll like that,” I said.

I went to the Ukay Ukay street and shopped for sexy clothes, especially panties and bras and nightgowns. It’s surprising what clothes people from other countries donate when there is a disaster here. The clothes are baled by the charity and sold by the pound to second-hand or Ukay Ukay stores here. The stores buy bales of clothes by the pound, break the bale, and price each item. I just got a few things because I didn’t have much money. I figured I would see what worked and get some nicer sexy clothes when I had made a little money.

“Jane, I had this idea. I’ve read on the internet about girls who auctioned their virginity. I want to do something like that because I can get a one-time high price, and the guy isn’t going to expect me to know anything. How do I advertise to do that?” I asked.

Jane laughed and said, “Well in Baguio, almost all the girls doing GFE are college girls. You put a phony ad on a certain bulletin board. It’s all in a kind of code. So, your ad might say something like, ‘Totally unused wedding nightgown. White satin, in original package. Size-Extra Small. Price somewhat negotiable. Call Jayme, 0917XXXXXXX’ or you could say, ‘Total beginner wants English lessons from native speaker. More comfortable with teacher 40 and older. Know a little French. Call Jayme with your proposition, 0917YYYYYYY’

“The first one is pretty simple. The second says you will include a blow job if he offers a good price. The total beginner says you are a virgin.

“Now if you posted, ‘Eager rookie available to help girl with Red Ribbon surprise party.’ What do you think that means?” Jane said.

“I’ve never done it, but I’ll take care of a girl’s date if her period came by surprise?” I asked.

“Yes, that kind of date can help you get started and get some money coming in until you have your own customers that come back for repeat dates and give you a steady income,” Jane said.

I learned the code, learned to shave my pubic hair, moisturized myself all over, got myself all hot and bothered, and masturbated like crazy daydreaming about my fantasy GFE date and getting my cherry popped.

I finally got a call, and I was really glad I was good at English, because that was the only language the man understood. He liked that I was young, skinny, with small tits, and a virgin. He offered me 530,000 pesos, that’s $10,000 US, and he pays for a nice hotel. I give him my cherry willingly, he stays with me all night, and he gets as many shots as his body lets him have. I know this is the most I’ll ever make at one time, so I want to make sure the guy is deliriously happy and wants me again and again. I figure that is the best way to make sure I don’t get used as a punching bag. I also figure that the fewer guys I screw, the better, so I want to have only a few very good customers. That’s my business plan, anyway.

It’s the big night. I meet Jack at the hotel restaurant. I promised him he could get food that didn’t include fermented fish here. I’m a poor kid, I’ve never been to anything fancier than street food. “Mansion” sounded fancy enough to have American food.

I scrubbed everyplace twice, but it’s hard to get really clean in cold water. I’m planning on washing both of us in the hot water of the hotel shower before we do anything, anyway. I’m wearing the sexiest panties I own, and a little black dress that has a short skirt, but is too classy for a street girl. I don’t need a bra, and it sounds like Jack likes girls with small breasts from the times we talked on the phone, so I didn’t wear one. I’m wearing black shoes with about an inch and one-half heel. I spent my last one-hundred pesos to arrive in a taxi.

The hotel door guy looks spiffy in his uniform. He opens the taxi door for me, and I try to be graceful and elegant and “alight” from my carriage in a lady-like way. I hope I don’t look like a girl from the provinces giving a free panty show as I get out of the taxi.

Jack comes down the steps to meet me. He smiles with his whole face and said, “So nice to meet you Jayme.”

Jane and I decided Jayme was going to be my “stage name” for now. She said it implied I was shy and a little tech-nerdy and tomboyish. In The Philippines the word “tomboy” means a lesbian who dresses like a male or maybe even is full transgender. I was going for the American meaning, as in a girl who understands why guys like guy things, is a little athletic, and can enjoy fishing or video games as much as shopping or dancing.

I have trouble making my voice louder than a whisper, but I say, “I’m very happy to meet you Jack. Your pic is very nice, but you are much better looking in person.” I’m not lying. He looks good. He is younger than I expected. He is strong looking, no fat tummy, and just the right amount of muscles. I’m looking forward to giving him my virginity now. I hope to god he is good at sex. I hope to god he makes me like fucking a whole hell of a lot. If it was all psychological and no physical, I’d be cumming already.

I take his arm and we walk up the steps into the hotel. I open my purse for the security lady to look inside. I have a bigish bag, but she doesn’t look in the bottom compartment. I am relieved. I have an extra pair of panties and a couple pads there in case I’m still leaking when I’m on my way home.

Jack is really confident, not at all like a Filipino. He walks right up to the dining room hostess like he owns the whole damn hotel and says, “Reservation for Jack Sterling.”

The girl looks at her clipboard, then smiles and says, “Right this way, Mr. Sterling.”

She leads us to a table for two with a nice view of both the piano and the big stone fireplace. Jack smiles at the menu and orders a Certified Angus steak from the U.S. I could feed myself for four days to a week from the money it cost. I smile and tell Jack, “I’m not eating anything gross like Balut[1] and I brought my toothbrush.”

Jack laughed and said, “No rotten fish either Jayme. It’s impossible to get that smell off your breath.”

“No, I’m having Sisig. Your Anthony Bourdain liked it and highly recommended it. It’s like a pork hash with a sunny side up egg on top. It’s spicy hot, but not fishy or nasty like ditch soup,” I said.

“How do you know about Anthony Bourdain?” Jack asked.

“Some of my friends are in the Hotel and Restaurant Management program. They watch his shows on Discovery Asia. I sometimes watch with them if I have time. They say they would die of fright if Gordon Ramsey came into their establishment, but feel like Anthony Bourdain would be fair and polite if they were doing their best.

“When I was asking myself if I could date distinguished looking foreigners, I imagined Anthony Bourdain as my ideal date,” I said, and let myself giggle.

“I hope I can live up to that,” Jack said.

I laughed and said, “Well you’re younger and definitely more handsome. Of course, having a 98.6 body temperature and a pulse are definitely in your favor.”

Jack grinned. “I’ll bet you say that to all the men chasing you,” He said.

“This is the first time I’ve done this so I haven’t learned to lie or be all bola bola yet. I’m just a sixteen-year-old senior high school girl, Jack,” I said

“What’s bola bola?” Jack asked.

“It literally means ‘ball ball.’ It’s the name of a sweet and sour meat ball dish. In Tagalog slang it means a flatterer. When girls say it about a guy, it usually has the connotation that he is a player, but it could also mean he is a joker, like the class clown,” I said.

Our food arrived. We ate. We shared a bite of each other’s food. Jack paid the check, and we went up to the room he reserved.

I kissed him as soon as we were in the room. He laughed and said, “The red pepper on your lips makes my lips tingle and burn.”

I giggled and said, “I wonder if you’d like your cock to tangle and burn too. Shall I suck you so we can find out?”

I wasn’t really that brave. I was just bullshitting to see what Jack would say and do.

“Let’s see what happens.” Jack said.

I sank to my knees, opened his pants and started sucking Jack’s cock. He was big enough that I didn’t have to pretend my jaw didn’t open wide enough to take him inside. I got excited kneeling in front of a man like that and my pussy started to get wet. Who knew?

Jack went off in my mouth. I knew that was what was supposed to happen. I kept sucking and swallowing until all his spunk was out of his cock and in my tummy. I knew a whore would want to get a man off as fast as possible so she could turn more tricks, but since I was doing an all-night GFE date, I wanted to get him off with my mouth fast at first so when he took my virginity and fucked my pussy with his cock, he would last and think he was manly. Of course, I was hoping it would let him last long enough so I could cum from having him fuck me with his cock.

I got Jack out of his clothes, stripped, and we got in bed together. He played with my breasts and my pussy nice and gently and got me as wet as it’s possible for a girl to get. I rubbed his cock every now and then. When he got hard, I pulled him on top of me and begged him to fuck me.

It was scary as Jack was guiding his dick into my pussy. It seemed so big, and I seemed so small, it made me afraid I wouldn’t be able to take him inside me. Jack worked his cock into me and little by little his big organ slipped up into my wet vagina. I felt the resistance to him going further into me. His hips jerked, I felt some pain, then he was all the way inside me. He fucked me, and I liked it. I liked it a lot, so we fucked all night. I had at least three orgasms from his dick inside me.

I was worn out when he finished. He didn’t use a condom the way he was supposed to. I was too exhausted to bitch at him, but I was pissed as hell. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, Jack was gone. He did not leave me the money we had agreed on. I didn’t have anything worth stealing. He did leave my phone and clothes. I was in an expensive hotel room with just the clothes I’d worn for my “date” and no money. Jack might not have paid for the room. I was scared as hell.

I decided to sneak out the back before the maid came by, just in case. I got dressed, and the feel of Jack’s cum, still sticky in my cunt, made me really pissed. I was having to sneak out without getting a hot shower to wash Jack’s spunk out of my pussy. Now I understood why prostitutes needed scary men and paid them to pimp. It was necessary for a girl to get paid.

I put a pad in my clean pair of panties so I wouldn’t drip, made sure I had all my stuff, and quietly opened the door of the room. I checked the hall and when I didn’t see or hear anyone I slipped into the hall. I moved quietly to the bridge from the part of the building with rooms to the main part of the building. I went down the stairs to the fitness center, then quietly slipped out the back door. I got into the big pine trees that surround the hotel as fast as I could. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry, and I had a terrible headache.

Before I could walk home my phone rang. It was Jack.

“You didn’t pay me!” I yelled.

“You are just another dumb Pinay slut. I’m not paying you squat. Besides, you liked getting fucked, so you couldn’t have been a virgin. No girl likes it that well and cums three times the first time. You lied about being cherry. You didn’t bleed, so I’m not paying.

“What you are going to do is go home, wash, get dressed in tiny short-shorts and a crop top and meet me at the Jolly Bee on Lower Session Road. We will meet a friend of mine, and you will fuck him just like you fucked me. He will pay me, and I’ll buy you dinner and let you sleep on my floor tonight. You wanted to be a whore, so I’m going to give you your wish. You’ll be MY whore. I’ll make sure you get paid. You’ll pay me for making your customers pay by fucking me and giving me my share of everything you earn,” Jack said.

I started to cry. Jack laughed. I hung up.

Jack didn’t know where I lived, so I went home to take a cold shower and go to bed.

My pre-paid phone rang and the caller id said it was a different number than the one Jack used. I answered it, “Hi this is Jayme.”

A quiet man’s voice said, “Jayme, I’m calling about your ad. I’m retired and can’t afford to bid in the auction, but I’d like to meet you and see if you’d like a regular date with me.”

I was broke and he sounded like he wouldn’t hurt me, so I said, “Sure. Meet me at the 4,5,6 Hotel that is close to the SM Mall. I’ll be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt for the high school the college with the medical school runs. Do you know the one I mean?”

“Yes, I know the one. I’m kinda big, I have white hair, and I’m wearing a red polo shirt. My name is George,” He said.

I got dressed and went over to the hotel. I looked in the window and he was sitting in the restaurant. I thought he looked kind, so I went in and sat next to him.

“Hungry?” He asked.

I nodded. He handed me the menu. I forget what I got. Something Filipino and cheap, I’m sure. We ate. He paid the bill and took me up to his room. There was an envelope on the coffee table. I counted the money. Five-thousand pesos. Exactly my rate for two hours. No arguments or bargaining. I smiled and put it in my purse.

“What do you like George?” I asked.

He grinned at me and said, “You.”

I blushed.

“Let’s take a shower.” I said.

We got naked and got in the shower. I got my hot shower. I felt better. I checked his body. He was clean and didn’t smell bad even before the shower. We washed each other, getting our hands all over each other. He kissed me softly.

He said, “Jayme, I’m old and my body doesn’t work all the time. I like pretty girls so I still make dates. Sometimes my body works, sometimes it doesn’t. I know it won’t be your fault if I can’t get hard. You are the prettiest girl I’ve ever made a date with, and you could make any regular guy hard. If my body won’t work tonight, I promise I won’t get mad, and we can just cuddle or something until my time is up. Is that OK?”

“Yes. It must be terrible for you to have your body do that to you,” I said.

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