Elena the Lost Chapter

by TheBatofGotham

Copyright© 2018 by TheBatofGotham

Incest Sex Story: An alternate chapter for my story titled Elena.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   InLaws   .

After I posted one of the chapters of my story Elena I got a very nasty letter with plenty of threats against me not to have Elena have sex with her husband’s father. What this person did not know was that I had already planned on having Elena not go through with it. This chapter was my way of venting and I had Elena do in this chapter what that person said they didn’t want to happen. I’m curious what some of you think of this chapter. Would you have preferred things to happen this way or the way they ended up happening in the story?

The lost Chapter 20

When I got to my dad’s room both of them were now in robes. When Elena saw me she ran to me as fast as her pregnant belly would allow. She then threw her arms around me.

“I’ll say this again. If you don’t want me to have sex with our dad I won’t do this. After all maybe I could get over this with help from a therapist or something.” said Elena.

My only response was a deep kiss and I helped to turn her around and I pointed to my dad. As soon as she gets to my dad she drops her robe and I turn away from them. It seemed like an eternity before I heard any noise. That noise was the sound of Elena taking in a deep gasp of air. I turned around quickly. My wife was now on top of my dad and they were both naked. Elena was holding onto a bar that was placed above the headboard. I watched on as my wife rubbed her pussy up and down over the underside of his hard cock. Finally Elena lifted up her body and my dad helped her to align his cock to her pussy. She paused for a moment.

I couldn’t watch this after all. I turned around to leave and that’s when Zoe grabbed my face and kissed me hard. We pulled apart once we heard a moaning coming from inside the bedroom. I didn’t have time to think of the fact that my Step-Mother just had her tongue down my throat or that my Maxine was giving me a funny look as I turned back to the bedroom and saw that my beautiful Elena was now completely impaled on my father’s cock. I was frozen in place as I watched my wife pump her hips up and down on another man. I soon felt lips and a mouth engulf my cock. I hadn’t noticed my pants being pulled down. I then placed my hands on Maxine’s head and encouraged her to keep up her work on my cock. When Elena was resting on top of my father I looked down to say something to Maxine. I was shocked to see that it wasn’t Maxine that was sucking my cock but it was Zoe.

“What the hell Mom? What do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

Zoe then stood up and said, “I think we both need a little distraction from what is going on in this room. And I could only think of two things to do while remaining close to our spouses. Those two things were giving you a blow job and for you to make love to me. Or for you to just fuck me.”

Before Zoe could say another word I stepped out of the pants that she had pulled down to my ankles and I pushed her against the wall. Within seconds I was balls deep inside Zoe’s pussy. I pounded away like crazy inside her. While I was fucking her all I could see was my wife having sex with my dad. I came to my senses when I felt her fingernails digging into my back. I started to pull away from her.

Zoe wrapped her legs around me and said, “Don’t pull out. I need this. We both do. Cum inside my cunt. Pretend you’re knocking me up like you did to both of my daughters.”

I pounded away at Zoe for who knows how long but because she still had her legs around my waist and locked behind my ass I had no choice but to explode inside her pussy. She held me tight for a couple minutes. I have no idea why but it wasn’t until then that I noticed that we were laying on the floor.

As soon as I pulled away from Zoe Maxine got in between her legs and said, “I’m not going to let my husband’s seed stay inside your pussy. I don’t care that you’re already pregnant by Daddy. I’m getting that stuff out of you.”

“And how do you propose on doing that honey?” asked Zoe.

“Easy. I’m going to eat it out of you.” stated Maxine.

Maxine then started to lick her own mother’s pussy. To my great surprise Zoe didn’t push her daughter away but she actually pulled her head in closer to her pussy.

“Oh my God. I haven’t done this in two years. Deeper Maxine. DEEPER!” Zoe shouted that last part.

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