Turnabout Is Fair Play

by Uther Pendragon

Copyright 2000, 2001, 2018 Uther Pendragon

Flash Sex Story: Sarah and Chad don't like the pause in foreplay that inserting her foam and applying his condom require, but they *really* can't afford a baby now.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Safe Sex   .

Sarah’s nipple was so responsive within his mouth that he had to struggle to keep his suction gentle. Her center was so slick under his hands that he could add his second finger to his index. Her grip on them was tight, but he could tell that she was nearly ready for him. As he was entirely ready for her, his phallus swollen to the point of pain, feeling somehow tight.

Chad’s lips on her breast were so luscious that she could almost feel her nipples stretch towards his mouth. His fingers on her and within her were so tickly that she nearly melted. If only this could last, but they couldn’t afford a baby -- even risk of a baby. “Love you,” she said, “but I need to take my break.”

“Do you really?” he asked. Inserting the foam took only minutes, but it always broke the mood. “I could do it.”

“You would?” She wouldn’t even do it in front of him, but his hands wouldn’t touch anything they hadn’t touched before.

“I’d love to. Reach me the tube.” Even that broke the mood a little. He had to spray the foam from the can into the tube, and that took more concentration than he had guessed. Once that was done, however, he knew where he was going. He’d seen it a lot more often than she had. He needed two hands for this, though. He knelt straddling her leg. He couldn’t resist a mild caress on her inner lips before parting them with his left hand. He slid the tube between them to her entry. Belatedly, he noticed that the tube was cold. “Sorry. I should have warmed it up.”

“I never do.” She never held it there for longer than it took to push the plunger, either. But she felt only a little of the foam come out before he was twisting the tube around inside her. She felt it enter farther. “What are you doing?”

“Playing on my favorite playground.” He dropped back down to a position from which he could kiss her. Since her lips stayed closed, he went to her breasts. Her nipple stiffened under his tongue again, and he licked there as he rotated the tube and tried to move it farther into her without pressing the plunger. Soon, as she began moving in response to that stimulation, he switched breasts. He sucked this nipple harder. Then he opened his mouth as wide as he could, and sucked as much of her as possible inside. His tongue played across the peak of her breast, including the nipple but not exclusively there. Every time the nipple crossed the center of his tongue, it tickled.

Sarah loved that suction, but not enough to pull her attention from the twisting of the tube within her. Now that was a feeling which his natural movements couldn’t quite duplicate. He’d sometimes moved side-to-side, but he’d never rotated. Then that motion stopped and she felt herself chill (and fill) deep inside. The removal of the tube was as slow as its insertion, but he tickled the tops of her outer lips while he was slowly twisting the tube and pushing it in but mostly pulling it out.

Realizing that her movements on the bed were providing most of the in-and-out effect, she tried to lie still. She was too far gone for that, however. “I love you,” she gasped as the tube was finally withdrawn.

“And I love you.” How could he help loving her, when she had been writhing from the attention of his fingers and lips just a moment ago? “Unfortunately, I forgot that if you stay here, I still have to put the rubber on.”

“No you don’t.”

“You can’t mean that. Foam alone is worse than the rubber alone, and we couldn’t possibly afford a baby now.”

“Somebody has to. You don’t. Now lie sideward on the bed; turnabout is fair play.” And playing, if not fairness, was on her mind after all his delightful teasing. She got off the bed and trotted around the footboard to reach the package on his nightstand.

He lay where he had been told to. But she didn’t have to get out of bed; he could reach it for her. For that matter, he wouldn’t have objected to having her naked form stretch over him to reach it. He heard the foil being torn above his head, where she was standing motionless. Then she gave him a kiss on the forehead followed by an upside down kiss on his mouth. When her breasts brushed by his face on either side, he chose with lightning speed. He swung his head to the right in time to get a nipple into his mouth.

That surprised her, but two could play that game. She swung aside to give a love-bite to the nipple poking through the sparse curls on her left. When he gasped, she escaped, continuing down his body until her eyes could focus on his erection. By that time, her hands could reach him easily; but the position, however delightful, was a little clumsy. She rested herself on her elbows and moved back a little. Now her hands were where they needed to be.

The tentative touches to his groin were nearly as arousing as the odor and sight of her mound just above his face. He raised his face to kiss everywhere he could reach. That was easier when he pulled himself up by grasping her butt.

“I can’t work like this,” she complained. His kisses continued, ignoring her protests and wiggles. Well, two could play that game. She kissed his navel and stabbed her tongue into it. Now, two of them were wiggling; which, however fair, was hardly conducive to her task.

Failing to reach her belly button, he could tell that he had lost. Besides, he was about to explode. “Give,” he said, dropping back. She tickled his belly button with her tongue again. “I said ‘I give’! I surrender totally,” he shouted.

“That’s better,” she said. “Now lie still.” He should really take his hands off her hips for total surrender, but she liked feeling them there too much to complain. She slipped the rubber coin out of the foil and threw the foil towards the side of the bed. A minute’s inspection told her that the side with the coil rising out of it should be on top. She tried to fit it on him, but he moved at her touch.

She gripped the shaft with her left hand. She squeezed the little nipple and fitted it against his point with her right. She started rolling it down.

His cock was reacting to her nearness and her attentive inspection, to say nothing of the nipples which were brushing over his belly. The cock jumped when she placed the rubber against its head, and she almost got a hot shower when she grasped it. Then he could feel every motion as she stroked the rubber slowly over his head. The sensations when she rolled it down his shaft were a little less intense, but only in comparison. Three of the hairs which she pulled from the bottom of the rubber tugged at their roots before they were freed; the pain was almost welcome for pulling him back from his orgasm.

When the shaft was fully clad, she gave him one more kiss on his belly. She ducked back up before he could retaliate. “Now lie straight on the bed.”

“This side, or do you want me to save you the walk?” Suddenly, the idea of having her on his right was stranger than any position that they had tried. Was he sure he knew how to caress her with his left hand?

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