Jennifer: Bachelor Party

by EazinAlong

Copyright© 2018 by EazinAlong

Incest Sex Story: Christopher Mansker, father of four teens, hosts a bachelor party for some of his friends. The entertainment exceeds their wildest imaginations as Jennifer, the sex governess, and others are totally compromised. No spoilers; see the story codes. It's kinky.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   mt/mt   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Size   Small Breasts   .

This is a sequel to “Jennifer: Sex Governess,” which I recommend you read first. Once you’ve read that delightful and erotic nine-chapter story, the sequels won’t be in any particular order. As I write this, “Bachelor Party” is the first sequel, but I plan more.


The Mansker household was abuzz all day in anticipation of a bachelor party Christopher was hosting in the evening.

The groom-to-be and honoree was in his early 30s and heading into his second marriage. His first wife was far too inhibited for his licentious tastes, and they’d divorced. Now he’d found a woman who could be as kinky as he was, and they were to wed two weekends hence.

Christopher, the Mansker patriarch, had invited about a half-dozen other guests -- men more or less the same age. A couple were in their early 40s. Most of the rest were in their 30s. Christopher knew they were all absolutely without sexual scruples. He’d promised them a party unlike any they’d ever experience.

Caterers delivered sumptuous appetizers during the afternoon for the buffet. The bar would be well-stocked and self-service. As they were in Denver, several serving bowls were filled with buds, and the necessary paraphernalia was at hand. Carefully selected music would be piped in.

The gentlemen began arriving at about 6. Entering the house, they were greeted by Christopher, wearing slacks and an open-collar shirt, and Jen, wearing a bra, garter belt, stockings, and heels. The sex governess’ neatly groomed pussy and her perfect bottom were bare for men to stare, and it excited her when they did.

Christopher introduced her, explaining her role in the household -- the sexual trainer for his teenage children. Someone asked her how it was going.

“Let’s just say none of them are virgins,” she replied circumspectly and with a smile.

The men chuckled, sipped their drinks, nibbled the canapés and passed a pipe of fine Colorado dope among everyone, including Jen.

“You’re certainly a beautiful sex governess. I can see why boys would be eager to learn from you,” said one man.

Jen smiled. “We all know that every teenager is eager,” she demurred.

The conversation turned to Malcolm Smith, the groom. Jen thought he was handsome with an easy smile. She could see why women would be attracted to him. The men shared male chit-chat about sports, their sex lives and the benefits of a randy wife.

Robert, the house manager, circulated to clear tables, offer food and help the party flow. He and Jen were the only staff present.

She stood next to Christopher Mansker, the head of the household. Jen felt Christopher’s hand fondling her bottom. She blushed, and her pussy felt wetter. Her nipples were hard inside the sheer bra that held her 34B tits.

Christopher redirected the attention to her by deftly unsnapping her bra with one hand. It hung loose on her shoulders. “Take if off,” he said.

Jen let the bra fall down her arms and handed it to Robert, who was standing nearby. Her tits were on full display to the leering men. It excited her to proudly show her boobs. She wondered how hard their pricks might be.

“Fondle your tits, Jen,” Christopher said. “Pinch your nipples.”

Jen further inflamed her pussy by stroking her tits for the audience. Christopher reached between her legs and put his finger into her slit. He rubbed up and down with special focus on her throbbing clit. Her sexual excitement continued building with the men staring at her.

“Pull your lips apart, Jen. Show your sex to my friends,” Christopher directed.

Jen reached down and pulled her labia open, exposing the saturated slit and the erect bud.

“When was your last fuck?” one of the men asked.

“This morning,” she said.

He followed up. “Who was it?”

“The boys,” she said. “I suppose the last was Brandon, but they all did me this morning.”

“So your pussy was pre-lubricated with boy cum before this party started?” another man asked rhetorically.

“Yes.” Jen blushed.

“How wicked it is to think of those boys putting their pricks into their brothers’ cum,” another stated. “Your pussy must be a busy place.”

“It is,” she said with a laugh while continuing to hold her lips apart for them.

“How often do you fuck her, Christopher?” the groom said.

“Not often enough,” the host chuckled, “but as often as I can.”

“How horny are you now?” a guest asked her.

“Very,” Jen said.

“Well, why don’t you deal with your problem and give us a demonstration?” Christopher said. “Sit in that chair and show us how you pleasure yourself.”

Jen gulped. She had no idea how this part of the party was to unfold. She didn’t expect this. Her exhibitionist streak was soaring, but she’d barely become accustomed to masturbating in front of the Mansker family. That was almost always while other sex acts were occurring in the room and she wasn’t the center of attention.

Now he wanted her to brazenly give herself an orgasm for a fully dressed audience, nearly all of whom were strangers.

She steeled herself and walked to the chair Christopher suggested and sat. “Lean back and hook your legs over the arms of the chair,” the patriarch said. “Show them your lovely charms.”

Jen reluctantly complied and fully exposed her sex to the lecherous men. She was wide open to their stares at her intimate places. She looked them in the eyes as she timidly put her hand down and began rubbing herself. It turned her on to see their cocks tenting their trousers while she diddled herself for them.

Her left hand massaged a breast while her right hand went to work in her sacred valley. It didn’t take long for her excitement to leap to a higher level. Jen had been masturbating since she was 11. She knew how to do this, and the audience inflamed her now that she’d shed her dignity.

Moreover, she knew things they didn’t know about the rest of the evening, and her fantasies about those events sent her over the edge.

Her head lolled back, and she closed her eyes while the orgasm slammed through her body. The men watched her hips lurch and heard her moan. The sex governess continued her self-gratification as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

Her hips lifted as if copulating with an invisible lover, her pussy grasping for cock that wasn’t there. She kept playing with herself until the last wave of the orgasm subsided. Some of the men applauded, and a few said “bravo.”

Jen was pleased with her orgasm and with the warm reviews. She smiled at them and rose from the chair.

While all of the men were staring at Jen’s self-abasement, Robert had been quietly removing a folding room divider behind them.

The sound of an Hitachi-style wand caused one and then the others to turn their heads and look behind them at what Robert had revealed. They stared silently at the most amazing and depraved scene they’d seen in their lives.

It was a sex swing. The girl in the sex swing was wearing a blindfold. Clamps were on her tiny tits. Her legs were wide open, displaying a smooth vulva. The jeweled end of a butt plug glimmered in the spotlights that illuminated her.

The girl was 15-year-old Brianna, Christopher’s daughter and twin to his son Brandon. Between her legs, guiding the vibrating wand, was Sarah, the Manskers’ 18-year-old maid and a Nordic beauty in her own right.

The maid wore panties and nothing else, her 34C boobs hanging free and on display. Her large nipples were erect.

Blindfolded, Brianna didn’t realize the men were now staring at her.

“Gentlemen, may I present my daughter, Brianna, who is being ably assisted by Sarah, a valuable member of my household staff,” Christopher said.

With the realization that she was now being watched, Brianna lurched her groin against the massaging wand. She was so totally lost in sexual rapture that she couldn’t speak to the guests.

Sarah turned her head and smiled at the men while continuing to buzz Brianna’s clit.

The party watched as 15-year-old Brianna screamed into her first orgasm. Each of the men was fully erect now. Nearly all of them had adjusted their hard cocks through their trousers to give themselves room to grow.

Sarah didn’t relent, and she vibrated Brianna through another orgasm and then a third.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Amy Mansker watched her daughter’s show on a closed-circuit television. She was joined on her bed by her three sons, all naked. At the moment, 14-year-old Daniel, the youngest, was between her legs, sucking the pussy he hoped to fuck soon.

The other two boys were beside her against the headboard and watching their sister cum and cum on the vibrator. The four couldn’t attend the bachelor party, but they were having their own party and enjoying the televised floor show, featuring Brianna.

After three orgasms, Sarah removed the wand and set it aside. Brianna was still twitching, even with the stimulation gone. The clamps on her juvenile tits rose and fell as she gasped for breath. Her pussy was wide open and inflamed. A few drops of her essence had dripped to the floor.

“Gentlemen, I’m afraid she’s too young for all of us to have a turn with her tonight, but I promise a good show. Meanwhile, Jen over here is delighted to provide her orifices for your sexual relief.”

The men looked in the direction Christopher indicated and saw that Jen had been strapped to a breeding bench in the doggy position by Robert. The bench supported her torso at a convenient height to make her useful as an efficient semen receptacle. A man could choose her mouth, her pussy or her asshole to dump his cum.

“Malcolm, you’re the guest of honor, and I will soon invite you to help compromise my daughter. So save yourself. Meanwhile, gentlemen, the rest of you are free to molest Jennifer to your heart’s content ... and the content of any other body part you may choose.”

The men were all eager to cum because of what they’d already witnessed. Two of them immediately moved toward Jen, unzipping their trousers as they walked. The first one pushed his rampant prick into her mouth and began fucking her eagerly while holding her head.

As she savored the feeling of the cock in her mouth, she felt someone touching her from behind and then a cock nudging its way into her grotto. She reached down to play with herself and had an orgasm while the men spit-roasted her.

When one finished, another man moved in to use her. She swallowed when they came in her mouth, and a bowl strategically embedded in the sex bench caught the drip from her pussy.

Jen spent the rest of the party providing sexual gratification on demand in any orifice requested. She lost count of the number of times she came or the number of loads she received.

“While you take your pleasure in Jen, gentlemen, you’re welcome to watch me commit incest in my daughter,” Christopher said. “I know some of you are molesting your little girls, but some of you don’t have the opportunity to witness incest on a regular basis. So, all of you please enjoy.”

Sarah removed Brianna’s blindfold, and the girl watched her father step between her legs. He looked into her eyes while he unzipped himself and withdrew his turgid cock.

It wasn’t the first time he’d put his cock to her, and she was familiar with how red and angry it could look when he was excited. She saw pre-cum leaking from the tip as he aligned himself with her sex hole and prepared to use her in front of his friends.

She wanted it. Brianna loved taking her father into her cunt. She loved the way it felt as he thrust in her and the wonderful sticky feeling after he’d seeded her.

Christopher pushed and went halfway into his little girl. She was especially tight because of the butt plug lodged in her bottom. Brianna moaned as she felt the parental staff take her fully.

Oh, god, it felt so good to be taken by daddy’s cock. She loved to be fucked by her brothers, but they weren’t as big as daddy. He stretched her in amazing ways. Plus, he was more special because he was her dreamy father, whom she had always adored and loved.

The clamps on her nipples stoked her passion as Christopher pumped his daughter. She moaned and felt another orgasm rising from inside her pussy.

Upstairs, Amy watched on television with her oldest son, Andrew, on top of her and pumping her in the missionary position with his 5-inch circumcised cock. It would be his second orgasm of the evening when he came in his mother a few minutes later. The younger boys were sucking each other to completion in a 69.

At the party, the attention was focused on the incestuous coupling between Brianna and her father while most of the other men used Jen for sexual relief.

Christopher made a final lunge into his daughter and emptied his balls. His eyes were closed tightly as he pumped his incestuous seed deep inside of her.

Malcolm, the groom, stood beside them and watched. Sarah gently fondled his prick through his clothes while he waited his turn with a girl who looked much younger than her 15 years. With her tiny tits and shaved pussy, he could easily fantasize much younger.

When Christopher withdrew, Sarah quickly knelt and put her mouth to Brianna’s sex to capture as much of the cum as possible. True to the calling of a housemaid, she cleaned the girl’s pussy for the next man to use. She would also lick the girl to an orgasm so her pussy would be more snug for the next prick.

Once Brianna had cum and Sarah had eaten as much of the creampie as she could get out, she rose and cleared the way for the groom-to-be to release his Priapus and put it into Brianna’s warm, inviting cunt.

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