The Teacher's Dilemma

by niteowluk2003

Copyright© 2018 by niteowluk2003

Erotica Sex Story: A school teacher is raped by four male students and in the presence of a female student. She is confused by her response to the action and ends up keeping it as her secret.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Lesbian   Heterosexual   True Story   Humiliation   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Teacher/Student   .

Paula Read, was a school teacher, she was a five foot six in tall human dynamo. I mean this in a sincere way, because her passion was teaching and nothing but teaching. I her five years of teaching at Firth Park Grammer School, England gave her great satisfaction in as much as she delighted in helping struggling students get better qualifications.

Because she mainly dealt with those struggling pupils, she frequently meets them either in the headmaster’s study or in the detentions they may have been given for disrupting classes. For rarer was the situation of the school highlighting a pupil as in need of additional education plans, but these sometimes happened.

The story I want to relate to you, takes place in 1996, and to be fair had occurred because of a head teacher thinking three black pupils could come good if separated from each other and given additional help in their education. So, Leroy, Jed and Baz had been given a detention for Paula to assess their needs.

That march evening the weather had been hot in England, unseasonably so; and being the third day straight that had temperatures of 28 degrees. I mention this purely because it explains Paula’s dress sense on the day because rather than wearing a smart trouser suit, Paula had chosen to wear Mid-thigh skirts and no tights, topped off with a cheese cloth blouse. Her pert 36B breasts were securely held in her full bra and to be fair its white color did not readily show through the blouse.

The day had been fraught with problems, two regular teachers had been off work ill and she had to combine two classes into one classroom. It had been hectic to say the lease and had taxed Paula’s stress levels, as well as her patience. Lunchtime, normally a time to reset her patience had meant today she had to cover lunch duties and as such she barely had ten minutes to grab her own lunch. By four pm the normally quiet grammar secondary school was just short of holocaust status, most of the other teachers were grateful their day was ending but for Paula Read, she had another hour at least to do.

She was surprised when she saw the school caretaker locking up the main doors, in fact when she asked about this he rather gruffly replied that he had already done twelve hours over time and it was only Thursday. He stormed off having told her that the main door would remain unlocked until 6 pm and that was their exit from the school. Paula now walked slowly towards the classroom where the noise was coming from. Inside this room, she found Leroy, Jed and Baz along with two other students and one of these was Susie a fifteen-year-old girl. The four guys were surrounding Susie and when Paula forced her way into the group, Susie was naked from the waist up and Baz was playing with her somewhat large breasts. Paula snapped for them to stop but Susie did not try to cover up as the group broke apart.

“What is going on here?” Paula demanded. Everyone stood silent and it was Susie who spoke up first, “What the fuck does it look like and what’s it to do with you!” she retorted. “Firstly, you are on school premises, Secondly, you are supposed to be in detention and thirdly, I am in charge here!” Paula stated in her very best authoritive tone. Suddenly Leroy smiled and before anyone could react, he launched himself at Paula. He managed to wrap his arms around Paula almost knocking her off her feet. Then he called out to both Jed and Baz to help him. The fourth male Andy shouted, “What do you want us to do?”

Leroy responded, “Grab something to tie this bitch up!” Paula growled, “If you don’t release me straight away I will inform the police of this assault!” she tried to keep her voice calm and stern. Quickly Jed found a skipping rope in one of the desks and Leroy laughed as he said, “Perfect!”

Baz sprang forward and grabbed Paula’s wrists forcing them behind her back as Jed tied them tightly. Susie sat smiling as she pondered the situation, while Jed licked his lips at the prospects of what he assumed was about to happen. It was only Andy and Baz who seemed slow on the uptake. Susie had not been idle either she grabbed her bag and eventually pulled out a polaroid camera. Leroy announced, “I have often wanted to fuck this bitch and now it’s gonna be real!” this was intended for Paula’s benefit more than anyone else’s. As if it had been preplanned, Baz then went to the door and looked down the empty corridor, turning back to the group he said, “All clear!”.

“Right you guys get down to the storage room for the gym gear, drag out a rubber mat to the wall bars in the gym and we will be there in a moment.” Leroy expressed. Without waiting for any responses, he returned his attention to Paula, “Right you, fucking slut, you can do this the easy way or the hard one. The easy one means you are quiet and do exactly as I say, and this will be over quicker! Or you can choose the harder way in which every time, you disobey me, or try to scream you will be punished harder than you may think! So, what’s it to be?” Leroy explained.

Fearing just how far they would take the punishment, Paula decided to play along until she could get away and then she would report it to the police and so, she said, “The easy way!” in a trembling voice. “Sound sense!” declared Leroy and just to show her just what sort of punishment she could expect he reached forward and despite Paula’s bra he found her nipple, which unfortunately for Paula was already erect. He pinched it as hard as he could, causing Paula to cry out. “That was just a gentle sample!” Leroy sniggered. “Walk slowly in front of me down to the gym and I warn you do not try to run away because we known the only exit is the main door and that’s already covered!” He informed her.

Paula began to walk slowly forward and trying to keep her voice calm, she said, “Look nothing serious has happened yet, so, if you let me go and walk away there will be no comeback to it!” Leroy laughed and taunted her by saying, “Oh, we know this will go no further after tonight because we have accounted for you thinking of involving the authorities!”

Paula’s heart sank, this total low-life had her cornered and out gunned, so to speak, he held all the cards at this exact moment. “Whatever you do to me, you will leave traces and that will be enough for you to go to prison!” Paula answered trying to be calm and strong. “I doubt you will want to report anything after we are through with you!” Leroy informed her. Now they entered the gym and exactly as Leroy had demanded the rubber green mat was directly in front of the wall bars which were still in position against the wall.

Leroy whispered into Paula’s ear and warned her that if she tried to escape he had an Alsatian dog which would fuck both her holes at his command. Then he untied Paula and she immediately turned around and said, “Leroy, you are making a big mistake which will affect your future; no employer will entertain a rapist working in their company where possible women are working!”

Leroy suddenly let his right fist fly forward and punched Paula in the mid-driff causing her to double over in pain. Now he grabbed her left wrist and tied one end of the skipping rope to it he then climbed the wall bars until he dropped the other end of the skipping rope over the third from top rung. Dropping to the floor and before Paula could react he grabbed her right wrist and managed to grab the loose end of the skipping rope.

Forcing Paula’s arm above her head he managed to secure it with the loose end of the rope, now Paula was stranded with both arms above her head and her breathing was still trying to return to normal after the punch. Susie came into her blurred vision and she saw her take a polaroid snap of Paula tied up. Suddenly Jed appeared with another rope and this time it went around Paula’s waist but was not fastened. Leroy snapped at Andy to remove Paula’s Skirt, Paula tried to whisper to Andy that he should not get involved with these punks but he responded, “Involved, wow it’s you that are going to be involved with us all and maybe even Leroy’s dog.

Now as her skirt was wrenched from her body, Susie stepped forward and flash another polaroid photo was being developed. Baz next stepped forward and removed Paula’s lacy panties and everyone moved in close to look at their teacher’s cunt. Now Baz and Leroy grabbed Paula’s legs and pulled them open securing them to the second skipping rope. Paula felt vulnerable as like never before, but strangely she also felt aroused, being open to the view of her students.

Then Leroy stepped forward and taking the bottom of Paula’s cheesecloth blouse he pulled with all his might and the cheesecloth ripped like tissue paper, now all that stood between her and total nudity in front of these five students was her bra. Jed now stepped forward and using a penknife he cut the bridge between the cups and Paula’s bra fell away exposing her full 36b breasts. She was ashamed because her nipples were rock hard from the excitement she was feeling at being used by these students.

Susie crawled between Paula’s legs and began licking Paula’s cunt lips, pressing her tongue in between them and then flicking it over her clit. Paula closed her eyes and tried to fight the feelings escaping from her body’s reaction to her situation.

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