Teaching Daddy

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: Alicia has a dilemma. She's horny all the time. She doesn't trust high school boys with her tender young body. She thinks her dad is the best candidate for her lover but there are two troubling things about her father. First, can he be taught to love her the way she needs to be loved? Second, did her father order the murder of her mother?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Petting   .

My name is Alicia Montgomery. I’m fourteen years old and I have a big dilemma. I’m horny all the time. I don’t trust high school boys. I’d like to teach my dad to love me the way I need to be loved, but I don’t completely trust my father either.

How did I get into this mess?

My father is president of a private bank. He is very, very rich. Daddy is used to buying whatever he wants or hiring someone to take care of any little chores he needs done, especially ones he doesn’t like doing himself.

Daddy bought my mother, Alyce Smythe. Mother was a debutante and trained to be the perfect hostess, manage the household staff required to run an estate, dress fashionably, produce offspring, and do all this without inconveniencing the Lord and Master of the manse. My mom looked like a very good investment because on top of everything, she was serious eye candy. Her parents forbade her doing anything so gauche, but Miss Alyce Smythe was nominated to be a Miss America contestant by her sorority and her home town was seriously considering sponsoring her run.

Unfortunately for daddy, he bought defective merchandise, and mother broke down immediately after my birth. She was institutionalized in the finest facility for warehousing the broken wives of very wealthy men.

Mother became unruly for the first time in her young life and told the facility psychiatrist that she had a very strong sex drive which father had ignored. When he chose to use her body for his pleasure, he never attempted to satisfy her. The fact that father is twenty years older than mother may or may not have been a factor. The things my mom said are a matter of record, but there is no way to know whether or not what she said was accurate or truthful.

There was some evidence that mother took a fancy to a groundskeeper and fornicated with him constantly, while vociferously telling the world that Jack was a real man who had a real, man sized cock and knew how the hell to use it to please a woman.

I believe mother’s electroshock treatments started about that time.

Undeterred, immediately after waking up mother ripped off her clothes and jumped on Jack, pushing him to the ground and riding his phallus through a multitude of orgasms, loudly proclaiming that while he might be a gardener, his equipment was far superior to that of John Robert Montgomery IV. The treatment facility didn’t like to send upsetting reports to the man who was paying their sizeable bills in cash.

Mother’s doctor intensified her electroshock treatments until her synapses all shorted out so that she could not remember her own name or that she had a daughter. She didn’t give father a complete victory however, because she refused to wear panties and masturbated constantly, moaning, “Jack, fuck me with your big, beautiful cock. When she reached orgasm, which was frequently, she would shout out, “Little Jonny, so pathetic. Even my little fingers are better that his tiny willy!”

After yet another unsatisfactory report reached father’s desk there was an accident during hydro-therapy, and mother drowned.

Jack disappeared and was never heard from again.

Of course, I’m much too young to know all this, but I do because father treats me like an object, for example, a piece of furniture, and such things are discussed in front of me.

Father hired the best available governess to manage and educate me. I was dressed up and displayed for his inspection at dinner, one evening a week. I was quite young when I decided I didn’t like being ignored and inspection was not the kind of attention I wanted. I demanded father’s attention by behaving very, very badly for my inspections and making life miserable for the current governess. I was described as out of control, impossible, and incorrigible before the end of the equivalent of Elementary School.

One of my favorite things to do to irritate father was to lift up my dress and display my panties while I rubbed myself between my legs. If I was really peeved with father I would pull down my panties and rub my naked pussy. I would stage whisper, “Father, did you tell them to do that to mother?”

I was sent away to Mademoiselle Michelle’s School for Young Ladies to be out of sight and out of mind. I was not going to accept that fate. As a residential school for females often has many innocent students, a more sexually knowledgeable, though entirely self-educated girl like myself had many opportunities to pull the ears of the enforcers of morality. I introduced several very young girls to the joys of self-pleasuring and participated in frequent carpet munching with older students. I deduced the sexual orientation of many of the staff and tempted several lesbians beyond their ability to resist.

Finally, Mademoiselle Michelle decided that her school would operate more smoothly without Miss Alicia Montgomery.

I was sitting in her office when she delivered the unwelcome news to father. I know for a fact he offered her more money and the right to spank me if she would keep me. Mademoiselle Michelle declared that she could not be bought.

Father made transportation arrangements to bring me home. He hired a young man from a security firm to ensure I didn’t run away.

I was laughing inside at father’s naïveté.

On the train we had a private compartment. The young man was no match for the fourteen-year-old girl who sank to her knees in front of him, unzipped his fly, liberated his fully erect organ, and performed fellatio on him until his seed burst into my mouth. I took a page from porn videos, opened my mouth, showed him his jizz that I hadn’t already swallowed to keep from choking, swallowed, then opened my mouth again and showed him my oral cavity was indeed empty.

I sucked young Stephan off about once an hour on the way home. He was worn out, with knees resembling a wet noodle, and more importantly, he was totally wrapped around my little finger, when we arrived.

I kept some of Stephan’s spend in my cheek, and when father came to collect me, I said, “Ooopps, missed some.” Then got some spunk on my tongue, pretended to be licking a stray drop from the corner of my mouth, stuck the pearly drop out on the tip of my tongue for father to see, then swallowed it ostentatiously.

I did feel badly for throwing Stephan under the bus.

Father took me home and directly into his library.

“Alicia, what is it going to take?” Father asked.

“You know father you could have saved yourself a lot of stress, time, trouble, and money if you had just asked me that question when I first started acting out. It would have cost you a LOT less back then!

“What it is going to take is your attention. I can’t be hidden away or warehoused. You know that if I meet with an unfortunate accident the District Attorney will start to inquire no matter how rich you are because the demise of both mother and daughter is too much of a coincidence. I have incriminating evidence implicating you cached in several locations that will quickly come to light, should I fail to actively keep the caches hidden.

“I will get your attention every day for a significant number of hours. I’m quite precocious father, so I’m sure I can make our time interesting and enjoyable for both of us. Of course, if deflowering your beautiful, nubile fourteen-year-old daughter and fucking her every day as often as you are physically able is too much trouble, I suppose I could start the rumor at the bank that you just can’t keep your hands off, or your dick out of your young intern, Wallace.

“Wouldn’t a new car and a driver until you can get your license be more useful?” Father asked.

“I can’t be bribed or bought,” I said.

Father said, “Let me get this straight, I must pay attention to you, including whatever kinds of sexual contact, including copulation you want. I suspect our trysts will be recorded for posterity so you have further leverage to use on me if you are not satisfied with my performance?”

“Yes, father. In addition, I need honest answers to any questions I have about mother and her untimely death,” I said.

“Well, in this ‘Me Too’ climate, I don’t have much choice. Tell me what you want me to do,” Father said.

“Undress and sit on the leather sofa.” I directed.

My father was obviously nervous.

I smiled and stripped. He sat on the sofa, I sat in the leather wingback chair opposite it. I spread my legs wide in a very unladylike way and showed my father my naked, completely shaved pussy. I spread my labia and showed him my moist, pink sex. If he had known what to look for, he could have seem my intact hymen.

“Now father, I’m my mother’s daughter in many, many ways. I’m still a virgin, but you are going to take care of that for me, and you are going to make sure the right parts of you rub against the correct parts of me so I have many, many deeply satisfying orgasms every day. Does that concern you? Is there a reason you believe you are not able to perform as required?”

“Al, I don’t know how to do anything. If you need physical satisfaction and you want me to provide it to you, you are going to have to teach me.”

“That’s fine father. I’ll teach you and I won’t humiliate you unless you fail on purpose. You are teachable, aren’t you father?” I said.

“What do you need to know about your mother?” Father asked.

“Do you want to fuck me daddy?” I asked to keep him confused and off balance.

“I’m not answering that!” Father said.

“Fine, I’ll find out on my own,” I said.

I jumped on father’s lap facing him and rubbed my smooth shaved labia against his mostly hard cock. His organ came to attention and I got on my knees and began to suck father’s cock. He didn’t fight me. He groaned, his hips squirmed, and he came in my mouth.

“Now that I’ve established your ability to ejaculate in your daughter’s mouth, will you please just answer my questions and not make me bring in some man with a big dick to fuck you up the ass?” I said.

“OK. I’m heterosexual, but I went to a boy’s school and I’ve been the ass fucker and fuckee enough times to know I’m more of a whore than any particular sexual orientation, and I’ll fuck or appear to let myself get fucked by whoever I need to in order to turn a profit,” Father said.

“See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?

“Now, what was the problem with mom before you put her in the sanitarium?” I asked.

“I was twenty years older, she said she was a virgin, but she seemed to know a lot more about sex than I did. I’d done boys at school, but never felt like I had the time to date in college, so I never learned how to have sex with girls. Then I was running the bank and really didn’t have any time at all.

“I tried to appeal to her compassion, but she wanted sex, perfectly done, and lots of it; and she wanted it NOW. I said we could learn together, and she laughed at me.

“On the honeymoon, we figured out how to get my penis in her vagina. I came faster than she wanted me to. She said I was worthless because I didn’t give her multiple orgasms.

“I kept trying, but nothing I did was ever good enough for her. I tried to go down on her, but she said I was clumsy and spoiled everything for her. With all the complaining and criticism, sex with Alyce was never enjoyable for me.

“After you were born she started telling me my dick was tiny. About the hundredth time she told me my dick was so tiny I couldn’t satisfy any woman, anywhere in the world, ever, I snapped. It made me upset, I didn’t sleep, I was afraid I’d make a bad decision and lose money, so I sent your mother for a supposed rest and treatment,” Father said.

“Have you ever considered that mother might have been trying to get your attention, like I did, but she didn’t know how to ask you for the kind of attention she needed and you didn’t know how to discover what it was that mother needed.

“The thing that exacerbated the problem was that you sublimate and don’t display a need for sex if you have work to do or a problem is troubling you, while getting you to give her orgasms was mother’s total focus,” I said.

“I guess you paid attention to some of your tutors,” Father said.

“Now father, if you knew a woman was eager to have sex with you, would you rather have her guide you along, or would you rather try to fake it?” I asked.

“Faking it and trying different things I read didn’t work with your mother. I suppose it would be better if I let a woman guide me,” Father said.

“Now I could do what fathers did for their sons in Victorian times and take you to the whore house and let the madam recommend a youngish widow woman to teach you and gently guide you. Unfortunately there aren’t any whores with a heart of gold left these days.

“If you’ll trust me that I’m not trying to hurt you, I’ll teach you what I know, which isn’t much, and the rest we can learn together, the way you suggested to mother.

“If you are telling me the truth, we are both virgins in some ways. You could be the first man to penetrate me, and I could teach you how to make all kinds of sex feel good to a woman. Doesn’t that sound worthwhile? In return I expect you home on time for dinner every night, and I expect you naked and working with me after dinner and until bedtime every night. If you don’t give me an honest effort, I will make life very unpleasant for you father,” I said.

“I was always afraid to desire a woman and especially to show her I desired her because she might use it against me in business. It is illegal for me to desire you, so I thought it best not to tell you,” Father said.

Father’s dick was hard again, so I took his shaft gently in my hand and began stroking him up and down. I said, “Father, this looks like you are telling the truth about desiring your fourteen-year-old daughter. Is that true?”

“Yes Alicia,” Father answered.

“Have you ever had an incest fantasy about your little girl before daddy?” I asked.

My father’s dick swelled and he shot hot, sticky semen all over my hand.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ daddy,” I said.

My father looked confused. “Why?” He asked.

“Our relationship has always been cold and distant. I call you father to show you my displeasure at that coldness. When I called you ‘daddy,’ all of your incest fantasies with a warm, loving, girl-woman daughter overwhelmed you, and even though it wasn’t that long ago that I sucked you off, you completely lost control and ejaculated all over my hand. On top of that, because I’m not an adult woman, you perceive me as less likely to be critical of you, so you don’t keep your sexual need hidden.

“Another thing is that the kind of touching your cock gets from masturbation is completely different than how it feels to be touched by a woman and fucking a girl’s pussy feels so different there is no comparison. I’m going to retrain your prick to only respond to a woman’s touch and a girl’s pussy. I’m going to be the only one who makes you cum from now on. No more masturbation for you. Understood daddy?” I said.

“You know how to manipulate people little girl,” Father said.

“Of course I do! I’m my father’s daughter!” I replied.

I led father to his bedroom. We took a shower in the ensuite and I made sure there was lots of exploratory touching going on.

I had my hand all soapy and was stroking father’s cock. It got hard again, so I whispered, “Daddy, how many times do you usually jerk off every day? Your daughter is a horny little slut, and she is going to need lots of attention from her daddy’s big, hard cock.”

Father’s cock shot off again. I grinned at him and said, “See daddy, I’ve got your number, so it’s no use trying to fool me or be sneaky. I know this is more stimulation than you’ve had for years. The object of masturbation is getting yourself off quickly so you don’t get caught or rub the skin raw. I just have to re-train your dick to know that when it’s in my wet pussy your prick isn’t going to get sore. Relax daddy. It makes me happy to know you think I’m sexy and it makes me wet to know you get a boner for me. I’m not going to get mad at you for doing what I want and what I told you to do.”

We dried off and got in bed together. Father looked at me and asked, “Naked?”

“NAKED!” I replied.

Father turned his back to me and I slid up close behind him and pressed my hairless mound against the strong muscles of his ass and my budding tits against his back. I whispered, “I’m cuddling you now. When we are like this I’m trying to share love with you and help you feel calm and relaxed. I want to help you feel like I take your stress away when I hold you like this. Now I’m going to turn over and I want you to cuddle me the way I was cuddling you. I need you to make me feel relaxed and like you take my stress away too.”

I turned over and then father’s soft dick was pressing against my butt. His hips started moving unconsciously to rub his dick against my ass. I felt his cock starting to get firm.

Father sighed and said, “I normally jerk off twice a day. Before I forced myself to stop imagining making love to you I felt like I could do it as many times a day as you needed, and sometimes I jerked off three or four times a day imagining I was fucking you.”

I whispered, “Nicely done daddy. You told me something you knew I wanted to hear in a way that made me feel happy. It felt true too, so it really made me respond. You wouldn’t believe how wet I got.

“Now try not to think about your cock too much. Slip it between my legs so it isn’t touching me too much. Try to think about how you can make me feel hot and sexy and like I’ll just die if we don’t fuck in the next thirty seconds. Start by kissing the back of my neck and then kiss down to my shoulders. Keep finding new places to kiss. Open both your hands and put one of your palms on each of my breasts. At first kind of cup my tits from the underside and gently hold them in your hands. Think about how you wanted to touch my boobs and how much you were crushing on me. Gently touch me all the ways you thought about when you were imagining being with me when you jerked off. Try to make having her daddy touching her feel good to your little girl.

“Did you feel your cock jump daddy? I felt it, hot and hard, and pressed against my little butt. Do you need to squirt again daddy? Do you need to shoot your hot cum all over your little girl’s tight little ass? Is that what you need daddy?” I cooed.

“You’ve really got me by the balls baby. I never wanted a girl so much in my life. Teach me how to make you feel good, so you’ll want my cock inside your pussy as much as I want to stick it there. Teach me how to last long enough so you really feel satisfied and then when you are ready, maybe we can cum together,” Father said.

“That’s our goal daddy, but it may not be possible for a while. It may take some time to retrain your cock and your balls and your brain. If you can’t hold it in, just let it go on my little butt and let yourself have the best cum you can. I know it may take a while, so just relax and don’t worry. I’m pretty confident I can teach you how to fuck me really good and that you will be able to do me as often as I need. Just relax daddy and let me take care of you,” I whispered.

“Baby, you made me cum a lot of times. I owe you at least one orgasm, don’t I?” Father asked.

“People get all hung up on that ‘you owe me’ stuff. I think that’s what made mother so difficult for you. For now, just relax and let your little girl teach you what making love feels like. When we get your body retrained, you will want to make me cum too, and you’ll be able to. My goal here is for us to learn how to make it amazing for each other. If we get there, who knows, we might even fall in love and make it legendary for each other,” I said.

“I could rub my dick against your butt and squirt again, but I think it would be more exciting if you teach me how to get you so hot you beg me to fill you up,” Father said.

“OK dad. Here’s the deal, girls are different. We don’t feel the same every day, and the same thing isn’t sexy and doesn’t work to make us cum every day. Don’t be lazy and expect a template to work every day. You have to start out with some general themes that work most of the time and then refine things down to what’s making your girl cum today. We are working to learn things together, so I’ll guide you so you can discover what arouses me and then brings me to orgasm without too many false starts.

The thing that confuses a lot of guys is that most of the time it takes us a long time to get stimulated and ready for penetration, especially at first, but some days we are hot as the sidewalk on The Fourth of July and we are all, ‘hurry up, get that cock in me as deep as it will go and do it NOW.’ We don’t get that way every day, so assume we need lots of foreplay. If I need it NOW, I’ll tell you daddy. OK?

“Remember how I showed you to touch my breasts? Start out with that and listen to the sounds I make as you cup and caress my tits. If I put my hands on top of yours and press your palms against my nipples, what does that mean?” I said.

“Is it ‘That’s feeling good so press harder and kind of roll my palms against your nipples?’ But like a little bit harder, don’t go crazy with it and don’t get rough,” Dad said.

“That’s right daddy. We call it making love for a reason, so you want to do things in a loving way to make your little girl feel good, not so rough it hurts me,” I said.

I taught father to play with my nipples and to roll them and gently pinch them between his thumb and finger. I taught him to listen to me and realize when I was whimpering for him to do things harder. I showed him how to pull my nipples up from my chest a tiny bit to stimulate them even more.

“OK, so that’s basic foreplay, right? If I wasn’t behind you I could lick and kiss your nipples to get you even hotter.” Father said.

“That’s right daddy. You are doing it really good and making your little girl feel so sexy!” I said.

I guided father’s hand down to my thighs and showed him how to stroke the inner flesh, slowly moving up closer and closer to my swollen labia.

“Start gently daddy. Let me show you how I start rubbing myself, and then you can do variations on that theme,” I said.

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