by Red Czar

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True Sex Story: Kassidy fixes Zane up with her best friend. The two hit it off and things slowly escalate, until Kassidy's Halloween Party

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   First   Oral Sex   Halloween   .


Like Kassidy, I had known Alyssa since we were all in grade school. Alyssa was also a gymnast and came to the same gym as Kassidy and me, at least for a while. Alyssa had since quit the gymnastics team and taken up soccer. Her and Kassidy however, remained best friends.

Kassidy and Alyssa did everything together. School, camp, sports, shopping, if you found one of them, you probably found the other as well. This even applied to dating. Often times Kassidy and her boyfriend would double date with Alyssa and her man.

One evening, after Alyssa and her then boyfriend had broken up, Kassidy wanted to cheer her up, so she called me to see if I would like to be Alyssa’s date for the evening. I had never even considered asking Alyssa out to be honest, but who was I to say no? If Alyssa was okay with it, so was I. This is the roundabout way that Alyssa and I started dating.

How to describe Alyssa. She was beautiful, plain and simple. She stood just over five feet tall, green eyes, long light brown hair that stopped just above her behind. She was very athletic and so was slim, and toned, and muscular, but still very soft and curvy everywhere she needed to be. Her breasts were on larger side for her size, but she usually kept them deceptively packed into her athletic wear. Her legs were long and smooth and strong, and her ass was so tight and perfect. There was no hiding that in spandex shorts. I could watch that ass all day long. And I got to date her.

At first, I was concerned that I would be distracted by Kassidy and her boyfriend being along with us, but Alyssa and I connected immediately. Neither of us had ever felt any particular attraction to the other before, but once we connected she just kept me captivated all night long.

I had also been concerned that Kassidy’s boyfriend might be suspicious of me, especially considering a couple of rumors that I knew were floating around about the two of us, but once he saw that I was only paying attention to Alyssa, he quickly forgot about me and went back to groping Kassidy.

This went on for a while. Alyssa and I would double with Kassidy and the Ape, as I called him. There was so much flirting and teasing and giggling between Alyssa and I that Kassidy’s most used phrase soon became “get a room”. Eventually Alyssa and I started making our own dates, without them. Those dates were much more fun. Those dates involved a lot of kissing and touching, on both sides. I loved touching her body, and from her reaction, she loved it too.

Nothing got too serious with Alyssa for a while, until her birthday party. When Alyssa went into her room to change into her bikini, I decided I should join her, just in case she needed help. Alyssa made a big show of refusing that idea, saying she knew how to change by herself, but then she cracked the door open and pulled me in the room anyway. Apparently, all that refusing was just for mom.

That was when I discovered how much she had been strapping those titties down all this time. They were much bigger than I thought. She told me not to look but, screw that, I was looking. I wanted to do much more than look. She was a little shy when she first took her bra off in front of me, and honestly, I was shocked that she actually did, but my reaction to what I saw made her smile and shake them in my face. I was in awe. Then she decided to make a show of it, just to tease me.

I wanted to bury my face in them and must motorboat the girls, but Alyssa swatted me away and made me help her put her bikini top on. What a tease! Once I did, I pulled her in a tight embrace and we kissed passionately for a long time. Then she let me watch, and help, as she put her bikini bottoms on as well. I couldn’t believe she just stripped her shorts and undies off right in front of me!

Her ass was so perfect, but again she wouldn’t let me touch. Grrrrrrr! The sweet quick glimpse I got of her pussy showed a tiny tuft of sparse hair, neatly trimmed exactly to her bikini line. Luckily, we managed to get her bottoms on before her mom popped in the door and caught us in a tight embrace again, kissing, with my hands firmly groping Alyssa’s ass, mom put an end to that in a hurry. I spent the rest of the day frustrated, but still happy.


The big event, for us, was Kassidy’s Halloween party. As far as everyone was concerned we were now officially “dating”. I don’t know what, if anything, Kassidy had told Alyssa about what had happened between her and I, but if Alyssa knew anything at all, she didn’t seem to care.

When I arrived at Kassidy’s house, my two favorite girls answered the door. My heart almost leapt out of my chest, and my cock instantly shot to the ceiling. The two of them stood there dressed up as the sexiest little schoolgirls you ever saw.

I quickly tried to gain my composure, then gave Kassidy a quick little hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her boyfriend was still watching me. Always watching me. I knew he didn’t trust me around her. I then took Alyssa in my arms and gave her the longest, sexiest kiss I could muster. She smelled good. She tasted good. God knows every part of her body felt good pulled tight against me. Most of all, she LOOKED incredible. We were literally all over each other already.

Kassidy’s reaction? “Geez you two, at least get past the doorway will ya? Other people need walk here too!”

The smile on Kassidy’s face made it clear she was more than happy to see the two of us so horny for each other.

Before I continue, I have to describe this vision. Alyssa wore her hair down, long and straight, silky and shiny and smelling fruity, like peaches or apples. She wore a plain, crisp, blindingly bright white dress shirt, unbuttoned, but tied at the bottom. Under that, she wore a little black bra with her sunglasses hanging from the center. Traveling down, there was nothing but skin, until we get to the tiny red plaid schoolgirl skirt. The one that barely reached her thighs. Then, after some more skin, the little black bows at the top of the bright white stockings that came up just above her knees. She was easily the sexiest girl I had ever seen since I started noticing how sexy girls were. There was just skin everywhere. Sexy, luscious, delicious skin, and even though I’d seen her in a bikini before, something about this made me want to just touch and lick her everywhere.

Finally, reluctantly, I let her go. We resumed normal teenager status and mingled among the crowd as the party grew. Some of the older partiers, who shall remain nameless, generously supplied some beer and other alcohol, so we helped ourselves to a couple. (Technically the party was thrown by Kassidy and her older brother, nobody really wanted them there, but they brought booze so, welcome to the party dudes!)

Like any teenage party, this one consisted mainly of loud music, dancing, beer pong, and making out. Alyssa and I tried our hand at beer pong for a while and got totally destroyed. Besides having no idea what we were doing, we were both also total lightweights in the booze department and were totally buzzed in no time. After getting thrashed in the game, I pulled her over to the darker side of the room for the dancing part of the evening. The music was fast, club style, but we went straight to the slow dancing anyway. Very close, very tight, just like her ass, which I couldn’t keep my hands off of.

Enough dancing. I got us both more drinks and we decided we should sit down, standing was getting difficult. We found us a nice dark corner of the room to go sit in. Luckily there was a nice section of couch just big enough for the two of us. Alyssa immediately leaned over and started kissing me. She tasted like beer, but I didn’t care. We leaned into each other. She wrapped her arms around my neck, my hands found their way down to those little bows on her stockings.

After only a few minutes, Alyssa got serious and lifted one leg up over my lap. She straddled me and dove right in for the more serious kissing. She started nibbling my ears and sucking on my neck. Her fingers tracing my sides were making me crazy, I’m actually very ticklish there. My hands were sliding from those little black bows to the little red skirt, and maybe even underneath it, just a bit.

I slid my hands up under that skirt until I found her little silky undies. Alyssa smacked my hands away, but still looked at me with a very eager, sexy smile. One that said “Not Here”. While she was scolding me, I pulled my hands away and untied her pretty white shirt at the bottom.

As she sat upright, I looked at her, shook my head, and said

“I have never seen anyone look as sexy as you do right now”

I pulled her shirt open a little more, revealing her oh so sexy tummy, that little black bra, and the enormous globes it tried to hide.

“You really think I look sexy?” she asked.

“Oh my god” I said. “You look so fucking incredible, I just wanna...” and trailed off.

“You want to what?” she asked.

I gave her an evil grin, laughed a little, then just shook my head a bit from side to side.

I said “mmmm ... you wouldn’t like it. You definitely wouldn’t let me DO it”

She leaned her face just inches from mine, shot me her own naughty grin and whispered “Try me”

This, of course, just lit all my fires. She looked so hot I could barely control myself. I leaned closer, gave her a quick little kiss, then whispered into her ear

“I wanna kiss you, and lick you, and touch you, everywhere I see skin”

Then I dropped my hands inside her shirt and started caressing all the naked skin I could find from her tummy up to that little black bra. I could feel her shiver at my touch.

Her eyes grew wide, she drew in a breath and she said “Oooooh ... EVERYwhere?”

I dropped my hands to her thighs, slid them past those bows, up beneath the little red skirt, looked her right back in the eyes and whispered “EVERYWHERE”

Get a Room

After that, things really started to heat up. Alyssa had never acted like this before, maybe it was the booze. Who cares? I was going with it. As she went back to nibbling my neck and caressing my shoulders and chest, my hands slid up under that white shirt and started feeling her up. I loved those tits. I looked around to make sure no one was looking, and then pulled that little bra down, exposing those beauties. Alyssa squeaked a little bit as my fingers found her nipples.

She pulled up close to me but made no effort to make me remove my hands. I was teasing her nipples and squeezing her tits, fondling and kneading. I never would have expected her to let me do this in a room full of people, but it was really dark over in our little corner and what I was doing was hidden under her shirt. She started to moan in my ears as I worshiped her body. The whole time she was starting to grind her hips back and forth on my cock, which by now, was as hard as it had ever been.

We were definitely lost in the moment and didn’t care if everyone in the place was watching. Not that anyone was, most of them were involved in some groping of their own. There was a lot of that going on. I was just about to slide my hands down her perfect body and see what I could do under that tiny little skirt when suddenly Kassidy plopped down on the couch right next to us.

She looked at us and said “Havin fun?”

I gave Kassidy a look that said “What the fuck are you doing? GET LOST”. Alyssa pulled her shirt tight and covered herself up. I have no idea if Kassidy saw that Alyssa’s bra was down around her waist by now, but I could definitely make out her nipples trying to poke through that shirt.

Kassidy just looked at us for a minute, shook her head and repeated her favorite phrase, “Seriously, get a room! Everybody’s watching!”

I looked around again, nobody was watching. Kassidy was the only person watching. Kassidy had a huge shit-eating grin on her face staring back at me.

Alyssa sat up, on my crotch, and said “Good idea!”

Kassidy’s room

Alyssa quickly pulled her bra back up, then buttoned one or two of the buttons on her shirt and stood up. She reached out a hand and pulled me up as well. I wasn’t exactly sure what she had in mind but I hoped she planned on getting us a room. We grabbed a couple more drinks. Then, before Kassidy could get out that she wanted it for her and the Ape, Alyssa took my hand and quickly led me down the hall into Kassidy’s room. She locked the door behind us.

With the door locked, we attacked each other and landed on the bed. We returned to the kisses we had going before Kassidy so rudely interrupted us. I slid my hands up her tummy to unbutton that shirt again. I sat her up and pushed the shirt back off her shoulders, leaving her in just that little black bra. I threw the shirt on the floor.

We lay back on the bed and started kissing again. I started at her lips, then proceeded to her neck, and shoulders, and down her chest. Alyssa put her hands on my head, looked at me and said “So what was that you said about kissing me everywhere?”

I looked back up at her and replied “What I said was, I wanted to kiss you everywhere I see skin”, and then proceeded to start kissing any spot that was uncovered.

Alyssa let out a few moans of pleasure.

I kissed farther down her chest and started to pull on that bra, pulling it down just a bit and then kissing the part it exposed.

Alyssa arched her back, thrusting those tits right in my face, at the same time saying “Hey! That’s cheating!”

I looked up and asked “do you want me to stop?”

What I didn’t realize was that she didn’t arch her back to shove those tits in my face, she arched her back so she could reach behind and undo the bra. She pulled it off and it joined the shirt on the floor.

She answered “You better not!”

I said “OOOOH more skin!”

I kissed down her chest until my mouth found her nipples. I locked my mouth on one and started to suck and lick and taste. We had been here before but it was still as thrilling as the first time I’d seen her breasts. That excited me every time. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tight, directing me to where she wanted my attention. She loved me sucking her tits. She started with the little moans and sighs again.

I lifted my head from her tits and said “oooh look down here! Even more skin!” Then I started to kiss my way down her belly. Such a soft, sexy tummy. I could just put my head down on there and fall asleep happily like a little baby, but not tonight. Tonight, I kissed my way farther down, down, down, until I reached that little red skirt.

I placed one leg between hers. She spread her legs to make room for me right away. Then I did the same with the other, and just like that I was between her legs. Right where I wanted to be. I knelt upright and made a show of taking off my shirt. That joined hers on the floor too.

My fingers slid along the top of that little red skirt thinking about pulling it right down. Instead, I dove down and started kissing her thighs right above those sexy little black bows.

Alyssa squealed and closed her legs on my head, like I’d have a problem with that. I pushed her legs apart again and started kissing my way up her thighs. She was moaning, and sighing, with a little giggle tossed in there every now and then. Apparently she had some ticklish spots too. I slowly moved my kisses to the inside of her thighs. As I kissed and licked my way up her inner thighs, my hands were pushing that little red skirt up.

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