The Girls Put on a Show, Club Wives 10

by Dark1

Copyright© 2018 by Dark1

Erotica Sex Story: While away on business, Chrissy and Jennifer put on a web cam show

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

I fulfilled my end of the deal for Rochelle and a few days later put her in contact with the gangbang group. In the meantime, Vanessa had found me on Facebook and was constantly messaging me for another hookup. I had my hands full with Chrissy and Jennifer so I also connected Vanessa with the gangbang group.

I didn’t know that both Rochelle and Vanessa scheduled to meet up with them at the same time.

Unfortunately I had to go out of town for business the night the party happened, so I was unable to attend. My friend in the group did send me several videos from that night.

Boy, did they work those girls over!

In the first video, the girls were side by side, being throat fucked by two men

In the second, Vanessa was folded in half, her ankles by her ears while she was being drilled. Rochelle was on the bed next to her, being fucked doggy style while sucking dick.

In the third, Rochelle was being double penetrated. Vanessa was next to her apparently being fucked in the ass doggy style

It was hard to tell due to the angles, but in the fourth video it appeared that Vanessa was riding a man reverse cowgirl with his cock in her ass while Rochelle was eating her pussy and being ass fucked doggy at the same time. Based on the line next to her and the ease at which she was taking it, I presumed that her ass had received a lot of attention. Vanessa looked rough. Her her makeup was smeared and her body covered in sweat and cum. She seemed to be enjoying herself however, as her vocal encouragement never seemed to diminish.

I lay in my bed in the hotel room watching the various videos over and over again when my phone went off.

“Hey baby, how are you doing?” it was Jennifer.

“I’m good. Bored. How are you?”

“Pretty good. We miss you?? “ Hearts, kisses and smiley faces. Cute.

“Awe. You two girls behaving?” I asked.

“Nope. Would you like to see?” She replied.


My Skype video call went off a moment later. Intrigued, I clicked it on. The screen lit up with Chrissy’s bedroom. Chrissy and Jennifer were in the middle of the bed in their underwear. They both had big smiles on their faces and I could see wine glasses on the table next to the bed.

“Hey there!” Jennifer called into the screen, waving at me.

“Hey cuties!” I replied.

“Heya!” Chrissy called out.

I could tell that both of them had had a few glasses of wine, but it was adorable and they were adults.

“What are you two trouble makers up to?”

“What, us?” Chrissy said, feigning shock.

I laughed.

“Yes, you!”

“Oh, nothing really.” Jennifer said conspiratorially.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“Yeah, just a little shopping.” she replied with a wink

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We stopped at this store and picked up a couple of things.” She replied.

“Such as?”

“Chrissy, should we show him?” Jennifer asked, looking at her roommate.

“Oh, I guess.” She replied with a grin before jumping off the bed and running out of frame.

Jennifer sat on the bed, drinking from her wine glass as she looked at me and then at Chrissy off frame. I was curious as the grin on Jennifer’s face grew.

Chrissy then came into frame and I noticed a pink dick sticking out from between her legs. She was wearing a strap on. My cock jumped.

“Do you like it? It’s pink!” Chrissy exclaimed.

I laughed.

“It’s very cute!” I replied.

“We’ve been practicing.” Jennifer replied, looking at the screen seductively.

“Oh yeah? Show me.” I challenged.

Jennifer grinned and turned around on the bed. I could see her perky butt sticking up in the air as she grabbed Chrissy and pulled her close. The brunette brushed Jennifer’s hair aside as she began to bob up and down on her plastic dick.

“Oh yeah baby, suck that dick!” Chrissy encouraged with a giggle.

“Yeah, you like that stud?” Jennifer said with a grin, pulling her mouth off the strap on and looking up at Chrissy.

“Choke on my dick bitch!” Chrissy laughed, pushing Jennifer back down on it. Jennifer put on her best sex kitten act but then began to aggressively suck on it.

“I know this is fake, but it’s still turning me on and I don’t know why.” Jennifer panted, pulling off the dick for a moment.

“Because it’s fucking hot!” Chrissy replied with a grin.

“Yeah it is. Will you fuck me now?” Jennifer asked, panting a little bit.

“Stick that ass up!” Chrissy said with a giggle. Jennifer quickly rolled over so she was facing the webcam and wiggled her ass at Chrissy. Chrissy quickly moved behind her and pulled her panties down. Jennifer reached back with one hand and spread herself open as Chrissy pushed her plastic cock inside her roommate.

“Oh yeah!” Jennifer gasped, dropping her head down. Chrissy reached down and unclasped her bra and Jennifer pulled it off. The brunette grabbed Jennifer’s slender hips and began thrusting into her.

“Fuck, I don’t know how you boys do this! But it’s a killer ab workout!” Chrissy exclaimed, gasping a little bit.

“You’re welcome.” I replied, watching the screen with a grin.

“You like watching this?” Jennifer panted, looking up at the camera.

“I do.”

“I wish I was sucking your cock right now.”

“So do I.”

Chrissy grabbed Jennifer’s hair and gathered it up in her hands, pulling her head back slightly. I could see her perky tits bouncing around against Chrissy’s thrusts.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah, fuck me!” Jennifer gasped.

“Play with your clit.” I commanded, rubbing my cock through my boxers. Jennifer’s hand immediately shot between her legs and she began furiously rubbing her nub.

“Oh fuck that’s good! Fuck me!” Jennifer cried, shoving her ass back against Chrissy. Chrissy put one hand on Jennifer’s shoulder and thrust into her as hard as she could and Jennifer let out a scream before collapsing onto the bed.

“Fuck that was hot.” Chrissy said, bending down and kissing Jennifer between the shoulder blades. Jennifer turned around and the girls kissed passionately.

“Yeah it was.” She replied.

“You know the best part?” I asked.

“What’s that?” Chrissy asked.

“Now that you have another dick around, that means that you girls can get double penetrated.”

Both of the girls grinned.

“Speaking of butt stuff, we have another surprise for you.” Jennifer said with a grin.

“Oh yeah?”

“Uh huh.” Jennifer said, grabbing Chrissy’s hips and spinning her around.

The brunette turned around and stuck her ass towards the camera. Jennifer slowly pulled her panties down and Chrissy spread her ass open. I looked closer to see a jeweled butt plug in Chrissy’s ass.

Up until this point, Chrissy’s asshole had been off limits.

“She’s been practicing for you.” Jennifer said with a smile.

My cock hardened.

“We have been practicing.” Chrissy corrected, looking over her shoulder at the camera.

“We?” I asked.

The girls nodded.

“Want to see?” Jennifer asked.


Jennifer reached up and grabbed ahold of the butt plug. She wiggled it around and pumped it a little bit, rewarded with a loud moan from Chrissy.

“Good girl, just relax now.” Jennifer soothed as Chrissy dropped her head down onto the bed. Jennifer pumped the toy in and out a bit more and then slowly pulled it all of the way out. Chrissy shrieked loudly as the toy disappeared from her rear and I could see her asshole remain slightly open. Jennifer winked at me and then grabbed Chrissy’s butt cheeks and held them open. I watched as Jennifer pressed her face between Chrissy’s cheeks, slowly licking her asshole.

“Oh God!” Chrissy moaned, lifting her head up and looking back at Jennifer.

“Like that sweetie?” She asked.

“Feels so fucking wild!” Chrissy exclaimed.

Jennifer continued to worm her tongue into her friend’s ass. She reached back onto the bed and I saw her lift up a smooth golden vibrator. Jennifer winked at the camera again and then put it into her mouth, sucking on it seductively.

“Relax now babe.” She soothed as she rubbed the end of the vibrator against Chrissy’s pucker.

“Oh Fuck!” Chrissy exclaimed as Jennifer slowly pushed the toy into her ass.

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