A Day at the Library

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Sex Story: Don's social life is a big zero, but everything changes as a result of a class project that has him doing research at the local library. The story is criteria 2002. Totally revamped by Pete.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fiction   .

Copyright© 2002, Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Special thanks to Pete, the Old Fart 2018 for his expertise in re-editing and re-proofing.

Winter was gripping Abbotsville. The days continued to get shorter and for some reason it seemed to be a hellva lot colder than in recent years. The current school year was well underway. I had an assignment that proved that all history teachers must use their summer vacations thinking up the shittiest projects for their students. There had to be a contest among them for the worst assignment and my history teacher won.

A bit about me, I am Don Parsons, fifteen. This is my first year in high school and it’s been an adjustment. Hey, I’m doing well with a better than the average marks; so I’m content with that but what really throws me is what is expected of you. The teachers not only have control of your day but also seem to take great glee making sure that they also manage your evenings with homework and assignments. Hell I’m lucky to get a few hours during the weekend for myself.

The best things about high school were all the beautiful girls. They seemed so much more mature then last year and the senior girls were walking dreams. For me, I was lucky they even let me look. They walked by me like I didn’t exist. Girls had a high priority in my life but unfortunately they didn’t acknowledge I existed. So I looked and dreamt when I had the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I had been with a girl. Last summer at camp a young girl, Aliyah, showed me just what a girl could do for a guy. We found ways to meet and then kiss. She was fourteen and she had a beautiful face and very kissable lips. To me everything about her was a mystery. We managed to find some excuse to be together every day. Sometimes we just stood in the same line and talked. Other times we actually were able to have some private time together. Co-ed swimming always made me hard.

Aliyah had a two-piece bathing suit that displayed her young body. I had many a beautiful masturbation exercise dreaming of removing her suit. One afternoon after swimming we were allowed to take a canoe for a paddle on the lake. Lake Ramsey was pristine and had many bays and creeks. Aliyah and I paired off. Once on the lake we looked at each other and communicated with our eyes and bodies that we needed some private time together. We were in a group of twenty canoes that left the dock. Some were two girls or two guys but a number were of mixed couples. The groups spread out over the lake with challenges of racing and water fights. We managed to follow a group of four canoes moving slowly up the shoreline.

One by one the canoes in front of us veered off to shore. Some saw large patches of blueberries, others were in search of wildflowers or birds. The camp had so many types of nature clubs. Aliyah and I were certainly interested in nature but the human variety. She was in the front of the canoe, her body taut as she stroked the water with her paddle. I watched her buttocks move off the seat with each stroke, displaying her tight cheeks with her bikini bottoms buried deeply in her butt crack. Her bum cheeks were solid, shaped for exploring. Finally we found ourselves alone and out of sight of the others.

“Don there is a small bay up ahead: do you want to land there?”

I nodded yes and we pulled into the bay and dragged the canoe on shore. It would be difficult for anyone to see it from the lake. Aliyah followed a small stream inland. After a short distance the steam took a curve to the left. There was a small pool at the turn and a small sandy bank where we stopped. The water was clear and the bottom was white sand.

“Let’s go for a swim. I haven’t seen water this clear before.”

Most of the lake water had a brownish tinge to it making it difficult to see underwater. I followed Aliyah. We splashed each other and finally got close enough for body contact. My hands ran up and down her body and I cupped her bum cheek. She felt so soft. Her arms slid around my neck and we kissed, our first kiss. She grabbed my hand and walked me to the bank. There was a small patch of grass and moss near a large tree. She sat down and pulled me with her. She leaned back and drew my face to her lips. We kissed and my hands were on her tummy searching for a place to go. I wanted to go both ways. In all our time together I hadn’t touched her titties or between her legs. I wanted both. I tested the waters and cupped her small breast. She just pulled my face deeper into her as we continued to kiss. I moved her top upwards and felt her bare skin and hard nipple. My cock started to push against my wet bathing suit.

Breaking our hug, I looked down at her. A beautiful soft smile filled her face. Undoing the ties of her top, it fell to her side. Alisha’s small breasts were capped with two beautiful hard nipples. Kissing both and then mouthing one then the other resulted in her body moving ever so slightly side to side. This was the first time I’d enjoyed the taste of a woman, in this case a girl. Aliyah’s hands were on the back of my head guiding from one nipple to the other.

Finally, she pushed me down towards her tummy. I kissed and licked her deep belly button. I was so close to her crotch, what next? She provided the answer. She untied the two small bows holding her bikini bottom and lifted her bum so I could remove it. Now shaking like a leaf, I was in awe looking at the beautiful pink peach between her thighs.

“Don, can I see you?”

Standing before her, trunks lowered, my five and a half inches stood out for inspection. It seemed she liked what she saw, like a nature study.

“Can I touch it?”

“You can do anything you like Aliyah. Can I touch you?”

“Oh yes Don please. I feel so funny.”

The balance of the afternoon was filled with discovery. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life as the softness between Alisha’s legs. I just stared at her in fascination. It seemed her pussy was begging me to kiss it.

Aliyah watched me, then laid back and brought her knees up and spread her legs wide. Her peach split, showing me a pink moist interior.

“Touch me there. Don. It feels good when you do it.”

My little pecker had taken on a life of its own. It was hard and there was a pearl white moisture on my little slit. I caressed Aliyah and tried to finger her. I hit resistance. She felt so hot. Removing my finger,

I saw it was coated with her essence; this was all new to me. It smelled enticing. Leaning forward with my nose against her I took a deep breath. I couldn’t place the odor but it was addictive. I was close enough to make my taste buds tingle. Sticking out my tongue it savored her peach. Aliyah’s body trembled.

“What do you do Don?”

“I licked your pussy. Did you like it?”

“Do it some more, please.”

She didn’t taste bad. I continued to lick and got more daring. With my finger I spread her butt cheeks open and saw her tight rosebud. There was no odor, my tongue continued to explore. Aliyah wiggled as my tongue pressured her opening. Her bum was bouncing on and off the ground.

“Oh Don that really feels good.”

I continued to make her feel good. Her peach and her pucker were now covered with moisture, mostly hers. Both were like magnets; my tongue attacked her rosebud with gusto.

“Don you shouldn’t do that.”

“Don’t you like it?”

I heard her like a whisper.


Getting bolder and more self-confident, I licked from her asshole to up her pink slit. Her essences seemed to have taken on an addictive flavor. My cock was one solid hurting erection. I really felt funny down there. Aliyah gasped, her body went stiff then collapsed. It had me worried.

“Aliyah are you all right?”

“Yes. I don’t know what happened but did it feel funny. I have never felt like this. It was because you licked my pussy and pucker. Nobody has ever done that before. Actually no boy has ever seen me naked. You are the first.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t lick you any more Aliyah. Maybe it’s not good for you.”

“Oh Don it’s okay. I feel wonderful now.”

I sat up and looked at her naked body in wonder. I liked the differences between boys and girls. All I had to do was convince more girls of that fact.

“Don lay down so I can play with you.”

She looked at my pecker standing straight out from my body. When she wrapped her hand around it felt damn good. When she started pumping, it felt even better. I had rubbed myself but it wasn’t the same, Alisha’s hands were so soft. I just laid back and enjoyed. Her hand was now on my ball sack and she discovered my balls.

“Be gentle with those Aliyah they’re very sensitive. I slipped on my bicycle jamming them into the cross bar and I thought I would die.”

She felt each one. Then a shock, my eyes were open when I realized my cock was warm and damp. Aliyah had it in her mouth. My body went crazy.

My hips started pumping into Aliyah mouth. Only seconds had passed when I felt my cock ejaculate, into her throat. A funny feeling engulfed me. My hard cock got soft. This was new, for me but it sure beat masturbation.

“What did you do Don? That stuff tastes awful.”

“It’s cum. I didn’t realize it would happen so fast. It did feel wonderful. Will you do it again?”

“Yes but you have to lick me.”


We managed to do it three more times before camp was over. Fortunately for me, Aliyah got to enjoy the taste of my cum. She went to her knees every time we were alone and sucked me. I certainly didn’t mind. It was a great feeling I recalled many times masturbating.

I never saw Aliyah again after camp since she lived out of state. The next year at camp I looked for her but found out from one of her friends that her family had moved. I was very saddened to hear that. I have yet to met another girl who would let me touch her. Actually I should say I didn’t have the nerve to ask any other girl if she likes to be licked.

I looked at every girl I meet and wonder if she was like Aliyah. Nothing good had happened to me since Aliyah. Masturbating helps, it takes off the edge at least once a day. But my memory reminded me daily that Aliyah sucking me was the best.

I had gone to school dances and had danced with a number of girls but as soon as the dances were over they were gone. I had taken four girls to the movies but all they were interested in was the movie. They didn’t want to neck or anything. My social skills were the shits.

I was a lot wiser about sex now, thanks to the Internet. I had a number of files of naked women that I enjoyed looking at when I masturbated.

Today I was on my way to the library to do research on a rotten project. I tried the Internet but I enjoyed going to the library because of good-looking girls. I might not get to touch them but I could look. This was the third time this week for a library visit, I always sat in the same area. Recently a beautiful woman had been sitting in the same area.

The table I used was in the lower tier so looking up I could see her legs.

On the prior visits she wore slacks, but today was different as she was wearing a skirt with a slit on the side. My first glance made my mouth water. She had very shapely legs reminding me of one of my masturbating girl subjects from the Internet. I wondered what color panties she was wearing. Looking up every now in then still didn’t provide any clues. I needed to look for another reference book and as I wandered down the aisles, she was doing the same thing. We actually passed three times. She smelled so good. I don’t know what perfume she was wearing but it had my imagination really going. I couldn’t help but notice how large her titties were. My moms were big but this woman’s were outstanding. They stood out proudly from her body. She had a beautiful face and her lips were coated with a deep red lipstick. Her glasses really made her look sexy. As she passed me for the third time I was sure she smiled at me. My cock reacted positively.

When I returned to my desk and started reading. I was so engrossed that I temporarily forgot to look towards my dream girl. When I did I got the biggest jolt in my pathetic sex life. Her legs were at the right angle and

I could see everything. She was wearing panty hose. The gap between her thighs was very wide. I was envisioning her pussy and wondered how good she would taste. My imagination was going wild as I stared. Then she shifted her body canceling my view. Shit.

When I left the library I watched her get into a large S. U. V. It and she drove off leaving me with my imagination. Walking down the street for home, I was lost in my thought, then my name was called.

“Don, wait for me.”

A girl from my class was hurrying to catch up with me. It was Jayden.

The only way I could describe her was a female equivalent of me. She had a dowdy look about her but she was nice to talk too. I think the only reason we seemed to hit it off was, we were both social rejects. She dressed in the worst styles of clothing of any girl in the school. Usually nothing matched and everything was bulky and oversized. She wore stupid looking hats that nearly covered her face. Mind you if her face was like mine it might need to be covered up.

“Hi Jayden what are you doing here?”

“Likely the same thing you are, researching that stupid project Mr.

Greenspan gave us.”

“Well you got that right. Maybe we should form our own study group and pool our resources. We both have a different approach to everything so nobody would know we pooled our notes.”

“Hey that sounds good. I will talk to my mom and see if we can use our family room. I don’t think it will be a problem as I don’t have many school friends and she is always telling to bring one home to meet them.”

We walked together till we got to her house. Jayden’s family had a large brick home about three blocks from where I lived. It was a really big house with two cars in the driveway.

“You live here?”

“Yes. My dad is a doctor and my mom is a teacher in the next county.

I’ll let you know tomorrow when we can have our first study group.”

I watched Jayden as she ran to the door. She stopped turned, waved then disappeared into the house. This was the first social contact I had with a girl in a long time. Even if it was only Jayden, she was a girl. I felt good when I finally got home. When I was in bed masturbating, thinking of the beautiful woman I saw at the library and for some reason Jayden’s face popped into my thoughts.

The next day Jayden found me at my locker.

“Don, Mom said its okay for you to come over. She actually was very happy that I really am interested enough in school to form a study group.

She hopes it’ll expand to more people. Are you free Saturday morning?”

“Yes I think so. As far as I know I have nothing else going. But I will call you Friday night. What’s your number?”

I knew I didn’t have anything to do Saturday. I usually go to the mall or the library to dream about the girls passing by but Jayden didn’t have to know how mundane my life really was. I had another evening at the library tonight. This project was far more complicated then I first imagined. I think Mr. Greenspan did this on purpose.

One thing about the library is nobody pays any attention to the people around them. Most are there researching and they’re caught up in their own agendas. I found the reference material and headed for my usual seat. I felt relief when I found it empty. With my notebook open I started the drudgery of reading the most boring material ever. I happened to look up to see my vision of beauty. Miss X as I had named her was at her usual table. She looked as beautiful as ever. Her hair was loose, framing her face. Her lipstick glowed in the light. When I looked down between her legs

I was delighted. She was wearing nylons and a garter belt. I could see right up to her panties. The crotch of her panties seemed to be sticking out from her body. My imagination had the reason, it’s her puffy love lips I seen on the

Internet. I absently mindedly stared. When I looked up I saw Miss X looking right at me. I could feel the blush of humiliation running through my body.

She saw me. Hell I felt so foolish.

I tried to keep from looking at her but every time a sneaked a look she caught me. She didn’t seem as embarrassed as I was. She just smiled at me like she was enjoying my discomfort. Sneaking another look up her skirt I could still see her lacy panties and her lovely long legs. She hadn’t made any effort to shield them from me. I soon finished and was on my way home confused at the chain of events of tonight.

Each time I was at the library for the balance of the week she was sitting at her usual spot. Each time my eyes targeted her legs and her panties. The only thing that changed was the panty color and style. The lighter the better, the indentations of her pussy lips against the material gave me a view of her very large camel toe. My imagination was working overtime. A couple of times I watched her leave the area in the large S. U. V. It was a

Suburban. It had leather seats and all kinds of buttons and gadgets on the dash. It was certainly a lot different to the old Chevy my family has.

Friday night after the library I called Jayden to confirm I would be available Saturday. We set a time for eleven. It would give me time for another visit to library after our study group. I was not sure exactly what would come out of our meeting but it got me out of the house and I could think of it as a date, even if it was only with Jayden. I didn’t think she had any more dates then I had which was one since I started high school and it was a total flop.

Saturday morning I cleaned up to look as good as possible. At five to eleven I was ringing her doorbell. You could hear chimes in the interior of the house, ours just buzzes. I was totally shocked when Jayden opened the door. Gone were the ugly glasses replaced by contacts. She was wearing tight designer jeans and a body hugging t-shirt. Jayden did have titties. It was the first time I actually seen them. Her school clothes were all the hideous baggy shit. Her face was glowing and she had a light shade of lip-gloss. Hell she was no ugly duckling, she was beautiful. She invited me in.

“Jayden, wow, you look different.”

“Well these are my house clothes. I don’t always wear my school clothes you know.”

“Oh I’m not complaining you look very nice, really.”

“Why thanks Don you don’t look too bad yourself. Come on let’s get our study session going.”

I followed a very shapely derriere and was aroused by her faint scent. I still couldn’t believe the changes. I and everyone else had been completely fooled about Jayden. The first thing we did was compare points that we figured old Greenspan was looking for. Both of us looked at the project differently and come up with ideas that neither one of us thought about. We both made notes of each other’s ideas. We then discussed the approach we should take on the written portion of the project. Again we looked at it from different aspects and gave each other more material. Finally we were done the review. Jayden offered me a coke. We went to their kitchen. It was bigger than our dining room and kitchen combined, big new appliances lining the walls

We sat at the table. As I studied Jayden I realized that she was quite attractive. Without her glasses hiding her big bedroom eyes she was a very striking looking young lady. Her body was well developed with a nice size pair of breasts and well-formed lower body. I snuck a few looks between her legs, there was wide space between her thighs and an obvious protrusion of her enlarged pubes. I absent-mindedly wondered if she would like her pussy licked. My next question to myself was would she taste as good as Aliyah. She then walked me to the door and shook my hand.

“Don I am surprised at what we were able to get done today. Do you want to come over Monday night at about eight? Mom said it would be okay on a school night as we are studying. We will have to meet in my bedroom as

Mom is using the family room for a meeting of her club.”

“Yes I think I can make it but I will tell you on Monday in class ok?”

“Great. See you Monday.”

As I walked to the library I still couldn’t believe the transformation of

Jayden. Her makeover was mind boggling. Once at the library I concentrated on the job at hand. I had to find new points that Jayden didn’t have. It became an obsession with me to get a good mark for this project. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn’t think to look above me and when I did Miss X was there. She was again dressed in a skirt but her hair was in a ponytail tied with a bright red bow the same shade as her lipstick. She was really a knockout. I got a chance to sneak a look lower and marvel at the nylons and thong she was wearing. I could see a lot of the bare skin of her inner thighs. She looked so good to me. When I looked up I was caught again. She had a bright smile on her face and actually acknowledged me with a slight nod of her beautiful face. She then spread her legs a bit wider.

I didn’t know what that meant but my mind had all kinds of fantasies.

At this time there were very few people here. I was the only one in this area.

I could see three other people in the other end of the reading room, each wrapped up in their thoughts. Miss X was the only one at her table. When I looked up I sadly noticed she had left. My dream girl had gone. I continued to read the reference material, writing down every item that would assist Jayden and me with our assignment. It was nearly six when I left. Since I had nothing pressing I moved slowly along the street looking at every female young and old and wondering if they would like to have their pussy licked. I was obsessed with licking another pussy. It had been over three years since

Alisha but in my mind it was yesterday. I was wrapped up in my thoughts when a blare of horn nearly made me jump out of my skin. When I looked up it was Miss X in her Suburban. She was motioning me to come to the door.

“Would you like a ride young man?”

I looked at her mouth and her body. Her coat was open and her breasts were protruding out towards the steering wheel. Her lips were moist looking like she just licked them. I felt my cock responding to the question faster than my mind.


“Thanks but I only have a couple of blocks to go. I don’t want to take you out of your way.”

After I said this I was kicking myself to refusing, as this was my dream girl.

“It’s no bother. I’m in no rush. Get in.”

I climbed in and closed the door. The interior was full of the scent of a woman, a very beautiful woman. She was more appealing close up then I ever imagined.

“Let me introduce myself I am Kimberly Whetstone but just call me Kim.”

I stuttered and finally blurted out.

“I am Don Parsons. Pleased to meet you Mrs. Whetstone.”

“It is not Mrs. It’s Miss, call me Kim.”

“Ok Kim.”

“I have been watching you looking at me. Do you like what you see?”

Now I felt like hiding in the ashtray but it wasn’t big enough. I felt so uncomfortable and want to get out of the vehicle.

“Don’t be embarrassed Don I’m flattered that you find an old girl like me attractive.”

“You’re not old and you’re beautiful.”

“Well at least that is a positive statement.”

“I mean you are attractive I’ve never met a woman as good looking as you.”

“I think you are overdoing it but I like it. Where do you live?”

I gave her my address. Admiring the vehicle I wondered how much it cost.

The leather seats were so comfortable. Looking at her, I saw she was concentrating on driving, me, I was concentrating on her massive boobs. They were sticking straight out from her body. I had dreamed of a woman like Kim.

“I am glad you like what you see Don. It has been a long time since a young man has admired this old carcass. What time do you have to be home?”

“Not till eleven, I was going home to watch the game.”

“Don’t you have a date tonight?”

“No date.”

“What about your girlfriend?”

“No girlfriend.”

“I can’t believe some young girl hasn’t got you wrapped around her finger. You’re quite the handsome man Don. How old are you?”


“Hell, handsome and young too. Nice.”

She continued driving and I noted she was driving away from the area where I lived.

“You missed a turn Kim. I live over there.”

“I didn’t miss it Don. You said you didn’t have to be home till eleven so I’m going to buy you a coffee. Do you mind?”

Mind? I couldn’t believe she was doing this. My dream girl was taking me for a coffee and she was paying as well. This was like a date.

“Thank you.”

While sitting waiting for our coffees to cool, Kim told me about herself. She was a freelance research person who worked for several lawyers.

Her parents were very well off and she had a trust fund that she could easily live on but kept busy with the work. She had a Masters in

Business and a number of firms interested in her as a contract employee. What she was doing gave her the freedom to do what she wanted and still earn a decent income. She was thirty-seven.

“How come you are not married?”

“Well I came close. I was engaged with a guy and everything was going well till I caught him fucking his secretary. Since then nobody has measured up to my requirements. Likely nobody will. I’ll die an old maid.”

What a waste, I was infatuated with her. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I wished some of the boys from my class would come in and see me with this knockout lady.

“I wish I was older Kim I would ask you for a date. You are beautiful.”

“That’s nice Don. It’s been a while since a guy said something like that to me; I think I have scared then off. Thank you very much. I guess we better call it a night. I’ll drive you home.”

The trip from the coffee shop to my house was quiet. I did wish I were old enough to ask Kim for a date. I wanted to get close to her and feel her breasts rubbing my chest. She shocked me when we stopped. She leaned over and kissed me right on the lips. I could taste her lipstick.

“That is for being such a gentleman and all your nice compliments. A girl needs to have things like that said to her. You made my weekend. I will likely see you at the library. You can look all you want.”

I knew I was blushing when I left the vehicle. I still could taste her lipstick when I went to bed. My imagination had me smelling her perfumes as well as I drifted off to sleep. In my dream I flipped from Jayden to Kim numerous times. Finally I had two beautiful women in my simple life.

My mom was impressed that I was part of a study group. I didn’t tell her the group consisted of only two of us. She gave her blessing for me to attend. I met Jayden in the school hall and told I would be at her house at seven thirty.

After dinner I gathered all my notes and draft of my essay for Mr.

Greenspan and headed for Jayden’s. It was a pleasant walk. The weather was agreeable. It was cool but no wind. I heard the chime sound in the house

Jayden opened the door. She really surprised me. She was wearing a tube top and a pair of very short shorts. My reaction was immediate and could prove embarrassing.

“Come in Don.”

Following her upstairs to her bedroom, I couldn’t believe how well shaped her butt was. The shorts were molded to her, high up in the crack of her bum. This was Jayden, the frumpy girl from school. Nobody would believe it was the same girl. Her room screamed young woman. There were dolls and teddy bears all over the place; Barbie’s line the shelf over the window. What really caught my eye was the queen sized bed. How I would love to lay her back and undress her to actually see the real Miss Jayden.

She had a desk that was covered with her research notes. She motioned for me to take the chair and she climbed up on the bed. She sat with her legs crossed Indian fashion. You had to know what that does to a pair of very tight short shorts. It pulled the fabric so tight I could see a very distinctive camel toe between Jayden’s legs. It was an enticing view and I wanted more. We both reviewed our research since last Saturday. Again we both had found a few more items that we could share. Finally we exchanged drafts to read and pick apart flaws. When that was completed Jayden went to the kitchen to get us a drink. I asked to use the washroom and she pointed to a door. She had her own bathroom. At my house everybody shared. I noticed a pair of her used panties on the floor. I looked around dumbly realizing I was the only one here. I picked them up and bring them to my nose. Jayden’s sexual scent was very strong on them. The crotch was coated with a white crust. My cock pushed out against my pants. I hurriedly peed and tried to put my cock in a position so it didn’t show. I slipped the panties in my pocket.

Jayden came back with two cokes.

“I hope you could find everything. The place is a mess.”

“No problem.”

I kept sneaking looks at her pussy. I certainly would like to lick it.

Her nipples were showing through the tube top. They were a good size and long. We chatted and then I got up to leave.

“Do you have to go Don? We can watch television. My mom’s group won’t break up for another two hours.”

“Well I guess I can. I was going to go to the library but I can do that tomorrow night.”

There was a narrow sofa before the television. I think it was called a love seat. When we both sat in it I could see why as we were hip to hip. I could feel the heat of her body. That didn’t do anything for controlling my growing hard-on. I was not really watching the TV but I was certainly tuned to Jayden. My eyes were glued to her breasts and nipples as I watched them rise and fall with every breath. The coke got to her; she excused herself and went to the washroom. When she reappeared she had a smile on her face and sat down, this time really close to me. I could feel her body from her hips to her shoulders rubbing up against me.

“Did you find my panties interesting Don?”

Well if I needed some assistance for my erection to subside that was it. I had a sick feeling in my stomach for getting caught stealing Jayden’s panties. How did I get myself in these messes?

“Don’t be embarrassed Don. I wanted you to find them.”

“Wanted me to find them? Why?”

“Because I’m tired of not knowing what being with a guy is about.

You’ve had the same luck at school. We both are wallflowers. Do you like my panties?”

“Yes Jayden very much, they smell great.”

I knew I was blushing, telling a girl you found her soiled panties smelled good wasn’t in the book of good etiquette. I really felt foolish.

“You can smell the source it you want too. My panties are wet again. I just checked.”

“Are you sure Jayden? I have wanted to see you since we met Saturday.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually saying that to Jayden. I was so mixed up I didn’t know what to do. That was the best offer I’d had in three years, ever since Aliyah spread her legs for me. Jayden’s eyes were shining and her lips looked so tempting. I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back and put her arms around my neck. It was very awkward. Jayden broke the hug and swung her body so she was lying across me. This was much better. My one hand was running up and down the side of her soft warm body. I kept feeling the shorts. Her hand was on my mine guiding me between her legs where she trapped it on her pussy.

The heat of her pussy was very evident. I managed to cup her luv lips and softly squeeze. Jayden moaned and spread her legs. I ran my fingers up and down the molded slit in her shorts. Jayden’s arms were around my neck in a hammer lock. Her body was pushing against my fingers. I managed to unzip her shorts and she lifted her bum so I could push them down. This wasn’t an easy task with her strangle hold on me. I did get then down enough to slip my hand into her panties and actually touched her moist pussy. At long last I had realized my dream of my second pussy. Now if Jayden let me move maybe I could lick her. I worked on her clitoris to bring her to a climax. As she came she released her strangle hold on me. I slid down her body and I was face to face to her dampness, her pussy. Her sexual essence was very strong. I walked to her bed and had her lie down. Using both hands I pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles as she lifted each leg and they were now on the floor. Spreading her legs, I placed my body between them with my face just above her clitoris that had managed to escape its hood. It was the size of a pencil eraser and a deep pink in color. I licked it and Jayden’s body squirmed. I closed my eyes and ended my long drought of pussy juice. My face was between her luv lips and I could feel the moisture everywhere. My tongue registered its first taste. Memories of Alisha’s pussy juice flooded my mind. Then I saw Jayden. I couldn’t believe I was finally here. I settled in for a tasty session. Jayden’s body went into seizure mode several times as she climaxed. I was in my glory just being able to eat her.

Jayden placed her hands on the back of my head and every time she came she nearly smothered me by forcing my mouth and nose into her pussy area.

Finally she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her.

“Don, I feel so good. I never thought anything could make me feel like I do now. You have to promise me that you will do it again. Your tongue is magical.”

Jayden kissed me several times tasting her cum from my face. I could feel it drying and getting crusty. Jayden noticed and started to laugh.

“Don, you look ridiculous. Let me get a face cloth and clean you up. I can’t have Mom seeing you like this.”

She walked to the bathroom naked and I watched her bare bum. Boy I needed relief. I didn’t know if Jayden realized what she had done to me. When she returned I could see her luv lips. I was happy I had finally found a source of much needed luv juice. As she was wiping my face she noticed the tent of my pants.

“Oh Don I’m sorry I was so wrapped up in all the new things you did for me I forgot that you likely need something too. What can I do for you?

You have to tell me because I just don’t know.”

“Well we don’t have much time. Your mom’s group will be leaving soon. I certainly would love to have you touch me.”

Jayden was up off the bed and went to the door. I heard a click.

“It is locked. If Mom comes and tries it I will tell her it must have locked itself when I closed it because we could hear them and it was interfering with our studies.”

Jayden undid my fly and felt for and found my erection. My cock had grown since the last girl explored me. I was now nearly seven inches long and had an impressive girth. I was the biggest in our gym class.

Jayden was impressed not so much by the size but by the fact she had a live warm cock in her hands. She caressed me gently.

“Oh Don it is beautiful. So big, what do you want me to do?”

“Just keep stroking up and down like you are doing. If you like you can suck it too.”

She looked at me then at my cock. She was unsure of herself. She continued to stroke and felt the head. I saw her finger wipe off a drip of precum from the tip.

“You don’t have to suck me Jayden. I know some girls don’t like it others do.”

“You have had a girl suck you?”

“Yes it seems like a long time ago. I was when I was at camp a couple of years ago. That is when I found out how good pussies taste.”

“You like the way I taste?”

“Yes and I do want to do it again as often as you let me. You have a beautiful pussy.”

Jayden continued to pump and I was close to cumming.

“Jayden I’m going to cum. Use the face cloth to catch it otherwise there will be a big mess on your sheets.”

She had the cloth in one hand and continued to pump. Then I let go, strings of cum shoots straight up, Jayden caught it like a ball fielder and covered my cock to catch the rest of it. It felt good to have someone else’s hand get me off.

“Don I never seen anything like that. Do girls suck you till you do that?”

“Yes they do and some swallow it.”

Jayden looked at me in disbelief. I just smiled and put my satisfied cock back into my pants. I watched Jayden pick up her panties and wipe them on her pussy. I could see the dampness coating them. She handed them to me.

“Those will be very aromatic compared to the other pair. You can have a fresh pair every time we meet. Just bring back the older ones. Mom would notice if all my panties disappeared.”

I returned the first pair and then watched Jayden cover up heaven. She got dressed. She walked me to the door. Her mom’s meeting was just breaking up.

“Well did you two get a lot done?”

“Yes Mom we went over a lot of new material. I really find it fun studying with Don. Can he come over more often?”

“Don you are the first friend Jayden has brought home. You are welcome to come any time you are free. I hope see both of you get good marks.”

“Thank you. Jayden and I are learning new things about each other every time we meet. I am sure it will help both of us.”

My walk home tonight seemed to be shorter than the other time. I felt great. The fresh memory of Jayden’s soft peach was vivid in my mind. At last, a moist pussy to lick and enjoy. I wondered if she would let me do more with her.

When we met in the school hall Jayden arranged for another study meeting for Saturday morning. It seemed like a long time before I would be between Jayden’s legs but when I think drought before yesterday it was just a heartbeat away. It would give me time to do the final bits of research as the written assignment had to be completed a week from Friday.

Later that night at the library, I noticed Kim arrive later than usual.

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