Kassidy 2

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2018 by Red Czar

True Sex Story: Zane invites Kassidy over early, to expand on their first encounter. He wants to do much much more with her. With the house to themselves and all day to play, you know what's going to happen

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   .

For the next few weeks after our encounter during the afternoon pool break, I hoped that I could get Kassidy at my house again some time, alone. I was dying to try a few more things, if she was willing. Unfortunately, there were competitions and trips and parties and family vacations, something constantly either keeping us apart, or in a place too busy to try anything. The biggest of those things being, her boyfriend. Damned if he didn’t want to actually spend time with her. How selfish of him!

This is not to say that Kassidy and I had ever planned anything. We never said “hey let’s get together and get naked some time”, but it seemed like we both knew that was going to happen. No, that was all in my mind. That was what I wanted to happen. I just somehow knew that if I DID get her alone, things would probably move along fast and easy, especially considering how fast and easy she was the last time I had her alone. At least that’s how it worked out in my head.

We did still see each other all the time, at the gym almost every day for example, I could just never get her alone. Even on pool days there were just too many people there for us to break away. The best I could do was get a few handfuls of Kassidy every now and then in the pool. We had to settle for a lot of dirty talk when we could sneak a moment.

When we did talk, our conversations were so sexually charged it felt like we were having sex right there in front of everyone. She would reach out and touch me in places that made me just want to throw her on the floor or against a wall and just ... The constant image in my head of her kneeling in front of me and taking my entire cock down her throat made me crazy.

Finally, an opportunity came up that would be perfect. The next day was a Friday, and we didn’t have to go to the gym, so we could have the whole day to play. My father was going on a business trip, which meant my mom would be delivering him to the airport, that was an entire mornings mission. Kassidy’s boyfriend was away at some wrestling camp, or baseball, or football, who cares as long as he was gone. I suggested to Kassidy that she should come over early, and maybe we could have some fun, if you know what I mean.

She new what I meant. She gave me a naughty smile and said.

“Oh I know exactly what you mean you pervert. You want me to come over and give you round two”

I answered “and maybe round three, and four, and five” with the biggest, most suggestive smile I could muster.

Kassidy just smiled back, shook her head and said “I’ll see ya tomorrow stud”

As she was walking away I yelled “My parents will be gone by eight!”


I didn’t invite anyone else over that morning, and although she had given me a very doubtful and suspecting look when I told her to come over so early, Kassidy was at my door at eight fifteen. Right after my parents had left.

I invited her in and offered her something to drink while she got comfortable. She asked where everyone else was and I answered

“Oh they’re all coming later, for right now it’s just you and me”

I started walking toward her with my patented evil grin on my face. She broke into a big smile herself but started to back away from me as I approached.

She said “and just what do you think we’re going to do until they all get here?”

In my head I said “FUCK!”, in reality, instead of saying anything, I slid a hand around her waist, pulled her toward me and leaned forward to kiss her. I wanted to get right to it. She pulled back from my kiss, so I just leaned down and started kissing and nuzzling her neck instead. She leaned her head back and giggled as I kissed and licked, then she pulled me tighter. She let out a few little moans of delight and then wrapped her arms around me, pulling my head tighter.

I started to caress her back and came back up to her face for a real kiss. This time she was there waiting for me. Our lips met. Then our tongues met. We started pulling each other tighter and tighter. Then Kassidy broke our embrace, pushed me away and said

“Damn boy, slow down already ... You do know I have a boyfriend, don’t you?”

I answered “And where is he? He left you home all alone so he could go play with his balls. Besides, he aint here is he? So if you don’t tell, I won’t tell”

She answered “Yeah well maybe I don’t want to do what you have in mind, what do you think about that?”

Again, in my mind I answered “Then why did you show up at my door within minutes of my parents leaving? I think you want it as bad as I do”

Instead, of course, I answered “Okay, so what do you want to do then? Play pool? Video games? Watch a movie? Go for a swim?”

I was desperately trying to think of anything to make sure she stayed right here with me.

Kassidy thought about it for a minute. She wanted to make a show of not being there just to jump in bed with me. She was seriously considering a swim in the pool but I don’t think she wanted to get into her bikini too fast. Especially considering how fast I wanted to get her OUT of it. She decided we should put on some chick flick for a while. That was fine with me. She could watch, I would cuddle up to her and try to get her into the right mood to play.

In the mood

As you might guess. I was not watching the movie, I couldn’t even tell you what it was. I just sat there watching her watching the movie. I kept getting closer and closer to her. She kept watching me out of the side of her eye. I would be touching her hands. Touching her legs. Finally cuddling right up next to her and getting back to kissing and nibbling on her neck. She did enjoy when I did that. I absently mindedly caressed her tight abs as I started to nibble her earlobes. I could feel her tremble just a bit when I did that. She leaned her head back, let out a moan, and took in a deep breath. A sweet spot! I took that moment to slide my hands just a little bit higher.

Kassidy finally stopped fighting it and joined in. Her lips found mine and soon we were kissing for all we were worth. Our tongues met and began a wrestling match of their own, fighting for space. My hands slid up to her breasts and started to fondle and squeeze and tease. She was wearing a sports bra under her shirt but her nipples were still poking right through. Every time I touched them she let out a squeal and arched her back.

We were on the couch, and now she was leaning most of the way back on the cushions as I felt up her chest. I sat her up, then reached down and started pulling her shirt up. About half way she grabbed the edges and pulled it the rest of the way off. I reached to take hold of the sports bra and get that off next, but she grabbed my hand and stopped me.

She looked at me and said “Uh uh, not here”

Then she stood up, took my hand, and said “C’mon” and led me down the hall to my room.

I eagerly followed.

In my room

When we got to my room, I closed and locked the door behind me. I walked over to her, took her in a tight embrace and resumed kissing. My hands found their way back to her incredible stomach. Her skin was just so perfect, every single inch of her body so soft and smooth, even though every ounce of her was pure muscle. As I was doing that, Kassidy found my shirt and started pulling it off. Naturally, I let her.

Kassidy ran her hands across my abs and started cooing and saying the same things about my stomach that I had been thinking about hers. She summed it up in her favorite phrase.

“Dammmmmmmmmn boy!”

Kassidy’s boyfriend was a big guy. A football player. He was at least a foot taller than me and probably fifty pounds heavier. He was without a doubt huge, and powerful, and athletic, but he wasn’t tight and toned like a gymnast. I had very little body fat at the time. Her boyfriend needed all those extra pounds to kill other guys on the football field, and me if he ever found out what I was doing with his girlfriend, but I needed to be strong and light.

I smiled as Kassidy ran her hands over my stomach, then I planted my lips on her neck again. She slid her hands up to my chest and started to tweak my nipples. Then she pushed me back until I fell back on the bed. Memories of the last time she did this filled my head. Just the vision of her mouth totally engulfing my cock made my already stiffening member turn to pure iron.

We both climbed up onto the bed and got comfortable side by side. We started kissing and touching and feeling all over each other’s’ entire bodies. Suddenly, she swung one leg up over my hips and sat up straddling me. As I was sliding my hands up her body to feel those tits, she grabbed the bottom of her sports bra and pulled it up and off. What a beautiful sight her breasts were. She was, at the very least, a full B cup, maybe into a C. They were perfect. My hands found them immediately and with proper teasing and pinching, her puffy little pink nipples were standing at full attention in no time. I couldn’t get enough of them. Kassidy just threw her head back and moaned as I touched and teased, and she rocked back and forth on top of my rock-hard cock.

I pulled her down and rolled her over. I leaned down over her, looked once more into those captivating green eyes and kissed her again. Then I started to kiss my way down. My hands were all over her tits, and that’s where my lips wanted to be. Finally, I licked my tongue over one hard, erect nipple, then closed my mouth around it and started to suck. Kassidy let out a loud sigh, and then started to moan as I sucked, and licked, and nibbled, and fondled her tits. She grabbed my head and pulled me tight against her tits, Moaning with every little lick.

I could have stayed just like that all day, but Kassidy was scratching her fingernails down my back and it was driving me insane. Every scratch sent shivers down my spine. She spread her legs and pulled her knees up so that I was lying on top of her, right between them. I took this as a hint and started to kiss my way down her tummy. As I licked and kissed her belly, my hands were traveling ahead of me and were already working on her pants. I unbuttoned. I unzipped. I started to pull them open. Then she pulled back, away from me and up toward the head of the bed. I got up on my hands and knees looking at her to see what was wrong, but she was just making it easier for me to pull her pants off.

I got up off the bed, reached down and pulled her pants down and off, making sure her panties came right down with them. I was greeted with the most beautiful, cleanly shaven pussy. I’d never seen one like that before, at least not in real life. Even when we had been skinny dipping earlier this summer she’d had at least a little patch of hair down there. I don’t know if she shaved it clean for me, or for her boyfriend, or for vacation on the beach, but I also didn’t care.

While I was standing, I undid my own pants and opened them up. I had to let my cock out before it burst through on its own. I had been hard as stone since she walked in the front door. By the time I started pushing my pants down Kassidy had sat up on the edge of the bed and took that job over. My cock jumped right out at her and, just like last time, she had her hands on it in seconds. As I stepped out of my clothes, Kassidy began to stroke.

She sat on the edge of the bed with my cock in her hands. She was stroking it slowly with both hands. It felt incredible to have her doing it instead of me. She was saying.

“Damn Zane you have a beautiful cock” and “It’s so hard”

I answered “Yeah I wonder why?”

She continued to stroke faster, first with both hands, then with just one as her other hand went to my balls. It was all I could do not to just start shooting all over her. Then it happened again. She wrapped her hands around my ass, pulled me up close, and lowered her mouth onto my cock. All I could do was lean back and enjoy as she closed her lips around my cock and started sucking the whole thing down her throat. My hands on her head played with her hair and just followed the motions of her head as it bobbed up and down on my shaft.

Kassidy worked on me and I tried as hard as I could to hold out for as long as I could. I wanted this to last as long as possible. I couldn’t believe how she would take a deep breath and then just slide the entire length into her mouth, actually going down her throat. How do you learn that? I didn’t care, just keep doing it. She sucked me to the edge of heaven.

Finally, my knees started to get wobbly. My legs grew weak, and I could hardly hold myself up. Kassidy sensed it was coming. I forced myself in her mouth and just started to shoot everything I had. She slurped and swallowed every drop that she could. There was spit and saliva and sperm trailing from my cock to her mouth in long strings when she looked up at me. What a disgusting, but truly awesome sight.

I couldn’t do anything but moan “oh my god” repeatedly. This was even better than the last time. I must have shot at least five long streams of cum in her mouth and she just swallowed or licked up every last drop. When I finally stopped and she had everything she could get, she looked up at me and said

“Oh my god, that was crazy”

I couldn’t agree more.

Something new

I crashed onto the bed on my back and took a moment to catch my breath. Kassidy climbed up next to me and did the same. I said again

“That was the most amazing thing ever”

Kassidy looked at the clock beside the bed and asked me when everyone else was coming over. I had to admit that I hadn’t actually invited anyone else. She looked at me, then hit me. Hard.

“You asshole! You just assumed you could get me in bed with you just because no one else was around??” she demanded.

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