Under the Concert Blanket

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young man at a rock concert witnesses something that amazes him. He joins in and becomes part of it in several ways.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Sharing   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   .

He finally found a place to sit down. His legs were tired and he could hear the music just as well when not on them. Then he noticed a guy on top of a girl under a blanket right next to him. It was obvious from the movement that his dick was pumping her. She was pretty and her eyes were closed. Big smile on her face as she passively took his thrusts.

The guy finished and struggled a bit to get his dick in his pants before emerging from under the blanket. Moments later another guy whispered in the girl’s ear. Without opening her eyes, apparently lost in the music, she nodded and he got under the blanket. Some fumbling and his ass was soon moving up and down in rhythm to the current song.

The same thing happened one more time and Robbie caught a flash of a wedding ring on the girl’s left hand. Robbie’s hardon was painful so he was ready as the guy packed his pecker. He spoke in her ear over the music, “My name’s Robbie and I’d like to be next.”

She nodded like the others and he was as awkward as the previous men but groaned with pleasure as he sank into the wettest, hottest place he had ever imagined his dick could be. Balancing on one hand, he reached for her still covered tits with the other. Her hand blocked him as she said above the music, “Only my husband.”

He hoped she didn’t notice his ejaculation because he stayed hard and kept on thrusting to stimulate her, bringing on an orgasm he’d not see any of the others do. She was so passive, like she was letting them all just use her pussy to masturbate while she was in a meditative-like state.

His timing was excellent as the set was concluding. She growled, “Finish now!” so he used short strokes to shoot in her.

He’d barely gotten back beside her when a member of the band that had just been playing pushed through the crowd, dropped his drawers to reveal an impressive erection and scooted under the blanket. This time she was all passion, kissing and thrusting her hips back. Everyone around them watched and applauded when they finished.

They sat up with her lovely tits exposed but the blanket over their lower halves. Robbie offered some cold beer from his small cooler and reintroduced. They visited some more until he had to go back on stage with parting words, “Keep an eye out for her, OK?” Robbie nodded.

She fucked six guys that set, still passive and listening to the music with her eyes closed and legs spread, just taking dicks. Near the end she opened them, after whoever-it-was pulled out, “Robbie, do you want me again?” Hell yes, sloppy or not! They fucked right through the encore too.

When her husband came to retrieve her Robbie offered the last of his beer and helped her pack up. She wiped her dripping pussy off with the blankets she’d been laying on and said, “Leave it. Cheap and disposable.”

Her husband asked, “You have a place to crash?” He’d gotten there late with no prior arrangements, willing to sleep under a tree if necessary. When he shook his head Brian said, “Come with us.”

Tents had been provided for the performers with big air mattresses. Brian offered, “You can stay with us. You were quite helpful and we like to give back.” Shit, he’d already had two generous helpings of pussy, more than he’d even hoped for.

They grabbed some towels and went to the community shower tent and got all clean. Her husband paid particular care between her legs which made her squeal. She washed Robbie’s dick, still not at its full glory, so he made sure her tits got the proper attention.

When they got back to the tent her husband announced, “If you’ve recovered, go right ahead. I like to watch.” This time her eyes were open and she glanced at her husband frequently as she rode Robbie. Her husband suckled her tits and laid down beside so she could fondle his cock, easily an inch larger in both directions than mine.

Robbie did get her off before his weak squirting let her know he was done and she gracefully moved over to her husband. Robbie stimulated her body as they lovingly screwed, even holding his balls as he released his in with Robbie’s, and many others’, sperm.

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