Trisha Mccall and Her Blue Ribbon Boxer

by Donna The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2018 by Donna The Dog Lover

Erotica Sex Story: Young Trisha is rich, beautiful and a lover of dogs in every sense of the word. She is the owner of a champion Boxer called Oscar. He has slept in her bed since the time he was a little puppy and he knows exactly what she needs to help her sleep nice and sound. Trisha has a mentor in Tallulah, an older dog owner with her own stable of muscular Great Danes. They seem to have common interests and their dogs are vastly more than just a hobby.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Rough   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   Oriental Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pegging   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Size   .

The McCall family empire encompassed shopping malls from New York City to the Golden Gates. Unfortunately, her two older brothers and her two uncles John and Paul were victims of the Twin Towers bombing with jumbo jets loaded with tons of aviation fuel bringing them both down in a tragic day of sadness for the entire nation.

Now, she was the heir to her grandfather’s fortune and she could feel the weight of responsibility on her twenty year old shoulders. Her parents had both been lost at sea in a pirate misadventure in the Sea of Japan when a rescue attempt failed miserably to save them from bandits more interested in money than any religious or fanatical motivation.

She had graduated from Vassar only the year before and was filled with idealistic zeal about the environment, the equal rights for women and the need to do something before the world fell into separate camps of haves and have nots.

In fact, she only trusted two living things.

The first was her devoted man-servant Osaka. He was a sixty year old gay man from Japan that massaged her every day in a way that made her life cells come alive and made her juices flow with the vitality of a nubile female in the prime of life. The other was her beloved Oscar, a light tan Pedigreed Bull Dog with papers that went back centuries of breeding and careful training to be a Blue Ribbon champion at annual dog shows in all the famous venues around the world. The past three years he had been shown exclusively by Trisha dressed in tight fitting skirts and vest with her distinctive leather boots with the short heels that she wore like a true dog person loaded with charisma of her own.

The fact that she was still a technical virgin was not a matter of concern to her because she had not met any man that ever interested her as much as her constant companion Osaka and her bed partner Oscar. Her Oscar was sleeping with her ever since he was a puppy and he had only recently been bred to a female pure bred Boxer with sterling credentials of her own. It was as if both of them knew the seriousness of their copulation in front of several witnesses including a somewhat jealous Trisha who considered the female boxer unworthy of her Oscar’s beautiful doggy penis even if she did have the proper documentation and was obviously in heat like a good little bitch.

Trisha never intended to become a dog shower until she met entirely by chance the fortyish Tallulah King in all her glory as the reigning Queen of dog shows on the primary circuit of pedigree dogs with proven documented blood lines that went back centuries and not just mere decades.

Tallulah wanted everyone to think she was a white lady but it was obvious to most that she was of African descent because of the shape of her lips and the unmistakable side view of her flattened nose that punctuated her lineage for one and all. Still, she liked to prolong the pretense because she had been so castigated in society because of her suspicious genetic facial features and her hair that refused to flow smoothly. Her skin was just lightly brown but that could be attributed to the sun by those who saw her only fully clothed.

Trisha had seen her in the altogether because the Atlanta finals were in a baseball stadium of all places and the female owners and workers showered in a huge shower room down the first base line and the males had to stay in their less fancy stalls over by the bleachers. The showers were absolutely necessary because of the constant running to show off their animals to their best advantage. Trisha liked the running when she showed Oscar because she could also display the delightful way her haunches worked like clockwork with her ass cheeks lift on first one side and then the other in a way that usually made horny men take a second look at her and then look more closely at her beautiful Oscar with his muscles rippling in the sunlight of the open sky.

The young girl could see the older lady was lacking any tan lines at all and that her brown skin was truly her all-over stamp of non-Caucasian origins. At the same time the female loving Tallulah drank in the loveliness of Trisha’s perfect little figure fit and trim from constant exercise and toned by her manservant Osaka’s daily massages that stressed each special muscle and tingled her nerve centers of female pleasure. In truth, the loyal Osaka gave her his devoted service not for his advantage but as an offering to her youth, beauty and powerful station in life. She was his mistress and he served her well.

Since, they were the last two owner/showers in the showers, the ever daring Tallulah didn’t hesitate to assume her seniority as a well-respected familiar face on the circuit with a stellar reputation and she washed young Trisha’s back with the grace of full authority and unquestionable skill.

When Trisha felt those delicate fingers spreading her ass cheeks and cleansing her most secret and private body parts, she melted like pure butter placed on a warm grill ready to be consumed by fire. The older woman knew exactly where Trisha wanted to be touched and she didn’t disappoint her new little friend.

It was only a matter moments and Trisha was Tallulah’s female play-toy to be manipulated and stroked with the finality of complete ownership. The two owner/showers knew that it would be Trisha on the leash being led around Tallulah’s private bedroom like a naked bitch doing her favorite tricks.

The proud Tallulah and the timid Trisha returned to the second half of the dog show and they ran through their paces with their beautiful dogs.

Trisha shone with the muscular Oscar lifting his short paws and showing his broad chest like a sumo wrestler taking a stance before the fight.

The older Tallulah was stylishly sexy in her custom fitted businesswoman’s suit of finest fabric and she wore no undies much to the delight of the male watchers that focused on her quivering flesh hidden beneath her form-fitting attire, but easily imagined and seen as welcoming by masculine instinct.

Trisha’s short white skirt was purposely designed to flounce up when she twirled either to the left or to the right and that revealed her shocking pink panties to those gentlemen titillated by such displays of feminine temptation passively spread out for their enjoyment.

It was Trisha that won that day, but it was Tallulah that exercised Trisha in her bedroom that night and the young girl never looked back to her before-Tallulah life of unexciting boredom.

As a special treat, the convent-trained Tallulah strapped on her long black device and mounted young Trisha to confirm her ownership once and for all. It was a blue ribbon performance for the third richest young heir on the entire East Coast and she went through her paces like a true pure blooded champion for her mixed blood new owner.

Of course, they both kept their sexual choices a secret and Trisha even bedded a Hollywood rising star with little concealment in front of paparazzi with ready cameras to record her heterosexual normality for posterity and the demanding public wanting all the juicy details.

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